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Ask to Join Crimson City - Superhero RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Gpig5, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Link to sign ups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/crimson-city-superhero-rp.16954/#post-470412
    When you post your bio, just jump right in.

    Fraser was sitting in his favorite Cafe on Rumper Street. He had a cup of tea in his right hand and had a sip in between his thoughts. The drinks here aren't anything special, it's the people here he is grown fond of since he's gone here since he was little. He blankly stared at the empty seat in front of him and he muted out the murmurs and chatters from around him and outside.

    Fraser had recently been doing some jobs to make sure that he had food on the table and a roof over his head since the insurance money was running low. He had been doing some low-key assassinations for people that won't be missed, it paid good and it was something he was actually good at. He also was enjoying it a little bit since he was killing people who deserved it. However, he stopped because he got this one job to kill this bloke who was apparently the same age as him. Dominic Ikoma, it's a pretty memorable name. Fraser didn't take any notice at first without reading the full info about the target. When it came to the big moment, Fraser was shocked to see he was one of those mutants that seem to be appearing recently. To him, he didn't seem like an evil character with crooked morals. He just seemed scared. Fraser related to that to an extent.

    This little monolog in his head got interrupted when an old lady approached him. "Fraser?! Is that you?" The old lady asked. Fraser jumped slightly as he seemed to have been slapped out of his thoughts. "Um...hey, Bonnie. It's me," Fraser said chuckling and standing. Bonnie didn't hesitate to hug him as he stood. "It's been so long! How have you been?" She asked intriguingly, sitting opposite him. Bonnie is the owner of the cafe, and was a good friend to Fraser's family. The tragic event hurt her almost as much as it did Fraser, she helped him out and treated him like a son until he could get his own place.

    "I've been busy with work. I've recently got a new job, but I'm not sure if it's for me. I'm good at it, but I'm not sure if it's for me," Fraser explained, trying not to slip out the title of the job. Bonnie held Fraser's hands in a reassuring way. "Do you believe you can make a difference?" She asked. Fraser paused for a moment as he thought of an answer. "Possibly," He said hesitantly. "Then I think you should stick with it. If you still get these thoughts and doubts. Stop once you've got enough money." Bonnie suggested. "Okay, I will thank you," Fraser replied. Bonnie smiled and continued working. Fraser then resumed his thoughts as he stared at the empty seat in front of him.
  2. Don't stop, don't think, just run...

    Devin repeated that mantra in his head as he began jumping from rooftop to rooftop, moving a quite the pace. Earlier Devin had robbed a convince store, making an effort not to hurt anyone inside and simply emptying the contest of the register before making a quick exit. A cop car had been trailing him but, through desperation and a clever use of parkour, managed to escape on a rooftop and he hadn't seen it since. Devin soon stopped on the roof of some cafe, making sure no one below could see him, before he sat down to catch his breath. Once that was done, Devin began to check his stolen contents and added the figures on his head.

    Around $535? Not as much as I had hope to get but it will have to do. Should be enough to get a supply to last the end of the month...

    Unknowingly floating above him, the astral projection of his sister Daisy that was faint and unseen by the people below, her brother included. Daisy watched her brother, a sad look on her face as she has seen what has become an unfortunate habit her brother had taken. The fact that she knew he did it for her sake made her feel only worse.

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  3. Steven was in the aquarium where he worked, studying the habits of a lion fish. It was a truly interesting creature. He had been working there for about a year, and so far he'd felt at home. Of course, he'd always disappear when he needed to help someone, which angered his co workers, but it always turned out fine. He hadn't told anyone about his little secret yet and wasn't planning to, so he kept his wolf mask in a secret closet, that only he has the key to.

    Meanwhile, in an alleyway, Alex was counting the money he got from helping with a heist. Sure enough, it was real, and the exact amount he was promised. This alleyway was sort of like his office. It had become known by most of the villainous superhumans that if they needed help with anything, they just had to go there.
  4. Dominic was in the middle of the town sat on a roof thinking to himself after all the whole city thought he was a monster and that was why he had stopped himself from coming into town and instead he'd chosen to live in a cave in the mountains for some peace and quiet but a while ago someone was hired to kill him but they didn't and he had never had a chance to repay him and now he was in the city to at least thank the man for what he had done. He had noticed he was in a cafe about ten minutes ago yet he'd refrained from entering because of his clothes so now he thought screw it.

