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Create your own Smash Bros. Move set!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Zipz, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    So..it can be an OC or a actual character that you wan't to see in smash. Here is what ya have to do.

    -Don't make your character overpowered
    -The only thing that should kill at zero is a final smash (Near blast zone)
    -Make your character Easy or medium to play. You CAN make the character hard to play, but I would suggest easy or medium.
    -You CAN but you don't have to. Rate the persons thing above you, 1-10 ratings.


    Size: How tall is your character? Example: "He/She's a bit taller than Ike"
    Speed: How fast is your character?
    Weight: How much does your character weigh?
    Strength: How much damage does your character do?

    Jab: Whats your characters jab?
    Up tilt:
    Down tilt:
    Forward tilt:
    Forward aerial:
    Neutral aerial:
    Back aerial:
    Down aerial:
    Forward Smash:
    Down Smash:
    Up Smash:
    Dash attack:
    Side B:
    Up B:
    Down B:
    Final Smash:
    Up Taunt:
    Down Taunt:
    Side Taunt:
    Victory Screen 1:
    Victory Screen 2:
    Victory Screen 3:
    Kirby hat:
    Character: Possibilit (OC)
    Height: I'd say a bit taller than Mario.
    Speed: Faster than Kirby
    Weight: Medium. Like Marth mabye.
    Strength: Starfox's mabye.
    Jab: Two punches and then a Kick.
    Up tilt: Punches a fist upwards. Similar to Mario.
    Down tilt: swerves an ax down
    Foward tilt: Slashes a sword
    Foward aerial: Attacks the enemy with his elbow.
    Neutral aerial: Swings a hammer around him. Like Kirby's B aerial in Melee and Ultimate but with a larger hit-box and does more damage.
    Down aerial: Kicks his foot down. Like Charizard's but with a smaller hit-box.
    Backwards aerial: Kicks his foot behind him.
    Forward Smash: Possibilit winds up a punch which is similar to Sonic's
    Down Smash: Places an electrical trap which shocks anyone who steps on it.
    Up Smash: Slashes his sword upwards
    B: Swings his Hammer, Sword, or Ax in front of him. It will choose randomly between the 3.
    Side B: Throws an orb which creates a black hole once reached to the ground. This can kinda be a recovery.
    Up B: Rides a Dragactyl (Thing I created. Looks like this:
    Which you cannot see mabye.[​IMG]
    Down B: It chooses through Fire, Electric, or Ice. This effects your Weapons.
    Final Smash: Possibilit hops on a rainbow colored star and shoots three little rainbow stars at the opponent. each star does 30% damage, but you only have 3 shots.
    Entrance: Rides a Dragactyl onto the stage
    Side taunt: Grins while having his eyes closed
    Down taunt: Places his sword on the ground and looks out into the sky, using the sword as an arm rest.
    Up Taunt: Possibilit jumps up and down with joy.
    Alternates: Basic (My Profile Pic), Blue jacket and blonde hair, Red jacket and black hair, Brown jacket and hazel hair, Purple jacket and blue hair, Orange jacket and red hair, Black jacket and gray hair, Red eyes and a gray body and jacket.
    Stage: Darkness. (Pic can be found in ma art pictures)
    Victory Screen 1: Possibilit jumps on a Dragactyl shouting "We did it!"
    Victory Screen 2: A Bush is blocking the screen, but then Possibilit chops it down, revealing himself.
    Victory Screen 3: Possibilit shows off his sword, as it shines with electricity, ice, or fire.
    Kirby Hat: Kirby gains the Jacket that Possiblit is wearing
    Picture: My avatar but smashified basically.

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  2. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

  3. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Character: Dakon

    Size: Ike's Height
    Speed: Mega Man's speed
    Weight: Medium, Falco's weight.
    Strength: Fairly strong, like Ness's strength

    Jab: Rapid Punching
    Up tilt: Sends an uppercut
    Down tilt: Sends Ki Waves to left and right sides
    Forward tilt: An energy blast that's on the hands that gets shot out
    Forward aerial: Brings both hands down for a ground-pound
    Neutral aerial: Extends hands to punch on both sides.
    Backward aerial: Sends a Ki Blast backward, like Piranha Plant's
    Down aerial: Sends a small Ki Blast to the ground.
    Forward Smash: Lands a punch with damage but also damages himself
    Down Smash: Rapid Kicking
    Up Smash: Kick into the air.
    Dash attack: Headbutt
    B: Ki Blast (Press B multiple times to get rapid Ki Blast)
    Side B: Shoulder bash
    Up B: Instant Transmission (Like Fox's Up B but without the flames.)
    Down B: Transforming (If a character is hit while Dakon is transforming, Dakon will turn into a Red covered Saiyan, called Kaio-Ken
    Final Smash: Super Saiyan 2 (Hair turns yellow as well as his tail. Hair grows longer as he summons a large Kamehameha to know his opponents offstage)
    Entrance: Arrives from a crashed orb-like eacaoe pod and jumps out of it.
    Up Taunt: Gives out a thumbs up to the screen
    Down Taunt: Dakon starts charging up his power with a faint effect around him
    Side Taunt: Dakon yells at his opponent, giving a war cry
    Stage: Australian Plains
    Victory Screen 1: Dakon turns to the screen and turns Super Saiyan 2. "That was a blast. Get stronger next time."
    Victory Screen 2: Dakon is seen eating mutton in both hands then gives a cheeky grin at the end
    Victory Screen 3: Dakon charges up and grins at the screen. "You're really strong! Can we do that again?!"
    Alternate's: Purple battle armor instead of his natural suited black battle armor
    Kirby hat: Kirby gains black spiky hair that goes all out.
    Picture: N/A
    Victory Music: Dragon Ball Super middle of Episode intermission.

    And there is my main Saiyan. I like my Dakon.
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  4. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    8/10! Excellent work!

    Character: The animals from Ultimate Chicken Horse (Yes, that's a game.)
    Size: Mario's height.
    Speed: There speed is Mario's, but when running, i'll say Marth's.
    Weight: The 2nd lightest.
    Strength: 0. In the game, they don't attack. They use items and traps to get their kills.
    Jab: None.
    Up tilt: Boxing glove (An Item). If run into it, it will punch upwards. You can kill yourself with your own traps.
    Down tilt: Hockey Shooter (An item). The Hockey Puck shoots without command. The Items do still stay there.
    Forward Tilt: Punching Flower (An item). If close to the flower (with a face), it will punch you, dealing not much damage, but a lot of knock-back.
    Neutral aerial: Spinning Saw (all these things I'm telling you are items, okay?). The saw stays in a box, the actual spiky part moves around in a circle, which is attached to some wood.
    Forward aerial: Tennis ball Shooter. Shoots tennis balls with goo on them. if one of them is landed on the foes head, it will spike.
    Down aerial: Wrecking ball. This items stays there. The wrecking ball swings back and forth.
    Up aerial: Spiky ball. Places a spiky ball. Does not move, does not do anything. It just sits there, but does damage.
    Forward smash: Linear Saw. Again, this is a platform but with a saw on it, which does heavy damage. (Yes, it stays.)
    Down smash: Trigger Spikes. If stepped on, this will activate spikes. It takes a while for it to activate though.
    Up smash: Black hole. Creates a black hole. If any enemy goes near it, it sucks them in, dealing damage overtime.
    Dash attack: Ice. This does no damage, but it makes the floor slippery.
    B: Spawns an item from any item in the Ultimate Chicken Horse.
    Side B: Paper Airplane Shooter: It shoots Paper airplanes forward which can act as moving platforms
    Up B: Chooses any Item that can in Ultimate Chicken Horse, such as the Spring, Fan, Ferris wheel, ect.
    Down B: Bomb, Nuke, or Dynamite: This can be used to get rid of items. The Dynamite has a small range, the bomb has a medium range, and the nuke has a big range. If placed near an Item that the animals placed down, it will explode.
    Entrance: Enters from a Portal (Again, an item)
    Up Taunt: Does the dance from the game. Each dance is different depending on what skin you chose.
    Side Taunt: Shows off the items from Ultimate Chicken Horse.
    Down Taunt: The animal places a block down and looks at the ground. (This block stays there.)
    Stage: The Farm, Old Mansion, Pyramid, Waterfall, Windmill, Metal Plant, Iceberg, Dance Party, The Pier, Jungle Temple, Volcano, Crumbling Bridge, The Mainframe, and the Nuclear Plant (Yes, these are all stages from the game).
    Victory screen 1: The Animals jump of a platform onto the flag.
    Victory Screen 2: The Animals is seen wall-jumping to the flag
    Victory Screen 3: The Animals is seen in the background, riding a jet pack. Then after 1 second he/she falls down from the top screen.
    Alternates: Chicken (Basic), Horse, Sheep, Raccoon, Squirrel, Chameleon, Robot Bunny, and Elephant.
    Kirby Hat: Kirby gains the skin of the animals. Wool, Feathers, Fur, Ect.
    Picture: Just type in the internet: "Animals from Ultimate Chicken Horse" but smashified.
    Victory Music: The music from the select screen but smashified.
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  5. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    7/10. I messed up on some moves...but still, I think mines good!

    Character: Rick (Hamster), Kine (Fish), Coo (Owl), from Kirby

    (Rick) Size: Bit taller than Kirby. (Kine) Size: A bit smaller than Kirby. (Coo) Size: Kirby's
    (Rick) Speed: Kirby's. (Kine) Speed: Kirby when walking. (Coo) Speed: Kirby's
    (Rick) Weight: Bit heavier than Kirby. (Kine) Weight: Kirby. (Coo) Weight: A bit lighter than Kirby
    (Rick, Kine, and Coo) Strength: Kirby's
    Jab: Rick bites the foe, then Coo pecks the foe, and finally, Kine thrust forward. This is a multi-hitting jab.
    Up tilt: Rick raises his body upward (This is part of the forward tilt
    Down tilt: Kine flops on the floor, dealing damage
    Forward tilt: Rick does a belly flop on the ground, which digs foes.
    Neutral Aerial: Coo spins in a tornado.
    Forward Aerial: Coo shoots three projectiles in the shape of the Cutter ability
    Down Aerial: Kine charges up a blast and then shoots it downwards. This sends you up a bit.
    Back Aerial: Same as the forward aerial
    Forward smash: Fire erupts from Ricks mouth
    Down Smash: Kine flops on the ground. Like Incineroar.
    Up smash: Coo's back turns into spikes.
    Dash attack: Rick runs and trips over
    B: Rick breathes fire, Kine makes an ice tornado around him, and Coo shoots 1 projectile.
    (Rick) Side B: Rick turns into a Rock Ball and rolls forward
    (Kine) Side B: Kine thrust himself forward
    (Coo) Side B: Coo shoots 3 feathers.
    (Rick) Up B: Rick takes out a parasol and then floats.
    (Kine) Up B: (He doesn't have one)
    (Coo) Up B: Coo takes out a parasol, then spins in a tornado. You decide where he goes, like Meta Knight's Neutral B.
    (Rick) Down B: Rick turns into stone, like Kirby's down B.
    (Kine) Down B: Kine turns into ice, making him unable to move and unable to be hurt...for a few seconds.
    (Coo) Down B: Coo turns into stone and drops to the ground.
    (Rick, Kine, and Coo) Final Smash: The 3 team up and send a barrage of attacks. The 3 then finish it off with a ground pounding slam.
    (Rick) Entrance: Rick appears sleeping, and then wakes up to stand
    (Kine) Entrance: Kine pops up from the bottom of the screen
    (Coo) Entrance: Coo flaps his wings a bit before landing
    Taunt 1: Rick is seen balancing a ball on his nose
    Taunt 2: Coo shows off his wings
    Taunt 3: Kine flops for a while, then he pops up and winks
    Stage: Coo's Forest, Ripple Field, and Inside Island
    Victory Screen 1: The 3 jump up and all Hi-5.
    Victory screen 2: Rick, Kine, and Coo are seen playing with Kirby
    Victory screen 3: Rick, Kine, and Coo drop from the top of the screen in their stone form
    Alternates: Rick, Kine, and Coo (Original), Orange Rick, Orange Kine, and Orange Coo, Yellow Rick, Yellow Kine, and Yellow Coo, Green Rick, Green Kine and Green Coo, Light blue Rick, Light blue Kine, and Light blue Coo, Brown Rick, Brown Kine, and Brown Coo, Purple Rick, Purple Kine, and Purple Coo, White Rick, White Kine, and White Coo.
    (Rick) Kirby hat: Kirby gains Rick's fur
    (Kine) Kirby hat: Kirby gains Kine's head, but his face can be seen
    (Coo) Kirby hat: Kirby gains Purple feathers
    Victory Music: (1) 22 Friends 2.wmv - YouTube

    That's all I have for the Animal Trio. Hope you liked it!
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  6. Okay, I guess I’ll do this.

    Character: Tails the Fox

    Height: About the same as Inkling.
    Speed: A little faster than Kirby
    Weight: Same as Villager
    Strength: A little weaker than Sonics

    Jab: Two punches, than a kick.
    Up Tilt: Spins his tails in the air
    Down Tilt: Slams both of his tails down on both sides of him.
    Forward Tilt: Spinning in a circle to hit the enemies with his tails.
    Forward Aerial: A quick frontflip
    Netrual Aerial: Shoots a blaster. (One of his inventions)
    Backward Aerial: A quick backflip
    Forward Smash: 5 quick punches
    Up Smash: a kick above him
    Down Smash: Swings a toolbox down.
    Dash Attack: A head butt.

