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Private/Closed Corrupt Arena Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Pokéboy098, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Wyndham had just reached the top of Mount Silver when a bright light came from between him and where Red had used to sit and train. He had come here to see where the great Pokémon trainer had trained, and maybe even do it himself. However, when the light came from what seemed to be a hole in the sky, he was temporarily blinded. Someone grabbed him from behind and threw him into the portal.

    When he came out of the other side, he was immediately hit on the head and knocked out, despite his struggling. He woke up in a black cell. Looking outside, he saw a large ‘R’ which was rainbow colored. He didn’t know what it was, but he did want to get out of his cell, so he reached down to his belt, only to find that he had none of his Pokémon. Just outside of the cell, a grunt of whatever evil team this was was watching, and Wyndham shouted at him, “Give me back my Pokémon! Who are you and why am I here anyway?!”

    The grunt merely said, “Oh, your awake. How could you not know who Team Rainbow Rocket is? We are an inter dimensional team for stealing Pokémon, and we need entertainment too. You are here to be forced to battle with some of the strongest trainers of all time, who were all stolen from different dimension from yours. Don’t worry too much about your Pokémon. We treat all of our combatants as esteemed guests, and you will have them back for your upcoming battle.” The rocket grunt then closed the cell’s soundproof window and ignored his captive’s yelling.
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  2. Lloyd quietly walked down the path of Victory Road (In Sinnoh), he was on his way to the Pokémon League and battle Cynthia. "I wonder how she'll react to a Garchomp on Garchomp battle." He thought as he kept his hood up despite the beautiful sunny day. Before the Pokémon League could come into his view, he saw a strange light on his left. Out of curiosity, he decided to go and check it out, when it came into his view, it appeared to be some kind of... portal? But before he could make any more actions, he could hear footsteps running toward him, before he could turn around, the approaching figure put a cloth to Lloyd's mouth... but the cloth had the scent of chloroform which caused Lloyd to pass out.

    When Lloyd finally woke up, the first thing he could see was an unfamiliar area that looked like a cell, he widened his eyes lightly as he went to reach his Poké balls only to find out he didn't have any on him. "Hey!" Lloyd shouted aggressively. "Where are my Pokémon?! What did you do with them?!" He added. A female grunt looked back with a slightly smug look. "Good morning sleepyhead, I trust you enj-" She tried to say before Lloyd interrupted her. "Answer the damn question woman!" he shouted.

    "Jeez, alright. Your Pokémon are fine, and if you behave, they'll stay that way. We have big plans for you and a few other lucky individuals, so you'll get your Pokémon back later. For now, just sit back and enjoy the ride.~" The grunt said with a wink before she closed the little gap letting them hear Lloyd's voice... only to be replaced with a few bangs against the wall as if Lloyd was kicking it, soon the cell went silent as Lloyd sighed in frustration and sat down.

    "He's a feisty one, I like him." The female grunt said. "Me too." The driver responded as they neared their destination.
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  3. Zoey lent down, smelling the yellow flowers. A Flabebe leaped out, ready for a battle, and the girl took out her Pokeball, which contained her Umbreon inside. “Umbreon, ge-!” She was cut off, a bright, blinding light came, and she could faintly see an oval shape in the sky. Umbreon hadn’t even come out of its Pokeball yet, and in panic, she put the Pokeball into her hoodie, the Flabebe looked behind it, and ran away. What it was running from? Team Rainbow Rocket. Some grunts confronted Zoey, while she was blinded, and put fabric over her eyes, then punched her in the head, knocking her out.

    When Zoey woke up, she was in a dark cell, and all her Pokemon had gone. Although, she felt a ball inside her hoodie, which she’d forget about, and Team Rainbow Rocket must’ve missed. She secretly took it out, it was Umbreon’s Pokeball, from when she had panicked. A grunt opened the window on her cell,

    “Alright there, girly? Be good, we’re looking after your Pokemon, you don’t look like a feisty one, at least. Relax, you’ll have some exercise in battle soon enough.”

    He shut the window again, and Zoey heard him laughing as he walked away. She’d hidden the Pokeball behind her, and took it out once again. Her eyes were watering, “What did we get into, Umbreon..” She said, worriedly. The grunt was right, she wasn’t one to be feisty. The whole situation just scared her, and she quietly threw out Umbreon, who instantly looked around as it came out. It ran over to Zoey sitting on the bed, and lay next to her. It cocked its head sidewards, “Me too, buddy.. me too..”
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  4. Jack was walking around the harbor of Olivine City, he bought an airplane ticket to Johto just to watch the boats. He liked boats, they represented freedom in his eyes and he wanted his own boat one day. Travelling around the world on a boat, without a care in the world. That was a childhood dream he still had but he never managed to find a boat that fit in his budget. As he looked around, he saw a hole in the ground and a flash blinded him. He felt himself being thrown in before everything went black.

    "Wake up, you are needed to be alive." Jack heard a voice say as he woke up with a splitting headache. and much worse, without his hat. He quickly found it beside him and put it back on, but his Pokémon were missing. "Your Pokémon are taken, you'll get them back when we say so. You're here because your stellar win-loss streak and shall provide Team Rainbow Rocket entertainment by battling other skilled trainers." A grunt said with a rainbow R on his otherwise black outfit. "Your boss must not know much about fashion, such bright colors don't match with black." Jack said with a grin as the grunt glared daggers at him and left.

    "Jack, buddy, what have you gotten yourself into?"
  5. Meanwhile in the Unova Victory Road...

    “Ebisu, Razor Shell!” Elvira shouted.

    The Samurott pulled out a golden-colored fishing rod from the area that was supposed to store her biological sword. The fishing rod glowed blue until it took the form of a blue, glowing sword. The otter went foward, slicing some giant rock that stood in her trainer’s way, destroying it.

