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CoroCoro Leaks: September

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The latest issue of Japanese magazine, CoroCoro, has begun to leak and brought with it a lot of news to do with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. We have a number of new Pokémon, including the second stage evolutions for the three Kalos starters, along with some details on the Fairy Type, Team Flare and much more! If you wish to know more then read on.

    Starting off with what could be considered the biggest news to come from the CoroCoro leaks, we now have the second stages of Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie.

    Kalos starter evolvutions.jpg
    First off we have Hariboogu who evolves from Chespin, it keeps Chespin's Grass typing and knows the move Mud Shot. Next we have Teerunaa who evolves from Fennekin, keeps the Fire typing and knows the move Psycho Cut. Last up we have Gerogashira who evolves from Froakie, keeps the Water typing, and knows the move Bounch.

    September CoroCoro Leaks New Pokémon.jpg
    Next up we have a group of a new Kalos Pokémon! On the top left we have Torimian who is a Normal Type Pokémon and was first seen in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y themed Pokémon Direct recently. Interestingly enough players can choose a few different hairstyles for the Pokémon.

    On the bottom left we have Nyaonikusu who is a Psychic Type cat-like Pokémon and looks different depending on the gender of the Pokémon. Its stats and movepool are different based on the gender too, the female version is better at fighting while the male is better for support moves.

    On the top right we have Chigorasu who is one of the Kalos regions fossil Pokémon. It's a Rock and Dragon Type Pokémon and has the new ability Hard Chin which powers up moves which use fangs such as Bite and Crunch.

    On the bottom right we have the second of the Kalos regions fossil Pokémon, Amarusu, who is a Rock and Ice Type Pokémon. Amarusu also has a new ability called Freeze Skin which can change Normal Type attacks into Ice Types.

    Mega Mewtwo X.jpg
    Next up we have two new Mega Pokémon. The first is another Mega Mewtwo, this one goes by the name of Mega Mewtwo X and sees the Pokémon become a Fighting and Psychic Type, it has the ability Steadfast. Apparently the two Mega Forms of Mewtwo are version exclusives, and Mega Mewtwo X can only be obtained in Pokémon X.
    Mega Garchomp.jpg
    Next up we have Mega Garchomp who is a Ground and Dragon Type Pokémon with the ability Sand Force.

    Team Flare.jpg
    A few more details to do with Team Flare have been revealed, we now know that the group has a set of five scientists, Kuseroshiki, Momiji, Bara, Akebi, and Corea. The groups goal is to create a beautiful world.

    Type Chart.jpg
    Finally, we have an updated Type chart which reveals more about the Fairy Type and a few other changes made. We now know that Fairy is super effective against Dragon, Fighting and Dark types, while it's not very effective against Fire, Poison, and Steel Types. Fairy is immune to Dragon attacks, resistant to Fighting, Dark and Bug, and weak to Poison and Steel type attacks.

    The Type chart also seems to show that Steel has lost its resistance to Dark and Ghost Type attacks.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Sep 11, 2013.

    1. The_Steel_Type_of_Guy
      This month's leaks brought us amazing news! Starting off with the "big news", I can't really say that I like the starters' evos, but I think I will eventually. What I really like are the two megaevolutions. This other Mega Mewtwo is kinda meh in the design, but the typing is really interesting. I have to admit that I expected another started megaevolved, but this Mega Garchomp is too cool to ignore.
      As far as the new entries go, I already know what Fossil Pokémon I'll choose. I mean, a Dragon T-Rex? Where do I sign? I'm kinda curious about the Freeze Skin ability though..

      What the heck does THAT mean?!

      And last, but by no means least, the new type chart. I can't quite understand how Fairy-types are related to Steel-type, but the ladder really needed something else to be super effective against. I mean, Rock- and Ice-types are to be scared of other, more common types, like the Fighting-type, the Water-type or the Fire-type.

      I kinda expected to use these leaks to finally decide whether to buy X or Y, but I still can't...
    2. Toastie
      I'm surprised they didn't reveal the more typically 'awesome' looking Mega Mewtwo first. Anyway, good to see starter evolutions. Not sure how I feel about Fennekin standing up on its hind legs, so I might switch to Froakie. Mega Garchomp looks pretty cool, and the new Pokémon look OK. At this point, new stuff isn't that big a deal, especially as my main question still hasn't been answered - is Togekiss now Fairy/Flying and does it have a Mega Form?
    3. Rex
      Wow. I didn't think it was possible for anything to make me pick Froakie over Chespin/Fennekin, but somehow these three evolutions managed it. Gerogashira is the only decent looking one of the three. The two Fossilmon look like they've just walked right out of Pokemon Quartz, as well. I don't really like Torimain or Nyaonikusu either, but they're not as awful looking as the Fossils and the Grass and Fire evos.

