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Creating a Collaborative Fakedex!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by CamMcLoud, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Hey there everybody! Names CamMcLoud!

    With Sword&Shield out and the release of Detective Pikachu this year my love for the franchise has been rekindled. And now that Gen 8s roster is revealed I’m confident in making my own Gen 9, with your help of course.

    I’ve always wanted to make my own generation of Pokémon since I was a kid. I was always trying to doodle creatures in class and writing names and type combos all the time. But when I got older I started doubting myself and gave up on drawing thinking it wasn’t for me and thought my ideas were dumb. And I could never find a group of friends to hang out with to help me or talk with. But making a Dex kept nagging at the back of my mind all these years.

    But now with all the creative outlets and communities online available now more than ever I want to change that. I want to collaborate with anyone her that would be interested in helping me at least finish this dream dex of mine. I also just want to work and share with other people too. I’m sick of keeping things to myself and I just want someone to talk to.

    So I’m posting my dex with all its open spaces and the few types that I can possibly think of

    So here’s the key to understanding this ridiculous list.
    Pokédex Key
    1. 1-142 Common Pokémon
    2. 3 Legendaries
    3. 13 with no Evolutions
    (roughly 10%)
    4. Base-means a Pokémon that doesn’t evolve.
    5. ???-means undecided typing
    6. Listed types without concept are awaiting an appropriate idea.

    I’m also providing an open google doc for anyone to use on this page I’ve dubbed “The Unlimited Dex”! A list of all the different Mon ideas that couldn’t possibly fit in one Region listed out by type. Anyone on here can use it to suggest ideas for this “Collaborative Dex” or use them for their own regions. Just make sure not to use any official mons we make on here without credit. Drawings/Stats/Characters/etc. we’ll worry about later. Right now I just want this dex filled up.

    *Also these are the animals I absolutely want to include. Haven’t decided on typing yet.
    1. Kangaroo
    2. Dolphin
    3. Crane
    4. Armadillo

    The “Collaborative Dex”
    1. Starter-Grass
    2. Starter-Grass/???
    3. Starter-Grass/???
    4. Starter-Fire
    5. Starter-Fire/???
    6. Starter-Fire/???
    7. Starter-Water
    8. Starter-Water/???
    9. Starter-Water/???
    10. Hamster-Normal
    11. Guinea Pig-Normal
    12. Early Bird-Flying
    13. Early Bird-Flying/???
    14. Early Bird-Flying/???
    15. Bug
    16. Bug/???
    17. Bug/???
    18. Fire
    19. Fire
    20. Water
    21. Water/???
    22. Grass
    23. Grass/???
    24. Ground
    25. Ground/???
    26. Electric
    27. Electric/???
    28. Base-???

    29. Fairy
    30. Fairy
    31. Ghost
    32. Ghost
    33. Poison
    34. Poison
    35. Poison

    36. Base-Dragon

    37. Grass/Fairy
    38. Grass/Fairy
    39. Grass/Fairy
    40. Base-Water/???

    41. Ground
    42. Ground
    43. Ground
    44. Fossil-Rock/???
    45. Fossil-Rock/???
    46. Fossil-Rock/???
    47. Fossil-Rock/???
    48. Artifact-Steel/???

    49. Salamander-Fire
    50. Salamander-Fire
    51. Salamander-Fire/Dragon

    52. Alpaca-Ice/Normal
    53. Alpaca-Ice/Normal
    54. Penguin-Ice/Steel
    55. Penguin-Ice/Steel
    56. Base-???
    57. Fairy
    58. Fairy
    59. Shadow-Dark/???
    60. Shadow-Dark/???
    61. Knight-Steel/Fighting
    62. Knight-Steel/Fighting
    63. Pseudo-Dragon/???
    64. Pseudo-Dragon/???
    65. Pseudo-Dragon/???
    66. Legendary-???
    67. Legendary-???
    68. Legendary-???
    “Unlimited Dex” doc
    https://docs.google.com/document/d/14l0A0ggVzZ2C4bP4yK8zmE-CHWVe3x85EBKy9BzC8Rg (Unlimited Dex)

    But I think the first thing I wanna do is finally decide on the Starters. I’m trying to follow GameFreaks personal formula for the starters.