    “Well that was fast. Anyways, let’s get going-“ Elvira started, before a random light caught her attention.

    Before she could even turn around, she was suddenly surrounded by mutiple strangers trying to grab her.

    “What the-“ She hissed, before she evantually passed out from being hit by a frying pan that one of the grunts pulled out. Wait, where did they get that frying pan? The last sounds she heard before she blacked out was the mix of angry hissing and terrified yelping from her Samurott.

    Elvira’s eyes bursted open, sitting up to take a look at her surroundings. She then felt herself, realizing that her bag was nowhere on her body or anywhere in sight. Wait, her bag held her items and team! She stood up, evantually seeing a grunt in front of her.

    “Looking for your bag?” The grunt mused, holding a gray bag in their hands.

    “Don’t worry, You will provide a wonderful source of entertainment with this mighty team of yours. Speaking your mighty team, do you want them back?” The grunt mused.

    “That would be wonderful.” Elvira replied with a hint of anger in her voice.

    “Too bad, so sad. Your precious team will be handed back whenever we please.” The grunt mused, beginning to walk away with the bag in his hand. As the grunt was walking away, the window shut to protect the grunt from the sea of curses that the trainer was spewing out.

    “HEY! If you lay a single finger on any of my Pokemon, your head will be served on a silver platter and then fed to my cousin’s Haxorus!” Elvira screeched, punching the cell.

    After she had let off some steam, she evantually gave up on just punching the cell. She lumbered over to her bed, faceplanting onto the blanket. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse after nearly getting killed by an enraged dragon...
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  6. Wyndham jolted awake after hearing a tray full of tons of food scrape across the floor of his cell. He looked up seeing a slot under the door too small to escape through, but big enough to talk through, and he said, “For a prisoner, you feed me well. What time is it?”
    The grunt responded, “I told you, we treat our prisoners nicely, and it is breakfast time. Once you are done eating that, you can choose one Pokémon to be given, and you will go to the yard to train that Pokémon. We can’t have you getting sloppy before your next battle.”
    So, Wyndham began to eat the large pile of food.

    Wyndham finally finished his 3-course meal and said, “Now give me Rhyperior.”
    The cell window opened and the grunt outside said, “Put your hands through.”
    Wyndham’s hands were immediately handcuffed so that he could be led outside. Once in the large yard, Wyndham could see the large amount of guards stationed there, a whole hundred, at least. Wyndham was given his Pokéball and the original grunt walked away. He looked in it then sat down, knowing he could never defeat 100 Grunts with just Rhyperior.
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  7. Jack was laying down on the ground, not really bothered by the situation by the looks of it. He had no plan or intention to escape as of yet since he had no Pokémon nor a map. He heard the sound of metal scraping across the floor and reared his head up to see that he was given food, and lots of it by the look of it. He got up from the ground and knocked on the window of his cell door. "Hey, I want to talk about something with you." The window opened and the same grunt from before was behind it."If you are only going to insult our uniforms, I'll leave."

    "Listen here, you said that I am here for entertainment and that there are other trainers locked up here. If you let us free then we will be on your side, you can overthrow your boss and become boss yourself." Jack shows his rings to the grunt and continues to talk. "See these? Worth a lot of money. As the boss of this organisation you can have multiple of them and become stinking rich along with access to that weird wormhole thing you used to capture me, sounds good doesn't it?" Jack tried to coerce the guard into letting him free and make him tell the way out of this place, but the guard didn't seem too interested. "I serve others, not just myself but you made some appealing arguments. Finish your food, then I'll think about letting you out. I have a question though, which of your Pokémon do you like best?"

    Jack was happy, did his plan work? "My favorite team member is Zoroark." He said as he began to eat his food. After finally finishing it the grunt opened his cell door and Jack made his way out of the cell. "So you agreed with my-" Jack couldn't finish his sentence as he got handcuffed. "Plan.." The grunt pushed him towards a large open area guarded by a lot of grunts. "Here's your beloved Zoroark, trickster." The grunt said as he uncuffed Jack and gave him a Pokéball before walking away, unable to see the gleam in the prisoner's eyes. "Never get in my way, or you'll pay dearly." He said as he released his Zoroark and casted an illusion on the grunt, making it appear that he was trapped in the yard. This illusion was short-lived though as the grunt guards began to meddle with Jack. "If I need to take every last grunt out to escape, then so be it!"
  8. “Rhyperior, Rock Wrecker!” Commanded Wyndham. He had told the plan to his Rhyperior while he was sitting down. The huge rock, fired from a cannon, slammed into the wall, but left little damage. The Grunts immediately closed in, sending out Pokémon of all types! Arbok, Raticate, Golbat, Primeape, Persian, Haunter, Fearow, Tentacruel, Muk, and even Hypno were sent out to combat the Rhyperior, and with many attacks, the powerful Pokémon was out. “Training time is over.” Shouted a grunt who ran up Wyndham and snatched the Pokéball from his hand. The grunt returned Rhyperior to its ball and continued, “Bring him back to his cell. He doesn’t deserve training.”

    Once back in his cell, Wyndham was given lunch early, since his training time was cut short, and the guard outside said, “That was your only chance to train before your first battle. It is tomorrow. Eat up, then I will give you some clips of your enemy’s team battling so you can prepare your strategy.” Then, the metal hatch closed shut with a loud noise.
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  9. Lloyd remained sat against the wall of his cell, he saw a little compartment on the bottom of the wall open up and a tray of food slid through it; although it looked bland compared to the food he was used to eating. "Trying to poison me?" Lloyd asked bluntly. "Oh not at all, sweetie. We just need you to keep your strength up if you're to give us a good show. Besides, a big boy's gotta eat." The female grunt said with a wink. "Bon Appetit.~" She added before she closed the compartment. Lloyd looked at his food and reluctantly ate it.

