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Crazy Japanese Traders

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Scyen, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. If you've ever been on the Geonet thing in Jubilife, you might now what I'm talking about.
    I got on, and looked for a Piplup, any level. Not too much to ask, right?
    When the list of possible traders came, they were all Japanese. OK, cool. What do they want?

    What did they want?

    Level 100 Legendaries from all four gens.


    That's insane. I don't know how far the "honor" thing goes, but this is totally dishonest.
    I mean, no one will comply to this, but it's still really...bizarre. Logic = gone.
    This happen to any of you?
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    A friend of mine was on the GTS a few days ago, and I chuckled at one of the trades he came upon. I forget what the person was offering, but they wanted a level 90 Grotle. Specifically level 90. I just... don't get the logic behind that. At all o.O

    I'm thinking it must have been put up there by some kid who was either goofing around or had no idea what they were doing.
  3. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    It's been like that since about a fortnight after the games came out in Japan. It's pretty much ruined the entire system really.
  4. I searched for a Turtwig, and one of the traders had a Lvl. 100 Turtwig...interesting. o_0

    But no, I've noticed most have been asking for Legendaries....
  5. I was searching for a glameow and I got one from someone who was japanese (the name was in the japanese letters) and i got a lvl 40 one for a lvl 18 murkrow,but....i forgot to take my EXP. share of it... :-[
  6. Ouch...that sucks.

    But let me check it out. Right this second, I am logging on to the GTS.

    I'm going to ask for a level 9 or less Bidoof. Let's see what I get...


    Okay, Trainer number 1 wants a Rayquaza.
    Trainer 2 wants a level 100 Cranidos.
    Trainer 3 from Florida wants a Chimchar. Understandable.
    So does Trainer 4 from California.
    And Trainer five wants a level 80 Gyarados.

    Trainers 1, 2, and 5 were from Japan.
  7. all of those people are crazy idiots. but there are occaisionally incredible trades on the gts. ex:
    i got a lvl 54 staraptor with pokerus, it knew fly, aerial ace, brave bird, and close combat.
    for what? a level 20+ finneon
  8. Lol, i was just checking this out for myself, someone wanted a level 100 deoxys for a level 45 machamp :p

    an even worse one, someone wants a lvl 100 dialga for a level 2 weavile
  9. I just don't get it.

    I mean, they've had the game for almost 8 months now, and we've had it for less than a week. Maybe they think that only other INCREIBLE Japanese trainers are on, or they think our Action Replay things let us get super-hyper-ultra-mega Legendaries or something.


  10. Actually alot of people are like this. Almost every trade I saw was dishonest. I make reasonable trades for the mst part. I got a level 44 Infernape for a level 61 Primeape. (I never used that Primeape) I got a level 32 Torterra for a level 47 Rapidash. But the guy who gave me the Infernape raised him all wrong. Didn't know what he was doing. He gave his Infernape Cut-Rock Smash-Strength-Rock Climb. It took 200,000 dollars out of my wallet to get that thing good moves. But now it's no longer a crappy Infernape. The guy's Torterra was an AMAZING deal. I got the Torterra in 30 minutes. It was great. But I see people offering level 47 Dialgas for here we go LEVEL 100 DIALGAS! The only guy who would do that trade is somone who completed the game 100% and had nothing to do so he traded his for a weaker one so he could then have something to do. That something is training another Dialga to 100. WHich only takes a couple hoours.....seriosuly.....It took me 2 hurs to get my palkia to levl 70.
  11. The same thing happened to me.... There was someone wanting a Dialga for a lvl 1 Turtwig. Anyone who does that SUXS
  12. This one guy wanted a Piplup any level for a Level 40 Rapidash....AND HE HAD A MASTER BALL ON HIM! I thought I was in heaven clicked yes to the trade thingy and realized that all 5 of my Piplups were MALE he wanted FEMALE. I wanted to kill him.....THE ONLY THING KEEPING ME FROM A SECOND MASTER BALL WAS A GENDER!!!
  13. Pretty much, there are no fair trades on there...so you're best bet is to just offer a Pokemon for something reasonable and you'll get it soon.
  14. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    I managed to get a Turtwig for a Shinx, and Chimchar for a Cleffa, so not too bad. I don't see the logic in people asking for a lv 9 Seadra...which is unpossible.
  15. a lot of the time they're asking for hacked pokemon, though i don't know why. but i've gotten, all legit:

    54 staraptor, pokerus, for a lvl 20 finneon
    17 (shiny) tyrogue, untrained, for a lvl 1 eevee
    25 (shiny) duskull, untrained, for something completely insignificant
  16. Practically everything on there is unreasonablle. But I'm the master. I could get any pokemon I wanted. Really all you need to do is know how people work and what they want and people being unreasonable really doesn't matter.
  17. Yeah, well pkmn masta you probably do get each pokemon you want...but hey im not gonna say stop bragging becuz you know better...
    Meanwhile,yah well i was sorta one of those crazzzzzy japanese traders,I traded a lvl 49 Empoleon for a lvl 43 Raichu.But as you see it only took me 2 hours to get him to lvl 60
  18. AH! I want you're Duskull!