    Fire=Chinese Zodiac

    I’ve already come up with 4 gens worth of options but I can’t decide which 3 would look good together. I’m leaning towards Wolf/Viper/Piper but I’m open to any combinations.

    I hope this is a great first step forward with this project. Forgive me if this is to much to read! Let me know how to improve this thread.

    1. Wolf
    2. Alligator
    3. Tree Frog
    4. Flightless Bird
    (Kiwi, Ground Parrot, etc.)

    1. Viper
    2. Goat
    3. Cow
    4. Donkey

    1. Sandpiper/Kingfisher
    2. Beaver
    3. Crab
    4. Sea Snake
  2. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Cyndaquil doesn't fit in that, it's a hedgehog.

    Anyways, I think a Grass Wolf is definitely a really good idea, maybe grass/dark in it's final form? Lawoof maybe for one of the names (Lawn+Woof)?
    I kinda feel like an alligator should be a Water-type not a Grass type.

    As far the Water starter, a sea snake seems really cool~ Not sure on the typing or name ideas though...

    And for the Fire starter, out of those ones, a goat seems the most interesting... maybe Fire/Normal for typing?

    Oh, also, maybe you should allow comments on the document? Just a suggestion.
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  3. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    I was actually making my own Pokedex, so I'm definitely going to contribute to this! Also dont know how to present this :p

    Water starter:
    Crabubble (Water)
    Aquaclaw (Water/Fighting)
    Hermight (Water/Fighting)

    For Number 29. and 30.
    Sorchpion (Bug)
    Scorpyro (Bug/Fire)

    10. and 11. :

    Hamstart (Normal)
    Guinick (Normal)

    48. - 50. :
    Seedfae (Grass/Fairy)
    Bloomfae (Grass/Fairy)
    Gaiafae (Grass/Fairy)

    And the puesdo:
    Eledrake (Dragon/Electric)
    Dracobolt (Dragon/Eletric)
    Thundervern (Dragon/Eletric)

    And trust me, I'm definitely not done with ideas!
    #3 Gold The Dragonite, Nov 23, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  4. ....Can I make more Eeveelutions? <.>
  5. So Me And My Cousin Made A Whole Fakedex And For The Grass Wolf Thing, THAT WAS WHAT WE CHOSE (The whole part dark type to)

    Also we made a Light type which was super effective against dark and it was weak to dark. All Fairies used to be light types

    SO Anyways

    Leafub (Leaf + Cub) Grass: Pronounced (Leef-fubb)
    Vinog (Vine + Dog) Grass/Dark: Pronounced (Vin-(Then Hog Without H))
    Jungolf (Jungle + Wolf) Grass/Dark: Pronounced (Jung(Soft G)-Ollf)

    Twinkaryl (Twinkle) Fairy: Twinkaryl looks like A Tiny Little Tinkerbell, It's -It's Special move Sparkles is a Charge And Release Move And It's Super Powerful-It's Ability Shine Is Like Blaze/Torrent/Overgrowth but for fairy type moves (Used to be for Light type moves but i changed it)

    Decoppet (Decapotate + Puppet) Ghost: It's a tiny shadow puppet of banette but all it's limbs are seperated and it's got a big hole in it's chest

    Dracuplo (Dragon + Couple) Dragon/Fairy: It's Like 1 HUGE dragon but it's also like catdog where it has to heads and there's 1 one each side

    I Have 3 Fossil Sets You Can Choose 2 But They Have The Whole Type Trio Thing
    Peach Fossil -> Flowerince (Flower + Prince) Grass/Rock->Naturing (Nature + King) Grass/Rock
    Jewel Fossil -> Charasaurus (Char + Stegosaurus) Fire Rock->Stegochar (Stegosaurus + Char) (It's called the jewel fossil because they have jewel inside them and they have jewels as like spines on a spinasaurus)
    Claw Fossil -> Flippy (Flipper + (Suffix y)) Water/Rock->Flippiny (Flipper + Pin + (Suffix y)) (Not Sure if claw fossil's been used before, but they got really long claws and Flippiny has a claw on his tail)