    After what seemed like forever, Lloyd was almost done with his food before he felt a strange force as if the cell he was in grinded to a halt. "We're here." The driver grunt said in a hoarse voice. "Yay! Can't wait to see which of his Pokémon he picks!" The female grunt replied as she and the driver came out and went to the door of the cell. "We're gonna open the door, so be a good boy and put on your handcuffs." The female grunt said as the driver opened the door. Lloyd turned his head to see the female grunt holding the handcuffs and the male grunt who stood like a tower compared to her.

    "Can I do one thing first?" Lloyd asked. "Meh, I suppose, what is-?" She asked before she was cut off by Lloyd charging aggressively toward the male grunt and punched him hard in the crotch, causing the latter to let out a loud squeak and fall to his knees. Lloyd sighed after his punch and the looked up to see the army of grunts around him. "I feel better now... go ahead." Lloyd said, clearly not as aggressive as before. "O-okay." The female grunt said as she tried not to laugh at what happened, she cuffed Lloyd and then opened a case containing six Poké balls.

    "Okay, so pick which one of your Pokémon you wanna train and use for the first battle." She said. Lloyd raised an eyebrow and thought hard for a moment. "I'll take this one; If you're after entertainment, perhaps I'll start with a bang." He said as he took Gladuis' Poké ball. "Alright, now if you'll follow the guy you just hit, he'll show you to the training area." She said as the male grunt struggled to get up and escorted him to the training area where several grunts snickered menacingly at him, ready to battle.

    "Alright, here's where you'll train, we'll be back later so play nice." The grunt said as he closed the door. "Like hell I will." Lloyd said as the grunts all got out their Pokémon ranging from many different types, mainly from Kanto. Lloyd felt his cuffs come off and threw out is Poké ball, out of it came a Gallade, but unlike others, this one was as blue as the sky. A few grunts paused in amazement that their opponent had a shiny on him whilst a few others ordered their Pokémon to attack, all, of which were long ranged.

    "Gladius! Dodge their attacks and deflect what you can't with Night slash, then attack with the same move!" Lloyd commanded, the pupils in is eyes briefly flashed under the shade of his hood. The Gallade dashed forward like a speeding bullet, dodging half of the attacks with grace and deflecting what he can't, some of which almost the one who used the move. Before the grunts could use another attack, Gladius was already on top of their Pokémon, attacking them with an ominous Night Slash one by one.
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  10. A grunt opened the hatch on Zoey's door, sliding in a plate with some delicious looking food. She bent down, talking through the hatch, "Yeesh.. you make good food, alright."

    "Thanks, now eat up. I'll give compliments to the chef. Training is after breakfast, so think of a Pokemon, and make it quick!" The grunt said, and then Zoey saw shoes walking away, and then the hatch closed, all was silent again. Umbroen perked up, knowing it would be found if she'd have to go to training, "They'll find the five Pokeballs, and be looking for yours, Umbreon, I won't let them hurt you.. any of you." Zoey said, confidently. It was a wonder how the Pokemon hadn't been found already, especially when she got her food. She put it back in its Pokeball, and then put it next to her as she ate breakfast. She used a tissue to save her leftovers for Umbreon in battle, she'd found it out to be a great strategy. A grunt came back, took the plate and opened the door,

    "I trust you won't resist, so-"

    Zoey put out her hand, showing him the Pokeball. "Umbreon, you left it behind. Treat my Pokemon well, it has no use just being locked up in a cell with me, does it?"

    "Uh, thanks?" The grunt said, taking it and stashing it in a bag, filled with all of Zoey's Pokemon. "Mhmm.. maybe you'll get special treatment for this, you're a good one." He said, handcuffing her and pulling her along behind him to training. She hanged her head a bit, annoyed that she couldn't even get a single hit on the grunt.

    When Zoey arrived at training, she was stood in a big field, surrounded by grunts. The grunt with her had un cuffed her and given her a choice of her six Pokemon, of which she chose Dragonite. The grunt looked at the Pokemon, "Don't fly away, or you'll regret it, dragon!" Dragonite turned its back on the grunt and huffed, he wasn't one to be told what not to do. The grunt gave it an annoyed look, and walked away, still eyeing it. "We've got this!" Zoey said, as the Pokemon stood ready, as the grunts all released their first Pokemon.

    "Dragonite, use Hurricane!" The move took out most of the fighting, bug and grass Pokemon, "Dragonite, use Hyper Beam!" And the battle lasted for a little while, with most Pokemon being taken out, until a load of Ice Pokemon came out, and totally destroyed Zoey's Pokemon. Dragonite fainted, retreating into his Pokeball. The grunt led her back to her cell, and then took Dragonite away to be healed. She was alone now, no Umbreon, no nothing..
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  11. Although Jack and Zoroark were surrounded by all kinds of Pokémon, neither of them seemed to be intimidated. "Zoroak, Nasty Plot!" Zoroak seemed to be thinking before breaking out in malevolent laughter, sending chills down the spines of anyone hearing it. "Attack!" The Rocket grunts yelled as their Pokémon attacked. "Dark Pulse!" Jack ordered Zoroark as it sent out a black and red pulse, severely damaging the attacking Pokémon and even knocking some out. It was not enough though as Zoroark and Jack got overpowered and Jack got handcuffed again. "You will be put under severe security, can't have a rioter like you do whatever he wants." A grunt said as Zoroark was recalled and put back into storage. Jack himself got thrown back into his cell, still handcuffed. "Impressive security, guess brute force won't be the way to get out of this place."
  12. Peter, on his journey in Sinnoh, was walking through Victory Road, to reach the Elite Four. As he was walking, he got to an opening, where a single path was, no twists, but the trainer he'd seen ahead of him wasn't there. Surely, unless he had an Extreme Speed Pokemon, which using that in Victory Road was banned, there was no way he could have escaped. He didn't seem injured enough to flee. Then, in the distance, he heard noises.
    'We got one, we need the other in this stupid cave. Spread out, find him.'. Quickly, without thinking, Peter stopped walking and turned into running. He didn't know where to go, just to get away from these mysterious people. To no avail.