    B: Shoots his blaster
    Side B: Spin Dash
    Up B: Shoots a chain from a gun. This can tether. (Another invention)
    Down B: Plants a bomb.
    Final Smash: Hops in his plane and shoots misses on the stage.

    Entrance: Flies down from the sky
    Up Taunt: Flies up in the air, saying “Lets do this”
    Side Taunt: spins his tails
    Down Taunt: Throws a wrench up in the air, then catches it.
    Stage: None, shares the same as Sonic.
    Victory Screen 1: Flies in a circle, saying “I won!”
    Victory Screen 2: Shoots his blaster in the air, saying “That’s game!”
    Victory Screen 3: Cleans off his plane, saying “That was surprising easy!”
    Alternates: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, or grey fur.
    Kirby Hat: Gets a pair of goggles, and the springs of Tails’s hair.

    Attached Files:

  7. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    7/10! I feel like you were a bit confused on the aerials (Generally speaking, you missed the down aerial) or not. But besides that, great job!
    This character is for ze memes and that's why I wan't him in the game (as a character)

    Character: Sandbag

    Weight: Sandbag already has a weight thing already so yeah. (Mabye 1 of the lightest characters)
    Speed: Kirby's
    Height: Sandbags.
    Strength: More moves do more damage.

    Jab: Sandbag headbutts his foes.
    Up tilt: Sandbag bashes his head upwards (Kinda like a swerve. Where his head is down and then it goes up)
    Down tilt: Sandbag falls over backwards
    Forward tilt: Just the same as the Down Tilt but forwards.
    Neutral aerial: Sandbag spins around in a circle
    Forward aerial: Sandbag takes out a Bomb-omb and throws in forwards
    Down aerial: Sandbag thrust downwards. Like Wii Fit Trainers down aerial.
    Back Aerial: the same as the forward aerial
    Forward smash: Sandbag takes out the Ray Gun and shoots it forwards, dealing good damage. Like Mega Mans forward smash in Ultimate and Wii U/3DS
    Down smash: Sandbag places those smart bomb devices on the ground. (You know those bombs in Ultimate that stick to the ground, which you can't see kinda?)
    Up smash: THIS time Sandbag bashes his head up.
    Dash attack: Sandbag dashes and then headbutts.
    B: Sandbag spawns a random item from all the Smash Bros. games.
    Side B: Sandbag takes out the Homerun Bat and smacks it at the air (The item will vanish after 1 use)
    Up B: A black clone of a Smash Bros. fighter comes out quickly and then hits Sandbag, covering HUGE vertical distance.
    Down B: Sandbag makes a assist trophy, and then which comes out a Smash Bros fighter to come fight with him. The AI on the trophy is dumb, and the Assist will go away after 10-13 seconds.
    Final Smash: Sandbag takes his foes to where Sandbag is found (A.K.A, the Homerun Contest stage) and wallops you for about 9 seconds. Sandbag then picks up the Homerun Bat and wacks you with it, sending you a far distance. And remember when Sandbag slides on the floor after you smacked him and it shows the distance? Well, that happens too. A little Easter egg.
    Entrance: appears from the side of the screen and then slides across the floor, like he's been hit.
    Up taunt: Sandbags face turns happy.
    Down taunt: Sandbag falls on the floor and then gets back up again.
    Side taunt: Sandbags pulls out a random item and then puts it back inside of...well...himself I guess. (Like Pac-man's Side Taunt)
    Stage: The Homerun Contest stage (Since that isn't in Smash Bros. Ultimate)
    Victory screen 1: Sandbag is seen getting hit by a Homerun bat which sends him flying to the side of the screen. if you look carefully enough, you'll see Sandbag in the Sky.
    Victory screen 2: You see sandbag flying up towards the top of the screen and then you see him fall back down to the stage. Sandbag stands up, and then winks at the screen
    Victory screen 3: Sandbag takes out a random items and then shows it off.
    Alternates: White, Red, Brown, Light Blue, Dark Yellow, Green, and Pink (Red=Mario, Brown-DK, Light blue=Link, Dark Yellow means Samus/Dark Samus, Green=Yoshi, and Pink=Kirby)
    Kirby hat: Kirby turns fully white and loses his mouth.
    Picture: You don't need a picture...its already in smash.
    So, Before I talk about his other stuff, I have to say something: I forgot do type in Grabs, Pummels, Throws, KO sounds, Star KO, Screen KO, and Character Icons....wow. I might not do the thingy stuff for all the characters. Just Sandbag for now.
    Grab: Sandbag somehow grabs them?
    Pummel: Sandbag headbutts them.
    Down Throw: Sandbag places them on the floor and then starts ground pounding them. If a grab is done in the air, (Yes, you can grab a person in the air while you are on the stage) this will result in a spike.
    Forward throw: Sandbag stuns the foe, and then hits them with the Homerun Bat
    Up throw: Sandbag pushes them upwards
    Back throw: Sandbag throws them behind them and then throws a bomb next to them, making the throw go further. If the grab is done near a ledge, the bomb will obey gravity and fall. Its the same with slopes.
    KO Sound 1: The Homerun Bat sound
    KO Sound 2: The "You killed on the last stock" sound. (It does not show the effect)
    Star KO: Sandbag....just does what the Star KO thing does.
    Screen KO: Sandbag goes on the screen with the happy face on, then slowly falls off.
    Character Icon: The Smash Bros Icon. Like the Mii Fighters Icon.

    There we have it. This poor abused Sandbag has been hurt for far too many years...it is time for that to stop.
  8. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    6/10. I feel like the Down B is too OP, but it was meant to be a shadow clone of the fighter.

    Character: Tac (Kirby)

    Weight: A bit heavier than Kirby (Since of his bag)
    Heights: Kirby's
    Strength: Depending on who he copies.
    Speed: a bit slower than Sonic. (He's the fastest character below Sonic and Speed Kirby. Its actually canon that he's fast.)

    Jab: None
    Down tilt: Tac slams his bag on the ground, in a "stealing" pose.
    Up tilt: None
    Forward tilt: None
    (All) Aerials: None
    (All) Smashes: None
    Dash attack: None
    This is when the character starts getting interesting!
    B: Tac shoots a hand out, stealing the looks, abilities, and movesets of characters. For example: DK. If Tac does not have a ability, it acts as a tether off-stage. If Tac wants to get rid of his ability, just press Down B. You can also angle the hand. (Like Kirby, he does lose his abilities. If a move does 20-30 damage in a single hit, he loses his ability.
    Side B: A Super speed dash. A great vertical recovery move.
    Up B: Character selection. If Tac puts a character in the bag, the bag keeps the ability. For example, if he put Kirby in the bag, and then he goes to the character selection, he/she will see Kirby's Icon. If he/she spits them out of the bag, the Kirby Icon will still be there. Click A to use the Icon (Turns you into the character).
    Down B: If Tac does not have a ability already, he puts them in the bag to use later. The bag acts as a grab, which pummels and then throws. 5 Icons is the max for the bag. If you are confused, then read the Up B.
    Final Smash: Tac turns into Master Hand and then just barrages them with attacks. Tac/Master Hand then grabs the foe and crushes them. if over 80%, this will Insta-Kill.
    Entrance: Tac's bag appears on stage. Tac then pops out of it and grabs it.
    Side Taunt: Tac is searching through his bag to find something. He then gives up and goes on with the fight.
    Up Taunt: Tac jumps up and down
    Down taunt: Tac runs left and right.
    Victory screen 1: Tac is searching through his/hers bag (from Side Taunt), then Tac pulls out Kirby.
    Victory screen 2: Tac covers himself with the bag. Then a yellow hand pops out of the bag and pulls it down, making the bag and Tac vanish from the screen.
    Victory screen 3: When his victory name appears, he soon grabs it and waves it up in the air, making sure everybody knew he won.
    Alternates: Orange bag, white mask thingy, and tan skin/ Blue mask and a black bag/ Red bag and a pink mask/ Orange mask, blue and white bag/ Grey and dark brown mask, and dark green bag/ Blue bag, brown mask, and tan skin/ Yellow bag, Red mask, blue skin/ Purple bag, grey mask, and dark blue skin.
    Kirby hat: Kirby literally gains the Copy Copy Ability hat (1 use only. Gives the Kirby the ability of-for example-DK of how he would look if he was inhaled by Kirby). In case if you are confused, here's the Copy Copy Ability: (NVM. It won't let me show it so just type in google: "Copy Copy Ability" then go to images and you'll see it.)
    Grab: None, its his down B.
    Pummel: Tac hits the bag
    (All) Throws: Tac turns the bag right-side up, grabs them, and flings them forward
    (All except Star KO and Screen KO) K.O's: Makes the "you lost a life" sound from Kirby
    Star K.O: Tac does what he does when a person gets a Star KO, but his bag is seen in the air with all the Icons of fighters flying away.
    Screen K.O: Tac face-plants on the screen, and then his hands slide down, making the "Scree" Sound.
    Character Icon: Kirby's Icon.

    I haven't seen Tac at all. I didn't even know he existed, until somebody talked to him. I liked him so much, that I HAD to make a moveset on him. Yes, I did research, but the hard part was getting the alternates cause he didn't have any except the 1st one. I soon just gave him the colors of other Kirby enemies and other Kirby bosses. The last 3 ones were based off of Bandana Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight. The 3rd one was based off of Kirby, the 2nd one was a color swap, the 4th one was based of off Poppy Bros Sr., and the 5th one? I don't even know.
  9. Champion Knight

    Champion Knight Previously Rick27

    Character Plank the Wooden Knight

    1.Plank Jump

    2.Splinter Slash

    3.Wreaking Ball


    Final Smash:Knights of the Elementals
  10. You left out to much stuff.
  11. Champion Knight

    Champion Knight Previously Rick27

    I don’t want to waist time
  12. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    Thats..the whole point. It takes time and creativity to make a moveset. Also, I rate your's 3-2/10. Not really creative, plus, which is B, Side B, Down B, and Up B? Anyway,

    Character: Swampert

    Weight: A Heavy. Considerably King Dedede's or King K. Rool's weight.
    Height: Donkey Kong's.
    Strength: Ganondorf's
    Speed: A bit faster than Ganondorf

    A: Swampert uses Mud-Slap (Lvl. 0).
    Down Tilt: Swampert uses Rock Tomb (TM39), with medium-sized boulders surrounding him
    Forward tilt: Swampert makes his...fin flipper thingy into a fist, and then uses Hammer Arm (Lvl. 0).
    Up tilt: Similar to Donkey Kongs, but instead makes a fist instead of the slapping motion.
    Neutral Aerial: Swampert uses Bide (Lvl. 18 ), Which tanks any hit and then makes a protective circle around him/her
    Forward aerial: the forward aerial is similar to Donkey Kongs, which Swampert uses Hammer Arm again.
    Back aerial: Swampert throws a Mud Bomb (Lvl. 22) behind him, which explodes if it comes in contact with anything or after 2 seconds have passed
    Up aerial: Swampert uses Hail (TM07), Making tiny bits of snow come down, and like Pikachu/Pichu's thunder, it does spike.
    Down aerial: Swampert uses Stomp (Egg move), Stomping one of his/her foot down.
    Forward Smash: Swampert uses Hydro Cannon (Move Tutor), Spitting out a beam of water
    Up smash: Swampert uses Avalanche (Egg move), Making snow balls come down from the top of the screen to the bottom.
    Down smash: Swampert uses Whirl Pool (Egg move), making a little whirl pool form on the ground. If any person is unlucky enough or dumb enough while the move is currently going on, it will suck them in.
    Dash attack: Swampert uses Take Down (Lvl. 44). Its a strong move, but will do recoil damage.
    B: Swampert uses Muddy Water (Lvl. 39), making a wave of light brown water gush forward.
    Side B: Swampert uses Foresight (Lvl. 12), with makes any opponets who are caught in the range dizzy. It also gives them a slight de-buff.
    Up B: Swampert uses the move Waterfall (TM99), which spawns a waterfall and swampert rides up it.
    Down B: Swampert uses Earthquake (Lvl. 51). Swampert hits the ground, making the screen shake a bit. Anybody who is near Swampert while he is using Earthquake will take serious damage. if it sour spot's, it will just trip the foe.
    That's all I have for now. Don't worry, I'll finish it soon. Its just late (in my area) and plus, I have school tommarow.
    I'm back, now. Onto the moveset
    Entrance: Swampert comes out of a Pokeball, but water splashes everywhere once he comes out.
    Taunt 1: Swampert smashes his palm on the ground, saying "Swamp!"
    Taunt 2: Swampert makes a water ball and then raises it up in the air, and then it pops into a water puddle
    Taunt 3: Swmpert roars: "Swampert!"
    Victory screen 1: A huge wave covers the screen, and then Swampert walks through the huge wave, showing himself.
    Victory screen 2: Swampert growls, then makes a huge wave cover the screen. Once the wave dies down, Swampert is missing from the picture.
    Victory screen 3: A Pokeball is thrown at Swampert, but he smacks it away and runs of screen. There's also a text bubble on the right side of the screen of where the Pokeball was thrown, saying "The wild Swampert ran away...."
    Alternates: The original palette, Sceptile color palette, Blaziken color palette, Zigzagoon color palette, Poochyena (Mabye spelled that wrong) color palette, Brandon (Ruby or Sapphire) color palette, May (Ruby or Sapphire) color palette, and a Steven Stone color palette.
    Kirby hat: Like all the Pokemon Kirby Hat's, Kirby gains a Swampert hat.
    Grab: Swampert grabs the foe with his flipper hand things.
    Down throw: Swampert throws them into the ground. Like King K. Rool's. (It also digs)
    Forward throw: Swampert puts their foe in front of him, then he blast him in the face with an Ice Beam (TM13), and then does an over-head swing
    Back throw: The same as the forward throw.
    Up throw: Swampert uses Fling (TM56) and if the foe is holding an Item, Swampert gains that Item that the foe was holding
    Pummel: Swampert uses Headbutt (Transfer only move).
    (All) K.O's: ..The normal. Same with the Star K.O.
    Character Icon: Swampert.
    Picture: ...This is a Pokemon website (and other things, of course). I think you should know what a Swampert looks like.
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  13. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    6/10. I think I should have done better...but Hey! I'm proud!

