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Creative Flash Challenge: My Favourite Pokémon

  1. Teapot

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    Welcome to hopefully the first of many Creative Flash Challenges,lighthearted but fun themes for creators on Pokécharms. We hope these can provide inspiration and maybe motivate you to try something you maybe haven't done before - and see what others on 'Charms come up with!

    Although future challenges will probably be more specialised, I figured we'd start with an easy one:

    The Challenge

    Create a written work, artwork, or trainer card about or featuring your favourite Pokémon.

    Full details are below the cut - click "Continue Reading" to read more! :)


    • You must have an active Pokécharms account to enter. "Active" means an account that is not restricted by read-only status, and has not been banned.
    • You may submit as many entries as you like.
    • Entries do not necessarily have to be original - creators can upload works that already exist elsewhere. That said, we'd love to see what new works you come up with!
    • There will be no declared winner and no prizes - this is just for fun :)
    • The theme is up to interpretation if you wish - follow it strictly, or use it as a bouncing-off point for something more diverse - it's up to you!
    • Due to the lack of judging or prizes, Pokécharms staff are permitted to submit works for the challenge.
    • The rules for the Creative Corner must be observed when taking this challenge.
    • The challenge has no set time limit, and will end once a new flash challenge has been posted.

    How to Enter

    The process is slightly different for different kinds of entries:

    Visual and written works (artwork, stories, articles)
    Most works will be submitted via the Creative Corner in the usual manner. IN order to mark your entry as a Flash Challenge entry, you should put the hashtag #flashchallenge in your work. In order for it to be searchable, you should place the hashtag in the summary of a written work (in other words, not the work itself), or the description of a visual work.

    Trainer Cards
    To submit trainer cards, just link to them in the comments for this article. If you're not sure how to do this, there is a guide here.

    Hopefully this works - this first challenge is a "trial run" to see if anyone's interested. I look forward to seeing what the community comes up with! :)

    Also, if this takes off and anyone has ideas for future challenges, let me know or post 'em here - I'm open to any ideas for themes or restrictions, just as long as they're fun and allow people to be creative! If we get several, I may allow the community to choose the next challenge.
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