    Now, there was a man and a woman, both in matching outfits, with a cap and a onesie-like-suit with a belt. In the middle was a rainbow-coloured R. It reminded Peter of the old 'Team Rocket' riots in Kanto. In-fact, if it was red, it would match. 'Rainbow... Rocket?'. He said quietly to himself.
    'Damn right you are.'. Without a thought, he was knocked out cold, after a white flash, and the world evaporated from his senses.

    Soon, he woke up. In a cell. It seemed the others around him were mostly empty. Then, he felt for his belt, and felt nothing, apart from the beginning of his pants. His Pokemon weren't there. 'Where am I?' he said in an alarmed, yet collected voice. 'Where are my Pokemon? Lycanroc?! Garchomp?! Anyone?!'. His worry drowned his thoughts of where he was. What was gonna happen to his Pokemon? What was Team Rainbow Rocket going to do?

    In the distance, he heard a large rumbling going on. 'Must be a riot or something. Who wouldn't?'.

    After not long, food slid through, and he ate it without a word. It wasn't too bad, for 'prison' food, as he thought it would be classed as. Not long after, he was forced into an arena, and forced to pick a Pokemon to train. He chose Lycanroc. Garchomp would be more powerful, but Lycanroc was his partner, and the two were inseparable.

    Now, grunts with their Pokemon were closing in on all sides, after he'd been released from his handcuffs, and quickly directed Lycanroc. 'Lycanroc. Use Toxic on as many Pokemon as you can. Lycanroc followed the command, and fired as much of the Move as he could. Afterwards, when most Pokemon were becoming weaker, it was just the big ones left, such as Dragonites. 'Use Stealth Rock, in-case they bring out new Pokemon, and then use Stone Edge, and block yourself off. Use Protect if you get attacked, these big ones may take you out easy... no offense, buddy.'. The command was followed, and Lycanroc had caged himself in stone.

    Now, Peter noticed a flaw. Lycanroc's Stone Edge wasn't able to be used often, so he would have to wait for the Pokemon to faint from Toxic. But, it wasn't long, until a Scizor was put in the ring. It had a glow, and if Peter was right, that was from the effects of something that raised the Pokemon's attack. Without hesitation, the Scizor hit straight through the rock, and struck Lycanroc. The Toxic was nothing to the Scizor, as the type Poison against Steel wasn't very good. A few hits later, and Lycanroc went down.

    Peter was soon, back in his cell.
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  13. Suddenly, a grunt entered Wyndham’s cell, and said, “Take these clips. Watch them carefully. You will be fighting a tricky and feisty opponent tomorrow; his name is Jack. He is completely and totally evil and loves to use nasty strategies, as well as cheat.” Of course, the grunt was lying (at least a little), but Wyndham didn't know.
    “What if I don’t battle?” Replied Wyndham to his captor.
    “Then you will never see you Pokémon friends again. The only way you will see them again is if you battle and win every time.” Said the RR grunt.
    By the time Wyndham fell asleep, he already had a well thought strategy in his mind, and he didn’t feel bad at all about having to force an “evil” person to lose their Pokémon forever.
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  14. Jack was slumped against the wall of his cell, he had paced back and forth trying to find an escape route but the handcuffs really restrained his freedom. A different grunt than before entered the cell and he caught a glimpse of atleast two other grunts. "So you took safety measures just for me? I must say, I'm honored." He said with a grin as the grunt took off his handcuffs and dumped some videos of some description in the cell before leaving and talking through the window in the door.

    "The cuffs come off at night and during battles, they are on during other times. Those tapes show your opponent for tomorrow, someone named Wyndham. If you win, you get to keep your Pokémon but if you lose, you'll lose your Pokémon too and don't think that you can escape. There are guards everywhere and you need our technology to even make an exit. You made it unnecessarily difficult for you by attempting to escape today, all the other prisoners are cuff-less."The grunt said and closed the window, leaving Jack alone again.

    After watching the videos Jack began to make some strategies, he didn't want to lose any of his Pokémon and causing other people to lose theirs never stopped him before. But that was in a different scenario and this Wyndham was captured too, maybe they could forge an alliance until they're free? Can't be much more stubborn than that Rocket grunt he first met, not to mention that he seemed to be smart and strong enough to realise that an alliance is their best choice.
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  15. Zoey paced around her cell, waiting for something to happen. She must've been lucky, because at that moment, a grunt opened her door.

    "Gift delivery." He laughed, "Just kidding, take this." He threw a small pad at Zoey, which she barely just caught. The only thing on it was videos of another trainer.

    "But.. what is it for?"

    "For your battle. Not for a while, unfortunately. I can't wait to watch you two battle it out!" He snickered, then closed the door and walked away.

