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Creative/Weird Pokémon nicknames?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by TheJustinMann, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    I have wanted to talk about all the Creative/Weird (mostly weird) Pokémon nicknames I’ve made for my Pokémon, as well as listening to yours.

    First, my first ever Pokémon, Buddy the Samurott. I named it Buddy because, well, it’s my first Pokémon and all. But many others think it a bit weird.

    Boss, my Scolipede, because it’s my favorite Pokémon, as well as looking like it’s ready to beat the s*** out of anything that comes near it.

    Nijima, my Sigilyph, because of a name I heard off of Persona 5.

    Inan, my male Primarina, because it seemed and still seems like a good name for it.

    TrashPile, my Alolan Muk, obvious why he is named this.

    BoxBoy, my Crabominable, because it’s a boxing Pokémon, and was a male.

    Leonardo, my Lycanroc, because why the hell not.

    Poseidon, my Silvally, because it seemed like the perfect name for a Silvally.

    That should be all of them. I don’t rename legendarys and mythicals because I have respect for them, as well as their normal names sounding cool already. Please share your odd/ creative names too!
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  2. Well, I named my Togepi Billy. Not exactly the weirdest name, but every time I battled my friend, I'd say, "Say hello to BILL-AY!!!!"
    I always pronounced it "Bilay", and would yell its name (in my mind) whenever the Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss did something good or bad.
  3. Tasha- female Hippowdon
    Uniqua- female Leyba (the rest are males)
    Pablo- Prinplup
    Tyrone- Tauros
    Austin- Sandslash (normal form)

    These Pokemon were a dedication to one of my favorite childhood shows
  4. i named my mudkip "water joe",cause in my school two kids were talking,then one of them said something and the other understood "water joe",then he,confused,asked if that was what he kid said,then everyone calls him "water joe" since then.so i thought it could be a good homage to him.LOL
  5. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Okay, something I forgot to mention. Every time BoxBoy comes out, I’m like” You can’t beat the BoxBoy!” Even though it’s the Pokémon that gets wiped out first most of the time.
  6. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    :/ :/ :/

    “. .
  7. I have this female Sylveon name Jilly Bean.
    I don’t know why. Just sounded funny.
  8. My first pokemon game where I could pick the starter was Blue and I picked Charmander and named her (probably him I know) Alana after Song of the Lioness quartet, and now despite them all being male but one, my starters are always named Alana.
  9. KaiserGreed

    KaiserGreed Previously KaiserRobinFan

    In a Platinum playthrough I'm doing right now as of this post, I named my starter Piplup Wilhelm because of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. I guess since Empoleon derives from emperor and since Kaiser basically means emperor in German, it fits.
  10. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Named a Grubbin Buzz. It made sense, he ate electricity and he's a Bug. Oh, and I did name my Honedge Achilles.
  11. Yoshi Star Shine

    Yoshi Star Shine Previously Moo Moo

    I named a Torchik "Bacon" and in my first Pokémon game, I named my starter "Mr. seal" he is a Primarina, now he is abandoned somwhere in my box is pokèmon sun.
  12. TheAverageCharmeleon

    TheAverageCharmeleon Previously TheAverageCharmander

    Not knowing the evolutions of Litten at the time, I named him Kitten. Now all of my friends laugh at my Incineroar who is named KITTEN. WHAT WAS I THINKING.
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  13. I named my Wishiwashi Fishstick and my Magnezone Beepbeep, both for obvious reasons. Funninly enough, both were the strongest members of my team
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  14. Black Charizard is Fried Chicken
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  15. Yoshi Star Shine

    Yoshi Star Shine Previously Moo Moo

    Moffie is the name of my pikachu in let's go, I named her after a moth
  16. TheAverageCharmeleon

    TheAverageCharmeleon Previously TheAverageCharmander

    I just recently caught a slowpoke. You are probably thinking, "Who in their right mind would want a pokemon like THAT!" Anyways, I named it Couch potato. For obvious reasons.
  17. Oh boy, I have some for you:

    Oberon (Sylveon)--Cuz, y'know, Oberon, the king of the fairies)

    Pyotr (Arcanine)--It's the Russian form of 'Peter', or so I've heard. I only picked that one cuz I had a major Madoka phase at the time, and I picked one of the witches' familiars' names

    Pokol (Incineroar)--Hungarian for 'Hell', and I thought it fit because it's fire and dark, which is known as the evil type in Japan

    Ciprian (Primarina)--Yeah, I named it after one of @Polarnacht 's OCs...I just really like his art, ok?
  18. TheAverageCharmeleon

    TheAverageCharmeleon Previously TheAverageCharmander

    Pikadude (Pikachu) I'm sorry I had to
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  19. I've done some themed play throughs of various games over the years, some of my more bizarre names have passed over to other games since due to enjoying using them.
    Kamen rider ex aid yellow play through using names of games or villains
    Pikachu - Mighty (action x)
    Rattata - Taddle (quest)
    Mankey - Baksou (bike)
    Beedrill - Graphite
    Squirtle - JuJu
    Charmander - BangBang
    Bulbasaur - DoReMiFa

    I liked the name Mighty enough for pikachu I named my partner in lets go the same =)

    I've also got a kangaskhan called ScaryMomma on a different yellow game.

    I did a very bad taste run through of X where I was called "I say" to make npc interactions sound like foghorn leghorn, highlights of that team included "Obamaniqua" the alakazam, and "too fly" a dodrio... lets move past it and forget it ever happened...
  20. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

    My pokemon white file was weird....

    Snivy named Booper

    Audino named THQ (like the studio....I was 13.....)

    Deerling named Gerald (it was a female deerling.....)

    And a Timbur named LinkinLog
  21. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    @SharkByte while the others are pretty wierd, LinkinLog seems like a fitting and cute name for a Timburr. But maybe not for Gurdurr or Conkeldurr...
  22. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    One of my favourite names I gave my Pokémon - Archeops - was Chartreuse.
    I also had an Elektross named Bubinga.
    Everyone who heard that thought those names were weird. I never understood that.
    Oh, and also a Croagunk named Osgood, don't forget him.

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