    Then he noticed a man sat on the roof of the same cafe so he thought he would ask if the man was all right and using his ability he grew the wings of an eagle and flew across to the man. Their were people on the ground shouting It's a monster kill it and others saying call the police were all in danger. But Dominic ignored them and spoke to the man who had sat on the roof of the cafe and asked " What are you doing on a roof good sir you should be down on the ground with the people."
  5. SHIT!

    Devin acted quickly when he saw this...winged man fly up to the roof, zipping up his backpack that he hid the money inside before he faced the beast-man, his hockey mask obstructing his face. Devin had in instinct the flee the second he heard one of the people below shouting for the cops, but he would try and talk his way out of this; unknown to the newcomer's motive.

    "Oh uh...just trying to get some...alone time. Yeah that's it. Kinda a hobby to hang out on rooftops." Devin said, nerves all to evident as he spoke. Meanwhile, the unseen Daisy continued to watch, unable to make direct physical contact without possessing someone...and something told her trying that with this beast-person would be a terrible idea. She only could hope this would remain friendly discussion.
  6. Fraser lifted his mug and went for another sip of his tea, but to his surprise, he had already finished the tea. He was off in his own world that he didn't even keep track. He stood up and approached the counter, to pay for his drink. Bonnie insisted that it's on the house but Fraser didn't want handouts anymore, so he paid anyway. As he walked out of the cafe, still deep in thought. He again snapped out as screams of terror about a monster came from down the street.
    "Sounds familiar," He thought to himself as he stepped into an alleyway to equip his battle gear and his gauntlets. He held his tomahawks in hand and he climbed a water pipe up the building to get to the roof. He noticed Dominic conversing with another stranger who didn't seem to be the most comfortable.

    "What's going on here, and why wasn't I invited?" Fraser said assertively as he slowly approached the two. "You're causing a bit of a scene, Dom. You want to be gone before the Police get here." Fraser calmly said.
  7. "We can talk on the ground after all I'm only in town to say Thank you to someone," spoke Dominic as he flew closer to the man who he had clearly spooked but then he thought to himself perhaps he's hiding something in his backpack " Also do mind if I take a look in your bag because I noticed you zip it up as soon as I flew towards you?" now Dom was on the roof his wings had vanished and he looked human again but instead of being knelt watching people to see how the city had changed he was stood up straight asking man if he could search through there backpack.

    " I know Fraser I will." spoke dom as he had only now noticed that Fraser was on the roof in his battlegear "Trust Fraser I want to live and I know I can't have a normal life also Thanks for not killing me."
  8. Panic began to set in once this guy asked to see his bag. Devin would have come up with a lie, that there were some purchased medication (Which is what they were going to become anyway). Then another newcomer came in to confirm that cops were coming which caused him to abandon critical thinking as he shifted to instinct.

    "Sorry, but this bag has personal belongings and I don't have time to show them to you. I have to go, I'm sorry." Devin said in a rush before he jumped to another rooftop and began to run, wanting to clear the area before the cops would arrive. The astral projection of his sister Daisy followed Devin from high in the sky, unseen by those below her as she feared for what might happen.
  9. "Fraser you want to deal with this guy It's pretty obvious he's a criminal," spoke Dom softly as he really couldn't care what happened he'd thanked fraser and now A low criminal had just ran by but he didn't like dealing with criminal's " You want me to come with or can I go back to my cave in the mountains?"
  10. Fraser watched as the stranger shoot off, rooftop to rooftop. "Wow, I'm convinced he's completely innocent and done nothing wrong," Fraser said sarcastically. Fraser then heard sirens approaching and getting close. He turned to Dominic once more and poked him in the chest. "I'll delay the police okay. You better be gone before they get here," Fraser demanded before he rushed over to the pipe he climbed up and slid down it again. He put his weapons away and approached the policeman, trying to delay their searches.
  11. From the aquarium, Steven heard the screams of the people, and quickly ran to the closet. Now with his mask on, he ran out the door, and to where the cafe was. He saw that on the roof, there were to people. One had a bag that seemed to have something in it he wasn't planning on showing. He asked one of the citizens what was going on, and was informed about the man with wings.

    Unfortunately for him, Alex's alleyway was next to the cafe, meaning there were enough people that at least one would notice him. Once he saw that the Water Warrior was here, he knew he had to get away. So not thinking, he jumped about 50 feet in the air, and started gliding away.
  12. Dom could hear the sirens and before he had finished his question Fraser was gone he was on the ground Distracting the police Dom could leave so he took the opportunity and Jumped from the roof to the ground. Then as soon as his feet had touched the ground he willed his body to become one with a cheetah's and afterwards his legs had become thinner as had the rest of his body and he had also become more stream and even gained a cheetah's head. After the transformation was completed he ran at mock speed back to the mountains to the cave which had made a home.
  13. After a few buildings Devin eventually returned to ground level and, opening a sewer hatch, going underground. Devin knew the area like the back of his hand, so he would travel the sewers back to his place. Once he made sure no one was following him, Devin began his journey confident no one would give him trouble for now.