    Zoey sat down on her bed, holding the tablet in her hands. It looked cheap, basically just your ordinary tablet for reading, but watching videos in this situation. She watched the trainer intently, he looked nice, and had some nice Pokemon to go with it. She was sort of excited to see him, not for the battle though. The end of the video said that the loser would be enslaved and lose their Pokemon forever, and that sounded pretty bad to her. However nice this guy was, she had to take him down, whether he liked it or not. (@GalacticDegPreperation for later cause I wanted to post, xd)
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  16. "Alright, training's over! Back in your cell!" A grunt said as Lloyd returned Gladius and got handcuffed once more. The grunt took Lloyd back to his cell and provided him with a tablet. "You might wanna have a look at this; it'll show you who you're battling, you wouldn't wanna lose by the way, or we're gonna make you our slave and take your Pokémon away from you... forever!" The grunt said with a chuckle as he closed the door.

    "I am definitely going to kill them." Lloyd said in a sinister tone as he sighed and watched the footage he was given. "Hmm, this trainer seems tough... but what makes things worse is that they're gonna be suffering the same fate as I might get if I lose... and I never lose." Lloyd said to himself with a hint of regret. "Although maybe I could free them if I get the chance and we can both kill Team Rainbow Rocket." He thought to himself. as he kept his hood up.
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  17. Wyndham was rudely awoken by a grunt, the same as before, who handcuffed him while he was half asleep and brought him to the arena. In the arena were hundreds of team RR Grunts ready to watch a great battle. He walked out into the middle and pulled out his first Pokémon, Salamence, ready for fighting his opponent, who he had watched last night, by the name of Jack.
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  18. "Wake up you!" A grunt kicked Jack to wake him up and got some grunts as a response. "Get an alarm clock next time, this is not a good way to wake up." Jack said as he got up and stretched his arms who quickly got handcuffed. "At this rate I'm gonna get used to these." He noted as he got pushed into the arena, the noise made by the grunts was insane and there was one other person in the arena who he presumed to be his opponent. "Hey there! Stuck here too?" He said as he got uncuffed and grabbed his first Pokémon, Wobbuffet. "I don't want to lose my Pokémon and neither do you, so maybe we can make an alliance to find the Pokémon of the loser and steal them back?" He whispered into Wyndham's ear after he walked towards him and shook his hand.

    "This should be a nice addition to my reputation, let's go Wobbuffet!" He yelled as he moved his hand towards his left shoulder and threw the ball with a swirling effect. As the ball erupted in a flash of light a Pokémon that resembled a blue punching bag more than anything came out and moved its hand to its forehead. "Wobbuffet!" The crowd erupted with laughter but Jack didn't seem to be bothered by it. Laugh all you want, I know the strength of this guy better than you fools.
  19. Wyndham didn’t plan on helping this person get their Pokémon back if they lost, since his grunt had told him that Jack was evil, but the thought had occurred to Wyndham that he might lose, and then he might need help getting his Pokémon back, so he whispered back, “Ok,” followed up with a shout of, “Let’s end this battle quickly, Salamence!”

    He knew that a single attack from Salamence could destroy the opponent’s Wobbuffet, but the Wobbuffet would have to use mirror coat instead of counter so that Salamence wouldn’t die. So, Wyndham Commanded his Salamence to do Protect to see what Wobbuffet would choose.
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  20. "Glad to see you have more intelligence than the grunts." He said with a grin. "Counter!" But because the Salamence used Protect, the attack did nothing. "Seems you know your way around a Wobbuffet, I guess I can see why you were picked by these goons. Encore!" Wobbuffet clapped its hands to make Salamence use Protect again so that Jack could make a switch without the risk of getting demolished by a Draco Meteor. "Quick Claw is so nice at times, don't you agree?"
  21. Salamence continued protecting itself, even though it used it a ton of times in a row, until the encore wore off and Wyndham switched it out for Toxapex. “Now Toxapex, use toxic!”

    Note: My Salamence is built to be a mega, not normal, so it is really bad.
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  22. Since Salamence could not do much now, Jack switched Wobbuffet out for his Milotic and ordered it to do Ice Beam. Unfortunately his opponent switched into a Toxapex that launched a Toxic at her and didn't care about the Ice Beam. "This could take a while, Scald!" Jack ordered. I have nothing too good against it, drat!
  23. “Toxapex, scald to wear it down.” Commanded Wyndham. He knew the Milotic’s scald couldn’t hurt him much.

    OOC: Sorry for the one-liners, but this is kind of rapid back and forth, so it is sort of allowed.
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  24. "We are playing this game aren't we? Well who am I to ruin the fun? Scald!" Jack exclaimed, feeling slightly annoyed by the battle that was raging on at the moment.
  25. “Continue scalding!” Said Wyndham, thinking, ‘How much longer until toxic is too much for him to survive?
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  26. "You know the drill by now Milotic, Scald!" The Tender Pokémon shot out a third blast of scalding hot water, and unless Jack was mistaken that Toxapex had a burn. "That's how you do it Milotic!"
  27. Toxapex quickly recovered to get some health back and then scalded again, while his trainer, Wyndham, was still hoping Milotic would die of poison.
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  28. "Recover!" Milotic recovered some health and got back to full health. "Scald!" Another wave of scalding water was launched at the Toxapex. "This is not going anywhere."
  29. Once the battle was over, all of Wyndham’s Pokémon were KOed. He had fallen for some nasty tricks, but since he had said yes, he was hoping that Jack would help him. Grunts ran at him from all directions to capture him and steal his Pokémon. He quickly revived Aegislash and picked it up, using it as a sword to fend off his attackers. It was to no avail, as he fell through a trap door and was knocked out.

    When he woke up, he had none of his Pokémon, and he wa back in his cell. He still had his aegislash’s empty ball however. When he tried to return Aegislash, it came through a wall and into the ball. He then released it and had his Pokémon back. The others, however, were missing. A grunt walked into the room, and Wyndham quickly hid Aegislash. The grunt said, “Time for work. We need to you to help build a second arena.”

