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Crazy D/P people who can't write guides

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by LucarioKing, Apr 30, 2007.


Do you think nintendo people usually make mistakes???

  1. Yes...

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  2. no...

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  3. how the heck should i know!!!

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  1. Well,Lucario here and apperently i got the D/P guide and i just noticed this on the book that on a page it says bonsly is in Diamond and Mime Jr. is in Pearl but on another page it says the exact opposite, tell me do u think they sorta' rush they're work or do you think im overreacting???
  2. I think it depends on the publisher. Is it Prima or Nintendo power? but yes, I've found mistakes in previous guidbooks on the pokemon rpg games before.

    It's actually quite fun to spot them :p
  3. Linkachu

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    It's not uncommon to find a mistake here and there, but like Bock said - it is a bit amusing. Yes, Nintendo editors do make mistakes, and have done so in the past. It's not such a big deal unless the mistake totally throws players off and sends them off on wild goose hunts...
  4. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    These guides are written in probably the worst possible conditions to be writing... well, anything - let alone a hundred/two hundred page reference book. Seriously, they're expected to play through their preview games, get their feelings for the game, then take that experience and the raw data taken directly from the game and write a couple hundred pages and then fill those couple hundred pages with relevant imagery/diagrams/graphs/etc all within the space of literally a couple of weeks.

    You really cannot blame any of them for having a few errors in them considering the excruciating deadlines they have to put up with. If I had to do something like that (albeit, I'd be part of a team of 3 or 4 people normally), I'm sure I'd have quite a few errors in there as well - and I'm generally rather perfectionist about such things.
  5. Prima tends to mess up.

    Unfortunately, Prima also tends to UBER-MASS ship their copies and get them out the door quicker.

    ((I should've held out for the Nintendo version))
  6. I don't know which guide you bought, or which page the "error" is on, but Bonsly and Mime Jr. are each in both games, but have opposite appearance rates.

    I prefer Nintendo over Prima, because even while NP DOES make a mistake every now and then (often mixing up "right" and "left"), I still feel more comfortable with the official thing. Not to mention NP's guides are infinitely better organized, fitting more info into fewer pages, and are made so you can easily remember where to find something instantly. Prima doesn't do that for me.

    One guide I sure hope they do well with is their Ultimate National Pokédex: it's two guides in one! It's supposed to have ridiculous amounts of data on "all" 490 Pokémon, AND it acts as a walkthrough for Diamond & Pearl's post-Elite Four game. The BEST part is it's size: over 360 pages! (You ever seen the Kingdom Hearts II or Final Fantasy XII guides? Yeah. It's bigger than THOSE.)
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  7. Well, now it is time to announce the publisher........Prima, well I think im gonna but nintendo next time... ::)

    Damn. Even the UBER-MASS(ive) [I'm so sad, I make a joke about a post I made the day before. I suck THAT much] Zelda:TP guide is only 190 pages...

    That is, indeed, a s---load of pages.

    Doo joo wants to see my Pokemans?
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  9. Sadly.. alot of times the guides you get in stores seem to be, very in accurate.. from personal experence if your gonna get a guide, get one from Nintendo, or better yet, get one from google searching! I find that the people made guides/walkthrough are more accurate (usually >.>) but sadly they don't have the nice looking maps ;;
  10. I've found about 20 in mine... just like every other Prima guide
  11. well, i only notice some really obvious ones like this:


    its actually quite funny
  12. I can only imagine the look on my face if I ever caught a Weedle with a Rod.

    I never owned a guide before. But, wouldn't it be easier to just have the Pokemon Company make the guides.
  13. I only use Nintendopower. ;D Not one mistake spotted yet!
  14. I'm npt very sure about this picture, no offense but it looks alterated

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