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Ask to Join Creatures and Monsters RP *DISCUSSION THREAD*

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by KoishiTheRockruff, Dec 20, 2016.


Who should our new characters species be?

Poll closed Dec 26, 2016.
  1. Griffin

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  2. Manticore

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  3. Winged Unicorn

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  4. Futs-Lung

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  5. Kappa

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  1. Hello, and welcome to the Creatures and Monsters Discussion Thread! Here you can find the sign-up forms for both Pokemon and Trainers, and ask questions about the RP. Below you’ll find two separate races; Creature and Monster. A creature is basically any species of animal, while a monster is a mythical beast of some sort. I’ll not be putting down every single animal you could be in the Creature section, since a creature is an animal, as said previously.

    Once you put down your character below, I’ll see if I can accept it or not.

    CREATURES LIST (Examples):
    Land creatures:

    Kiwi Bird
    Flying Creatures:
    Flying Gecko
    Hawk (Be specific on what type of hawk.)
    Water Creatures:
    Basilisk Lizard
    Fish/Shark (Be specific on what type of fish/shark)
    Fire (Desert) Creatures:

    Land Monsters:

    Foo Dog
    Wingless Dragon (Fire//Grass//Ground//Water//Lightning)
    Dire Wolf
    Owlbear (Grizzly//Polar Bear//Black Bear// Brown Bear//Etc.)
    Land Spirit (Take any form, not as powerful as live creatures/monsters.)
    Elemental Variant (Land creatures.)
    Water Monsters:
    Nessie (Loch Ness Monster)
    Sea Serpent
    Mist Spirit (Live above water, take any form, not as powerful as live creatures/monsters.)\
    Con Rit
    Anthropomorphic Water Creature (Crocs//Sharks//Etc.)
    Elemental Variant (Water creatures.)
    Flying Creatures:
    Winged Dragon (All accept ground, the ground dragons are either wingless or too heavy to fly)
    Winged Unicorn (These are very rare, so let’s keep these to a minimum.)
    Wind Spirit (Often take form as fog or clouds, not as powerful as live creatures/monsters.)
    Elemental Variant (Flying creatures.)
    Fire Monsters:
    Dragon (Fire.)
    Armored Salamander
    Jersey Devil
    Elemental Spirit (Often take form as smoke or a small fire, not as strong as live others.)
    Elemental Variant (Fire creatures.)

    Now that we’ve got that covered, here’s the various clans in the land of Dimensia:

    Fuera- Rumored to be the first area Sukio had created while alive. It is the biggest forest in all the land which houses the World Tree, a tree said to touch the world’s atmosphere. Fuera, too, houses the common land creatures who are normally prey for the monsters that live in the forest. (Only land and flying creatures/monsters could inhabit this area.)

    Chasma- The largest mountain range in all of Dimensia, famous for its eight-legged horses; the Sleipnir. Many other creatures and monster live there too, it’s just that eight-legged creatures or monsters don’t show up often. (Only land and flying creatures/monsters could inhabit this area, however those who fly are at a great disadvantage.)

    Liethra- This vast, dry land is what’s left of what was a forest until Sukio had spawned monsters of fire that had burned that area down for themselves. There are also fire creatures, it’s just that none of which could use fire like how the monsters could. (Only land and fire creatures/monsters could inhabit this area, however it’ll be harder for land creatures to live on a low supply of water… That is if there is any.)

    Nibueses- A vast body of water that surrounds Dimensia. The creatures and monsters that inhabited the water were kind enough as to allow water to enter the land of Dimensia to let all the creatures and monsters of the land to drink. The water soon created ponds, rivers and lakes for the creatures and monsters. (Only water creatures/monsters could inhabit this area.)

    Now that I’ve got that covered, here’s the sign-up form. Please post your character here so then I’ll see if I should accept it or not.

    Age: 28
    Weight: *OPTIONAL*
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  2. I'm sorry, but due to many errors I could not accept you for a few reasons, one of which being your characters species. I did not list down a Frost Dragon as a monster species, and by "race" I mean creature or monster. You must change your characters appearance, since being able to cut down an entire forest with one swipe is considered "Over Powered". Your character must have a clan as well, one that matches one of the biomes of Dimensia.
    Try again.
  3. It's alright, but I highly encourage that you practice a bit more on your descriptiveness. So, please try again if you want.
  4. Name: Momo
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Height: 3'4 on all fours, 7'8 when upright.
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Race: Monster
    Species: Owlbear ((Panda//Snowy Owl))
    Clan: Fuera
    Appearance: At first glance, she appears to be any other panda, that is until you see her face. Her face is of course the face that of a Snowy Owl. The common black spots of course appeared around her eyes, making her seem more panda-like, while the rest of the common panda markings are seen on the rest of her body. Momo has emerald green eyes, making her one-of-a-kind from her species, seeing how there never really has been any other Owlbear that had a different eye color other then brown or the occasional blue. She, too, has long feathers lining her front legs, allowing her to sustain flight for up to 3 minutes since of how much lighter she is then other Owlbears.
    Personality: She's a rather happy-go-lucky type of monster, and she rather enjoys helping out others, especially those of her kind. Momo also enjoys climbing trees, one of her ambitions being to be able to climb to the top of the world tree.
  5. Name: Setheroth
    Height: 17' when on all fours. 30' standing on 2 legs. His wing span is about 40'
    Weight: about 2 tons
    Species: Winged Dragon.
    Race: Monster
    Clan: Fuera
    Apperance:Setheroth has blue scales and white wings. His eyes shine red. His hide is littered with weapons and claws of beings whom have tried to take his life. His right wing is mangled, but still 100% usable.
    Personailty: He is very material crazy. He sits atop his pile of gold in his cave in one of the highest peaks in Fuera. He is kind on the outside, but gruff and straight forward on the outside.
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  6. @HydreigonBorn37 In! Although, can you go a bit lower on the height? It seems a bit extreme.
  7. Okay,i was just thinking Fire emblem logic.
    Edit: Is that better.
  8. Thanks, kek. Anywho, welcome to the discussion thread.
    Edit: And why yes, that's better.
  9. Yay.

