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CoroCoro Reveals Rockruff Evolution, More Ultra Beasts

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The latest edition of Japanese magazine CoroCoro has begun to leak and brought with it the reveal of Rockruff's Evolution as well as some more Ultra Beasts.

    RockRuff Day Evolution.png RockRuff night evolution.png

    First up we have new Pokémon known as Rugarugan, which is the evolved form of Rockruff. It appears that Rugarugan has the ability to turn into two forms, one being the Midday form (pictured right) and the other being the Midnight form (pictured left). It's currently unclear if the Pokémon will remain in the form it evolves into or if it'll change based on the time of day.

    Ultra Beasts 2.png Ultra Beasts 1.png
    Next up we have the reveal of two new Ultra Beasts known as UB02 Beauty (top right) and UB02 Expansion (top left). It appears that UB02 Beauty will potentially be exclusive to Pokémon Moon while UB02 Expansion will be exclusive to Sun as the second scan shows the two facing off in the respective games.

    Pokemon Sun:Moon anime.png
    Finally, we also some information on the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime series. The scan seems to imply that Ash will have a Rowlet and a Rotom Pokédex (as well as the ability to preform Z moves?). The scan reads that in the series Ash will be attending school and is aiming to "graduate like never before". The series will begin to air in November, taking over from the current Pokémon XY&Z season.

    Update: Thanks to some new pages of CoroCoro it has been confirmed that the two different forms of Rugarugan are version exclusive. Rockruff will only evolved into the Midnight Form in Pokémon Moon and the Midday Form in Pokémon Sun. The scans also reveal that the Midday Form has a new priority move called AccelRock, while the Midnight Form is shown off with Counter.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Sep 12, 2016.

    1. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc
      I wanna see Ash's reaction to Samson Oak.
    2. AliTheDarkTrainer
      My first reaction to rockruffs evo is that it is a werewolf, seeing that it has a "Midnight Form" I'm guessing that it will most likely change depending on the time of day, which is very cool. Also the ultra beasts seem to be based off commonly known animals like the first one resembles a jelly fish the second one resembles some sort of bug (I know what it is but the name won't come to me) and the third one reminds me of a beetle.
    3. Astralpunk
      Ash looks ridiculous in that outfit, in all honesty. Oh well, at least he has a better chance in battle now that Pikachu is able to perform Z-Moves. God bless that Rotom; I can only imagine the amount of bullshit Ash will spew at it during their journey.
    4. AliTheDarkTrainer
      "When Rockruff was revealed several months ago, it was hinted that Rockruff's evolved form had a "secret" separating it from other types of Pokemon. According to CoroCoro, Rockruff's evolution, whose Japanese name is Lugarugan, will have a different look depending on what time of day it is in the game. Lugarugan has a traditional wolf-like look during the day but transforms into a bipedal werewolf-like form at night. No further details were given about Lugarugan were given, so it's unknown whether there's any differences between the Pokemon's two forms, or if it's solely an aesthetic change."~ http://comicbook.com/2016/09/12/rockruffs-evolution-new-ultra-beasts-leaked-for-pokemon-sun-and-/ (Rockruff's Evolution, New Ultra Beasts Leaked for Pokemon Sun and Moon) (Something I found, hope this helps ^v^)
    5. Hollow Omega
      Hollow Omega
      Is it just me, or does UB02 remind anyone else of Lusamine? Just a random observation. Also the regular wolf version of Rockruff's evolution looks awesome! The werewolf form I find somewhat eerie, but interesting nonetheless; looking forward to see how this will all play out. :)
      Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
    6. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Rockruff's evolution is so cool~ though its Midnight Forme vaguely feels like a mix of Zangoose and Zoroark... maybe. I want one regardless <333 Maybe its formes are version exclusive? Version exclusive evolutions? Is that even a thing yet? o-o
    7. AliTheDarkTrainer
      It does, if you count mega evolution in x and y.....
    8. ~Pokelover~
    9. Ethan Russell
      Ethan Russell
      I am burning my anime collection if at the end of the series ash says "and remember to stay in school!" I will even run around naked burning a pokemon shirt on a stick in my neighborhood if he somehow loses the island challenges.
    10. Mr.Munchlax
      I definitely had a lot of mixed feelings with these CoroCoro pages.

