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Creative Flash Challenge: Going Home

  1. Teapot

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    As promised, it's new challenge time...

    The Challenge

    Create a written work, artwork, or trainer card with an arrival at home.

    This one's fairly freeform, and might be interpreted in many ways. A couple of things you might want to think about: What is "home?" Is it a pleasant place, or was there good reason for leaving? What's changed since the departure? Does home have to be a fixed place, or even a place at all?

    Full details are below the cut as always - click "Continue Reading" to read more! :)


    • You must have an active Pokécharms account to enter. "Active" means an account that is not restricted by read-only status, and has not been banned.
    • You may submit as many entries as you like.
    • Entries do not necessarily have to be original - creators can upload works that already exist elsewhere. That said, we'd love to see what new works you come up with!
    • Entries do not necessarily have to feature Pokémon characters or locations, or be set in a Pokémon universe. We observe that most works here do feature one or more of these, however.
    • There will be no declared winner and no prizes - this is just for fun :)
    • The theme is up to interpretation if you wish - follow it strictly, or use it as a bouncing-off point for something more diverse - it's up to you!
    • Due to the lack of judging or prizes, Pokécharms staff are permitted to submit works for the challenge.
    • The rules for the Creative Corner must be observed when taking this challenge.
    • The challenge will end on October 23rd.

    How to Enter

    The process is slightly different for different kinds of entries:

    Visual and written works (artwork, stories, articles)
    Most works will be submitted via the Creative Corner in the usual manner. In order to mark your entry as a Flash Challenge entry, you should put the hashtag #flashchallenge in your work. In order for it to be searchable, you should place the hashtag in the summary of a written work (in other words, not the work itself), or the description of a visual work.

    Trainer Cards
    To submit trainer cards, just link to them in the comments for this article. If you're not sure how to do this, there is a guide here.

    To emphasise, this particular challenge will run for exactly two weeks - it'll end on October 23rd. We're doing a fixed deadline this time so can be sure to have enough time for a (spoiler alert) Halloween challenge.

    Good luck with all your entries!
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