    Edit: Crap, I forgot personality.
  10. Great! An RP that might be active!
  11. Ok, this is just barely better then your original form, however there are still some mistakes you'll need to fix.
    1.) Fuera is a clan for all that lives there, not just a single species.
    2.) I prefer that your character has a gender.
    3.) Please be more descriptive with describing your characters appearance, and no. Your character may not have claws like spears, unless if they were "as sharp as spears". That goes with the teeth too, unless you meant fangs as sharp as swords.
    4.) Please be a bit more descriptive with your personality.
  12. NewName: kite(pronounced key-tey)
    Gender: male
    Age: 17 human age
    Hight: 10" on all fours and 27" standing upright
    Race: kinda mixed?
    Spices: kitsune-human hybrid
    Clan: fuera
    Apperence: like a normal human, but with a deep red hair and red fox ears on his head. He has a matching colored tail and a black robe. His teeth are sharper than a humans
    Personality: really just an innocent ball of fight, he gets along with anybody. His main goal is to find other hybrids like himself.
  13. All is great except one thing: There are no hoomans in this world~ All except mermaids or mermen. However, I will allow an anthropomorphic variant if that's ok with you.
  14. Yeah, yeah. That works just fine. And if height and weight are needed, he's like 5'6 and 112 pounds.
  15. Ok, you're in! Welcome to this RP.
  16. Nice! Sorry to ask, but could you link me to the rp?
  17. Name: Frey
    Gender: female
    Age: 28
    Height: 11' when standing normally and 22' when she stands on her hind legs.
    Weight: *OPTIONAL*
    Race: Cerberus
    Species: monster
    Clan: Chasma
    Appearance: Rottweiler in appearance, black hair, dark copper eyes
    Personality: territorial, has a soft spot for younger beings, she doesn't like challengers

    Name: Gro
    Gender: male
    Age: 15
    Height: 25 cm
    Weight: *OPTIONAL*
    Race: dove
    Species: creature
    Clan: Chasma
    Appearance: soft brown feathers with darker flecks
    Personality: friendly, kind of an airhead

    Do cerberuses live in packs?
  18. @Stormursa In!
    P.S. Cerberuses can live in packs if they want to, however some prefer living on their own. So, your choice.
  19. Frey is going to live in a pack as a high ranker if you don't mind. Gro is just her little buddy who helps keep bugs off and sits on her head.
  20. I don't mind, you're welcome to join the RP whenever.
  21. Ok, so I am doing a monster that's not on the list, but is a cryptid.
    Weight: *OPTIONAL*
    Height:10 feet 2 inches
    Race: Mothmen
    Clan: Feura
    Appearance: Giant, Black beast with wings, red eyes
    Personality: Lone wolf, likes to be alone
  22. Werewolves and Lycans are practically the same thing, however there are many different types od dragons in which many of them have to be in different areas of Dimensia. Land or wingless dragons can belong anywhere other than Nibueses. Fire dragons belong in either Liethera or Chasma and water dragons (of course) Nibueses.
  23. Ooh btw not trying to be rude but lycans and werewolfs have 4 differences lycans are smarter than werewolfs and buffer lycans can change whenever they feel while werewolfs change on a full moon and to kill a lycan you have to sever its spine while werewolfs die by silver bullets, but they are pretty much the same humans turning into half wolfs
  24. Key word: Practically.
    1. 1.
      virtually; almost.
      "the risk of default was practically zero"
      synonyms, (very) nearly,virtually, just about, all but, more or less, as good as, to all intents and purposes, verging on, bordering on
  25. Danng you got the whole definition.
  26. Practically the whole definiton. There was another part to it, but I didn't think it was relating to what I meant.
  27. Oh, anyway sorry for the trouble can i try to make a character?
  28. Name: Larry
    Gender: Male
    Age: 5
    Height: 4'7 ft
    Weight: *OPTIONAL*
    Race: creature
    Appearance: fluffy with a white coat
  29. Race is either creature or monster, while species is which ever one you are.
  30. Sorry i mixed them up should have read the other sheets anyway i fixed it
  31. Hello KoishiTheRockruff, am I able to join? I love magic and mythical creatures!
  32. Yes, just sign-up and I'll see for myself.
  33. Name: Fruit
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Height: 20 inches
    Weight: 2.2 lbs. (Kiwi birds are light)
    Race: Creature
    Species: Kiwi Bird
    Clan: Chasma
    Appearance: Your normal kiwi bird, however he has a green scarf.
    Personality: Fruit is that one kooky weird bird, who wants to fit in. He has a passion for being positive all the time. He may give compliments randomly, and this shows how kind he is.

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