    Wyndham was handcuffed and went to work with several other prisoners from previous tournaments to build another arena, lifting each brick one by one. It was tiring, and they had no breaks...
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  30. After he lost, soon, he was thrown back into his cell. Literally. After hitting the floor, he was smacked back down by a video tape. Only after, did he notice there was a strange TV plugged into the wall.
    'You're watching these, and then battling the girl, capiche?'. The grunt smirked.
    'Capiche.'. Peter said back, in a cold voice, which was new for the person who was usually such a child-like trainer. A cold hand struck him across the face, and he was hit to the floor.
    'Don't give me cheek, or I'll report you to someone in higher command. Got that?'.
    'Yeah. Got it.'. The grunt gave a small scream of fustration, before leaving. Peter snickered.
    'I'M GONNA FRY YOU, YOU PUNK, YOU HEAR?'. Peter decided to keep his mouth shut now, because he could get into serious trouble if he went too far.

    'This Zoey person seems terrible from the info on the tape.' he thought to himself. 'So, she abuses her Pokemon and- wait a minute. Surely, this is lies, right? They want to rev us up to be engaged. After all, why don't they just recruit the villainous ones? Surely me and this trainer can break out, right? These idiots can't have the best security..'. He continued to think to himself similar thoughts.
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  31. Elvira woke up from her little nap when he heard a small hatch open, seeing a tray of surprisingly decent food sliding out. At least she won’t get food poisoning from staying here. Or will she?

    She couldn’t worry about food poisoning due to being incredibly hungry at the moment. Becuase of this hunger, she immediately snatched the tray and began wolfing down on her food.

    “Now you’re just devastating the plate..” The grunt in front of the cell sighed. As soon as he said that, Elvira already finished her breakfast, surprising the grunt. Just how fast does she eat?

    “Well.. anyway, I guess I’ll take you training. Stick out your hands out of the hatch, please.”

    No answer. Just a growl from Elvira.

    “Well? Do you want your Pokemon back?” The grunt spoke after a few seconds passed.

    The trainer growled again, finally sticking her hands out of the hatch. She expected her Pokeballs to be handed back, but recieved cuffs on her hands instead. Once stepping out of the cell once the door opened, she attempted to kick the grunt with her unchained legs. The kick missed, allowing the grunt to grab her. She contiuned to struggle as the grunt began to drag her to the training arena.

    After what seemed like a century, the grunt dropped the trainer on the floor of the training area. Elvira struggled a bit before she stood herself up, glaring at the grunt. The grunt then unlocked her handcuffs.

    “What do you want?” She hissed, streching her hands.

    “Just pick one Pokemon.” The grunt sighed, pulling out a case that contained six Pokeballs. Elvira stared at them, wondering about what Pokemon she should train. She then began an eeny-meeny-miny-moe rhyme to select a Pokemon. Once the rhyme ended, her finger landed on her Krookodile’s pokeball.

    “My Krookodile.”

    The grunt rolled his eyes, releasing Elvira’s Krookodile. The Krookodile, who is named Daikokuten, was all there, sporting her trademark black glasses. She didn’t even cringe when groups of other Pokemon belonging to other grunts approached her. Daikokuten only showed a toothy smirk.

    “Go get em, Daiko.” Elvira smiled.

    The Krookodile started off with an Earthquake, knocking out several Poison-types. The fact that she had Moxie as her abilty did not help the enemy Pokemon. As she bulldozed her way with her moves, the grunts sent out two Starmie to stop the crocdilian monster. The Starmie released Hydro Pumps, knocking out Daikokuten once and for all.

    “Training’s over.” The grunt grunted, returning the Krookodile before he was suddenly met with a kick in the face. It seemed that Elvira did not take these grunts too kindly.

    “Get her before she ends up killing someone!” Another grunt shouted.

    And so, with the effort of mutiple grunts, the stubborn mule known as Elvira was dragged back to her cell.
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  32. Zoey sat in her cell after watching the video, bored. The grunt said her battle wouldn’t be for a while, so she could keep training everyday. She’d heard some cheers outside from what sounded like a big crowd, and then a grunt opened a hatch in her door.

    “We’re taking you out to watch a battle, we need handcuffs, so just relax.” The grunt said, and then he opened the door fully and walked in, handcuffing the girl. Zoey stood still, then followed as she was led out to a big arena, probably the same one she’d be battling in, aswell. She saw two trainers in the middle battling it out. She got told to take a seat, so she did, and watched the battle from her chair. When it ended, she felt bad for the loser. He made a good fight but.. what happened to him now, was a mystery to any of the locked up trainers. ‘Poor guy..’ Zoey thought, annoyed that she would have to put someone to the same, horrible fate as he was entering.

    “Show’s over, entertaining, right Zoey?” The grunt sniggered, leading her back to her cell. She did a little nod,

    “For some.. but I feel bad for the loser, what’s he being put to?”

    “None of your business, just make sure you don’t join him.” The grunt pushed her into her cell, and took her handcuffs off. He checked for anyone nearby, and then threw her a Pokeball.

    “Thanks? But, why?” Zoey asked, confused.

    “Just take it, you’ll know what it is.” He said, then walked away after locking the doors behind him. She quickly opened it up, and Umbreon hopped out. “UMBREON!” She squealed, catching it as it jumped up to her in delight. “I’m sorry.. I’m sorry.. I was so stupid..” Tears welled up in her eyes, but the Pokemon jumped down and touched her leg with its head, trying to stop her. She immediately did, and happily sat down on the bed.
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  33. Lloyd leaned on the wall of his cell until he heard someone knocking on the door. "Hands through the holes, it's time for the show." The grunt said as he spun some handcuffs around his finger, Lloyd sighed and did as he was told, he put his hands through the holes and... made a rude hand sign, "Very funny, not get moving." The grunt said as he opened the door and pulled Lloyd to what appeared to be a stadium given the size of the structure as well as the roaring crowd within.