    Able to pass through solid objects, Daisy's spirit followed her brother down the sewers and kept pace with him as he traveled through them.
  14. Cynthia and Juniper were cuddling in their house, watching a movie, when they suddenly heard police car sirens. Cynthia and Juniper looked at each other, with a smile, and ran up to a bookcase. The pulled a random book out of the shelf, and their couch opened up, opening an entrance to a secret lab. They both jumped in, and when they entered a secret lab, with their superhero suits on.

    The lab had a giant computer, and a section of the lab seemed to have other suits that Juniper and Cynthia had worn (sort of like Bat-man). Juniper went up to the computer, and turned it on. The computer showed what seemed to be video tapes of areas around Crimson City. "Lets see what all the fuss is about," Juniper said out loud. She rewind the video to see a guy with a bag that ran into the sewers, and is most likely now running through the sewers. Juniper looked at Cynthia, and said, "I have a plan, lets go!" Cynthia gave Juniper a thumbs up, and said, "All right!" Cynthia and Juniper then got into a motorcycle, and headed out of the lab.

    They headed to an alleyway, and stopped as soon as they reached a manhole cover. "So, why are we here?" Cynthia asked Juniper. Juniper looked at Cynthia, and said, "This manhole cover is around 4 miles away from the manhole cover the guy went in. The plan is to run into him, before he escapes." Juniper opened the manhole cover, and jumped right in. Cynthia did the same, and now they were both in the sewers.

    After a while, they heard some footsteps and noticed the guy from the surveillance tape. They stood in position (sort of like Sailor Moon), and exclaimed to the guy in unison, "Halt, villain! You may not pass! For we are the Dangerous Duo!" Cynthia touched Juniper, gaining her powers. And then they both touched the brick surrounding them, and their whole body became brick.
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  15. Devin was...admittedly taken aback that someone was able to cut him off in the sewers. Not to mention just the...outfits and poses. The unseen spirit of Daisy floating behind Devin seemed more amused at the moment.

    Those poses are so cool!

    In spite of Devin's status as a bank robbing villain, visible fear could be seen as the hockey masked thief held out his right hand defensively in front of him against the pair.

    "Leave me alone, p-please. I don't want to hurt you." Devin warned. This whole situation was almost too much. He'd rather just give up the money and run, but he knew this wasn't an option.

    This is for Daisy. Remember that...
  16. "I'm sorry, but that isn't an option!" Cynthia exclaimed. Juniper joined, and said, "She's right. You have done a crime, and you will pay for committing it." They both noticed the guy's fighting stance, and then said in unison, "If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get!" Cynthia and Juniper then stood in a fighting position, waiting to see if the guy would pull the first move.
  17. Little did he know, Devin was followed by Steven, who appeared behind him. Seeing that there were to others who seemed to want to stop him, he figured he might as well help them. "Just hand over what you're keeping in the backpack, and you won't be harmed. You're outnumbered three to one here. This doesn't have to get violent."
  18. Damn it damn it DAMN IT!

    Devin shot a glare at the two in front of him, as well as the newcomer behind him. Devin cursed himself as he knew he was in a near hopeless situation...maybe he should just give up...

    I'm sorry, but there's no way you can get that kind of money for the needed operation. There's nothing else we can do...


    "I'm sorry, but I can't. What's in this bag may just be some item to you, but to me it's hope. Hope for someone dear to me, and I won't have you take it from me!" Devin yelled, extending his right hand to Cynthia and Juniper and the left hand to Steven. Both gloved hands began to glow as he prepared explosive energy. Daisy's astral form gave a frown, a wave of guilt hitting her knowing she was the reason her brother has turned to this life.

  19. Juniper was shocked to see that the guy had superpowers as well. Why would he want to steal anything if he already has power?
    Cynthia was shooked to see the explosive aura that surrounded the guys hand. Cynthia sighed, and reverted back to her normal form, and said, "Fine. Let's just talk this over. What exactly is in the bag, and why is it so hopeful."
  20. Quickly, not knowing what else to do, Steven shot a blast of water at Devin from the right. It wasn't strong enough to kill him, but it was certainly strong enough to knock someone unconscious. He didn't mean to. He had never wanted to hurt anyone, but his survivalist instincts took over, and he reacted without thinking.
  21. Devin lowered the explosive energy and arms. Talking was defiantly preferable to fighting it out. Devin turned to face Cynthia, but was blind to the water coming right for him. Daisy saw this.


