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Crazy (Tor)chics' Sprite Stall

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Layene Silverlight, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Hello! Since I couldn't find a rule anywhere that said this wasn't allowed I'm going to make it... Hopefully I didn't overlook anything... If I did, feel free to lock this or ban me or whatever. Anyway, this is my sprite thread! But not just mine! Aquana's too! See, we're BFFS. I mean it! Whenever possible we do things as a team. So! Here's our sprite shop.
    Things we can do!


    Trainer sprites- [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Team shots- [​IMG]

    Team silhouettes- [​IMG] With these, I need to know whether you have any particular features of the pokemon and trainer you want shown, if not, I'll decide.

    Retyping- [​IMG]
    I'm not that good at these. If you ask for a retype, expect it to be crappy. :p

    Aquana- She'll post hers herself normally, but she can't be on right now, so I'll post these first ones for her.




    1. Comment first.
    2. 1 request at a time. Or else we won't do any of your requests.
    3. Be polite or else we will not take your requests
    4. Comments do not consist of 'That's awesome I really like the hair' because that is too damn vague and I get annoyed at that sort of comment.
    5. We will take, between us, five requests at a time. If the list is full, don't request!

    1. DJ Luke

    Crazy (Tor)chics' Sprite Stall is open for business!

    What I've Made Since I Started This
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    What Aquana Has Made Since I Started This
  2. Well, like everyone else, your sprites are better than you think, they're really cool! ;D

    But I really have nothing to request! Like always.
  3. Thank you! *begin sarcasm* Are you sure you can't think of something to request? *end sarcasm* Do you have any advice?
  4. Nope. I'm not that good as a spriter myself. And Aquana sprites are strange. I know what it is, but don't know how to dexcribe it. But I think that you may know, you're obviously a better spriter than me. No wait, thinking better, you should improve the shading of your sprites. And your first two sprites also have strange heads, the hair should be higher, and the head of the third sprite have a strange shape. Other than saying that you need to improve that, I have no advice.
  5. Hmm, you're right. This better at all?


  6. Yeah, it's better! But you still need to shade her skirt.
  7. Really? For the skirt all I did was recolour it, it was that shading already... Huh...
  8. Really? Her skirt is strange. Specially in the gray part.
  9. You simply need to accentuate the shading, don't be afraid do go with some darker shades to make your sprites really pop.

    Im liking your still, you have very colorful palettes.
  10. Thank you! I'll work on it. Some of the colours I stole from other trainer sprites, some of them I made myself.

    Edit: Are these better?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. I really love your sprites especially the re-type I love the boxy thingy!
    I have two requests:
    I would like a team shot using this sprite: [​IMG]
    Her team is Lucario (stood up sprite not kneeling), Ampharos, Dasutodasu and Jarlorda!

    Could I have a lucario ice re-type also?
  12. There we go, that shading is looking alot better. Well done!
  13. "A lot better"? As a good spriter, you should know that...

    ...no, it's not better, now her dress looks pyramid-shaped. I recommend you to use five different tones in that area you edited, going left to right, from the lighter tone to the darker one. Keep in mind that the difference between the lighter shade tone should be just a bit darker than the dress main tone, and each following tone also must be just a bit darker. Also, you should do shading to her left too, but just a bit, and just the two lighter shade tones. Also, to not make her dress a perfect circle, try to do a bit of shading on it, not only with darker tones, but also with lighter tones, to make as her dress is being moved by the wind, making some parts shadowed, and some more iluminated.
  14. Well its shaded a bit now, it looks like the tone is right. And using 5 tones for one area of shading is not necessary and may lead to more confusion, let it be gradual or at least present her with a tutorial or something, reading abstract color theory off text is probably the most confusing thing that could be done for a new spriter.

    As a note Layene, for large bits of cloth its usually a good idea to look at multiple shading areas. I usually just find a picture of the object to reference. So for that dress may I suggest this?

    Its not exactly the same pose but it gives you an idea about leg movement and shading in a dress.

    And snetonobre you should learn to let people learn in stages, it was a good improvement for the color palette and shading.
  15. Doesn't mean I'm wrong. I never read any tutorial about shading. Most of the things I'm good at I learn by doing, not byreading how to do. But I'm wrong with something: I shouldn't expect everyone to learn things as fast as me. You're right, five different tones aren't needed, but considering how little space each is going to occupy, I just picked a number that I though it would fit in the area she edited. But thinking better, four, or even three tones might be used there as well. This tip you gave her is a realy good one, that I couldn't think off, by the way. But still, doesn't mean I'm wrong. We just teach this in different ways: as a good experienced spriter, and as someone with a good sense of empathy, you tends to act more like a teacher who acompanies his students and will teach the way it's the more comfortable to them, while me, this perfectionist average spriter, who doesn't fear telling the blunt truth to others, acts more like a counselor, teaching as much as possible in just a few time. I guess your way is preferable to most people, as it's more comfortable to them. I think I should learn to have more empathy towards others.
  16. Uh... 'Jarlorda'? I don't know that one. Actually I looked through the 5th gen Pokemon too and it's not there. Do you mean Jarooda?

    Also... Didn't I say 1 request at a time? I was already working on an Ice-type Lucario for fun so I'll post that too, but please try and only make one request at a time.
  17. I must say I was a bit sceptic towards this thread when I first read it, but after seeing the Lanette sprite I'm actually quite interested. I don't know what the big deal about the shading is, it looks just all right to me. I'm not saying it's perfect, but probably a bit better than what I could manage myself, so of course I like it. :)

    I think you have potential, and I'd like to see where this thread will go. :)
  18. Sorry I didn't realise but your sprites are so good I had to request two! I did mean Jaroda or the last 5th gen grass starter evo, im sorry im really bad with these names!
  19. Kay. Just try not to do things I say you can't do again. :(

    Nearly finished with the team shot, and I am finished with my ice-type Lucario.


    And, just for fun, this weird- Or is it cute?- retype.

  20. Hey Ms. Silverlight (already started to call you that, won't stop now unless you ask), I noticed the ice parts you pick to your Ice-retypes are from megaman games (possible Megaman ZX or it's sequel). Also, is that supposed to be a Fire-retype? Cause these are obviously petals. Yeah, but again, your sprites aren't so bad as you think, like most spriters you just have little self-esteem (I'm the guy with the less amount of self-esteem in this site). In fact, despite of what I already said in this post, I really liked these two sprites.
  21. Actually, the ice parts are from SoA.

    Really? Petals? Because that was that thing from Flareon's forehead... Hmm...

    @DJ Luke [​IMG]
    ... I made Jarooda look way overprotective.
  22. Blu :o

    Really? They look exactly like ice from Megaman ZX Advent (this game I played non-stop when my DS wasn't broke, if something looks from that game I will know), and that things from the Fire-retype look exactly like flower petals, don't you think? Well, my pride is broke to pieces right now :-[. Wish I could say "well, it's okay, I already made mistakes before", but I would only be telling a lie to myself, I can't stand being wrong (which, like with any human being, being wrong is common, I'm just too prideful).
  23. Maybe they used some of the same graphics for them. Maybe they're REALLY similar.
  24. How does Jaroda look overprotective? Do tell!
    Anyway thanks I love thems~! Keep it up!
  25. That's just what I think. Its tail is curled around the trainer. Plus the expression... Looks overprotective to me.

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