      While I'm definitely excited about Rockruff's branched evolutions (especially since this is hinting that the rumors of the starters having them may come true), I'm now really curious and interested in what exactly the ultra beasts are and how they play a role in the game since UB 02 Beauty looks a lot like Lusamine & UB 02 Expansion shares Gladion's color palette. The only thing I can theorize so far is that, if a synchronization mechanic like Ash Greninja is featured in the games, the Ultra Beasts are a play on this concept and they're some new form of creatures that were made by fusing human & Pokémon DNA.

      However, the big reveal for the Sun and Moon anime raises a lot of questions for me. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but the poster and description of Ash "going to school" just makes it feel like the writers want to copy off of the success of Yo-Kai Watch. There are also some similarities between the two in regards to art style, the light hearted tone implied by the poster, and how Ash is paired up with Pikachu and the Rotom Pokédex (essentially looking similar to Nate, Whisper, & Jibanyan).
      Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
    11. Linkachu
      I'm only just noticing now that Rockruff's evolved daytime form has pointed ears and its nighttime form has ears that fold over.

      This is utterly adorable to me. I need this Pokemon in my life.
    12. Rhena
      Ok....so Ash is finally going to school. Don't know how to feel about that. 0_0 Just please, don't make Ash say 'stay in school!' or some bs like that. If that happens, I'm done with the anime.

      Rockruff is so adorbs~ I really like the Night version, but the Day version is cute too. ^^

      I feel mixed about the Ultra Beasts atm. I mean, two of them look like characters in the game and the third reminds me of Emboar. Surprised there'll be two different versions for each game, which makes me wonder what the others will be like. I mean, will there be more version exclusive ones are are those two just 'special'?

      So many questions...gah! I want the game to be released already!
      Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
    13. Ethan Russell
      Ethan Russell
      already said that bruh
    14. Cloudswift
      why does ash look so STUPID????? oh wait he is stupid. also rockruff evo (already forgot the name) looks amazing! can't wait for sun and moon! all aboard the hype train!
    15. ChespinShinx
      I love the midday form of rockruff as well. Adorable!:angel:
      Also the Ultra Beasts are really interesting, and the choice of names is really quite confusing. I can't wait to see the new series, but I'm not looking forward to that repugnant outfit of his. And also he may not necessarily have a Rowlet, but I reckon that any new trainer who comes to the Alola Region gets a Rotom Pokedex.
    16. AliTheDarkTrainer
      Would you rather see ash sweating in his usual outfit instead of him at least look relevant to the area?
      Also most likely yes, every new trainer most likely gets a rotom pokedex (Probably shipped in from unova since its proved in one episode that rotom are fairly common their)
      And knowing ash he will manage to get every starter (Or at least travel with them) as seen in previous regions
    17. alolatrainer
      rockruff is now high up there as a favorite of mine
    18. bubblyberet
    19. OnePiecefan11
      Rockruff's evolution looks really cool. I also like UB02 Expansion.
    20. SilvallyTamer
      This was an interesting Coro Coro...Rockruff's evolutions confirm the leak a little bit more. The midday form is Definitly a WereWolf, It looks like a Rock/Dark type to me. The Midnight form looks like a more normal form, it looks like it could stay a Rock type or it could add the Normal typing. It's weird how everything is opposite in this game. So it's confirmed right? That the final starter evolutions have different evolutions/forms based off of time of the day...?

      The 2 new Ultra Beast things are...odd....The UB-02 Beauty is Lusamine, it has to be. Plus the UB-02 Expansion might confirm there being a different foundation...A possible Under World foundation or 'Deep' foundation, opposite to the Aether foundation.