    Daisy acted quickly, taking possession of the water and having it hang in the air for a moment. Once she stopped the momentum, Daisy exited the water and allowed it to drop harmlessly to the ground. Devin turned to Steven, his guard back up.

    "What was that! I just want to...I just want to talk." Devin yelled.
  22. Alex walked through the streets of Crimson city listening to music on her head set trying to find something to do "why is this city so boring!" She yelled frustrated that she had nothing to do "why can't there be anything fu-" Alex was cut of as she turned the corner when she heard police sirens "yes! My prayers have been answered!" She said before quickly looking around to make sure no one was watching and then pressing a button on the side of her headset making a visor appear infront of her "now we're should I go?" She asked as she set her visor to different settings before stopping at infa red and noticing some people were beneath her in the sewers "interesting" she said before finding the nearest man hole and opening it "here we go" she said before jumping into the sewer
  23. Cynthia went up to the guy, put her hand on his shoulder, and said, "Yeah, you'll have all the time to talk..." Cynthia then raised her hand in the air, and a explosive aura surrounded her hand, and she punched the guy right in the face. She continued with, "...in prison." Cynthia then made both of her hands covered in the explosive aura. "Now...talk! Unless you want us to beat you, and take you to prison right away," Cynthia exclaimed. Juniper stood by Cynthia's side.
  24. Alex began following the sewers trying to find the people who were down in the sewer "my god why do people try and escape this way it's disgusting" she said in disgust Alex looked around and noticed an increase of energy where the people were "weird" she said as she began to run to wards the people, Alex stopped at a corner where she could hear talking and the sound of someone being beaten "crap" she said to her self before taking off a backpack and pulling out her gauntlets and pistols "why did I leave my sniper at home" she said to herself frustrated "well here goes nothing" Alexjumped around the corner and held her pistols out aimed towardsthe people "stop right there!"
  25. Devin took a moment to collect himself before he faced Cynthia. Devin was angry for the cheap shot, but really he couldn't afford to be angry.

    "Look. I took some cash form a convenience store. My sister is sick. Very sick. Unless I get enough money for special medication, she'll die. My mom can't afford the stuff, among other expenses, and she works two jobs. The only way I can keep her alive is with the medication, and the only way I can save her is with an operation that costs a fortune." Devin began to explain, before tears began to form in his eyes.

    "I know this doesn't change a thing. I'm a worthless criminal, but what the hell was I supposed to do!? Just sit back and let her die!? I will do anything to save her, and I mean anything!" Devin yelled, full emotion taking over before he began to break down, not even caring what the others thought at this point.

    "I don't want to hurt nobody...I don't want this to be my life...I just...I just don't want to lose her..." Devin explained in a soft voice, it cracking. Daisy looked on with some spirit tears of her own.
  26. Juniper felt pity for the guy, but Cynthia wasn't taking any of it. "How am I supposed to know you're not lying?" Cynthia asked, still in her fighting position. "And if you are telling the truth," Cynthia added, "That doesn't give you any right to steal from people who work hard so that they can sustain a living!"
    Cynthia was pretty mad, but Juniper looked at her, and said, "Please, stop this. I don't want us to be just as bad as...them!" Cynthia was shocked for what Juniper did, and put down her hands. "Fine," Cynthia said, "But only because I care for you." Juniper smiled, and then looked at the guy. She went up to him, and asked, "What if we were to offer you a job?" Cynthia ran up to Juniper, and exclaimed, "What do you think you're doing!" Juniper looked at Cynthia, and said, "Trust me." Cynthia then sighed, and crossed her arms. Juniper looked back at the guy, and said, "So, how about it? Would you take our offer?"
  27. "He'd love to take the job!"

    Devin turned to the voice of his sister, with the thought of what the hell she is doing here before he saw...a lone cinder block.

    A talking cinder block.

    "Daisy!? You know using your power without having taken medication is dangerous! What the hell are you doing in astral form! Have...have you been following me this whole time!?" Devin yelled at the cinder block, which began to hop in view of the group.

    "Yeah...sorry. I just had to know what you're doing. I get you want to help, but...but there has to be a better way. And now, there just might be!" The cinder block that contained Daisy's spirit said before it moved over to Cynthia and Juniper.

