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Create a Legendary Pokemon!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by pac_halo, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. I quite enjoy 'create a...' threads, and this is quite similar to the 'Turn Yourself Into a Pokemon Thread' started by @Kyubeon , but this is different.

    So, the reason the legendary Pokemon are so awesome is because of the lore surrounding them- That's what makes the Weather Trio (Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza) so damn cool. This isn't necessarily you as a legendary Pokemon (Although you can do that if you feel so rebellious), but rather a completely custom legendary that may or may not have any sort of similarities to you. You can create an entire trio if you want to make it even MORE amazing.

    This is the format you can use (Or not, if you're feeling rebellious).

    Name: (Ex. Superduper-eon
    Type: (Ex. Poison and Water)
    Ability: (Ex. Disgust. Lowers the enemy's Sp. Atk.)
    Nickname: (Ex. The Creator of the Excretory System)
    Trio (If it applies): (Ex. The Icky Human Body Parts Trio)
    Lore: (Ex. Superduper-eon was born from a magic toaster... Try to make this at least a paragraph long.)
    Importance: (Ex. Weather Trio Importance) (This is gonna require some explaining. You know how the Weather Trio is super important, and how nobody gives two shits about what Victini is doing? It's kinda like that. I've made a handy-dandy tier list that you will use.)
    Lord Helix: For the creator of the thread :3
    Mew Duo: Admins
    Creation Trio: Moderators
    Weather Trio: Veterans (If you joined 1/15/2011 or before)
    Tower Duo/Tao Duo/Mortality Trio: Regular (If you joined 1/15/2014 or before)
    Beasts/Birds/Golems/Lake Guardians/Swords of Justice/Forces of Nature: New-ish (You joined after 1/15/2014 but before 10/15/2014) (Includes any of the masters of this group, e.g. Regigigas)
    Lunar Duo/Eon Duo/Sea Guardians: Newbie (If you joined after 10/15/2014, but before 12/31/2014)
    Extras (Victini, Celebi, etc.): Super Duper New Guy/Girl (You literally joined during the past week)

    Don't copy anything in parentheses. I'll include mine in a spoiler, so my post won't be so large.

    Name: Ludicuson (Lud-e-ceo-san)
    Type: Normal and Ghost
    Ability: Criticism. If the opponent is the same type as the user, the Pokemon's Def. and Sp. Def are raised. If the opponent is a different type, than the Def. and Sp. Def are lowered.
    Nickname: The Judgement Pokemon
    Trio (If it applies): The Fate Trio
    Lore: Ludicuson is a judging Pokemon, forever judging the lives of Pokemon and choosing their fate. If a Pokemon has done good in the world, than their spirits are left to rest in an eternal, peaceful slumber. If a Pokemon has done bad (On their own will), they are exiled to the Distortion World for as long as Ludicuson sees fit. Ludicuson sends them to be ruled by Caelusion, the peaceful spirit keeper or Poenasion, the violent king of the Distortion World that comes into power once Giratina is caught by the player.
    Importance: Lord Helix Importance
  2. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    This is gonna be fun.

    Name: Leotrah
    Type: Electric/Dark
    Ability: Storm Rush, raises Attack and Speed in rain.
    Nickname: The Shadow Thunder
    Trio (If it applies): None.
    Lore: Before humans existed, when the Pokémon were appearing, Leotrah hunted them. Without stopping. Eventually, most legendaries started to hate him, but Darkrai only started to like him. One day, it was found by Darkrai, and made a plan with Leotrah: he hunted the preys, and Darkrai healed him, but he had to keep half of his prey to give to Darkrai. Leotrah is said to keep hunting Pokémon, and mothers often tell to their children that he is gonna get them if they don't sleep. (I'm bad unu)
    Importance: Swords of Justice. They hunt Leotrah nonstop, and their leader Cobalion is a rival of him, so...yeah.
  3. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Name- Inferbyss
    Type- Fire/Dark
    Ability- Levitate, or Pressure.
    Nickname- The daydream stealer.
    Trio- Lunar Duo, I guess. (It'd be a trio then)
    Lore- Since the beginning, this Pokemon always liked to steal
    (Or hop into) daydreams, as it has no imagination of its own. It's really good friends with Darkrai, and Cresselia.
    Importance-Swords of Justice. It equalizes Darkrai's and Cresselias power, so justice would be suitable.
  4. Name: Krystal
    Type: Psychic/Steel
    Abillity: Shining Light, If it is day then then it raises Krystal's Sp.Defense And Sp.Attack
    Nickname: The Crystal Of Death
    Trio: Death Trio
    Lore: Krystal steals the life of anything that attemps to break its glass and disolves their soul into nothing
    Importance: Victini, This pokemon is a death machine though many people think its just a myth but a step near its glass will kill you
  5. Name: typhorage
    (Typhoon - rage)
    Type: dragon/fire
    Ability: ancient horror - opposing Pokemon has his attack, defence and speed lowered two stages
    Nickname: the father of all dragons
    Trio: chaos trio
    Lore: it is said that along side cthoom and wrathan, this Pokemon was said to bring the end of the world, it existed long ago and was a true nightmare, all the legendaries feared it even arceus.
    Importance: the creation trio and arceus fear it...nuf said.
  6. inferoreum
    (similar to latin for killer)
    type: dark/psychic
    ability: dark power (the opponents stats are halved then this pokemon's stats are raised by the ammount the opponent lost)
    nickname: the dark mirror
    trio: N/A
    lore: this pokemon was origanaly a dark pokemon created for punishing the evil after death, however infereum discovered it could become better versions of its creators. it is able to become more powerful versions of any pokemon, often distorting their apperance, and is able to access special moves in each form
  7. Oooh this sounds fun. I shall give it a try.

    -Name: Penoxia
    -Type: Poison and Ghost
    -Ability: Corrosion (any Pokémon that physically attacks this 'mon or is physically attacked by this 'mon has a 70% chance of ending up Badly Poisoned, even Steel types)
    -Nickname: the Black Cloud (damn that sounds cheesy)
    -Trio: none
    -Lore: Unlike many other Poison Pokémon, this 'mon wasn't born out of the pollution caused by mankind. Penoxia was born out of the very first 'pollution': the toxic gas emanated by the volcanoes of the world during its creation. Since then the Pokémon world has always faced contamination by something, and Penoxia has always been there to eat that pollution up so it doesn't go wild. So it's basically a spirit tasked with containing the ever present pollution the planet goes through. However, the recent pollution caused by humans has been a bit too much for it to handle, resulting in the birth of some Poison-type Pokémon like Grimer and Trubbish.
    -Importance: I suppose Creation Trio tier...?

    i just want a poison-type legend that is not arceus
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