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Create A PokeMon Item/Move/Ability~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Dark Soul, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. As the title says, create your own PokeMon stuff here. Any moves, physical contact or not, for any type. Just make sure they're not too Mary Sue. Items can also be anything, from Hold Item to Berry, except TM's of course. Abilities like the moves; Make sure they’re not to Mary Sue. That's pretty much everything. I'll go ahead and show you the forms:


    -Magma Geiser
    BP: 140 (Base Power)
    PP: 5 (Power Points)
    Type: Fire
    The PokeMon summons a large geiser from under the surface to do damage to the opponent. (Description)
    User must rest the next turn. (Additional effect, not required)


    -Chameleon Bracelet
    A bracelet painted with flashy colors. (Description)
    When the holder uses one of the Elemental Punches, the powers is increased by 10%. (Effect)


    -Water Repellent
    Damage from Water attacks is halved. (Effect)
    PokeMon: Heatran (PokeMon that can learn, doesn’t have to be true in-game, as it’s just an idea.)

    These are the basic forms, but extra additions are welcome- Just keep it real~
  2. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen


    -Tsunami tackle
    BP: 110 (base power)
    PP: 10
    Type: Water
    The pokemon runs in bursts of freezing water toward the opponent(description)
    user takes ten percent of the damage. (add on)

    Ability: (this is an ability for a game I'm making so keep off)

    -Back dust
    opponents accurecy lowers after it has attacked.
    Pokemon- Panquake
  3. Item

    False Egg.
    This egg doesn't look right.
    If used, it'll turn into a party egg and will hatch into any shiny pokemon. There's a 70% chance of failure.


    Power: 110
    Acc: 85
    PP: 5/5
    The user shreds the opponent hard. It has a high crit. hit ratio.

    Love shell
    Power: 70
    Acc: 100
    PP: 15/15
    The user spins rapidly and then attacks in it's shell. Has 50% chance of infatuation.

    Ability (My favorite)

    Break Through. The user can break through any barrier (Light Screen, Barrier, Protect, ect.)
  4. Moves

    Energy transfer.
    Power: --
    Acc: --
    PP: 10/10 (max 13)
    The user takes a hit to heal.
    Effect the user of this attack moves second after taking damage the pokemon's HP is healed by 30% more then the damage taken. (Example- Damage = 100, healed = 130)

    Missing Partner
    Power: --
    Acc: --
    PP: 20/20 (max 25)
    The users partner disappears
    Effect: This move can be used only in double or triple battles, all Pokemon on the users side except the Pokemon who had used this move can not be attacked for 3 turns.

    Glue Punch
    Power: 60
    Acc: 90
    PP: 5/5 (Max 9)
    The user uses one sticky fist
    Effect: The user punches at the opponent if it hits the attack will do damage with 40% power for up to five turns and the opposing Pokemon may not be switched out for 5 turns. If it misses the attacking pokemon can't be switched out and does 10% damage to itself per turn for 5 turns.

    Air Canon
    Power: 100
    Acc: 80
    PP: 15/15 (Max 18)
    The user fires a strong blast of air at the target. the Opposing Pokemon may get caught in an after stream of air.
    The opposing trainer's Pokemon have a 30% chance of moving last for the next five turns.
    (the effect of Trick room would reverse this if used after the use of this move. In addition if this move is used after trick room this move takes priority instead.)


    Snake Bite: The user has a 10% chance of poisoning the opposing pokemon when attacking. (Arbock, Ekans, Seviper,)

    Blank Stare: Prevents the opposing Pokemon from tighting its focus, in addition raises all users Pokemon's attack Accuracy by 10. (Slow poke, Slow Bro, Slow king, Slackoth, Snorlax, Drowsey, Hypno.)

    Fluff: All physical attacks agents the user are reduced in half. (Swablu, Altaria, Igglypuff, jigglypuff, Wigllytuff.)

