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Crisis at Cyberland (private RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dinova, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. ((OOC: This is a private RP between Karu, Toru,Tailon and myself.))

    "Cyberland, the glowing symbol of the bond between Cyberworld and the real world. A one-of a-kind amusement park. Utilising the technology of Dimensional Areas, humans and Navis alike can frolic and enjoy this unique amusment park. Humans and Navi's sid-by-side, it is the greatest embodyment of Net-society's ideal!." Alan Ireis read, somewhat bored. He read the ad mail on his PET once again. Admittedly there wasn't any real point. He was already at Cyberland. He had to admit though, while the ad was a little grandiose, it was justified. Cyberland was an absolute marvel. While it was an enjoyable amusement park in it's own right, the entire park was surrounded by a dimensional area. This allowed Net Navis to fully materialize within the park. They could ride rides and interact just as easily as the humans could. Anything from Cyberworld could be materialized within the park. It really was a perfect blend of the real and Cyberworlds.

    Alan had been bullied/talked into coming by his Net Navi, Tranz. With the weekend coming up,Tranz had insisted on spending time at the amusment park. Of course, Alan would have preferred to remain in his room. He had that new battle chip he was trying to program, but Tranz would have none of it. Tranz was fed up with Alan's shut-in lifestyle boring him to de-rezzing.

    In his words, 'We're going to do something fun, and you're going to go outside, even if it deletes me!!'

    After Tranz practically went on strike, refusing to do anything for Alan, Alan caved and bought the tickets for Cyberland. At least he was honestly enjoying himself. Seeing Tranz appear next to him at the gate had been really cool and the rides and food were pretty fun too. Even though Alan wasn't too fond of crowds he was honestly having fun. But, like any amusment park, Cyberland did have some problems. Namely lines, which Alan and Tranz were now stuck in.

    They had been waiting for awhile in a line at a hotdog stand. Normally, hotdogs weren't something to form a line over, but these hotdogs were special.They were specially created from data, meaning that Navis could eat them, a rare pleasure. Of course, they sold real food as well, but the Cy-dogs were the hot ticket item.

    As they neared the front of the line, Alan exclaimed, "Finally! I never thought we'd get there. These Cy-dogs better be worth it, Tranz." He adjusted his glasses and swung his scarlet jacket over his shoulder. He wore a black T-shirt underneath with blue jeans and his blonde hair was neatly combed, as always.

    Tranz was a little taller than Alan and appeared older. Around 18 or so. He appeared to wear an emerald green jumpsuit with gold, tiger-like stripes around his waist. His boots and gloves were a darker shade of green. He had light armor on his chest that was a striking red Navi symbol on the chest. He also had a round, simple helmet that covered everything on his head except his face. It was the same dark green as his boots and gloves, with a pair of yellow stripes running from his brow to the back of his head. A pair of yellow protusions extended from the helmet just behind his eyes extending just past his helmet. Finally, spikes of brown hair poked from the back of the helmet. The navi replied, "Of course! These are gonna be the best things we've ever tasted!"

    "These will be the only thing you've ever tasted..." Alan said flatly.

    "Whatever, look we're up next!" Tranz replied. Alan approached the stand, finally noticing the server and her female Net Navi. Suddenly, Alan felt there may have been a different reason for Tranz wanting a Cy-dog. As he ordered and ppaid for the food, he could only watch in horror as Tranz flirted with the female navi. Tranz leaned on the counter and fixed the navi in his gaze. "It's a shame someone as beautiful as you has to work in a place like this. Why not spend the day with an interesting Navi?"

    The female Navi looked at Tranz like he was something gross on the sidewalk, but then smiled sweetly and said,"Oh of course, but you see, I only go out with real tough guy Navi's. Tell you what, if you can beat the S-rank busting challenge at the arena, I'll go out on a date you, k?" Tranz fell for ithook line and sinker. As Alan paid for and collected their food, Tranz grabbed his netop and ran off, calling, "I shall return with proof of my victory!"

    As they walked towards the arena, the park's center for net-battling, Alan couldn't belive Tranz. He didn't know which was more embarassng, Tranz's behavior or how easily he had been tricked.

    "Hey Tranz, about how long will it take us to do that challenge and get back?" Alan asked.

    Tranz replied, "About 20.Why?"

    Alan shook his head exasperatedly, "Shift change is in less than that. That girl will be gone in 5 minutes."

    Tranz stared at Alan blankly. "She-She tricked me?" Tranz had never felt so crestfallen at being shot down before.