    Character: Dark Meta Knight (Kirby)

    Height: Meta Knight's
    Speed: Meta Knight's
    Strength: Stronger than Meta Knight (In canon, Dark Meta Knight beat Meta Knight, so Kirby had to save him.)
    Weight: Meta Knight's.

    A: Meta Knight's but a bit shadowy
    Down tilt: A lot of little Mirror shard's surround DMK and then vanish after 2 seconds.
    Forward tilt: A simple slash. If you hold A when doing this, he does it multiple times until a giant sword appears out of a portal.
    Up tilt: Again, Mirror's surround DMK, but they face upwards, in the shape of a spike (not the smash bro's spike. Like, an actual Spike).
    Neutral aerial: Meta Knight's but shadowy
    Forward aerial: DMK slashes a couple times, and then 3 medium sized swords come out.
    Back aerial: The same as the Forward Aerial
    Down aerial: Meta Knights but sha- you know the deal.
    Forward smash: DMK spawns 3 GIANTS swords in front of him
    Up smash: 4 holes spawn, and then huge swords come out of of them at the same time
    Down smash: Meta Knights but- you know.
    Dash attack: MK's
    B: DMK slashes his sword 3 times, and with each slash, a purple-black slash mark slides across the ground. Even with slopes, it slides across it.
    Side B: DMK drags his sword across the ground while moving fast, and then he takes it out of the ground, with 3 giant swords coming out when he pulls his sword out. While he's moving, a black shadow with orange eyes is fallowing him, and then it goes away after the attack is done.
    Up B: DMK Does an upwards slash with his sword. If it comes in contact with a foe, he begins furiously attacking the person he/she came in contact with.
    Down B: 2 black figures with orange eyes in the shape of DMK appear, and then come into one, making DMK. (DMK splits into 2 to make this happen). IF in the air, DMK is there, but 6 of those clones surround him, and then vanish into thick black dust.
    Final Smash: DMK throws them into the mirror where Meta Knight was defeated, and then he slashes the Mirror, Breaking it into 8 pieces. If the foe is over 100%, this is a one-shot K.0.
    Entrance: DMK appears from a Mirror, and then the mirror is split into 8 pieces, vanishing.
    (Thats all for now. I'm getting tired /(=W=)\ .)
    (I'm back, know onto the moveset!)
    Taunt 1: DMK spreads his wings
    Taunt 2: DMK slashes his sword 3 times, making mirror shard parts appear
    Taunt 3: DMK waves his sword around while looking at it
    Victory screen 1: DMK spawns a mirror, and then hops in it. The mirror then shatters, leaving only its remains.
    Victory screen 2: DMK is seen with Kirby, as he slashes him, splitting him into 4 Kirby's in the color of Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Red. He then flies off the screen and the Kirby's run off the screen
    Victory screen 3: DMK is seen fighting with MK, he then slashes him into the mirror, then breaks it. He goes through another Mirror, and if you wait long enough, a dark-gray colored Kirby runs through the mirror (the different one), too.
    Alternates: MK palette, Red palette, Blue palette, Pink and red palette, a Yellow palette, a King DDD palette, a Bandana Dee palette, and the classic.
    Grab: DMK grabs them
    Pummel: MK's
    Up throw: DMK takes them up, slashes them for a bit, and then flings them
    Back throw: MK's
    Forward throw: An over-head swing
    Down throw: DMK throws them on the ground, slashes them, splitting the foe into 4 copies, and once he throws him, all the copies go back into him.
    Stage: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror select world stage.
    Victory Icon: ..The normal Kirby Icon thingy.
    K.O's: So I thought I would be creative. In STAMINA mode, if you are out of health and are DMK, you don't explode like everyone else does. Instead, DMK cracks into mirror shards. But, in stock or time mode, its just the same.
    Star K.O: ..The usual
    Update! (Again)
    Man, I always forget about this stuff! I missed the Perfect shield, free-fall pose, jumps, idle pose, gimmicks, edge attack, ect. UgH!!!1!!.
    Perfect shield: DMK goes into a huge shard mirror piece. This also reflects projectiles for 3 seconds
    Free-fall pose: Kirby's
    Jumps: 6
    Idle pose: The same as the Kirby Star Allies idle pose
    gimmicks: None
    Edge attack: MK's

    (More is to come! More is to come..)

    Thats all I have for now. I like my idea! But, let's be honest, if DMK was an actual fighter, it would be an echo fighter. But, hey! I made a moveset which isn't ENTIRELY Mk!
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  14. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    8/10! I am REALLY proud of me!

    Character: Leavanny

    Weight: Leavanny would be VERY light, so mabye Pichu's weight
    Height: Leavanny is VERY tall so mabye Marth's
    Strength: It would be average, so mabye Mario.
    Speed: FAST. Pichu fast.

    Jab: It would be a quick rapid jab with it's leaves
    Down Tilt: Like Marth and MK, it would stab it's leaves forward. The color of the leaves changes to purple, which means it is using Poison Jab (TM84). It has a small hit-box, but its worth it if you hit it
    cause it deals, for 1, damage over time and for 2, a lot of knock-back.
    Up tilt: It's similar to DK but with a smaller hit-box. Leavanny used Air Slash (Egg Move). Again, its worth it cause of the knock back.
    Forward tilt: Leavanny uses X-Scissor (Lvl. 39), making her leaves in an X shape (Like if you do an X with your arms in real life). It also makes a bright green X appear for added damage.
    Neutral air: Leavanny uses Bug Buzz (This is a move from Sewaddle at LVL. 36). Leavanny forms her body in a ball, and then shakes violently, making a dark green circle around her.
    Forward air: Leavanny uses Aerial Ace (TM40). Slashes her leaves forward. It also creates a white slash in front of her.
    Back air: The same as the forward air except Leavanny spins her body around to slash, and then she faces the way she was originally.
    Up air: Leavanny uses Leaf Storm (Lvl. 50), making a green colored tornado with little leaves above her. Like Megaman's, it will float foes.
    Down air: The same as the up air.
    Forward smash: Leavanny would use Solar Beam (TM22), making a large beam of green light charge forward. It would be like MegaMan's forward smash. The longer you charge it, the farther it would go.
    Up smash: again, Leavanny would use Leaf Storm but instead of it floating, it traps foes for 2 seconds and then it explodes.
    Down Smash: Leavanny uses Grass Knot (TM86), making a little knot appear..for when its charging. After the player releases the attack, giant leave spikes emerge from the ground, dealing MASSIVE damage. It may be the strongest Down Smash in SSBU.
    Dash attack: I had trouble thinking, but I decided that Leavanny would violently slash her leaves forward.
    B: It would be like Mewtwo's and Samus's. Leavanny charges an Energy Ball (TM53), and then shoots it.
    Side B: Leavanny uses Mind Reader (Egg Move), which acts as a counter except...it isn't. Instead of a attack, she dodges. It's basically a air-dodge on the ground. Also yes, it can be used in the air.
    Up B: I Decided for Leavanny to use Nature Power (TM96). In this state, Leavanny's eyes turn a white color and her whole body is shaking. While in this pose, a object which looks like the battlefield stage except smaller and is made out of grass and dirt floats under her. You can freely move the object (and Leavanny) around for 5 seconds.
    Down B: Leavanny is in an animation where she kinda t-poses, except her eyes are closed. If she stays in this animation for 5 seconds, she will use Swords Dance (Lvl. 46). This gives her a MASSIVE attack boost dealing damage around GANONDORF'S WARLOCK PUNCH. The attack boost will vanish after 10 seconds, though.
    Final Smash: Leavanny uses Savage Spin-Out (Z Move). It has the same scene and animation.
    Entrance: Like all Pokemon in smash, Leavanny appears from a Pokeball. But leaves shatter around the Pokeball
    Taunt 1: Leavanny goes on her tips of her toes and shouts out "Leavanny!" out loud
    Taunt 2: Leavanny hops up and down
    Taunt 3: Leavanny takes out a leaf and begins eating it
    K.O's: The Normal
    Star K.O: The..Normal.
    Perfect shield: All the other perfect shields.
    Idle pose: Leavanny takes off her leaf hat thingy and dusts it off, she then puts it back on.
    Gimmicks: she has the ability Swarm, which makes her stronger around 70-100%. This can make the Down B move be TWICE as powerful as before.
    Can she wall-jump or crawl?: She can't crawl, but she can wall-jump.
    Free-fall pose: The same as Peach's
    Jumps: 2
    Victory Icon: Pokeball
    Character Icon: Leavanny
    Stage: Viridian Forest
    Grab: She grabs with her leaves
    Pummel: She does a headbutt
    Victory screen 1: She is surrounded by Swaddle. She then picks up a Swaddle and begins fixing it's leaf
    Victory screen 2: Leavanny is sitting while Swadloon and Swaddle surround her. She then picks up a Swaddle and places it in her lab, stroking it-or petting it.
    Victory screen 3: Leavanny's back is showing, and as the screen get's closer, she hisses, running off-screen
    Forward throw: Leavanny simply throws them forward
    Down throw: Leavanny places them on the ground and uses leech seed. The foe is trapped in a net of vines while taking damage. No, it does not do any knock-back, but it will help rack up percent as it does 3% percent every second.
    Back Throw: Leavanny throws them behind simply.
    Up throw: Leavanny throws them upwards and then uses Leaf Storm above her. This racks up damage and sends the foe FLYING up.
    Edge attack: a little jab with her leaf
    Alternates: A Butterfree palette, a Beedrill palette, A Roserade palette, a Shiftry palette, A Lurantis palette, A Tsareena palette, A Shiinotic palette, and the Original Leavanny palette.

    This took a LONG TIME cause bug-types arn't really mean't for fighting (except a grass-fighting type or beedrill) so..yeah. But, I accomplished this challenge, and I'm proud of it!
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  15. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    Y O I'm pretty good! 9/10

    Character: Koopa Troopa (Yeah another meme one.)

    Weight: It would be a medium weight but is hard to kill.
    Height: It would be smaller than Mario
    Strength: Average.
    Speed: Walk and run speed would be average but once he goes into his shell...oh buddy.

    Jab: It would be a 3 hit combo. Once being a kick, the other being a punch, and then the other being a headbutt.
    Down tilt: Koopa Troopa would quickly go into his shell and slide forwards. It can be jump-canceled.
    Up tilt: Sadly, Mario's.
    Forward tilt: It would be him flinging his arms around. Like Luigi's dash attack.
    Neutral air: Koopa would go into his shell and spin around furiously.
    Forward air: It would be him punching the air forward
    Back air: ...read the one above.
    Down air: It would be a 2 hit combo. A kick and then another kick. Similar to Yoshi's down air except without much...ya know...hits. IF the 2 hits are landed PERFECTLY on the head of a foe, it will spike.
    Up air: A headbutt. Similar to Lucas's up air
    Forward smash: It would be Brawl (I think?) Squirtles.
    Up Smash: It would be where Koopa stands on the ground and plunges himself up. Similar to Bowser's up smash
    Down smash: The neutral air but on the ground. This move will also suck foes in.
    Dash attack: It would be his iconic shell dash.
    B: Koopa plucks something out of the ground. Like peach's Down B. It could be a Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, a Coin (which is a weak projectile), a Bomb-omb, a Magikoopa wand (Launches large projectiles), a Green Koopa Shell, A blue Koopa shell, a Red koopa shell (Stronger than the Green shell), A Hammer (Another strong projectile), a Bullet Bill, a Invincibility star, a boomerang, a banana peel, a jukebox (its a strong item. Press A and it will make a strong and large sound wave around you.), A Mario kart (replaces your Side B for a few seconds), a fire flower (it instead throws Fireballs instead of just..well, fire), a Golden Mushroom (makes your attacks stronger for a few seconds), The Lightning Bolt, A Blooper (covers sections of the screen with ink), The Mega Mushroom (makes you WAY bigger than the normal mushroom), a POW block, the Thunder Cloud (Acts as a paralyzing sticky bomb), the Item Block (grants you 1 or 2 items), and finally, the fake Item block (explodes).
    Side B: Koopa goes into his shell and lunges forward. Each hit does LARGE amounts of damage, but not that much knock-back. So Squirtles Side B except it dosen't stop first hit. It's PERFECT if there is 2 blocks between you. Except, here is the thing- you get dizzy if you do it for too long so you have to dash-cancel it or else...well, bad trouble.
    (Kart) Side B: Bowser Jr's Side B except weaker and it had a 5% chance to dig/bury foes. Oh, and you keep on riding the kart. So kinda like Wario's in a way. (P.S, the B attacks are STRONGER while on the kart!)
    Up B: I think we ALL saw this coming. Koopa turns into Paratroopa and begins to fly. So like Yoshi's final smash except you can't attack and the WHOLE thing does not have a hit-box
    Down B: Koopa goes into his shell and stays there for a bit until popping out. While he's in the shell, he has Super Armor and I mean SUPER ARMOR. He's basically INVINCIBLE.
    Final Smash: Koopa eats a Mega Mushroom and begins to go into his shell and slides across the stage. Each hit deals 30% damage, so watch out. You can move where he slides to.
    Entrance: A Green Shell is seen on the stage, and then Koopa Troopa pops out of it.
    Taunt 1: Koopa begins doing the chicken dance. This is a reference about how Koopa's won't go out into the shell because they are well...chickens.
    Taunt 2: This is a B move taunt. Whichever item you have, Koopa throws it up in the air and catches it. Yes, the item DOES have a weak hit-box during the taunt while Koopa is throwing it up. So kinda like Greninja's, Luigi's, and Snake's down taunt (I think) does damage. IF you don't have a item, Koopa Troopa stomps his feet twice and...roars?? He does whatever sound Koopa Troopa's make.
    Taunt 3: Does the "Cooco" thing.
    (All) K.0's: The normal.
    Perfect shield: He goes into his shell and becomes invincible for 1 second.
    Victory Screen 1: Mario kicks a Koopa Shell, and then the Koopa shell comes back from the left of the screen to hit Mario. Koopa then pops out and does a pose
    Victory Screen 2: Koopa (in his Paratroopa form?) Flies in a few circles then lands on the ground and poses
    Victory Screen 3: Koopa goes into his cart and does a 360 spin and then looks at the screen.