      I was so looking forward to good looking Team Flare leaders with how spiffy the grunts look. But these five are seriously disappointing as well. And what's this bullshit about a beautiful world? We've already had two Well-Intentioned Extremist teams, we don't need more. But honestly, I'm not sure if I prefer the other alternatives either. Either they mean it (Aqua/Magma), they mean it in a twisted way that benefits only them (Galactic), or it's a cover for their real goal (Plasma).

      Mega Mewtwo X is easily superior to Y in terms of looks. Something about those toes, though... Mega Garchomp, on the other hand, looks really derpy. I mean, Garchomp was never much a looker, but
      Mega Garchomp doesn't help matters much. Especially since it's expression is literally [​IMG]
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    4. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      In legend, Fairies are weakened by Iron which is why the Fairy-type has such trouble with Steel.

      I am loving Gerogashira! I'm so glad I decided to pick Froakie! ♥ Haribuugu looks like it had way too many acorns and Teruunaa, while not bad, still doesn't interest me. As for the Fossil Pokemon, to quote Dr. Hammond, "We have a T-Rex!" Finally.

      Honestly, I'd like to know why Game Freak is currently obsessed with square, pointy jaws for their Mega Pokemon. The Mega Kanto Starters and Mega Garchomp all look like they had their jaws replaced with slabs of metal. It still doesn't detract from how awesome Garchomp looks though. Replacing its arms with scythes is a bit much though. And Mega Mewtwo X surpasses its Y counterpart by leaps and bounds. There was nothing redeeming about Mega Mewtwo Y except for Stel's drawing of it, but this version is magnificent! I did not have a single regret about getting Pokemon Y until I saw this Mewtwo. Oh well.

      As for Team Flare, Bara looks like Gumi to me. Also their goal is kind of interesting. I'm interested in seeing how making money to create a beautiful world pans out for them and why it becomes necessary for the protagonist to get involved with their plot.
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    5. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      ...I cannot believe that I like the first Mewtwo evolution more than this thing. Wow, Gamefreak. Also, totally called that Froakie would be the best. Look at that beautifully smug jerkface. I love it. And it is nicely streamlined. Oh, Fennekin evolves to stand on two legs and looks like it could...fight? Interesting. (lol at Chespin's evolution)

      I really like all the new Pokemon introduced, actually. Especially the Psychic cats. They have really nice designs, I'll be interested to see what they evolve in to.

      Man, Garchomp Mega Evolution is just overkill on overkill. I don't even know what to make of the damn thing anymore. It's also pretty derp looking, honestly.
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    6. ShinyZekrom009
      ...Hariboogu, you have disappointed me </3

      The other second stage evolutions are ok, although Gerogashira is the best by far. The other new ones are alright, although the fossil Pokemon are very interesting. The Abilities sound awesome, the typing intrigues me, and they don't look too shabby, in my opinion.

      As for the Mega Evolutions...Mega Mewtwo X doesn't look bad, and is certainly better then its Y counterpart, just...what is with its toes? As for Mega Garchomp...I like it appearance-wise, EXCEPT for the scythe hands. Was that really necessary? :(

      Nothing very noteworthy to me regarding the Team Flare scientists, except the "create a beautiful world" bit. I wonder how they plan to accomplish this. With Legendary Pokemon to make people go along with what they view as a "beautiful world" by force? Probably. I just really want to know how the Legendary Pokemon will fit in with the plot, and how they'll be associated with the baddie team, as they always are.

      I believe the type chart is the most interesting bit of news here, in my eyes. Learning about where the Fairy Type is within this chart was exciting. I'm very glad to see Poison Types finally getting another type to be super effective on, because they really needed another one. Dragons getting another weakness is another nice touch.
    7. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      I was very worried the moment I first saw Teerunaa today, because I thought it was going the way of the Pignite. Someone eventually reminded me that it learns Psycho Cut, which makes me feel a little better. I swear though, if Game Freak once more tries to display their fetish for firefighters, I'll scream so loud.

      Hariboogu... what? Not going to lie, it looks weird, and the way it's posing isn't helping. Although, Chespin was wearing a chestnut as a turban, what did I supposed to expect next?
      Gerogashira is rather surprising to be honest, it's slick and cool, which I wasn't expecting from Froakie at all. After this second round of starter reveals, Froakie's line just went from the bottom to the top in my list.

      Looking forward to seeing their final forms, or even their mega evos if they have them, to ultimately decide what starter I'll go with.

      As for Mewtwo X (gods, the name alone sounds like an anime of its own kind), it's a cool idea, but I'm not sure if I like it, Mewtwo Y has honestly grown a bit on me, so I think I'll take him on as a favourite. But since my flatmate has beaten me to the punch on preordering, I'll most likely have to settle with Freeza.
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    8. Doubled
      Chespin...why? Just... why? I was rooting for you, little buddy! Please let this just be an awkward teenage year sort of thing, please of please oh please...