    Scream: Each time the user attacks with a Ghost type attack the opposing pokemon has a 10% chance of having all its stats decrease 1 level. (Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Spirittomb, Sableye, Frosslass, Shuppet, Banette)


    Floppy disc- A disc used to save information on.
    When held by Porygon, Porygon-2, or Porygon-Z the holder is able to use one randomly selected attack from the rest of the team each turn in addition to its own. Use of the move reduces the PP left for the Pokemon that actually has the move. When it show sup it will have the same amount of PP has the original Pokemon. Hidden-Power will be based on whatever the holders hidden-power would be.

    Toy Chest- A holding item that is loved by "baby" (like Pichu, Mime Jr., Bonsly.) Pokemon
    Raises happiness in "baby" pokemon, while in battle if the holder is switched out it receives all Experience from the knocked out Pokemon.
  5. Triumph Punch
    type is like Hidden power
    Acc: 80
    PP: 3/3 (max 5/5)
    The user gathers energy from injured comrades (basically, it only works for pokemon with less than 10 hp left, after which it combines that number with other hp numbers. Depending on type, it could either save you or doom you, depending on what ype you face.), then charges at the foe for an intense punch. 20% chance of breaking protect.


    Hero heart: powers up for each fallen comrade.
  6. Huh. =) I'll post one too.

    Item: Star Pendant
    Description: An item to be held by Jirachi.
    Effect: If switched out of battle, completely heals the Pokemon that takes its place.

    Moves: Storm Slash (Flying-type)
    Power: 75
    Accuracy: 95
    Effect: The user jumps into the air and disappears. Next turn, it jumps from behind the foe and slashes it.
    This move has a high critical-hit ratio. PP-15/15

    Water Thunder (Water Type)
    Power: 130
    Accuracy: 90
    Effect: The user sends from below the rage of seas and the thunder above it. Very Powerful. PP-5/5

    Rainbow Beam (unknown-type, like Curse)
    Power: 160
    Accuracy: 100
    Effect: The user takes out a barrier of Mist, which it beams a powerful Rainbow. The type of this move varies.
    The user must rest on the next turn. PP- 10/10

    Ability: Fast Runner
    Effect: This Pokemon always goes first. In return, its Special Defense is halved for 2 turns.
    (Shimama, Ponyta, Rapidash)
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  7. Ability:

    description:an item to be held by a fire type pokemon,prevents stat lowering.
  8. Item:

    -Beer Bottle
    A Battle Item: When used on a PokeMon, it's attack is heightened gradually but the speed is slightly lowered. This wears off after six turns, after which the PokeMon becomes confused.
  9. Ok I've had this idea for a long time now

    It's a key item, but you use it on a pokemon and there are many types of it

    POKE-ARMOR!!!!!!! one for each type

    Affect: Lowers speed but increses the power of that type's moves, and defence
  10. TOS


    Dark Thunder

    Type: DARK
    Accuracy: 50
    Power: 120
    Effect: The power of your next attack is doubled if this move hits.
  11. I got more


    Accuracy strike
    Power: 250 - Accuracy
    Acc: Players Choice from 10-240
    PP: 5/5 (Max 7)
    The user takes random strikes at the opponent
    When this attack is used the player can chose how accurate the attack is from 10% to 240% the power of this attack is then decided by subtracting the Accuracy from 250.

    Power: 80
    Acc: 100
    PP: 15/15 (Max 20)
    The user creates a powerful Eddie on the foe.
    In battle this- This attacks Power is doubled if surf was used before it.
    Out of battle: Allows you to travel across strong currents without being swept up.

    Power: 50
    Acc: 80
    PP: 10/10 (Max 12)
    The user attacks the opponent and adapts to it.
    When the user first attacks the attacks is a Normal type attack, if this attack makes contact and does damage to the Opponent this attacks type becomes a random type that is super effective agents the opposing Pokemon. After being used after the conversion of the type it returns to a normal type attack until it is used again.
    (Note: This attack has no effect on Ghost types unless the "Scrappy" Ability is active)

    Hit and Run
    Power: 30
    Acc: 100
    PP 15/15 (max 18)
    A Pokemon comes out and then strikes.
    If the user is in the battle this move allows them to strike first then return to the Trainer. If the user of this attack is a reserve Pokemon they take the place of current Pokemon, and at the end of the round return back to the Trainer replaced with the Original Pokemon of the round.
    (Note: If the Switched Pokemon where to be Poisoned/ Burnt it would take damage before switching out, and the Original Pokemon if Poisoned or Burnt would also take damage before the selection menu would appear.) (Of course that is removed if the Pokemon had Natural cure). Also of note this attack is not supper effective or not very effective agents any Pokemon it remains at neutral damage at all times.