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  16. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    N/A (Again, I'll change later)

    Character: Melmetal (and Meltan)

    Weight: He would be HEAVY and I mean HEAVY. Mabye the 2nd or 1st heaviest character in the entire GAME.
    Height: Bowser's or Ridley's. Mabye taller
    Speed: He would be slow. Mabye the 3rd slowest character in the game.
    Air-fall Speed: He would have a fast air-fall speed because of how heavy he is. He would prob have the FASTEST air-fall speed.
    Jump length: It would be bad. Not TOO bad, but it will be pretty bad.
    Strength: Due to all the bad stuff, Melmetal would have SERIOUS power and knock-back. The STRONGEST character in the entire game.

    Jab: It would be a 2 hit jab. One with the other arm, and then the other with the OTHER arm.
    Down tilt: Melmetal would do a quick swipe to the ground. Similar to DK's. This has a chance to trip foes.
    Up tilt: ...It would be DK's....sadly
    Forward tilt: Melmetal would either use Ice Punch (TM33), Thunder Punch (Lvl. 0), or Brick Break (TM 13). Ice Punch has a chance to freeze foes, thunder punch has a chance to paralyze foes. Good for combos, and brick break would just be a strong move.
    Neutral air: Melmetal would swing its arms in a 360 circle 2 times.
    Forward air: Melmetal would use Mega Punch (Lvl. 54). It's a strong hitting move but not a lot of knock back.
    Up air: Melmetal would use Headbutt (Lvl. 0). Melmetal thrust his head upwards.
    Back air: Read the one above "Up air".
    Down air: Melmetal would use the move Rock Slide (TM 22). It would be a spike if a boulder is hit on the head of a foe. Of course, multiple boulders will fall down. Mabye 3-5.
    Forward Smash: The smash attacks would MABYE be the STRONGEST moves of Melmetal. Anyway, Melmetal would slam his fist into the ground 2-3 times.
    Up Smash: Melmetal would clap his hands upwards. The sweet-spot being in the MIDDLE of the clap.
    Down Smash: Would jump up slightly and slam into the ground. Similar to King K. Rool's down smash except well...with his "feet".
    Dash attack: It would be similar to Wario's.
    B: It would be his signature move Double Iron Bash (Lvl. 72)! Melmetal would spin in a slow circle with INSANE knock-back! Except it has a lot of end lag and it could be punished if not used wisely.
    Side B: Melmetal would use Flash Cannon (Lvl. 45), a strong projectile that can be charged to, for 1, do more damage and for 2, more length. A fully charged Side B could go the length of the Final Destination map. Of course, It has end lag but not as much as the B move.
    Up B: It would be similar to King Dedede's. Melmetal uses the move Super Power (Lvl. 81). Melmetal would charge up energy and then he would jump up and slam down into the ground. This move isn't as strong and does not have a lot of knock-back, but no end lag so that's a plus!
    Down B: Melmetal would use the move Thunder Wave (Lvl. 18 ). It does no damage, but it stuns the foe so its PERFECT for combos. And Also, No end lag!! Yay!!
    Final Smash: Melmetal would use Self-Destruct (TM 42). He would charge up in the spot where he was standing and EXPLODE. This has HUGE range! Going more than the final destination map! Mabye the explosions are smaller so that it wouldn't reach the blast zones, but it would go FAR. Also, you don't die after you explode. You come back after the explosion is over.
    Gimmick Move set!
    Yeah so Melmetal has a gimmick where he spawns Meltan every few minutes. The max of Meltan is 13. Each Meltan helps fight with Melmetal so...they are basically Pikmen except they only help with the grabs, specials, pummels, and throws.
    (Meltan) B: Meltan uses Toxic (TM 22). This attack has a small range, but it deals damage over time. If each Meltan used toxic on the same person, it would do mabye 90-120% damage because of the over-time damage it deals.
    (Meltan) Side B: ...Flash cannon but weaker and Less range even if fully charged.
    (Meltan) Down B: ...Thunder wave but it keeps the foe paralyzed for a bit longer. Again, if all 13 Meltan used Thunder Wave on the same person, it would keep them paralyzed for a LOONG time. So Melmetal has the stage for himself for a few seconds or mabye 2 minutes.
    (Meltan) Up B: Actually the Meltan don't have a Up B. They all go INTO Melmetal when he's preforming the Up B move. They come back once he hits the ground.
    Final Smash: All the Meltan run away when the explosion is happening. They all come back to Melmetal after the explosion.

    P.S: The Meltan do whatever Special Move Melmetal is doing. Oh, they can also die (like the Pikmen) and self destruct.

    Entrance: It would be normal. He would appear from a Pokeball. But, instead of just the standard pokeball, it would be a MASTERBALL.

    W.I.P (Again. There's been a lot to work with, okay?)
  17. Samuel

    Size: Around 3/4 of the size of Joker.
    Speed: The same as Mario.
    Weight: Medium.
    Strength: About the same as say... Link, I guess? He doesn't do a ton of damage, but he doesn't slowly chip away at you.

    Jab: A few slashes of a knife that closely resembles the knife of Frank Morrison from Dead By Daylight.
    Up tilt: An upwards punch that looks a lot like Krillin's down heavy from Dragon Ball FighterZ.
    Down tilt: A slide on the ground that covers about 2/3 of the Mega Man down tilt's ground cover.
    Forward tilt: A sideways elbow attack.
    Forward aerial: A forwards kick that spikes when it hits the sweet spot.
    Neutral aerial: A spinning motion where he swipes his knife all around.
    Back aerial: A backwards kick that doesn't spike, but it still knocks them semi-far away.
    Down aerial: He throws a small gust of wind downwards. It does no damage, but it has a wind box on it.
    Forward Smash: He winds up a punch and releases it.
    Down Smash: He makes a small explosion around him.
    Up Smash: He stabs his knife into the air.
    Dash attack: A sliding knee attack.
    B: Power Impact. In his left hand, he charges up a small, thin, fast red blast. The more you charge it, the more damage it does.
    Side B: Feral Frenzy. He breaks into a frenzy. In this state, he runs at the 3/4 of the speed of Speed Shulk, and all attacks are replaced with a stab that applies deep wounds. Feral Frenzy has a timer. The way deep wounds works is that for five seconds, it slowly deals damage to the opponent, 5% a second.
    Up B: Hearthstone teleport. He throws a stone up into the sky, which he then teleports to. You can attack the stone and make it nonfunctional. It does not get pocketed, reflected, or absorbed.
    Down B: Senko Ki Blast. He shoots a blast at the floor, it propels him up a bit, and puts him in free fall. If an opponent gets hit by it, it stuns them for 1 second.
    Final Smash: Mori. He swings at the opponent, they dodge. He then stabs them in the arm, they break out of it, he stabs them in the foot, drags them back to him, picks them up and kicks them in the gut, launching them away.
    Entrance: A bunch of smoke appears, revealing him.
    Up Taunt: He wipes his knife on the front of his arm, then the back.
    Down Taunt: He spins his knife around a bit, inspecting it.
    Side Taunt: He fences with his knife, this does deal damage if the opponent gets hit with any of the three slashes.
    Stage: Mount Ormond Resort. A snowy landscape with broken snow seats and a large building in the background.
    Victory Screen 1: He cracks his knuckles and smiles.
    Victory Screen 2: He leaps up, punching the air. Then puts his index finger up as a way of saying: "I'm number one!"
    Victory Screen 3: He adjusts his jacket then puts his thumb up.
    1st costume: A blue hoodie with black jeans and a white undershirt.
    2nd costume: Frank Morrison's outfit without the mask.
    3rd costume: Joey's outfit without the mask (Joey is a friend of Frank Morrison).
    4th: A pink hoodie, with a Kirby picture on it.
    5th: A green hoodie, with a Link picture on it.
    6th: A red hoodie with a picture of Heavy on it.
    7th: A grey hoodie with The Legion Pin on it's shoulder.
    8th: A swap of the 1st costume. Black hoodie with blue jeans and a white undershirt.
    Kirby hat: A hood depending on the colour of the costume.
    Picture: A pose similar to this:
    Yeah, this is focused a lot on The Legion from Dead By Daylight. It's quite edgy and there is no way Nintendo would allow this, but a man can dream, can't it? If you want to know what these Dead By Daylight things are, just search up: "The Legion DBD" in a search bar.
  18. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    10/10...I'm just....wow.

    Character: Peashooter (PVZ cause why not?)

    Weight: The Peashooter is a medium. The Other Plants/Alts are Light, Heavy, or Medium.
    Strength: Medium
    Height: Ehh I'd say Mario's
    Speed: His normal speed is faster than Mario.
    Air Fall speed: Its fast, but not fast enough to go through the strongest winds.
    Jump Height: Falco's. In GW2 and 1, They jump PRETTY high.
    Jump Length: It can go kinda far.

    Jab: He would shoot 2 small peas at the foe. Its not as strong as his Neutral B.
    Down Tilt: A little kick with his leafs. (I'm taking the Model from Garden Warfare 2 and 1)
    Up tilt: It would be where he shakes his head back and forth real fast. Similar to Mario's Up Smash
    Forward tilt: He would slash forward with his Pea Pods
    Forward air: Peashooter shoots a small pea forward. Again, its not as strong as the Neutral B.
    Down air: Peashooter stomps with his leaf.
    Up air: Peashooter shoots a pea upwards
    Back air: Peashooter kicks with 1 leaf. Similar to DK's back aerial.
    Neutral air: Peashooter spins at 360 degrees.
    Forward smash: The Longer you hold it, the bigger and the faster the pea gets.
    Up Smash: ehh Mario's
    Down Smash: Peashooter stomps on the ground with his leaf 3-5 times.
    Dash attack: Similar to Wario's dash attack.
    B: Peashooter shoots 1 medium sized pea. The Max Ammo is 5, and if all ammo is used, it recharges after 10 seconds. It also has a chance to shoot a Chili Bean Bomb or a Sombrero Beam Bomb. The Chili Bean Bomb instead EXPLODES, but it takes time to explode and the Sombrero Beam Bomb is SUPER STRONG except it takes a LOOONG time to explode.
    Side B: Peashooter dashes forward quickly. If hit in mid-air, it semi-spikes like Falco and Fox's Side B.
    Up B: Peashooter jumps up very high. This ability is the Super Pea Jump from Garden Warfare 2 as far as I know. After Peashooter lands, he still has the power up for 10 seconds. His speed lowers, but his jump height increases. Sometimes, it instead gives you the Hyper power up. Your speed greatly increases, but your jump height lowers.
    Down B: Peashooter places down any plant from PVZ Garden warfare 2 and 1.
    Final Smash: Peashooter locks onto the ground and turns into the Gatling Pea. Peashooter then shoots a Multitude of Peas forward. Its Similar to R.O.B's. You can angle it, and it does 1 HUGE Pea which is supposed to be the finishing hit.
    Entrance: Peashooter grows from the stage.
    Taunt 1: Peashooter shoots a pea up in the air, and then it falls down on him, resulting in him shaking of the Pea splatter. The Pea is a hit-box, but if you hit the pea, Peashooter gets confused and looks at the sky for a few seconds, and then comes back to fighting.
    Taunt 2: Peashooter punches the air, similar to one of Inklings taunts, and shouts out..whatever that sound that a peashooter makes.
    Taunt 3: Peashooter does one of his Idle Animations in Garden Warfare 2. His leaves on his head go up and he kinda stretches. Then he goes back to fighting
    Stage: The Lawn. The Stage hazards are the Zombies that come. Sometimes, its the giant zombies which do tons of damage and knock-back. If you K.0 one of them (they have a ton of health), it counts as 1 K.0. Apart from the other zombies, if you kill the NORMAL Zombies, it wont count as a K.0. Only the Big ones.
    Victory screen 1: Peashooter jumps up in the air, shooting peas at targets, and then lands on the ground, doing a pose. The pose is kinda like when you place your fist on the ground whi- you know what I mean, right?
    Victory screen 2: Gatling Pea/Peashooter shoots peas around him until he comes in contact with the camera and looks at the screen.
    Victory screen 3: Peashooter runs onto the stage, shoots the camera so that the Pea Splatter covers the screen, and runs off-stage. The Pea Splatter vanishes after Peashooter is gone.
    Costume 1: Peashooter (Own Character)
    Costume 2: Sunflower (Own Character)
    Costume 3: Cactus (Own Character)
    Costume 4: Chomper (Own Character)
    Costume 5: Cictron (Own Character)
    Costume 6: Rose (Own Character)
    Costume 7: Kernel Corn (Own Character)
    Costume 8: None, actually!
    Idle Pose: Peashooter looks around and then goes on with the Fight
    Gimmick: The Gimmick is that if Peashooter gets frozen, he turns into Ice Pea and if he gets Burnt, he Turns into Fire Pea and if he Gets Electrocuted, He turns into Electric Pea. This changes his WHOLE move set. (Its the same with the Alts/Other Plants if they have that form, too!) Frozen Pea has a 20% Chance to freeze foes on any parts of his move set, the Fire Pea has a 20% Chance to burn foes on his move set, and the Electric Pea has a 20% chance to paralyze foes, and his peas instead deal damage to anybody near them. So, say for example, theres a whole line of Mario's and you shoot ABOVE them, the electricity flowing off the pea will deal 3% damage to them even if its ABOVE them. Though, you have to be close for that to happen.
    Grab: Peashooter grabs with his Pea Pods.
    Pummel: Peashooter shoots a Pea at their face.
    Back Throw: Peashooter throws them backwards and shoots a pea behind him for extra damage and knockback.
    Forward throw: Peashooter stuffs them in his "Mouth" and shoots them out like a pea.
    Down throw: Peashooter places them on the ground and jumps on them. He then throws them forward.
    Up Throw: Peashooter jumps up high and smashes them down.
    (All K.0's): The usual.
    Free-fall pose: Peashooters Head leafs would be flapping in the air while he's going down, and his arms will be in the air, as well.
    Can she wall-jump or crawl?: Peashooter can wall-jump, but can't crawl.
    Character Icon: Peashooter
    Victory Icon: It would be a Plant Pot with a sprout in it
    Jumps: 2
    Perfect Shield: After a "Perfect Shield", Peashooter would shoot a pea at the foe it parried. You got rewarded!
    Victory Music: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 OST - PvZ March (Extended) - YouTube
    Imagine that but without the Zombies and the Plant Copies.