    "My brother would love to take whatever job you offer him, right bro?" Daisy said to Devin, who turned to Cynthia and Juniper.

    "If it can help me get the medication I need, and one day pay for that operation. I'll do anything you want." Devin said to Cynthia and Juniper.

    Devin then turned when he heard a new voice and saw a newcomer with pistols. Devin was on edge, ready to fight if needed.

    "Brother! Please don't fight! Look miss, we mean you no harm!" Daisy said, the cinder block jumping over to Alex trying to dissuade the girl from making a scene.
  28. Xeria was running as fast as she could to get back to the cafe. After sitting outside the cafe and seeing people up on the roof, she quickly ran to her house, took her broadswords, and hid them up in the sky above the clouds, where no one would see them. They weren't so heavy, so they didn't require much mental strength, anyway. When she finally got back to the cafe, Xeria looked up at the roof and realized she missed everything. The policeman was already there along with a familiar man who looked like he was in his early twenties. Xeria recognized him almost instantly: he was one of the people who she saw on the roof! Curious, she walked over to them.
    "Excuse me, " she said, "do you know what happened to the person on the roof with the bag?" Xeria decided to leave out the guy with wings. She figured he wasn't so important, since she saw him fly up to the roof. He was probably just trying to find out why that guy with the bag was on the roof.
  29. "I'm telling you officers. It was just a crazy looking bird and the guy that apparently saw it was on some crazy psychedelic drugs," Fraser explained to the officer. The officer simply squinted at Fraser then walked past him to investigate the roof. "I'm probably on their watch list now," Fraser mumbled to himself. He turned to someone who seemed to be eagerly asking questions about the guy with the bag.

    Fraser's eyes widened as he sharply looked at the officers beside him. "I have no idea what you're talking about," Fraser said assertively. Then a limousine rolled up in front of Fraser and the girl. The door opened and a man with a black tux and black glasses stepped out and approached Fraser. "Are you Fraser Zero?" The man asked calmly. Fraser looked at the girl with a confused face. He looked to the man once again. "Aye, and you are?" He responded. "A messenger. Organ will like to have a word with you," The messenger said as he gestured towards the limousine. Fraser's eyes widely opened at the name. Organ. It triggered something in Fraser's head. Fraser without hesitation entered the vehicle.

    The messenger turned to Xeria. "Are you by any chance his acquaintance?" He asked the girl. Fraser examined the vehicle. It seemed a rather luxurious and custom made. There were so many buttons and ridges aruo90nd the place, that it seemed so many hidden items in this vehicle. Although, they had a very good array of drinks for the taking. He helped himself to a Martini, shaken not stirred of course. His eyebrows rose as he heard the question, are you his acquaintance? He leaned forward to look out the door.
  30. Xeria almost dropped the broadswords from the sky.
    "... His acquaintance?" she stammered. Xeria thought about what the man may be hiding. She was sure he was the one she saw on the roof. There was no mistake. And he lied to the police officer, too... She had to find out why.
    "Yeah, I guess I am," Xeria told the messenger. She wasn't lying, since she'd seen him a few times before in the cafe. She just didn't actually speak to him until she saw him on the roof.
  31. Fraser huffed as Xeria said she was his acquaintance. "Guess I've got the company in this limousine ride," Fraser mumbled to himself. The messenger gestured towards the limousine and smiled. "So please join us then," The Messenger said. "Oh jeez," Fraser said to himself.
  32. Xeria grinned at the offer. She heard the guy named Fraser Zero say, "Oh jeez." For some reason, those words made Xeria's grin even wider.
    I wonder who Organ is... she thought. There's only one way to find out!
    "Thanks!" she said to the messenger and entered the limousine. Xeria took the seat across from Fraser and looked around. The variety of drinks caught her eye. She took a bottle of sparkling water and sipped it silently.
  33. Cynthia was shocked to see a talking cylinder. Is that really his sister!?
    Juniper smiled, and said to Cynthia, "See, looks like he wasn't lying after all!" Juniper looked at the guy, and said, "Well, if you're willing, we would like you to help us fight crime! You can be a part of our team! But, let me deal with this situation first." Juniper walked in front of the cylinder, looked at the newcomer, and said, "Miss, please put the weapon down. The little girl(?) is right, we don't want to cause any harm." Juniper looked back at the guy, and said, "Please return the money. We will handle the fuzz."
  34. Alex looked at the cylinder and then at the others infront of her "well this is interesting" Alex said as she put her pistols down "so like always super powered individuals ruin the fun yet again" Alex said as she went and put her pistols in her bag "but I have to say this one is pretty interesting" Alex said as she slung her bag over her shoulder and went and crouched down next to the cylinder "it not everyday that you see some one with a power like this" Alex then got up and looked around the sewer "but wouldn't she have a body?" Alex asked
  35. "My sister has the power to project her own spirit into an astral form, kinda like a ghost, and take over living and non-living objects." Devin explained.