    Critical change: If the possessor is hit by a critical hit instead of taking damage their HP is recover, however if their HP is full the damage of the attack is multiplied by X2. (Undecided on who gets it)

    Dead fighter: The Pokemon can fight 2 rounds with 0 HP left if no other Pokemon on the Trainers side are able to fight. All attack power is doubled, but accuracy is a fourth of its original. (Machop, Machoke, Machamp, Mankey, Primape, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Lucario, Poliwrath, Benette, undecided others)

    Pay up: When the user attacks, the trainer may use more then 1 PP in order to increase the Power of the attack by 5 (5 for each one). (If pressure is in effect the additional remain at 1= 5 but since 2 are used the Power is raised by 10) (many, currently Undecided)

    Pay Down: When the user is attacked by removing some PP from their moves the Power of the opposing attack is lowered by 5 each. Pressure has the same effect on Pay down has it does on Pay up Except the Power is decreased not raised. (many, currently Undecided)


    Sacrifice doll
    A hold item that is loved by Ghost and Dark types.
    When the user is attacked the doll may take the hit for it (1 time use only)

    Pomemart catalog
    A magazine of the latest items from the largest Pokemart
    This is a Key item that allows the Player to order goods from anywhere in the game. However there is a 10% increase in price. In addition to that only certain items at times can be brought and some locations like Caves, and Forest don't get delivery.
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  12. Deadly Kiss
    Type: Dark
    Attack: -
    Accuracy: -
    PP: 15/15
    The user takes on the illusion of a beautiful pokemon, the same species as the foe. The foe is tricked into the users embrace, and their life is drained away in their one, final, kiss.
    1 hit KO. Only works on males, only females can use it. User faints along with the foe.

    My friends only use male pokemon, which makes me hate them a little bit, because they say male pokemon are better than female pokemon, when THEY'RE THE SAME! So, females kill males in this move. (Reminds me of a Black Widow.)
  13. I'll give it a shot


    Purity Ring
    Power: --
    PP: 10/10 (Max: 20)
    Accuracy: 100
    Type: Grass
    Effects: Summons a ring of pure nature energy that makes all moves, super-affective or in-affective, do neutral damage on all Pokemon afflicted for 5 turns


    Plastic Bubble
    A small, simple bubble that can be held by a Pokemon
    When held, it raises the holder's evasiveness by 10%


    If the opponent(s) has/have a move(s) that afflict super effective damage on user, then one of them is reduced to neutral damage
    Pokemon: Umbreon, Darkrai, Spiritomb, Sableye, Dusknoir, Gastly Evolutionary Line
  14. Looks fun. I'll give this a shot.


    Increases Sp. Atk, Speed, and Defense when hit by a critical hit.

    Causes user to snap out of confusion or wears off infatuation if hit by an enemy Pokemon of the opposite gender. (Yes, it's somewhat of a misnomer.)
  15. Move:
    Munchlax's signature move (non Game)
    User eats a big poriton of the opponents HP and uses half of it to restore its own health.
    It also rests on the next turn.
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  16. I came up with another one:
    Eating Habits
    Munchlax (non game)
    Doubles heath gained in health regaining moves.
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  17. Move: Draco Wing
    PP: 50
    Typing: Dragon, Flying, Fire
    With this move the pokemons Wings start to have a shimmery sliverish glow then the Pokemon runs/flys forward and slashes the opponent with its wings causing heavy damage this move takes a while to charge though
  18. Item- Pluspowder for the games (Original idea form TCG)
    To deal twice as much damage due to opponents Pokemon For 15 turns!
  19. Item: Grand Stone, makes any type of pokemon evolve
    Move: Energy Bomb, user takes half of its own HP and hurls a large bomb at the foe
    Ability: PP Power, restores the user's PP points at any random time of the battle if the opponent is of the same kind

