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CoroCoro Shows Off Rumoured New Green Pokémon

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Green Blob.jpg
    This months edition of CoroCoro has now leaked and given a bit more information about the rumoured new green Pokémon shown off in the trailer for the next Pokémon movie. While the issue hasn't given a lot of information we do know some new stuff.

    The magazine rumours that the new green Pokémon could be related to Zygarde by pointing out that this little green Pokémon is very similar in colour to Zygarde. CoroCoro also mentions that the mysterious new Pokémon is related to the mysterious silhouetted creature which was also shown off in the trailer for the next Pokémon movie.
    Mega Evolution special IV.jpg
    According to this issue of CoroCoro the new Pokémon and Zygarde will both be featured in the Pokémon Mega Evolution IV which is set to air in Japan this Autumn. More information on the Pokémon, the mysterious silhouette and their relation to the anime series will be revealed in the next issue of CoroCoro which is due for release in Japan on the 15th of September.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Aug 10, 2015.

    1. masterball gamer
      masterball gamer
      I really wanna know also first comment
    2. Parz_Official
      if you look closely it sorta looks like larvitar
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    3. Special Riolu
      Special Riolu
      Kinda. :3
    4. masterball gamer
      masterball gamer
      Oh yeah will the mega evolution comic be available in England
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    5. Teapot
      Just so you're aware, "first comment" is a type of spam, which means that posting it will get your post deleted. I'm leaving yours this time as you say something else as well, but please don't do that :)

      Also, this little green thing looks really interesting! The hexagon designs means it's very definitely related to Zygarde, but obviously there's multiple of them, so it probably isn't a pre-evolution, rather some sort of Manaphy/Phione type affair. Alternately, and this would be far more exciting, this could be a new mechanic - perhaps if you gather them by catching them, or encounter them in a Horde battle, you could cause them to fuse into Zygarde somehow?

      Alternately, perhaps these things aren't strictly related to Zygarde in a evolutionary line sense, and instead they're a little like the relationship between Unown and the Johto legendaries? Perhaps they serve as "watchmen" for Zygarde, so that it may maintain balance in the world?
    6. Parz_Official
      i wonder if they evolve i wonder how cool they will look like when they evolve
    7. masterball gamer
    8. kanarichan
      When I first say this the first thing that came to mind was "pre-evolution of Solosis evolution line" but all-in-all, I have no idea...the eyes remind me of a pokemon however but I can't put my finger on which one....

      EDIT:// Reason why I dismiss my first thoughts is because why would Solosis be important in anyway? It's more likely to either be completely new, or relating to 6th Gen in some way such as Zygarde (but even then I hardly see much resemblance between the two)
    9. Teapot
      Solosis already has three members of its evolution line anyway, just to point out. Also, the resemblance is the shade of green and the hexagon patterns on it - both of which it shares with Zygarde. :)
    10. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Since there are multiple little greens, I'm thinking they serve as Zygarde's eyes and ears so it knows when someone somewhere is mucking up the environment. Since they are allegedly related to the large shadow, this only affirms my theory that the shadow is a new forme/Mega of Zygarde. Perhaps Zygarde absorbs all of the little greens to obtain that transformation. The plot thickens!
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    11. _Umbreon_
      Guys it's a Pre Evolution to Dunsparce lol :d
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    12. AbsolTamer
      I have the feeling that these new Pokemon have a relationship to Zygarde similar to Carbink's relationship with Diancie. What if Zygarde is a sudden transformation of one of these little guys?
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    13. ToxicSwamp
      Whatever it is, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. I love it.
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    14. The iFlare
      The iFlare
      ... Perhaps as Psycho Monkey suggested, the mysterious silhouette could be Mega Zygarde? Perhaps the little green 'mons are Zygarde's offspring or "shards" of Zygarde itself. Weak alone, but strong as a unit. I mean, look at the one in the scan, it looks terrified.
    15. JDP24
      The green hexagons on zygarde could be formed when these green bug like things come together.
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    16. GoingGreen69
      It looks like a giant green sperm...
    17. OnePiecefan11
      Since it has a leaf on its back (at least I believe that's what it is) it could be part grass. It might be even grass/bug type from the looks of it. Could Generation 7 be confirmed? I'm so impatient to find out! @.@
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    18. BryceTehTrainer
      Ive heard of this pokemon but i dont know very much people say its related to Zygarde but i dont know my self it probably is related
    19. ~Pokelover~
      What if this is a Pokemon from gen 7? Think about it. There weren't many new pokemon in gen 6 at all. Plus it's been confirmed that there will-- sadly-- be no Pokemon Z. However, the trailer might be showing us that these little green blobs make up Zygarde, although it's very short so it's hard to tell.
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    20. BryceTehTrainer
      pikapal forever you might be right
    21. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      There has been no official word from anyone involved in development of the Pokémon that there's will be no Pokémon Z. All we have right now is rumor mills on the internet, and those are typically wrong. I wouldn't jump to conclusions quite yet.

      So no, nothing is 'confirmed'.
    22. baratron
      Heh, yeah... I looked at it and went "That's four green Dunsparce in a circle!".
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    23. _Umbreon_
      What would this have to do with Zygarde, and if so it would be extremely weak to flying types.
    24. Gustavo Paredes

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