    There it is. Also, @ManyAchievables , They Added Bayonetta sooo yeah.
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  19. BTW, 9/10. Really good character.

    Size: He is about as tall as... I'd say Cloud.
    Speed: Luigi's speed.
    Weight: Medium weight.
    Strength: Just like my last character, he isn't Ganondorf levels, but he isn't Pichu levels either.

    Jab: A left punch, a right punch, then he bursts behind you and makes an explosion underneath you.
    Up tilt: He gets his sword and slashes it upwards.
    Down tilt: He crouches and does a low kick.
    Forward tilt: He slashes his sword forwards.
    Forward aerial: He slashes his sword in a downwards motion. This will spike if hit
    Neutral aerial: He shoots a one-handed beam from his hand in a diagonal direction. This slightly throws him upwards too.
    Back aerial: He does a backwards kick.
    Down aerial: A dive kick, it is similar in terms of looks to Simon or Richter's, but it does not make you go down super fast and it does not spike in the air.
    Forward Smash: He winds up a punch and swings it.
    Down Smash: He prepares his sword and swings it at your ankles.
    Up Smash: He charges an energy blast upwards, it gets bigger the longer you charge it.
    Dash attack: If you've played SSF2 and seen Bandana Dee's dash attack, you know what it is. If you don't he pretty much frontward flips and swings his sword.
    B: Ki barrage. He shoots multiple ki blasts, the longer you hold the button, the more blasts it does. The maximum blasts is four.
    Side B: Burning Attack. You can charge it for a bit and it does more damage and a bigger explosion.
    Up B: Flight. He ascends wrapped in ki. Pressing the B button again will end the flight.
    Down B: Ki Charge. Trunks starts the match in base form, and has three forms above that. You have to fill up a bar to go up in forms. Each form gives a greater boost to speed and damage. Super Saiyan 1 gives a 25% boost to base stats. Super Saiyan 2 gives a 40% boost to base form stats, and Super Saiyan Rage gives a 55% boost to base form stats.
    Final Smash: He has four Final Smashes, one for each form.
    In his base form, he uses a barrage of sword slashes, lands behind the opponent, throws his sword into the air and it lands right in the hilt. It then deals all the damage at once.
    In Super Saiyan, he dashes forward, grabs an opponent, throws them upwards and releases a Heat Dome Attack on them.
    In Super Saiyan 2, he charges up a Super Galick Gun, then Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue shows up and joins in on the Super Galick Gun.
    In Super Saiyan Rage, dashes forward, knocks the opponent into the floor, jumps up and charges a Sword Of Hope, he then slashes three times before stabbing the enemy in the stomach and cutting them in half. This is an instant kill, no matter what percent.
    Entrance: His time machine lands, and he jumps out of it.
    Up Taunt: He throws his sword up and it lands in his hilt.
    Down Taunt: He kneels, punches the floor, and the floor starts cracking.
    Side Taunt: He shows his sword to the air, exclaiming: "Thank you, everyone!"
    Stage: Future In Ruins. A city, once bustling with so many people is now destroyed to near waste.
    Victory Screen 1: He steps into his time machine and waves goodbye.
    Victory Screen 2: This one only occurs in Super Saiyan. He says: "Goku isn't the only Super Saiyan, there's another one right here!"
    Victory Screen 3: He spars for a few seconds with Vegeta.
    1st costume: His DBZ appearance with the purple CC jacket and lavender hair.
    2nd: His DBS appearance with a blue, ripped CC jacket, red bandana on his neck and blue hair.
    3rd: A colour pallet that is very similar to Goku Black.
    4th: A colour pallet that is similar to Zamasu.
    5th: A colour pallet that is similar to Fused Zamasu.
    6th: A colour pallet that is similar to Goku.
    7th: A colour pallet that is similar to Vegeta.
    8th: A colour pallet that is similar to Vegito.
    9th: He actually has a 9th as well. It's his Dragon Ball Xenoverse look.
    Kirby hat: A jacket with the CC logo on it. The colour is depending on the costume.
    Idle Pose: He stands in his stance, gets his sword out and runs his finger across the blade.
    Gimmick: The Super Saiyan Forms from his Down B.
    Grab: Trunks grabs them with both hands.
    Pummel: He hits them in the gut with his fist.
    Back Throw: He spins them around and tosses them away.
    Forward throw: He blasts the enemies' gut and launches them away.
    Down throw: He throws them into the floor and then kicks them as they fall.
    Up Throw: Spins them around then throws them upwards.
    (All K.0's): The usual.
    Free-fall pose: He falls down with his arms and legs out.
    Can he wall-jump or crawl?: He can't do either.
    Character Icon: Trunks.
    Victory Icon: The CC logo
    Jumps: 2
    Perfect Shield: When he perfect shields, he actually has the same kind of perfect shield as in Sm4sh, and it's the perfect shield looks from Xenoverse 2.
    Victory Music: Cha La Head Cha La, or Trunks' theme in FighterZ
    Picture: A pose like this.
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  20. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    Good! 9/10!

    Character: Cuphead

    Height: Mario's
    Speed: He would have a pretty slow walk speed (based of his walking speed in the select-a-level screen), but his run speed would be average, being bout' Mario's.
    Weight: *Sigh*...Medium. Again, like Mario's..
    Strength: Actually, he has some moves which kinda change depending on what he uses? I dunno :/ *Insert "Sorry, I think i'm to stupid to understand this" meme here*

    Jab: It would be a punch, punch, and ending off with a kick. A 3-hit combo.
    Down tilt: it would be a low sweep kick.
    Up tilt: It would again...Be Mario's. (Have you ever realized that Cuphead's speed and height are actually just Mario's? Is it just me?)
    Forward tilt: It would be a forward headbutt.
    Neutral air: It would be a spin in similar action to the first super-move in Cuphead. Remember when you got that cup and it made you shoot out like your milk or something in your head? That move.
    Forward air:
    Down air:
    Back air:
    up air:
    Forward smash:
    down smash:
    Up smash:
    Dash attack
    B: The blue bullets that he shoots from his games! The bullets travel a good distance and cause flinching, so good for combos? Anyway, he can also choose which bullets he wants to use in his Roster Picture by his icon. You can also charge the Bullets to cause that huge one which is ALSO in his games. It does send you back a bit like Samus's and Mewtwo's or Marth/Lucina's and-you get it.
    Bullet A: The Normal Blue Bullet
    Bullet B: The Targeting Bullets. These green bullets are weaker than the others, but they do help! They will attack anyone who is the closest from Cuphead. The chargeable move is where a bunch of green bullets surround him, protecting him for a few seconds.
    Bullet C: Spread Bullets. These are closed range projectiles (crazy, isn't it?). These shoot 3 red triangles in front of him and then they vanish. Its good for when your near an enemy, so it causes a lot of damage. The chargeable move is where 3 big red triangle's around him shoot out in all directions and are slow-moving projectiles (there not closed range projectiles. They are..projectiles, this time).
    Bullet D: The Lobber. These purple circles bounce on the ground and are surprisingly one of the strongest projectiles Cuphead has. His chargeable move/EX move is where a giant lobber appears and explodes.
    Bullet E: The Charge Shot. It shoots tiny orange projectiles and this time, it charges on its OWN. The more it charges, the bigger and stronger it gets. And, if you charge it for longer than 45 seconds, it turns huge and explodes if shot. (Does not hurt you in process)
    Bullet F: The Roundabout Bullet. These bullets are kinda like boomerangs in the shape of a crescent moon. If you shoot it in front of cuphead, they will go forward and then backwards fast. However, if you shoot it BEHIND you, it goes forwards like a normal projectile should do. Its chargeable move is where he shoots a big roundabout bullet on the ground and it starts bouncing around the screen. It will vanish after it comes in contact with a foe or Cuphead.
    Side B: Its Similar to MK's. He vanishes for a second, and then comes back in a different place to attack. Actually, better example, Greninja's side B. A puff of smoke appears and Cupheads gone, and then after one second, he comes back and punches. Its basically the same except the distance isn't very far.
    Up B: Cuphead hops in his airplane and flies. You can move the Airplane in any direction you want. You can press B (in airplane) to shoot these little bullets, too. If you hold down B, you turn into a missile fly. You explode if: 10 seconds has based, hits foe, and comes in contact with a terrain. You go into free-fall mode if you hit something (or 10 seconds have passed), though.
    Down B: Cuphead Parries a Projectile or attack. Each Parry you get allows you to shoot a EX move of your B move-for FREE! You'd know what I'm talking about if you played Cuphead. (The hand deals damage if it comes in contact with the foe)
    Final Smash: So do you know Samus/Dark Samus's and R.O.B.'s final smash and any final smash which makes a laser? That's Cupheads final smash. So do you know that Power-up where Cuphead shoots the drink from his head at the foe? Thats his final smash. Its a combo-hitting move at first, and then it explodes. Like Samus's or EXACLY like Samus's.

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  21. So far, pretty good! 6/10 for what is there.

    The Engineer from TF2:

    Size: A bit taller than Mario.
    Speed: Meh, average. I guess about the same as Joker.
    Weight: Lightweight.
    Strength: Yet again, medium.

    Jab: A few quick swings of the Jag or a few punches from the Gunslinger.
    Up tilt: He throws his hat in the air a few feet.
    Down tilt: A mini sentry is put down and shoots at the feet of the enemy, this could cause tripping.
    Forward tilt: He swings his guitar or banjo forwards.
    Forward aerial: Shoots a large blast forwards with the Short Circuit.
    Neutral aerial: Zaps in front of him with the short circuit.
    Back aerial: Punches behind himself with the Gunslinger.
    Down aerial: He throws a bale of hay downwards.
    Forward Smash: A shot from one of his hitscan shotguns, the damage and property of the attack changes depending on which it is.
    Down Smash: He sits on a bale of hay and plays a few notes on his banjo, making a large blast around him.
    Up Smash: He throws a dispenser up into the air.
    Dash attack: He gets his jackhammer out and drills forwards a bit.
    B: He stays still for a few seconds before placing down a sentry. The longer he charges the sentry, the higher the level his sentry has and the more damage it does. After a few seconds, the sentry leaves.
    Side B: He places a teleporter entrance at his feet and an exit a few feet forward, then teleports. He can also use this midair as a horizontal recovery tool.
    Up B: A level three sentry appears, he pulls out the Wrangler and shoots a rocket at his feet to get launched upwards.
    Down B: He hits his guitar on the floor and creates a large shockwave.
    Final Smash: He Gunslinger crits the opponent into a sentry nest, where the enemy gets shot for a while, as Engineer just sits and sips his beer in a chair. Then, one of the sentries fires a rocket which launches the enemy.
    Entrance: He lands on the ground via a pyro with the jetpack carrying him.
    Up Taunt: He shouts: "This here point's ours now!"
    Down Taunt: He takes a sip of beer.
    Side Taunt: He does his signature laugh.
    Stage: 2Fort. I, of course, have to choose this one since it is hugely popular. A bridge connecting two huge towers is in the distance.
    Victory Screen 1: He says: "Y'all just got dragged into my war!" as he rests on a robotic chair.
    Victory Screen 2: He spins his pistol around and says: "Dominated, smokey."
    Victory Screen 3: He laughs happily.
    1st: Stock Engineer in RED uniform.
    2nd: Stock Engineer in BLU uniform.
    3rd: An Uncle Dane outfit.
    4th: The Lazy Engie Set.
    5th: The Dr. Grordbort's Brainiac Pack.
    6th: Voodoo Cursed Engineer's Soul.
    7th: Texas Ten Gallon, Flared Frontiersman and the Pardner's Pompadour.
    8th: Beep Man and Beep Boy.
    Kirby hat: His hard hat and goggles.
    Picture: This:
  22. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    Good job! 9/10 (1+ for reminding me of the heavy weapons guy meme)

    Character: Sunflower (PVZ Plant, part of Peashooter)

    Weight: Sunflower would be a Lightweight considering she is a flower.
    Speed: She would we faster than Mario. (Everyone is slow while running so remember that)
    Height: Peashooter's/Mario's
    Strength: Sunflower is weak usually because she plays as a medic.
    Air-fall speed: slow
    Air speed: Average.
    Jump Height: A bit lower than Peashooter's
    Jump length: Average.