    (i know the last one sounds weird)
  20. Move: Dark Dragon
    Descripstion: A darkness enshrouds the RAYQUAZA, and then it lunges at the foe, embedding darkness inside the Pokemon.
    Type: Dragon
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  21. Together with my sister I created a new Pokémon named Nivia (legendary):

    Ability Ice Body
    140 HP - 50 Atk - 150 Def - 90 SAtk - 160 SDef - 90 Speed
    Special Move: Dragon Frost
    Power 100 - Accuracy 95 - May freeze the opponent (50%)
  22. Move:

    -Element Blast
    BP: 80
    PP: 10
    Type: ?
    A blast of element is fired at the foe. The beam will become a random type.(EG: Zekrom used Water Element Blast! Doredia used Dark Element blast!)


    A crimson red tube with a red liquid oozing out of the nozzle. (Description)
    When a healing berry is eaten (EG:Oran Berry), it will heal twice the normal amount. (Effect)
    Can only be used once. $300 Pokedollars each.


    -Smelly odour
    When Pokemon is placed first in your party, no wild Pokemon will harm you.
    PokeMon: All Poison-type Pokemon.
  23. Move:

    Spore Burst
    Power: 70
    PP: 15/15 (max 25)
    Accuracy: 90
    Type: Grass
    Effects: The pokémon realeses a cloud of spores. The opposing pokémon takes damage and have a chance of being poisoned.

    Power: -
    PP: 5/5 (max 7)
    Accuracy: 80
    Type: Dark
    Effect: To the cost of 20% of your pokémons HP, the opposing pokémon can't move the next turn.

    Power: 100
    PP: 15/15
    Accuracy 100
    Type: Normal
    Effect: Work just as Take Down and Double Edge
  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    heres mine
    Idol of Death
    Power N/A
    Accuracy N/A
    At the cost of 50% hp ,cause one of opponents Poke'mon to faint
    Only usable by Desukan

    Kecleon Hat"A hat shaped like a kecleon that grants the holder the ability color Change
    Navi:When the holder enters a battle ,she annoys all battling Poke'mon to death
    Your Mom:She knocks out your opponent when your opponent attacks your Poke'mon
  25. Item: Leather pants
    Increases the chance of infatuation in battle for opposite gender, confuses the same sex, or paralyzes either sex. Although with moves like theif, it increases the likelyhood of the item being stolen. (inspired by Yugioh Abridged)

    Item: Fake moustache
    Increases the likelyhood of an opposing move to hit another Pokemon (double or Triples only).

    Ear plugs:
    Powers down sound based moves.
  26. Move name: Embrace
    Type: Normal
    Power: 60 (Physical)
    PP: 15
    Accuracy: 100
    Description: The user squeezes the foe tight. The type of the attack varies with the user.
    Effect: The type varies with the user's first type. STAB will be added, so basically this attack has 90 power.

    -Pitch black.
    BP: -- (Base Power)
    PP: 2 (Maximum: 5)
    Type: Dark
    The PokeMon smashes all the lights in the room, so no one can see and everything is pitch black. (Description)
    As a cost of 25% of your HP, the opponent can't move for the next two turns. (Additional effect.)


    -Chilli powder
    A small bag filled with crimson red powder. (Description)
    If been held while feeding your Pokemon a berry, attack will increase by two stages. (Effect)


    Damage from Rock and Metal attacks is halved. (Effect)
    PokeMon: All steel Pokemon
  28. Moves:

    BP: 150
    PP: 5 (Max: 10)
    Accuracy: 85
    Type: Fire
    Discription: User Charges foe in a burst of blue fire, dealing massive damage.
    Edditional effects: Always goes first. May cause paralysis or burn.
    Can be learned by Charizard, Ninetales, Flareon, Arcanine, Typhlosion, Infernape, Magmortar, Emboar, Blaziken, Dragonite, and Gyarados.