    "I like doing it to non-living things more. Less awkward and they don't have the tendency to fight back. A strong enough will from a living body can force me right out." Daisy explained, still inside the cylinder.

    "Her body is back home...like her spirit should be." Devin said with a glare as Daisy let out a nervous chuckle while still in possession of the cylinder.
  36. Juniper looked at the cylinder/little girl, and said, "You should listen to your brother. And don't worry about a thing, I will handle the situation your brother put himself in." Juniper then looked at the guy, and said, "Well, come on. We have to return that money you stole." Juniper then started leading the way out.

    Cynthia followed Juniper, she looked at the guy, and said, "Well, come on. We don't have all day."
  37. Devin gripped his backpack, the stolen money inside, before he decided to speak up.

    "Before I do that. I should let you know the new shipment of Daisy's medication comes at the end of the week. Will whatever first job you have me do as part of your team allow me to be able to purchase said medication when it is available?" Devin asked. Devin had to know when he would get his first paycheck, cause meeting these deadlines were critical for Daisy's condition. It wasn't something that could be delayed.

    "Brother, just have faith. Trust them that they are here to help. Everything will work out. You worry too much." Daisy advised, Devin glanced at the cylinder that contained his sister's spirit.

    "Someone has to worry..." Devin said, his sister's happy go lucky nature often undersold the severity of her condition. Even took it deathly serious.
  38. Juniper smiled, and said, "Okay, we'll make sure that you get the money you need. I'll ask you more questions after we get you out of this sticky situation." Juniper then finally lead the group out of the sewers.

    As soon as everyone got out, there were policemen surrounding the area. One of the officers looked at Juniper and Cynthia, and said, "Ah, Juniper Reeds and Cynthia Rivers! Looks like you caught the perp we were looking for!"

    Juniper walked up to the officer, and said, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, officer, but this man isn't the one who stole the money. He actually stopped someone else from stealing the money, and was going to return it to the convenience store. But then you guys had to assume he stole the money, and he ran so that he couldn't cause any conflict."

    "Oh, I'm sorry Mrs. Reed," the officer apologized.

    "It's okay," Juniper said. She then walked up to the guy, took his backpack, and put all of the money in one of the police-cars.

    The officer smiled, and said, "Thank you once again! This city deserves heroes like you and Cynthia! We're off for now, bye!" The officer entered in his car and left, and so did all of the other officers.

    "*Phew* that was a close one," Juniper said as she gave the guy his backpack back.
  39. Alex looked at Devin and then at Cynthia and Juniper and followed the out of the sewer "well that's great and all but there's no point for me to be here now" Alex said when they got out of the sewer "this has just made me more bored, no action, no death and no me getting to shoot someone in the head" Alexsaid with a sigh "well I gotta go" Alex said as a grappling hook ejected out of her gauntlet and onto a near by building and began to scale it "that's not the last time I see them I'm sure of that"
  40. "That was cool!"

    Devin, watching Alex grapple herself away, as he held the cylinder that contained Daisy's spirit who offered her own bit of commentary. Devin then turned to the hero pair.

    "You're far too kind. Really." Devin said, a little guilty that true heroes had to lie to cover up what he had done. Daisy seemed to sense this and decided to speak up.

    "Oh don't complain. They did a good thing for you. All you have to do is prove what a hero you can be and you'll earn this second chance!" Daisy said, with much enthusiasm despite the voice coming from an expressionless cylinder.

    "That's well and good. Now get out and go back to your body." Devin said sternly.

    "Ah, but I wanna see more! These two are probably gonna take you to some cool hero base or something." Daisy whined. Devin answered this response with a scowl.

    "I don't care if that take me to freakin Never Land, you're adding unneeded stress to yourself. Your body is in poor enough condition as it is. Not go back and regain your strength." Devin said, unwavering.

    "Fine. I'll see you later. You better tell me all the cool things you see!" Daisy said as her invisible astral spirit left the cylinder and began to fly away. Devin did a couple of tests to see if she was really gone (Including biting it) before he got his confirmation and set the cylinder aside.

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