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Creative Corner 1.0.2

  1. Teapot

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    Big update today! This is the first of several updates coming to improve various parts of the Corner and add new features. Today we're focussing on the front page and work listings.

    First up, some general features:
    • Users can now be tagged anywhere in a work with the usual @Teapot format: Writing summaries, artwork descriptions, the contents of writing, and comments (introduced in the previous version.) Please note the drop down box doesn't appear for summaries - just type the user's name starting with a @ and the tag will go through when you send the work.
    • Writing summaries now work with various BBcodes, including: [b]bold[/b], [i]italics[/i], and so on.
    Next, the main event: the front page. We've added quite a few features to it and completely changed how it works by default:
    • You can now choose from different views for the Creative Corner:
      • New and Noteworthy shows popular works that were uploaded recently. This is a great way to get a quick overview of the best content on the Creative Corner.
      • Most Liked is self-explanatory, and displays the the works that have received the most Likes.
      • Your Followed Users displays the latest works from people you Follow. Like an artist? Click their avatar on a work and click Follow on the card that pops up - then their new content will appear in this tab.
      • Browse All shows all the works on the Corner with the newest first, and allows you to browse back to the very beginning rather than only showing recent works.
    • All the views can be filtered to only see artwork, or written works.
    • Previews now show all images in an art work for now - this is likely going to be tweaked in the future to take up less space when there are lots of images.
    • You can now see how many comments a work has on its preview box.
    • We've cleaned up the scripts for the front page a lot, so everything should line up faster and more effectively.
    And finally, it wouldn't be a Corner update without some bug fixes:
    • Creative Corner thumbnails in news feeds weren't always linked properly.
    • The Creative Corner tab shouldn't jump around the navigation bar any longer.
    • Usernames weren't bolded properly in Creative Corner alerts.
    • Fixed a formatting error with the word counts, likes, and comments numbers on previews.
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