    BP: 127
    PP: 10 (Max 15)
    Accuracy: 90
    Type: Fight
    Discription: User mangles opponent, dealing major damage.
    Edditional Effects: High Critical Chance. User is affected by Recoil. User will Crash if attack misses. May cause paralysis to user and/or foe.
    Can be learned by Primape, Machamp, Tauros, Ursaring, Blaziken, Hariyama, Infernape, Lucario, Weavile, Azelf, Emboar, Dialga, Zekrom, Dragonite, Haxorous, and Zoroark.


    -Comsic Connection
    Takes lower damage from heaven-bound attacks, such as Thunder or Draco meteor.(effect)
    Pokemon: Pokemon that are associated with Cosmic origins. (EX: Cleffairy, Jirachi, or Deoxys)
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  29. I love this thread.


    BP: -- (Base Power)
    PP: 10 (Power Points)
    Accuracy: 90
    Type: Poison
    The Pokemon chews some gum and sticks it to the opponent. (Description)
    The opponent can't use any physical moves for two to five turns.


    - Fluffy Scarf
    A pink scarf made from the cotton of a Flaaffy.
    When held, attack goes down 10% every 3 turns, but accuracy and defence rise 10% every three turns. (Effect)


    -Cotton Growth
    When health is under 50%, defence rises two stages each turn. (Effect)
    PokeMon: Mareep, Flaaffy, Monmen, Erufuun, Jumpluff.
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  30. It'd be nice if some of these recent ones were somewhat believable ♥ To keep track~

    Calming Storm
    BP: 50
    PP: 15
    Acc.: 100
    Type: Water
    Effect: The user sweeps a demotivating wave over the foe. Ends moves such as Thrash or Outrage immediately, leaving them in the state of confusion they would have been anyway
    Users: Mamanbou, Luvdisc, most Water types who don't get such moves like Outrage themselves.

    Cautious Instincts
    Effect: The user takes half damage when on the turn a switch occurs. (Such as if Raticate switches out with Linoone, Linoone will take half the damage from a Surf on that turn)
    Users: Persian, Linoone, Zangoose, Aianto.

    Feral Instincts
    Effect: The user deals double damage to a foe on the turn it switches out, after the switch has occurred. Like Pursuit, except it happens after the switch.
    Users: Seviper, Lepardas, Kuitaran, Mightyena.
  31. I love this thread. :3


    -Global Warmer
    BP: -- (Base Power)
    PP: 15 (Power Points)
    Type: Psychic
    The Pokemon fires a blast of rainbow-coloured energy at the sky. (Description)
    (Effect 1: All weather effects are cancelled for the whole battle. EG: Altaria used sunny day... but it failed!) and (Effect 2: Attack cancels current weather. EG: The rain stopped!) Both effects happen.


    -Early Birth Device
    A small, tan-coloured device with pictures of eggs on it. (Description)
    You can hatch an egg straight away, but all stats are 15% lower than usual. (Effect)


    -Gear Plan
    When you use a stat increase move, instead of the stat been increased by one, it increases by two. (Effect)
    PokeMon: All gears' evolutions.
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  32. Move:

    Black Mist
    BP (Base Power): --
    PP (Power Points): 15 (45 max)
    Acuuracy: 100
    Type: Ice
    The user creates a shroud of dark clouds around the foe, prevnting its stats from changing for 5 turns.

    Thick Fog
    BP: --
    PP: 10 (25 max)
    Accuracy: --
    Type: Ghost
    The user creates a thick fog around the field, decreasing the accuracy of all moves for 5 turns. (Accuracy of moves -20)
  33. Move:

    -Random Sickness
    BP: -- (Base Power)
    PP: 15 (Power Points)
    Type: ?
    The opponent will gain a random status problem (EG Sleep, Poison, ETC.) (Description)


    -Companion Toy
    Your pokemon's most loved toy. (Description)
    No stats will decrease. (Effect)


    When in love, all stats increase by one. (Effect)
    PokeMon: Luvdisc, Jynx, Smoochum Buneary, Mamambo, Lopunny, Togepi, Togekiss, Togetic.
  34. Item: Maracas
    Info: A certain Pokemon REALY loves these.
    Ability: When given to Ludicolo, happiness is increased steadily and all stats go up by one. When given to another Pokemon, it is more likely that the opponent will be confused.