    Jab: She would do 2 weak little punches
    Down tilt: Peashooter's
    Up tilt: Mario's
    Forward tilt: A forward headbutt
    Neutral air: Kinda like Bowser's neutral air but weaker and it has a smaller hit-box
    Forward air: A forward headbutt. It can spike.
    Down air: Sunflower kicks one foot down which spikes.
    Up air: A headbutt
    Back air: A backwards kick
    Up smash: Sunflower charges up sunlight and unleashes a tiny beam o' light
    Forward smash: A slash with her...sun hand...things.
    Down smash: Sunflower plants into the ground and shoots a beam in a circle around her (facing the ground)
    Dash attack: Kinda like Pikachu's
    B: Sunflower shoots a yellow beam which follows your'e team mate. If he/she goes too far away, the beam goes away. Also, the beam will heal your team mate 5% every 3 seconds.
    Side B: A Simple Multi-shooting. Sunflower shoots 10-20 tiny bullets (Deal 1% damage, so it can do either 10%, 11%, 12%, 14% 15%, 16%, 17%, 18%, 19%, or 20%).
    Up B: Sunflower charges up energy and shoots a yellow beam downward. Kinda like Greninja's in a way, but the "water" does damage and it just does not just push them away.
    Down B: FIRST, you have to choose a flower. The Heal Flower which heals nearby team mates, and the Dark Flower which attacks an enemy the nearest to it. The Dark Flower shoots 3 dark red bullets that deal 5% damage.
    Final Smash: Sunflower plants into the ground and charges up. Then Sunflower shoots a Green Laser beam. Kinda like R.O.B.'s Final Smash or Mii Gunner's Final Smash:
    Entrance: A sprout appears on stage and Sunflower grows on it.

  23. 8/10! Really good!

    Character: Samuel (2.0, now not as edgy!)
    Size: 3/4 of Joker
    Speed: Mario's speed
    Weight: Medium
    Strength: A bit on the weaker side, but still can do some decent damage.

    Jab: A right hook, a barrage of lightning fast punches, then an uppercut.
    Up tilt: He creates a small shield directly upwards.
    Down tilt: He makes a short-lasting barrier to his left and right.
    Forward tilt: He kicks with his left leg forwards, on some characters, it directly connects with their face, which could make the move kinda funny.
    Forward aerial: A forwards kick, it spikes with the sweet spot on it.
    Neutral aerial: He creates a small barrier all around him. This does minimal damage, but gives him super armour.
    Back aerial: A reverse of FAIR, but with no sweet spot.
    Down aerial: He throws a wave of ki down, doing no damage, but it does send the opponents hit by it down pretty far.
    Forward Smash: He winds up a punch and releases it.
    Down Smash: He slams his fists into the floor in rage.
    Up Smash: He charges a large blast upwards, and releases it.
    Dash attack: A sliding knee attack.
    B: Kamehameha.
    He cups his hands together and places it at his waist. A blue ball of ki is formed in his hands. After the charge, he releases it, launching a huge wave of energy in the direction he's facing. With a second input of B, along with a movement in a direction, he can teleport before he launches it.
    Side B: Super God Fist.
    He laces his right hand in ki, charges forward, and punches the opponent in the face.
    Up B: Senko Ki Blast.
    He shoots a ki blast at his feet and it launches him far up into the air. He goes into free fall afterwards.
    Down B: Ki Charge.
    Samuel has a bar of ki, similarly to Inkling's ink tank. When it is empty, or the amount of ki in the bar is less than the ki available, then Samuel cannot use the attack. His Specials are the only things that consume ki.
    Final Smash: Ultra Instinct.
    Time slows down, and Samuel closes his eyes. He reopens them with a grey colour in his eyes, and his hair spikes up and turns grey as well. He then flies all around the screen, randomly hitting people. The final smash ends with Samuel teleporting to the left side of the screen and throwing a huge blast across the screen.
    Entrance: He instant transmissions to his starting point, then bursts his ki.
    Up Taunt: His ki explodes around him, then it clears and he has his thumbs up, smiling.
    Down Taunt: He exclaims: "Not bad! You surprised me!"
    Side Taunt: He shouts: "Listen, just give up!"
    Stage: World Tournament Stage.
    Thousands of cheering crowds have come together here to celebrate this battle. An Announcer in the background watches and commentates on the fight.
    Victory Screen 1: Samuel throw a couple punches into the air, ending with a helicopter kick.
    Victory Screen 2: Samuel flies off into the sky, and waves.
    Victory Screen 3: Samuel puts his middle and index finger onto his head, and he waves goodbye before vanishing.
    Original: A blue hoodie, black jeans, black sneakers.
    2nd: Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi.
    3rd: Vegeta's Standard Battle Suit.
    4th: Gohan's original Gi in the Buu Saga.
    5th: Goku Black's Gi.
    6th: Trunks' Outfit from Dragon Ball Z.
    7th: Trunks' Outfit from Dragon Ball Super.
    8th: Vegito's Gi.
    Kirby hat: Samuel's hair.
    BTW, Kirby can use Kamehameha without the need for the ki bar.
    Picture: The Pose Goku is in here, without the SSGSS hair, or the background:
  24. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    Like it! 9/10!

    Character: Darkrai (He's a Pokeball but who cares because 1, Dark Samus and Isabelle were assist trophy's, 2, Chrom was part of a FINAL SMASH, and 3, Charizard in Melee WAS a Pokeball. Also, this Darkrai is based of off Pokken.

    Weight: Darkrai would be a Medium weight (even though it says he's 111 pounds.)
    Height: It says Mario is 5' 11" so Darkrai is smaller than that, but not as small as Pikachu.
    Strength: Some attacks are strong, some attacks do nothing at all.
    Speed: Running, Fast. Walking, Slow. I would like to point out if you dash dance, it kinda shows like a glitch-y effect.
    Air-fall speed: Average
    Air speed: Good
    Jump height: Good
    Jump length: Average.

    Jab: Darkrai would hit you with his fist twice, and then smack you away like a pathetic pest.
    Down tilt: Darkrai would put his hands in the ground, and some kinda like tentacle will rise up from the ground, dealing damage. (Pokken move)
    Forward tilt: Darkrai would put his hands up as kinda like a cloud shape shoots 3-5 dark ovals at the ground. (Pokken move)
    Up tilt: Darkrai, with one hand, would slash upwards. A good "get-off-me" tool.
    Neutral air: Darkrai screeches, letting out a dark blast around him.
    Forward air: A slash forwards
    Down air: A kick with his...weird..leg things.
    Back air: A kick behind him
    Up air: A upward slash.
    Forward smash: Darkrai would hit the ground with his hands and if it comes in contact with you, you turn into a ball. 2 spiky-mouthed like shapes surround the ball and chomp into it, after that the mouths go away and Darkrai explodes the ball, setting you out. (Pokken Move)
    Up smash: A 3 slash upwards
    Down smash: Darkrai charges up and screeches, letting out a vortex around him, sucking in people.
    Dash attack: Darkrai would go into kind of like a Drill pose and go forwards (Pokken move).
    B: It would work like his Pokeball move. Darkrai shoots a ball forward, making anyone who comes in contact with it fall asleep, even in air. The ball goes through Players, so it can hit multiple people. (Dark Void, LVL. 66)
    Side B: Darkrai eats the dreams of its foes, if the foe is not asleep, it would be just a normal move. But if they ARE asleep, its a 3x multiplier, PLUS, you get half of your HP. (Dream Eater, LVL. 88 )
    Up B: Darkrai fades away in an Ominous Wind (Lvl. 0), and then Appears in a random spot (you can control it. Kinda like Mewtwo's or Palutena's.)
    Down B: Darkrai uses Double Team (Lvl. 44). Darkrai creates 3-5 clones of himself. All the Clones do is walk around and jump, so it will be kinda easy who is the REAL Darkrai. The clones can be attacked and or will vanish after 20 seconds.
    Final Smash: Lets be real, it would be Never-Ending Nightmare. It just suits him! His Pokemon IS called the "Nightmare Pokemon". Makes sense. Pokémon Z-Move: Ghost Move Never-Ending Nightmare - YouTube

    Entrance: A shadow appears on stage as Darkrai appears from it. He then lets out a shriek.
    Taunt 1: Darkrai puts his "fingers" over his mouth and telepathicly said "Sweet Dreams~". I feel like Darkrai talked before, so yeah.
    Taunt 2: Darkrai spins in a circle and then looks at the ground.
    Taunt 3: Darkrai says "Is the game almost over?".
    Victory Screen 1: Darkrai comes out of the Shadows and says "This is a nightmare you can't escape from~".
    Victory Screen 2: Darkrai comes out of a shadow as the screen fades to black..the camera then turns to the side and you greet with Darkrai's face
    Victory Screen 3: Darkrai arises from the ground and lets out a scream. He then runs away off-screen.
    Costume 1: Darkrai's Shiny Form
    Costume 2: A blue....scarf thing and gray hair
    Costume 3: A Shiny Mimikyu hue.
    Costume 4: Purple and Pink hues
    Costume 5: half red, half white
    Costume 6: Half Purple, half white
    Costume 7: half Black and Yellow, Half white
    Costume 8: Half Blue and Red, Half White.
    Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Darkrai's "Hair" and "Scarf"
    Picture: Pokken form.

    Thats it. We NEED more legendaries in Smash (because there's only one), and I thought Darkrai was a mysterious and weird character, so why not?
  25. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    I got kinda boring with the Costumes (Because 5, 6, 7, and 8 are based of off Pokeballs). This one is for memes.

    Character: Balloon Boy (M e m e s .)

    Height: About Mario's. Mabye shorter.
    Speed: Average (Walking speed is slow, LIKE ALL characters.)
    Strength: Average, but some are strong
    Weight: He IS an Boy-Sized Robot, so Medium.
    Air-Fall speed: Average
    Jump Height: Below average, higher than bad.
    Jump length: Bad-ish
    Air speed: Average

    Jab: It would be a 2-hit combo. A fist to fist.
    Down tilt: A low kick. Mabye Ness's.
    Up tilt: Balloon Boy waves his sign in the air.
    Forward tilt: Balloon Boy swipes his sign forward.
    Neutral air: Balloon Boy's balloon pops/explodes, and after the attack it comes back OR respawns.
    Forward air: Look at the forward tilt. Its that, but in the air.
    Up air: Balloon Boys balloon again pops/explodes, but its more IN the air.
    Back air: Balloon boy would wave his balloon backwards (no explosion)
    Down air: Balloon Boy weakly kicks downwards 3 times
    Forward Smash: Balloon Boy chucks his sign forward.
    Down smash: Balloon Boy would take the form of Nightmare BB, and as he sits down, he stands up and slashes the foe.
    Up smash: Again, Balloon Boy's Balloon would explode above him.
    Dash attack: Balloon boy would trip forward.
    B: Balloon Boy would throw is Balloon forward, and if it comes in contact with anything OR 10 seconds have passed, it would explode. The Balloon will only go straight.

    Side B: Balloon Boy would turn into Phantom BB and dash forward. This attack makes him immune to Traps, Projectiles, Attacks, Ect. IF the dash comes in contact with a foe, they cannot use a certain attack for 20 seconds. Balloon Boy turns to normal after this attack has passed.

    Up B: Balloon Boy's Balloon will carry him up, and then he will begin to go down after 10 seconds.

    Down B: Balloon Boy turns into Nightmare BB and sits down. He is invisible to other players, but not you. You have to attack ONE player, and after that attack, you turn back to normal. BUT to make it fair and to make this move NOT busted, You appear after 10 seconds and this move is on a 30 second countdown. After 30 seconds have passed, you can use this move again.