    "Have a seat and enjoy the show." The grunt said. "How can I? The show doesn't involve your organisation burning alive." Lloyd responded morbidly. "Sheesh, someone's got some demons." The grunt said as he turned to watch the battle just as Lloyd did.

    Once the battle was done, Lloyd watched the losing competitor get taken away by many grunts with a look of sympathy and anger, knowing he may be one of them if not send someone to whatever fate was given to the losers. "Well, that was entertaining... a little longer than I thought it'd be, but my favourite part is always the conclusion." The grunt said with a chuckle. Lloyd merely growled in response. "Alright, back in your cell you go! You need to get plenty of rest if you wanna keep training and win." The grunt said before he took Lloyd back to his cell and uncuffed him.

    "I cannot wait to destroy Rainbow Rocket." Lloyd said to himself, wondering if doing so would make him any better or worse than his captors... but that mattered little to him.
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  34. Since everyone was focused on Wyndham being taken away, Jack used the confusion to let his Zoroark take his place after using a herb he found in his food yesterday. Zoroark was far from happy after eating it, but Jack didn't give it any chance to voice its dislike. "Remember, don't try to escape. Be lazy!" He instructed his Pokémon and hid, watching his Zoroark be taken away. "I'll let you out soon, I promise." He said as he spotted the grunt that took Wyndham's Pokémon and followed him.

    After following the grunt for a while he threw his lighter into a corner, catching the attention of the grunt who decided to investigate. He covered the mouth of the grunt and stole the Pokéballs back. "Thank you for these, now good night." He said as he knocked the grunt out with a solid punch and pulled his unconcious body into a toilet. After a while he came out wearing the uniform of the grunt with his own clothes in a bag over his shoulder he found in a supply closet and thankful for the fact that he could keep his hat on. Now where are the losers? Ah, just what I needed.

    Jack went towards a grunt and asked him where the losers of the tournament were kept. "They are building a new arena over there, what's in that bag?" Jack said that they were his clothes before joining Rainbow Rocket and that he was new, the grunt bought it and continued on. "So far so good." The disguised captive said.
  35. Peter heard a battle in the distance, and twisted around, to where the door is. He tried to hear more. However, it was just a big muffled mess. The trainer assumed his mouth lost him the privilege of watching the battle. He didn't want to watch it anyways. Instead, this meant all the grunts were at the battle. So, what other choice than try and get the upper hand and escape did he have? First, he felt his cell for any lose area of wall. That didn't work. Next, he tried pulling the door hinges off. That didn't work. Then a grunt came and shouted at him.

    'You're trying to escape? You know, did you not read the rule disk? Any attempt to escape lets me use a Pokemon move. On the prisoner. Here your free pain is, punk!'. Out of the grunt's Poke-Ball came a menacing looking Jolteon. 'Use Thunderbolt!'. Through the metal came a load of thunder, and it hit Peter. He screamed, and fell to the floor. His hair was singed, and clothes singed. 'Damn. Didn't expect that.'. The grunt walked away, laughing in satisfaction.
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  36. Nyx woke with a start to the sharp CLANG CLANG CLANG of metal rapping on metal. "HEY GIRL, GET UP! We ain't got all day to watch you nap!" She visibly jumped, her heart racing as she starred wide eyed up at the strange man standing outside the bars in front of her bed.

    ...wait. Bed? Bars?! Where was she? Exhaustion forgotten, Nyx quickly righted herself into a defensive crouch on the bed. The vague memories were returning with lightning speed; the beach on Akala island, the surf board and the waves beneath her feet, and the blinding light that suddenly appeared before her. No one had had to throw her through the portal; gravity and momentum had done that we'll enough. And when she landed, before she could recover.... Nyx touched the back of her sore head gingerly as she remembered the painful blow that had come next. She looked up again at the man on the other side of the bars, who seemed to find her look of dawning comprehension highly amusing.

    "Where am I?" Nyx asked, her right hand moving instinctively to the belt around her waist that should have held her pokeballs. It was empty! Following a brief panicked look around, as if they could have simply fallen off, she rounded on the man again, who by now was chuckling cruelly. "...AND WHERE ARE MY POKEMON?"

    The man took ample time to enjoy her panic, his eyes roving her exposed legs. Nyx scowled but couldn't hide her discomfort. After all she was wearing only what she'd had on while surfing; rash guard, swim bottoms and her aqua socks. Luckily her headband was still on her head, her keystone brooch still secure in its tie. Regardless though, she was showing far more skin than she would prefer to be, especially in this situation. "Where you are doesn't really concern you..." he said still leering. "And as for your pokemon..." With a quick step back, he grabbed an item from behind him and held it up for her to see; her cloth belt with 6 pokeballs still attached. "Pick one. You're behind schedule as it is. Let's see if you're worth the trouble we went to bringing you here."

    His attitude made it clear she wouldn't get more than one even if she bothered to argue, so grudgingly she nodded toward the Ultraball on one end; her one true friend and partner among the lot. "The Ultraball." Nyx wasn't really surprised when he didn't hand the ball over, despite taking it meticulously off the belt; that would have been too easy. She was surprised however by his next action. The man unlocked and opened the cell door between them. She took a step back instinctively, but he didn't pursue her. Instead, he motioned for her to follow, a gruff "Come on" issued from his lips as he turned his back on her to walk down the hall. As if he could read the rebellious thoughts dawning on her, he sneered back over his shoulder and said, "And I wouldn't get any ideas, if I were you. We have plenty of men here who would be more than happy to wrestle you back into your cell."