    Move: Shining Claw
    BP: 100
    PP: 12
    Accuracy: 90
    Type: Either Dark or Steel. Tendencies rise when used by the Pokemon of the same type.
    The user's paws glow with a golden aura, and with blinding speed they attack. It can be used often, but it also breaks defensive moves (such as Protect and Reflect). However this also lowers the Defense stat of the user.

    Move: Black Warp
    Bp: 120
    PP: 5
    Type: Dark
    Accuracy: 90
    The user vanishes into a dark hole for one turn, the strikes the opponent the next. Lowers opponent's defense.

    Move: Epic Clash
    BP: 1 hit KO
    PP: 1
    Accuracy: 80
    Type: normal
    WARNING! LAST RESORT ONLY! The user runs toward the opponent, converting it's health into power, and strikes down the enemy. However, the user is also KO'd in the process.
  35. Move

    Lightning tornado


    Lucky Ball


    Sheer luck
  36. Ability:

    Helpful Doomed
    When this Pokemon faints in battle, the next Pokemon sent out will have its stats raised.
    (When a Pokemon with this ability faints, the next Pokemon sent out will have all its stats raised by two levels.)

    Pokemon that can have this ability:
    Magnemite, Magneton, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Voltorb, Electrode, Chansey, Porygon, Mew, Misdreavus, Porygon2, Blissey, Celebi, Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Nincada, Ninjask, Sheninja, Shuppet, Banette, Duskull, Dusclops, Chimecho, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Jiranchi, Mismagius, Chingling, Happiny, Magnezone, Porygon-Z
  37. Move:

    -Shameful Joy
    BP: 1 hit KO. (Base Power)
    PP: 1 (Power Points)
    Type: Dark
    Cannot miss.
    The user kills (faint) the opponent, but all your stats are decreased to their lowest level. (Description)


    A long, floral dress with coloured strips. (Description)
    The Pokemon will evolve if it's evolution wears a dress.(Effect)
    Usable on: Ralts, Kirlia, Churine.


    -Masterfully Confused
    In any stage of battle, the Pokemon with the ability's stats all raise by two, but is confused for 5-8 turns (Effect)
    PokeMon: Spinda
  38. Item:

    A jet-black guitar with flames painted on it. (Description)
    When the holder uses a move related to sound (EG: Metal Sound, Hyper Voice), it does twice the usual damage. (Effect)
  39. Name: Magnetic Ice
    Type: Ice
    PP: 10
    Effect: Icicles drop whenever the opponent switches out

    Name: Heavy Chain
    Type: Steel
    BP: 100
    PP: 10
    Effect: Drags an iron chain across the ground and smashes the opponent with it. May trap the opponent in chains.
    Side-effects: May trap the opponent in chains (for 2-5 turns, opponent can only move 20% of the time.
  40. (RX said I could revive this) :D


    Name: Hug
    Type: Normal (Physical)
    PP: 35
    BP: 30
    The user hugs the opponent affectionately. It may infatuate any foe, regardless of gender.

    Name: Ambush
    Type: Dark (Physical)
    PP: 20
    BP: 75
    The user raises their attack stat on the first turn, then strikes on the second.

    Name: Misdiagnose
    Type: Normal
    PP: 10
    Changes the foe's status condition.


    Name: Bamboo Chute
    Raises the Attack stat and can be eaten at half health. Heals 25 HP. (Stops giving the Attack bonus once eaten, obviously)

    Name: Java
    Raises Speed upon awakening. (Doesn't get eaten, it can be reused)


    Attractive: Can infatuate foes of any gender

    Impatient: Uses two-turn moves in only one turn. (Resting moves still require an extra turn)
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