    Final Smash: Every Player is put in a first-person view, and the MAIN player (chooses randomly) must use a light and make balloon boy stop on the X in front of them. So its the Nightmare BB thing in "Fnaf: Help Wanted" VR. The Other Players just have to sit back and watch and HOPE that the main player doesn't screw up and hurt them all (except Balloon Boy). On the other hand, you control Nightmare BB and you go in the Doors/Walls, and Move around, trying to get the foe/player.
    Entrance: Phantom BB's face appears on screen, and then it vanish's to make Balloon Boy appear on stage.
    Taunt 1: Balloon Boy laughs
    Taunt 2: Balloon Boy says "Hi!"
    Taunt 3: Balloon Boy says "Hello!"
    Victory Screen 1: Balloon Boy laughs as he's coming closer to the camera. After he's About half-way there, he turns into Nightmare BB and comes even CLOSER. After he's about there, he Slashes the camera, making the camera fall to the ground, with only Nightmare BB's shoes visible.
    Victory Screen 2: Nothing appears on stage as the camera turns first to the left, and then to the right. As he's turning to the Right, Phantom BB's face jumpscares the camera, and then Balloon Boy comes to normal and laughs.
    Victory Screen 3: Balloon Boy laughs annoying-ly over and over again, as he notices something and runs off screen.
    Costume 1: Balloon Boy (Normal)
    Costume 2: JJ (Balloon Boy's sister??)

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  26. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    MMM 7/10.

    Character: The Puppet/Marionette

    Height: The Puppet in her games is actually pretty tall, so mabye as tall as DK or Bowser. (Yes, The Puppet is a girl.)
    Weight: I think she would be a lightwieght
    strength: Depending on which attack she does. She could be weak, she could be strong
    Speed: It would be average. About Cloud's.
    Jump height: Good/High
    Jump length: Average
    Air-fall speed: Any normal fighter
    Air speed: Good

    Jab: It would be a combo where she punch's twice, then kicks.
    Down tilt: A little touch with her hand
    Up tilt: She would hit with 1 hand
    Forward tilt: A kick. Similar to Ness's
    Neutral air: It would be where she puts her legs and arms out. Bowsers, King DDD's, Kirby's, ect.
    Forward air: A forward punch
    Back air: A kick behind her
    Up air: A 2-hit combo with her hands
    Down air: A kick downwards
    Forward smash: A Box (the box that she appears from) spawns. After she is done charging the attack, she pops out of it and "jumpscares" the foe
    Up smash: In a box, charges up, and LUNGES up. Like, Lunges HERSELF up.
    Down smash: In a box, charges up, and punches at the ground.
    Dash attack: A dash attack where she lunges forward. Kinda like her "Jumpscare" in Fnaf 2.
    B: The Puppet will summon a random animatronic to come help her fight. Though, the animatronics only stay for 1 attack, can be hurt, and vanish after 10 seconds (if they don't hit anyone). I'm just gonna list a few that she can spawn.
    Freddy: A Normal animatronic who gets faster if he doesn't hit/jumpscares anyone.
    Bonnie: Bonnie is just...an animatronic who hits/jumpscares people
    Chica: Chica is a normal animatronic, but her Cupcake can jump off and attack people FOR her.
    Foxy: Foxy is no doubt the FASTEST animatronic. Not the strongest, though.
    Golden Freddy: Golden Freddy just..sits and targets a player. And No doubt, it WILL hit, and the hit is STRONG. Though, he only appears one or twice.

    Side B: The Puppet places down a Music Box which plays the Fnaf 1 music when there's no power (Freddy's Song). This acts as a SPAWNER, Spawning animatronics without the Puppet having to press B. The Music Box also slowly but surely makes the Puppet STRONGER. Before she gets to strong, hit the box. The Box will then vanish and the Puppet is put back to her normal strength. This move takes 30 seconds to recharge before its usable again.

    Up B: A box spawns and shakes, after 1 second, The Puppet (Phantom Form) speeds out of it. Its a good recovery, too. And Also, if you get hit by the Phantom Puppet, You can't use ANY of your specials for 10 seconds.

    Down B: The Puppet turns into the Nightmarionette (Nightmare Puppet) and now you can climb walls, and your B is different. The Nightmarionette B is where she turns invisible and can only BE visible if hit by an attack. The person who attacks her last is now attacked. Can't DODGE it, can't block from it- just gets hit. The attack isn't very strong, though. You can also return to normal by Pressing Down B again OR you already landed your attack. (This move is on a 20 second countdown)

    Final Smash: The Puppet spawns a Animatronic Army, spawning every animatronic from all the Fnaf Games. Again, The animatronic's fade away after 1 attack, and can be hurt, and- you get it.
    Entrance: A box appears on stage as the Puppet climbs out of it.

    Palutena's Guidance:
    Pit: "Who's this..weird puppet person?"
    Palutena: "That's the Puppet. You can also call her the Marionette if you want."
    Pit: "Whats a puppet supposed to do to me? Show me a play?"
    Palutena: "It would be best not to annoy her. She is a tough foe, and the strongest animatronic from her games."
    Pit: "Huh. Wait....SHE'S AN ANIMATRONIC?!"
    Palutena: "Yes, Pit. You better be aware of her. Her Music Box is a spawner of these animatronics, and a source of power to the Puppet. If you see it, it's best to avoid the animatronics and delete the Music Box."
    Pit: "Woah, that sounds tough!"
    Palutena: "It is. Good luck, Pit!"

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  27. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    Ahaha! Bringing back a dead topic!

    Character: Toad
    Weight: a Medium.
    Height: Look at Princess Peach's down special.
    Strength: Actually, pretty weak, but not TOO weak. Its gimmick/Down B changes this, however.
    Jumps: 2

    Jab: A 1-2-3 punch. Weak, Weak, Normal.
    Side Tilt: Toad waves his arms, like Toon Links (I think??) Idle animation. This is a rapid-damage move that deals 6% damage if all of it hits.
    Down tilt: A weak, low-to-the-ground kick.
    Up tilt: Toad smacks his head, similar to Mario's Up-Smash, but more weaker.
    Neutral Air: Toad would puff up, and a cloud of poison would burst out of Toads..."Mushroom"?? The thing above his actual head.
    Down air: You know that Power-Up where you get a propeller on you're head, and when you spin-jump it sends you far up? Do you know when you hold down and you're a drill? Basically that.
    Up air: A simple headbutt.
    Forward air: A simple kick
    Back air: A simple back-kick.
    Up Smash: Like the neutral air, Toads "Mushroom" head thing would burst open, except more above the head area.
    Down Smash: Kinda like a Punch Punch? Idk.
    Forward Smash: Toad would trip, sending him a bit farther to the right, or to the left.
    Dash Attack: Toad, again, would trip forward. But instead, it would send him farther this time, and it was more weak.

    B: THIS is where the actual "gimmick" part kicks in.
    Toad would grab a ? Block, and headbutt it. Then, an Item would fall out. Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, You name it! It also (sometimes) changes Toads specials and some other Moveset parts too.

    B: Fire Flower: Like Mario and Luigi, Toad would...throw a Fire Ball, kinda like Mario's. It bounces around.
    B: Ice Flower: Again, Like Mario's, but its blue and has a chance to Freeze foes.
    B: Super Bell: You, can now claw foes! This does more damage than usual. You can also climb walls, and also has a new forward air, the "pounce", I call it. You dash in a diagonal angle, and if it comes in contact with a wall, you instantly start climbing it.
    B: Super Hammer: This new B move allows you to place down break-able crates. You only have five, though, so use them wisely. You can also edge guard with them, and you have a move to BREAK the crates, giving you the ones you broke. Aaand that's the forward smash, the Hammer. You plunge it forward.
    B: Super Acorn: Not anything changed, except you can glide while holding the A-Button in mid-air. You also now have THREE jumps instead of two.
    B: Mini Mushroom: You turn into a smaller, weaker, version of Toad. Now, that might SOUND bad, but then you're VERY hard to hit.
    B: Super Leaf: You can "glide" like the Super Acorn, and you have a tail smack! A strong, yet...not-so reaching move.
    B: The Poison Mushroom: Yeah...it comes with a down-side, too. If you get touched by this, you lose a you're current Power-Up for 10 seconds.

    Side B: Eh, Mario Kart.
    Toad jumps in a kart and dashes forward, then the cart vanishes, and Toad falls on his bottom.

    Up B: Remember the Propeller hat? Lets use that again! Toad puts on the hat, and spin-jumps.
    hat part is a hit-box, causing small flinching damage. Similar to King K. Rools Up-B.

    Down B: Like Princess Peach, Toad too can pluck out Turnips! They work pretty much like Peach's, except with a few new bonuses. You also get faster while holding a Turnip.

    Down B: The MEGA Turnip: This Turnip is HUGE compared to the normal ones! It does more damage, too

    Final Smash: Double Cherry: Toad takes out a Double Cherry and duplicates himself, then the duplicate duplicates himself, and then the other- You get it. Basically, a Toad army.

  28. Hi sorry if I'm late to the party but I got a chareter who I wanted in smash ever since brawl so here he is

    Character: King boo (king boo spooks the competition)


    Bio: king boo one of the only villains to kidnap the great hero of the mushroom kingdom Mario trapping him in a painting. so now his brother in the shadow's Luige hast to go save him, King Boo come to smash to get a whole new collection of paintings. And he is not alone he has a bunch of ghosts to help him in battle.

    Entrance: a painting will fall from the sky and king boo will pop out of that painting

    Size:, “He’s a bit taller than Rosalina.”

    Speed: a bit faster than “mr game and watch”

    Weight: Weights above isabell and below greninja (since he’s a ghost he would be a lightweight)

    A Button Attacks:

    A Summons a greenie to punch the oppenit doing about 0.5 damage . can be used into a rapid jap supping more greenies that keep punching the opponent lasting for 3 seconds dealing a max amount of damage as 5

    A side summons a gold ghost to punch you does 1.50 damage

    A up summons a purple puncher to punch your opponent upwords like ryu up smash does 2.75 damage

    A down summon ghost guys that will dance once around kin boo once does 0.75 damage

    Neutral air the flying fish boos will fly around orbiting it king boo deallign2.5 damage

    Forward air a goober will appear throwing goop at the player dealing 5 damage and acts as a projectile so it can be reflected and pocked

    Air up make so ghost bat swarm in a spiral like way dealing 4.75 damage to the opponent

    Air downA blue twirler will do the ground pound in the aire dealing 6 damage and will be spikeable

    Back air a slammer will ground pound you form the behind in the air dealing 5 damage is spikeible

    Dash attack. Will sink into the ground like a stretch boo and dash into the opponent dealing 10 damage


    All grabs start off with the grabbing ghost and they choke the opponent as their opponent and each throw i'll have the throw into that direction

    Neutral + B: charge a boo to launch towards the play kinda like Roasalinsa and luma b special but this time the boss is not controllable and will do or damage . if charge for 5 seconds it do 20 damage aka the max amount of charged. 4 seconds 15, 3 seconds 10,2 seconds 5, and 1 second 2.25

    Up + B: What is your character’s Recovery attack? King boo will turn invisible and reappear about 6 ganadorphs hight

    Down + B: king boo will summon the garbage can ghost to stand there for 5 seconds eating bananas and then throw 3 peels on the floor basically a slower but more powerful version of diddy kong down special

    Smash atack F = fully charge m = medium charge s= no charge

    Side smash King boo will smack his tongue at the oppeni f=20

    m= 15 s=10

    Up smash King bo will summon boo buddy that will circle around the oppenit damaging them f=15 m = 10 s = 5

    Down smash king boo will ground pound on the ground doing major damage if caught in it

    f=30 m=20 s=10

    Side + B: What is your character’s Side B attack? King Boo will do sa spiny ordano move going to the right or left basically like robs side special only this one is faster and last for 3 and wont reflect projectiles desealing 13 damage

    Final Smash: King Boo Will run into the mansion and have boos from all over the stage go to king boo knocking players into the mansion and trapping then in the mansion. This will last for 5 seconds and each boo does 5 damage and if your in the mansion it will explode at the end dealing 40 damage . and 10 damage if you outside near the explosion

    Up Taunt:

    [​IMG]Side Taunt:

    Down Taunt:[​IMG]


    Stage: Give us a brief description of your character’s stage.

    Up Victory Taunt: he will float wrong and then dance like this


    Side Victory Taunt: king boo will do noos intro in mario tennis aces

    Down Victory Taunt: king boo will have a bunch of ghost from luigi's mansion one and two come come out and party

    Alternate Colors:

    the wite one from luigi mansion one

    The darkish white from luigi mansion 2

    Purple one to represent purple boos

    Black to represent bomb boo

    Orange to represent the poltergeist ghost from luigi mansion 2

    Green to represent luigi

    yellow to represent bowser

    Red one to represent mario

    Kirby Hat: where the crown and will turn white. He'll be able to launch a boo from his mouth

    so ya i hope you like this idea and dont be afraid to suggest any other move improvement to him

    im think of doing second most wanted chareter for smahs do you guys think I should do that as well
  29. *Megalovania intensifies*


    Size: A little smaller than mario
    Speed: very slow, like lazy slow
    Weight: As much as bowser
    Strength: high

    Jab: Sends bones in front of sans multiple times
    Up tilt: sends bone upward
    Down tilt: sends bone left and right
    Forward tilt:shoots blue bone
    Forward aerial:blue bone
    Neutral aerial: bones all around him
    Back aerial: bone to the back
    Down aerial: gaster blaster downward
    Forward Smash: gaster blaster in front of sans
    Down Smash: gaster blaster in both left and right
    Up Smash: gaster blaster pointed up
    Dash attack: blue bone but more faster
    B: bluesoul
    Side B: orange bone
    Up B:Tp's upward
    Down B:Tp's to random location
    Final Smash: says in text do you want to have a bad time? then shoots gaster blaster everywhere as well as bones
    Entrance: comes in like when a battle start in Undertale
    Up Taunt: winks
    Down Taunt:Shrugs
    Side Taunt:says random joke
    Stage: Hall of judgement with Megalovania music
    Victory Screen 1: high fives with papyrus
    Victory Screen 2: plays get dunked on music and says in text getttttttt dunked onnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!1 while dunking a soul through a basketball hoop
    Victory Screen 3: none
    Alternate's: different jacket colors
    Kirby hat: sans mask with jacket
    Picture: sans shrugging
    K.O : show what he does when he defeated
    star K.O : normal
    screen K.O : shows monster soul breaking like when you die in the game
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  30. Character: The Knight from Hollow Knight. (Haven't actually played the game, but I've seen gameplay and think it would be a sick character, so...)