    Nyx glared right back at him but said nothing, hugging her arms around her chest as he led her through the halls. True to his words, this facility seemed to be crawling with men around every corner...and they were all wearing the same bizarre uniform. ...who were these people? Before she could rationalize asking, the man leading her stopped. They had arrived at the edge of a wide field, where crowds of uniformed men and women were already waiting. Why were they all looking at her? With a flash of light, the man who held her Ultraball released her pokemon within, a toothy Mawile emerging. The mawile looked calculatingly at the man who had released her, then at the crowd of strangers around them, each of whom was releasing their own pokemon, before finally turning a determined eye on her own trainer.

    "...it's gonna be ok, Midna," Nyx said, just loud enough for the pokemon to hear. "For now, let's show these creeps how big of a mistake they made by abducting us." The mawile gave a fierce MAAAW! in response before turning her open jaw toward the waiting opponents, eager for battle.

    ______ ((EDITED))________________________________________________

    The keystone at Nyx's temple glowed with life, mirroring the shine of the Mawilite tied around Midna's own horn. The light engulfed the tiny Pokemon and with a resonating battle cry, Midna emerged in her mega form. Two steeling jaws ready to strike, she launched herself forward into battle on Nyx's command. With a wide sweeping Sucker Punch, she took down each of the opponent Pokemon foolish enough to charge at her head on, then followed with a Play Rough to sweep those gathered behind. For a few minutes, it looked as if the tiny fairy was without equal, pinning opponents large and small with her massive jaws. But the numbers were simply too great, her stamina insufficient compared to the veritable army they faced. When two well aimed flamethrowers landed at once, she crumpled and before Nyx could reach her wounded pokemon's side, her captor withdrew the mawile back into her ball.

    "Hmph," the man eyed the ultraball and Nyx, thoughtfully. "Better than I expected...but we'll see how you hold up against your fellow trainers. A'ight, come on. Back to your cell." Without a pokemon to defend herself with, and unwilling to give this man the opportunity to touch her, she trudged back to her prison. Her captor locked the door behind her, then to her surprise pushed a datapad through the bars. "Study up. This will be your next opponent."

    "...opponent?" Nyx reluctantly took the pad and examined the videos it offered; a female trainer battling in what looked like the same grass field she herself had just vacated. "What is this? Who is this girl? Why do I have to battle her?" The questions came without pause and with frustration edging every syllable. "Who are you people and what do you want from us?!"

    The man gave his same trademark smirk; she was beginning to hate that damn smile. Her visible angry only seemed to amuse him further though as he answered with a chuckle, "Win your next battle and you might just find out."
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  37. Zoey paced around in her cell, thinking of a plan for her battle. Umbreon was following her, also pacing. She was really happy about having it back, but she had to make a move on one of the grunts eventually, or she’d never escape. All she was to them was a good prisoner, who didn’t do anything to get back at them, and she wanted to change that. Umbreon did its static like cry, wanting to get out and do training. Zoey rubbed its head with her finger, trying to quiet it down before a grunt came and took it away for being noisy. “We’ll have our time soon.. it shouldn’t be too hard to win, right?”
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  38. Wyndham had only lifted his 20th block when he saw a grunt off in the distance who looked suspiciously like someone he knew. It took him a little while to place it, but eventually, he figured out that it was Jack. Immediately, as a distraction for his ally to sneak in and for him to get his balls, Wyndham released Aegislash and shadow balled the nearest grunt, shouting, “PRISON RIOT!”

    Suddenly, everyone was battling with at least their fists, although, since many of the trainers were really famous, most of them had snuck at least one Pokémon in. From his corner, Wyndham could see trainers ranging from Team Aqua Admins to Chili, Cilan, and Cress, the three former Gym Leaders of Unova’s Striaton City. The battle was fierce, and Wyndham, suddenly not caring whether Jack was truly evil or not, broke off from his attacking and ran for the other captive, stopping in front of him, and saying, “Where are my Pokémon?”
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  39. "Right here, but I tried to be subtle and hand them to you whilst I could gather some information on a way out. Good job, now I have to fight you to not blow my cover! At my mark, make a run for it!" Jack said as he gave Wyndham his Pokéballs back and let his Milotic free. "Haze!" Milotic let out a black fog that obscured the view of the grunts. "Scald!' Milotic attacked the walls to make it appear that he was an actual grunt. He tapped Wyndham on his shoulder and pointed at the door. "That's your mark, go."

    Jack was not happy with this development, he could take out all the grunts here but he needed them to help him. This base was no doubt confusing as anything and as long as the new grunt didn't appear as anything more than just a lost new grunt, he was golden. He just needed to find the right opportunity.
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  40. Wyndham ran off towards the door through the haze and eventually reached it, colliding with a bang. He opened it and was met with too many grunts to deal with. So, he simply hopped on Salamence and flew over them, earthquaking every now and then to distract them. Once safely past them, he saw something. In the distance was the shape of a prison, and Wyndham decided to land in the yard.

    He almost released Rhyperior to break through the wall, yet he remembered his previous fight in the yard and instead released a little more firepower, as his Salamence used Earthquake to cause foundation issues, his Snorlax used Giga Impact and his Rhyperior used Rock Wrecker. The wall separating the cell block from the yard was destroyed. Wyndham walked in and sliced at several guards with Aegislash. He saw a passcode pad to release prisoners further down the hall.

    Knowing he didn’t have time to check every code, he remembered from his days as leader of Team Fissure that he could simply cut the pad out. Behind the pad were three wires, and Wyndham remembered these security systems too. One wire would turn off the power to the section, one would set off an alarm, and the other would free the prisoners. If the power went out, it would be impossible to free them. Wyndham did not want to take these risks, but he simply couldn’t decide.
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