    The shiny third evo of that thing is sooo kick ass.
  19. =] you want it, give me something worth my time. i'm going to go on the serebii wifi chat today to see if i can get a shiny cyndaquil....cyndaquil's entire line = my soon-to-be bishies.
  20. Woah....... did anyone actually go through with these trades (other than masters)? BTW, how do you Wi-Fi trade? Please tell me. And I also want... that... Duskull!
  21. All of this reminds me of that "Female Hoppip named Stanley" thing from Pokemon Crystal's explanation of the GTS system. :p
  22. I find that with the Wifi trading Center you have alot more luck posting a random pokemon, and hoping to get what you want then actually searching, sadly ;;
  23. the only issue with that is you can't ask for shiny pokemon (and that's actually a good thing; instead of people wanting dialgas and palkias for bidoofs they'd want shiny dialgas and palkias for starlies)

    i love the gts =] it helps especially if you don't have enough money to buy both games.
  24. Blah...Don't have...how the hell could you get a shiny Cyndiquill in D/P?
    Is it in FR/LG?

    Because, I don't think that even AR has codes for shinies...
  25. you can get cyndaquils in emerald and xd, from the mt. battle in xd and from completing hoenn dex in emerald. unobtainables discounted. (i'm 196/200)
  26. OK, I searched for Bidoof at one point, and somebody wanted a Level 100 Deoxys for it. That's pure crazy, and I doubt anybody did trade that guy. Yet, his offer is gone? Maybe he took it down. Oh, I just checked, and somebody wants a Deoxys for a Spiritomb! Oh lord, why such greed?
  27. Because they're unreasonable. So uh, anyone want a Shiny Dialga...for something that's actually worth it.
  28. no thanks, i cant afford it yet...

    back to the traders thing...searching for a grotle...japanese guy wants a dialga for a lv21...english speaking guy wants a dialga...this guy wants a lv50+ palkia for a lv31...girl in florida wants a roserade lv80+ for a lv40...lucario lv70+ for a lv21...japanese guy also wants a dialga for a lv27...some kid apperantly playing a joke wants a grotle(male) lv20+ for a grotle(male) lv23...more crazy english traders this time around...kinda weird isnt it?...
  29. ...A...regular...Dialga?

  30. i'll give you 2--count 'em, 2-- shinies for it. voltorb and electrode, or zubat can be swapped for either of the previous two.
  31. It's Americans too, but remember, Patience is key. Once, it took me like an hour but I started witha level 1 Turtwig and ended up with a level 100 Dialga. And I know this'll sound picky but....I kinda want a Shiny Charmander Charmeleon or Charizard....whichever of the three ya got Shiny....I ADORE black Charizard.
  32. You'd have to have an endless supply of Pokemans and a lot of luck to do a trading ladder like that.
  33. what is this website?
    and why the hell people trade lvl100leges for level 1's
  34. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    The GTS isn't a website, it's a feature found within Diamond and Pearl that allows people to trade Pokemon over the WiFi Connection that doesn't require friend codes. You put up a Pokemon for a trade with an offer (say you're offering a level 5 Turtwig for a level 5 Piplup), and people who are looking for Turtwig can try to match this offer. The best part about it is that you don't need to stay connected to the GTS at all times to have your trade offer fulfilled. If someone accepted, you'll get your wanted Pokemon the next time you connect.

    As for why people are doing that... it's because they're morons and hoping that there are a lot of generous/stupid people out there to accept the high leveled trades :p
  35. It is completely insane!*dies* Once,Someone wanted a Lv. 100 Dialga for a level 4 Parichisu!
  36. Ok i just searched for any Feebas, either gender and got 2 strange offers:

    1. someone who didn't register on Geo-Net has a lv 20 Feebas and wants a lv 9 or lower Rotom.

    2. someone who didn't register on Geo-Net has a lv 1 Feebas and wants a lv 40 or higher Female Sedra.
  37. Ive seen people who want a manaphy for a mim jr lv.1 but I did trade my level 50 mesperit and I got a Lv 100 Dailga
  38. One of my friends has legit legendaries, but also has an AR code that can replicate an entire box, and there's no way to tell the original Pokémon from the clone in the next box. Thanks to this, he's become a one man online trading tycoon, especially seeing as he clones his legit 10th Anniversary Lugia, Ho Oh and Celebi.

    I'm waiting for people to abuse things like this on eBay
    #38 Sakamoto, May 17, 2007
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  39. There should be a way for Nintendo, or at least SOMEONE to mod the freaking GPS, or at least they should have made a function so you can only search for trades you can actually make.
  40. i just checked the other day, and there was a japanese person with a [glow=red,2,300]lv100 shiny lopunny[/glow] for any gengar, any gender, any level...i was like 'o...m...g...i wish i had evolved my haunter :'(

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