    Size: A bit taller than Jigglypuff
    Speed: Between Pikachu and Yoshi normally, but a dash speed between Little Mac and Captain Falcon
    Weight: As light as Kirby
    Strength: Low to Mid - Relies on combos and stringing together attacks.

    Jab: A quick slash with the Nail - First and second hits are mid-range weak standard jabs, while the third is a flurry attack a la Meta Knight.
    Up tilt: An upward slash with low damage - chains into nair.
    Down tilt: A low weak slash that can combo at low percents.
    Forward tilt: A short-ranged ground-up slash that knocks up and can chain into fair at most percents.
    Forward aerial: An entirely horizontal attack with impressive range. Has decent knockback, but can only attack horizontally.
    Neutral aerial: A quick short-ranged forwards and backwards. Can chain into itself at low percents.
    Back aerial: A slash behind that is just as horizontal as fair, but has less range and deals more damage.
    Down aerial: Near-identical to Toon Link dair.
    Up aerial: Howling Wraiths - Summons a wave of energy in a crescent above The Knight. Is The Knight's most powerful aerial, but deals little knockback.
    Forward Smash: Heavy Blow - A horizontal slash that deals relatively small damage but high knockback. One of The Knight's best kill options.
    Down Smash: Desolate Dive - The Knight hops up a short distance and slams into the ground, creating a shockwave.
    Up Smash: Abyss Shriek - A more powerful version of u-air, but on the ground.
    Dash attack: Dash Slash - A long-ranged quick forward slash that does medium knockback and damage. Is a possible kill option, but has high ending lag, making it risky.
    B: Charms - Switch between 5 different charms in a Monado Arts-like menu. Charms wear off rather quickly,:
    • Hiveblood - Gives a weak autoheal effect when not taking damage, but weakens The Knight overall.
    • Baldur Shell - Reduces damage dealt to The Knight, but also reduces speed, jump height, and damage output.
    • Steady Body - Drastically reduces all knockback dealt to and by The Knight.
    • Dashmaster - Increases speed and dash speed, as well as strengthening dash attack.
    • Deep Focus - Smash attacks have super armor against the first hit.
    Side B: Great Slash - A powerful chargeable slash with the Nail that hits slightly above and below.
    Up B: Cyclone Slash - Comparable to Link's Up B, but with more range and less damage.
    Down B: Dreamgate - Sets a Dreamgate that lasts for ~7 seconds. If Down B is used again while a Dreamgate is active, The Knight is teleported to the Dreamgate and put in Special Fall.
    Final Smash: Dream Nail - Swings the Awoken Dream Nail in a short-range but hard to dodge slash, triggering the rest of the final smash, in which the Knight performs a powerful second slash that deals large amounts of knockback.
  31. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Going to be doing my most wanted character. This is my first time ever doing a indepth character concept for Smash so it may be a bit shakey, and I am copying some things from his other fighting game apperance in his non-specials.

    Character: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    Size: About the same height as Snake.

    Speed: A bit slower than the majority of the cast, similar to Byleth.

    Weight: About the same weight as Snake.

    Damage Output: Being a lawyer, his attacks wouldn't be too powerful, below average, but his specials is where he would shine.

    Jab: Phoenix would replicate his paper tapping animation, except on the other fighter about five times.

    Up tilt: Recreates Phoenix's confident head rub animation, causing the enemy to get up in it.

    Down tilt: A quick point aiming downwards to lauch foes upwards.

    Forward tilt: I quick slap, holding papers and files.

    Forward aerial: Phoenix does his signature point forwards

    Neutral aerial: While in mid-air, Phoenix lets out a sneeze that hits anyone close to him.

    Back aerial: Phoenix throws papers behind him in arching motion

    Down aerial: Being an unexperienced fighter, Phoenix just flails his feet downwards, trying to his whoever is below him.

    Forward Smash:

    Down Smash:

    Up Smash:

    Dash attack: Similar to UMVC3, in the middle of his running animation, he'd trip and fall, knocking into the other fighter.

    Neutral Special: (Objection!) Phoenix charges up one of his signature objections. If fully charaged, and makes contact with another fighter, it'll put them in a short stun state.

    Side Special: (Present!) Similar to his UMVC3 apperance, Phoenix will throw piece of evidence at the opponet. Unlike the crossovee fighter, there won't be magic blasts of energy, he'll just toss the item.

    Up Special: ("Its a stepladder.") Taking inspiration from the series famous "ladder vs stepladder" argument, Phoenix will make a step ladder appear and quickly climb up it, bounching off the top. It'll disappear right away.

    Down Special: (Hold it!) A counter. When attacked, Phoenix will shout Hold It, stopping the opponet's attack and blowing them back slightly.

    Final Smash: Phoenix traps the opponet with a larger opponet. Anyone caught in it will be sent to a cinematic behind the witness stand where Phoenix presents some evidence, than does one last Objection to send the opponets flying.

    Entrance: Phoenix slams a desk that disappears, then gets into his battle stance

    Up Taunt: Phoenix strikes his thinking animation, while saying "I should think outside the box..."

    Down Taunt: Phoenix strikes his confident pose, saying "I'll take the case!"

    Side Taunt: Phoenix does his signature point, saying "Phoenix Wright, ace attorney at your service.

    Stage: The courtroom, taking inspiration from it's apperance in the orignal trilogy, in 3D. The view will be similar to the view when first entering the courtroom, from the back on. You can jump on the gallery stands and both benches. Behind the benches will feature cameos from the series. The Defense bench will Mia, Apollo, Athena, Dhurke, Maya, and Trucy. The Prosecution bench will feature Edgeworth, Franzika, Godot, Klavier, Blackquill, and Nahyuta. The cameos will be random of course, and the prosecution will occasionally disrupt the battle by attacking, with Edgeworth using his own objection, Franzika uses her whip, Godot throws coffee, Klavier blasts music, Blackquill throws blades, and Nahyuta throws beads. Of course, the judge will always be around, and occasionally bang his gavel, and when he does, the giant gavel from Phoenix's nightmare will also hit the center of the stage.

    Victory Screen 1: Similar to his victory animation in UMVC3, Phoenix will do his laughing animation as Maya throws confetti.

    Victory Screen 2: Phoenix does his confident pose while Maya throws confetti.

    Victory Screen 3: Phoenix does his signature finger point while maya throws confetti.

    Victory Music will be a more fast paced version of the song that plays right after you finish the final trial of a case.

    Color 1: Classic Blue suit, white shirt and Pink Tie. (Original Design)
    Color 2: Suit turns burgendy, shirt turns black and tie turns white. (Edgeworth.)
    Color 3: Suit turns white with stripes, shirt turns green, tie turns white. (Godot)
    Color 4: Suit turns green, shirt turns beige, tie turns orange. (Gumshoe)
    Color 5: Suit turns black, shirt turns beige, tie turns purple. (Mia)
    Color 6: Suit turns Purple, tie turns yellow. (Maya)
    Color 7: Suit from DD and SoJ. Open jacket with vest, locket, and little tuft of hair in front now visible. Same color scheme as first. (New Design.)
    Color 8: Suit becomes red, vest a lighter shade of red. Shirt stays the same, but with a blue tie. Hair turns brown. Same design as Color 7. (Apollo.)

    Kirby hat: Phoenix's famous spikey head of hair.
  32. I've always wanted Pheonix Wright, despite not playing any of the games. 8/10.
    Character: Samuel 3.0 (I know, I know, I've already done this like 2 times but I want to do it again because I have some ideas)

    Size: Slightly shorter than Joker.
    Speed: Bit slow. About the same as Link.
    Weight: Medium weight.
    Strength: Medium strength.

    Jab: Two punches, a kick in the knee and then a command grab into a forced throw.
    Up tilt: An uppercut with a knife in hand.
    Down tilt: A slightly graceful stomp.
    Forward tilt: Swings a hammer forwards.
    Forward aerial: A long swing of a knife.
    Neutral aerial: A singular kick forwards.
    Back aerial: A singular kick backwards.
    Down aerial: A spinning kick directly downwards. Works similarly to Luigi's Cyclone.
    Forward Smash: A lunge with his knife. He does a small hop during the lunge, so this can avoid certain moves like Kirby's Down Tilt.
    Down Smash: He punches the ground, causing a small earthquake around him. This trips opponents.
    Up Smash: A quick flipping kick.
    Dash attack: He pretends to slip over, kicking the opponent in the face.
    B: The Redeemer.
    He pulls out an altered rifle that has a spear affixed to a chain. When shooting somebody with it, you have 8 seconds to mash B to reel them in before they escape. If you reel them in, you can press A and stab the enemy with a bayonet attached to the end of the rifle. The hitbox is extremely small, so you need a lot of precision to hit it.
    Side B: Feral Frenzy.
    While in Feral Frenzy, you move 1.2 times as fast and you automatically vault projectiles. Feral Frenzy is only active for a maximum of 25 seconds. You can cancel it beforehand, and when you cancel it, it stuns you for a few seconds.
    Up B: Dream Projection.
    Hold down Up B to charge Dream Projection. The more you charge it, the higher it goes. It covers about a third of Hero's minimum Up B at minimum charge.
    Down B: Where Are You Looking?
    5 illusions of Samuel appear randomly across the stage. Samuel can pick one of them to teleport to. This move can only be used once every minute, so you better make it count.
    Final Smash: Mori.
    Samuel sprints forwards, tripping the first hit person over. He takes The Redeemer and stabs it into the downed opponent's back. He lifts them up and pulls the trigger, then he kicks them off of his gun viciously. He chuckles to himself as he puts the gun away and redraws his knife.
    Entrance: A small pack of crows carries him onto the stage.
    Up Taunt: He inspects his gun carefully.
    Down Taunt: He wipes his knife with his other hand.
    Side Taunt: He juggles his knife with his feet.
    Stage: The Dead Dawg Saloon. A cowboy town, desolate with a large saloon in the background. This is one of those full, flat stages. There is faint piano music in the background.
    Victory Screen 1: He reels the chain in and cheers.
    Victory Screen 2: He puts on 1 of three masks and pretends to spook you. These can be:
    -The Ghostface Mask
    -The Michael Myers Mask
    -The Jason Voorhees Mask
    Victory Screen 3: He dusts himself off and tips his hat off to his opponents, facing directly to where the runner up is.
    Costume 1: A blue pea-coat, dark green neck bandanna and a brown cowboy hat.
    Costume 2: A black pea-coat, yellow neck bandanna and a black cowboy hat.
    Costume 3: A brown pea-coat, orange neck bandanna and a dark green cowboy hat.
    Costume 4: A purple pea-coat, red neck bandanna and a navy blue cowboy hat.
    Costume 5: A neon pink-striped pea-coat, neon blue neck bandanna and a neon green cowboy hat.
    Costume 6: A red pea-coat, purple neck bandanna and a grey cowboy hat.
    Costume 7: A red and green-striped pea-coat, white neck bandanna and a white cowboy hat.
    Costume 8: A grey pea-coat, black neck bandanna and a red cowboy hat.
    Kirby hat: A cowboy hat and a neck bandanna of the colour related to the costume.
    Picture: Similar to this:
    Palutena's Guidance:
    Pit: "That guy's dressed up like he's from the past!"
    Palutena: "Well, he isn't from the past, but he is a fan of those times."
    Pit: "Fair enough. So, any tips to fighting this guy?"
    Palutena: "Well, firstly, he has a modified rifle that reels people in via a spear, which means any airborne targets will be easily dealt with."
    Pit: "Cool. I've had fire melt my wings, swords cut my wings and plenty of bruises from punches. Now there's also a giant chain pulling me in!"
    Palutena: "Not to mention all of the tricks he can pull on you to stop you."
    Pit: "So, he also can make me look like a fool..."
    Viridi: "As if you weren't already a fool!"
    Pit: "When can I quit this job?"
    Palutena: "Never. Sorry, Pit."
    Pit: "This is the worst..."
  33. Hi I'm new! Here's mine!
    Character: Q bert, yes the same one from "Pixels"
    Jab: Block jump
    Size: Sonic
    Speed: Mario
    Weight: Low, IDK
    Strength: Medium
    Up tilt: Speech Bubble
    Down tilt: Bounce
    Forward tilt: Kick
    Forward aerial: Cheese puff blast
    I can't think of more... But here's what I will say
    Kirby hat: His Nose/Mouth
    Win pose: Eats 3 cheese puffs and jumps
    Final Smash: Block Push
    Entrance: Hops on Blocks until he lands on the platform

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