    Peach Fossil Line=Brontiosaur
    Jewel Fossil Line=Stegosaurus
    Claw Fossil Line=T-Rex

    Also I know That both the Brontiosaur and T-Rex was used in gen 6, but i made the Dex when Gen 2 Was Newest (Also i Now Searched it up, the claw fossil was used for Gen 3 for Armaldo And Anorith)

    Edited: Reason: Grammer

    For Regional Rodent

    Cheeko->Cheekalt (Normal)
    Their whole thing would be their massive cheeks Defininetly Pickup as their ability

    For Regional Bird

    Based off of the bird from...??? I Can't think i know it's like a small yellow bird.

    Regional Pikachu Clone

    Bolspring(Bolt + Spring) It's a Quadropedal Rodent that has a spring for either it's Tail Or Legs can't decide between Pure Electric, ELectric/FLying, or Electric/Steel

    Regional Bug Family

    Duopede(Like A CATDOG Caterpillar)(Bug)->Duocoon(CATDOG Cocoon)(Bug)->Duofly(CATDOG Butterfly)
    It's ability could be like it only takes 1 spot in a duo or trio battle but it has 2 HP bars In A Single, Double Or Trio Battle
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  6. Oh wow, this looks awesome! I would love to participate in a project like this! I'm not very good at coming up with types of Pokemon and stuff like that, but if you ever wanted any Fakemon drawn, I'd he happy to draw them! A small suggestion of mine would be to use unused type combinations, such as (Bug / Dragon), (Ice / Poison), (Fire / Ice), etc.
  7. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    There is a fire/ice type now though. Not sure on the others though.
    But then again, more fire/ices types would be cool~
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  8. Oh whoops I forgot about Galarian Darmanitan Zen Mode lol. But yeah more fire/ice types would be cool to have!
  9. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    28. Elephantom (Water/Ghost)

    Lets see here...

    33. Fireflame (Fire/Ice)
    34. Flameburg (Fire/Ice)
    35. Blitzero (Fire/Ice)

    30. Bugoon (Bug)
    31. Dracobug (Dragon/Bug) (If male)
    32. Lovefly (Fairy/Bug) (If female)

    36. Monkid (Normal)
    37. Badboon (Dark/Normal)

    40. Toxipole(Poison)
    41. Bogfrog (Poison)
    42. Venomtoad (Poison)

    Wow, this is a lotta Pokemon!
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  10. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Pretty sure this died, should we reboot it?
  11. interesting but some animals might be to hard do be see it logical that they would have that typing.
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  12. @Gold The Dragonite I've been writing up something similar, do you think I should post it?
  13. yeah im not gonna stop you
  14. one thing is that the fossil could be rock type and the second type, but then later if they have an evolution they should lose the rock type.
    It means that they have no reached is full strength when it was till living on the aceints land. for example kabutops instead of water and rock it could be water and bug, because that was led into the line from trilobites to example spiders.
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  15. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Quick thing, how does no-one posting here for five days and the thread starter still being active make this dead?

    Anyways, maybe the salamander could be called Dramandla or something? I dunno.
  16. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    I say we just post it in creative.
    Well, Cam hasn't said anything.
  17. Sorry about that. I’ve been dealing with A Lot of life stuff and I keep trying to go back and organize/fill the dex on my down time. It’s been quite a stressful/frustrating week for me. But things are looking up.

    So if y’all want you can keep the list/ideas and make whatever you want together. I just don’t have time to be a leader of a project like this right now. I’ll just keep at my own version until I’m satisfied on my own time. Don’t want to drag anyone down.

    Well wish me luck and thanks for trying to help. Hope whatever you do goes well. Take care!

  18. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    We can probably send the finished version to ya when its finished!
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  19. Are there pictures to these fakemon?
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  20. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

  21. Is it just the unlimited one now?
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  22. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Well I have rebooted it with more Fakemon of mine.
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