    Alan patted the Navi's back, "Now you're catching on Cassanova. Come on, we can still do that virus busting challenge. Cheer up." Tranz nodded glumly and followed his net-op to the large, stadium-like arena

    Inside, there were several battlefields where navi's could be seen battling viruses or even each other. There were even a few marked with a sign marked "cross fusion". A special kind of net battling that allowed a navi and netop to fuse and battle together. Currently, there weren't any battlefields open, so Tranz and Alan signed up and sat on the bleachers, watching the on-going battles.

    Meanwhile, a dark figure watched the park goers from the shadow of the arena building. From behind the figure, a female voice asked, "Is it time yet?"

    The figure replied," No, not yet. We'll wait until shift change, then we strike. Are our men ready?"

    "Yes, they've already moved all over the park and await your command." the female replied.

    "Excellent." the voice replied.
  2. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Now the end of the week was finally here with the feelings of school work subsiding and freedom rising, Leo found himself at the whim of his closest friend. That wasn’t to say that as the sleep-deprived teen stifled a yawn behind hand he was at all disgruntled to have been convinced to pursue a trip to a theme park of all things. Sure the brunette had heard the rumours and even quite liked the sound of them-
    “Leo.” Came the smooth tone of his Navi’s voice. “Take the right. You know, with the crowd?” Delta’s playful taunt at his nature wasn’t so well received, the sleepy NetOp rubbing an eye as he swivelled mid-step on one heel and carried on down the thoroughfare with a disgruntled, “I got it, you know. I was just going to take a little detour, a nap-“ “And by the time you would’ve woken up we would have already missed buying tickets!” This prized a whine but no further complain from the NetOp to which the darkly clad Navi chuckled in recollection. It was fortunate these particular tickets had already been purchased earlier in the day.

    It had been difficult enough for the cyber-borne of the two to awaken the other this morning with all plethora of alarm tones and bells, chaotic music and yelling to drag the pale night owl from his bed. The problem then had been in keeping him awake, so prone to dropping off to sleep so easily until he was out the door.

    As the entrance, illuminated elaborately in neon glory the truth of this place dawned upon him, striking him in awe and rushing the deluge of sleep away. Cyberland was the place of his dreams. A place where he and his Navi could explore the real world as they had explored Cyberspace! Being hauled up in his room so often, encounters and opportunities such as this were rare enough. It was even worth sneaking out before Leo’s mother woke up to set him about some boring chores…

    “Over there!” Directed Delta. "Looks like a line to get in." Giving an affirmed nod the emerald eyed boy jogged lightly over to the cumulating park-goers, one hand firmly upon his bag to stop it jumbling around too much. Offering the tickets to the attendant the chime that rang on his PET approving Delta's materialisation set him dizzy with excitement. An embarrassing exclamation and embrace of the smiling Navi earned Leo a few curious glances which he of course casually ignored.

    Passing through the gate, fiddling idly with his hoodie and Delta smoothing out his styled coat, neon hem lines faintly pulsing the smells of foods, candies and savoury things drifted to them on the cool breeze, the pair closing their eyes and sniffing the air to take in the delicious odour. Playfully nudging Delta with an elbow (although reasonably shorter than the Navi) Leo showed determination to help his new friend experience the world. "Come on, time for your first taste of real food!" Came the affirmed figurative statement. Delta was a little wide-eyed, having left a leaflet for Leo on his desktop but never having anticipated he actually read it. Saying nothing but a courteous thank you the pair came to a dessert stand. Apparently each ticket vendor had advertised a special cy-food from each food group, in this case a sweet slice of apple pie.

    When they sat together on a bench, the borderline-insomniac forced the more generous of the two portions onto his confidant. Observing a perplexed look Leo offered up an explanation of, "In our family we eat dessert first. You are most definitely part of my family." Having paused halfway with his spoon and having gesticulated with it in a very matter-of-factly way to inset his point Leo continued and eating. A brief conversation was held on the satisfaction of the sugar coated, baked treat. The inside was plenty satisfying too, the crunch of apple inside quite unanticipated by Delta whose eyes widened in shock at the revelation before electing to eat instead with his hands over cutlery much to the muffled bemusement of Leo.

    Having explored a culinary adventure and tidied themselves up Delta decided it may be best for the two to bond in the real world the best way his Cyberspace could be offered. As there were no music programs they knew of to be executable here, battle seemed to be the ideal choice. Guiding his friend back to the tent earlier passed the taller of the duo took note that this facility offered cross fusion. It took only a glance and sly grin between the two to settle matters before running forth to sign up.

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