    21. AliTheDarkTrainer
      Ash did mega evolve charizard once..... (I think.....)
    22. alexryce
      Rugarugan Midnight reminds me of Werewolves, haha...
    23. AliTheDarkTrainer
      I think that's probably what their aiming it to be
    24. alexryce
      There's so many leaks by the time this game is out I'm going to know every damn thing lol
    25. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      I love Rugarugan! I'm definitely evolving my Rockruff under the pale light of the full moon to get the Midnight Forme. Midday Forme is equally amazing, but werewolves! ♥ The Ultra Beasts are certainly getting interesting and I'm very excited to learn their history and what their role will be.
    26. SilvallyTamer
      I don't think so...But he might've...
    27. apxlloaura
      I love Rugarugan I will definitely get one in the games!! I also really like UB02 Beauty, because I get this really eerie, alien-like vibe from it which is great ^^
    28. BooBerry
      Well I'm lucky Ash got a Rowlet (It's because that I want to see it evolve into that Robingroot/Robinroot or whatever it's name is :p And maybe he chose a Rowlet because it can't attack without a sound?) but my problem is that if Serena is going to travel with Ash (AGAIN!), since I need to see more Armourshipping again. Also pikachu. Pikachu looks so cute trying to do a Z move pose :love: I am legit fangirling about Pikachu's pose!<.> I guess the game will be released at Christmas or November, 'cause man, I need to get a rockruff right now :halo: :-OMidnight form is equal to BADASS! 8)
      Would the bug you're referring to be a trilobite? It's the same I thought UB02 Beauty was based off when I first saw it. :p

      Anyways, that was an awesome leak, I loved Rockruff's evolution! I love wolves so its design made me really happy. I'm really looking forward to the starter Pokémon's evolutions, and since they're meant to be related to Rockruff in some way, I suppose there will really be two forms for each of them. Sun & Moon are becoming quite the interesting Pokémon games in my opinion!
    30. AliTheDarkTrainer
      I think so, or at least something similar to it, but I still stick to my theory that they are based off very common creatures (Or at least fairly common)
    31. alolatrainer
      So...i think the ultra beasts are artifical humans and are not pokemon at all...no type..no classification...nothing...and yet..ub-01 looks like lille and ub-02 looks like the president of the aether foundation...maybe there experiments?...and if so..why?...same with type null...yes its a pokemon but it looks artifical...like an experiment...maybe to track down the ultra beasts...it sounds crazy but i think this games got a lot to do with alchemy and if so im more than thrilled
    32. BooBerry
      P.S: http://pokejungle.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/image.jpeg I realize that Ash & Mallow are in the second photo (which is fire bitch cat's *cough* I mean litten's final evolution), and that explains why the new anime is released :p (I'm so sorry litten fans ;_; I need to post this ;_;) And does anyone noticing that Komala taking grip on the tower?
    33. SilvallyTamer
      It could be possible that UB-01, UB-02 Beauty and UB-02 Extension could be Lillie, Lusamine and Gladion. They all look very similar and could be related.
      Kaben and Madeleine likes this.
    34. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      I'm loving Rugarugan and its interesting forme mechanic and the Ultra Beasts look cool as well.

      The anime actually has me intrigued and I haven't really been intrigued since the anime decided to throw a giant middle finger at the fanbase named Tobias.

      We all know I have no problems with schools in the Pokemon world.
    35. Jeydis
      Just a note, the comment under the screenshots have their left and rights reversed. I like the forms though midnight is a bit of a 10 year old's idea of a badass but still effective as a "werewolf" look.

      The UBs are interesting, they feel a bit like they come from another anime which is neat for inter-dimensional monsters.

      Most likely the secret mentioned a few issues back between Rockruff and the starters is that perhaps the starters also have alternate forms? That would be an interesting twist to have.

      Anywho, I like the changes to the formula with the UBs and the forms and all that. I do wish there was a bit more detail for a monthly corocoro.
    36. Hollow Omega
      Hollow Omega
      When was this? I thought his Greninja was his only remotely unique Pokémon throughout the XYZ series. :D
      Kaben and Madeleine likes this.
    37. Lord Of Pain
      Lord Of Pain
      Just in case you are struggling to find the word that is the opposite to Aether it's Nether

      But seriously didn't think I'd use Rockruff until I saw his midnight form, and the UltraBeasts look interesting, hope to figure out more in the future :)
    38. ExtinctGuisher
      The anime has gone far enough. Just stop this already, all I see through the whole show is Ash go with his Pikachu, met new friends, release all the Pokemon he catches, and lose the Pokemon League over and over again
    39. ~Pokelover~
      HEY GUYS
      I have a theory
      What if the Sun and Moon anime is a reboot? Y'know, 'cause school.

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