      As far as Fennekin's evo... is that a twig sticking out of its tail? I wonder if its evolution will somehow involve it using its tail like a gigantic brush of some kind. And Froakie's evolution is just ballin', I'm actually leaning more to choose him now than Chespin, but I have to defend my role in as the "player character" between my friend and I. He is always the rival with the stronger type, and has been since we first started playing Pokemon, so I can't choose another type right now.

      The other new Pokemon look pretty cool, but I certainly was surprised about the dog and the cats. Also, I'm glad they finally decided to make a T-rex and Brontosaurus Pokemon, and use new typings~ ANd the cats sound rather intriguing.

      Mega Garchomp is... okay. They could have done better, and I prefer the regular one, but Mewtwo X is just freaking amazing.

      But, on a note of speculation, why are they giving him two new forms exclusive to one version each? And hasn't it been said that Gamefreak registered Pokemon Purple as a name for a possible future title or something? Callin' it, the third, or lets face it, sequel of X and Y will revolve around Mewtwo and a third forme.
    9. The_Steel_Type_of_Guy
      What? When? Where? Why?
    10. baratron
      The Froakie evo is actually rather cool-looking. I didn't think much of Froakie, mostly because of the derpy "bubble beard", but this second stage has serious potential.

      The Fennekin evo isn't bad, apart from looking far too feminine (and yes, I know that human sexual characteristics don't apply to animals or Pokemon, but for a thing that is 7/8 male it just looks so femme). It also looks seriously in danger of becoming Fire/Fighting because it appears to have become bipedal. I'm hoping it won't.

      The best reaction I can manage to poor Chespin's evo is "Oh my dear gods!" and "EWWW!". I have no idea what on earth the poor creature is supposed to be, and I agree with @Doubled that I'm hoping it's an awkward "teenage" stage that is replaced with an awesome "adult" stage.

      I was excited by the thought of a llama Pokemon, but apparently it's just a poodle. Boo.

      The Psychic cats actually look good. I've thought for a while that there are too many "domestic"-type cats in Pokemon at the expense of big cats, but I rather like the design of them. I also appreciate Pokemon with obvious gender differences, since animals like this certainly exist in nature (e.g. lions, mallard ducks...).

      The dinosaurs are beyond adorable and I correctly predicted that @StellarWind Elsydeon would hate the sauropod. He called it "My Little Diplodocus", which is in fact entirely fair. I wonder what their second stages will look like? (Fossils normally get two, don't they?)

      So... Mega Mewtwo X. Didn't that Pokebeach "leak" predict TWO new Mewtwo formes, of which one had "X" appended? It's curious how much of that was proven right. I definitely like the look of this one better than Mega Mewtwo. Not having its tail coming out of its head like a carrying handle is a big plus :).

      Finally, Mega Garchomp - as if Garchomp NEEDS a Mega Forme. It's one of the most overpowered Pokemon in existence already!

      In other news, apparently I'm dyeing my hair green and joining Team Flare >:D.

      Haven't looked at the Type chart in too much detail yet because the combination of it being in Japanese and it being a photo is too much for my poor old eyes. I agree with @Psycho Monkey though about Fairy being weak to Steel - that's pretty clever of Game Freak.
    11. Dinova
      Alright, new news! Let's see what we have here.

      The evolutions of the starters look ok. Chespin's looks absolutely off. I was pulling for you man, how could you do this to me? Hopefully the third looks better. Fennekin's evolution looks really nice, on two legs it's a little odd but I lve the flowing fur. Really excited to see the final evo. Froakie's evolution...wow. Where Chespin went from cute to derpy, Froakie went from silly to just awesome. If the design carries into the third, I may choose him instead.

      The fuzzy dog thing is unimpressive, but the cats are really cool. I think I'm totally getting the female one. I really like their designs.

      New mega evolutions too! Ok, Mewtwo X is really cool, but why did wegetthe other Mewtwo first. Statwise and design wise this one is just better... That being said, I love the armored look, and more physically focused fixes the real Achilles heel Mewtwo has had.

      I really like Mega-Garchomp, the over saturation of blades is really cool looking. I think the scythe arms are overkill, but that's part of the fun. Though am I the only one who thinks it looks like a Xenomorph?

      "A beautiful world?" Please Arceus, don't let them be a bunch of evil fashon designers.

      OOH, fossil-mon finally! Aww, a little ice-saurapod thing! It's so adorable. Wanna squeeze it.

      So what's the other...
      No... it can't be... Fifteen years but they finally did it.

      Oh my god we finally have a T-rex! I love it and it's overly big head. It even has my two favorite types. If this thing evolves (Which it most likely will) I have anew favorite pokemon.
    12. SeveredOctillery
      So this is what happens when you decide to pick the underdog starter. Nintendo turns them into Humpty Dumpty.
    13. Blazi
      I understand everything.

      It's so clear now.


      Crash Bandicoot confirmed for Chespin's Third evolution.

      (No but seriously, that's what Hariboogu reminds me of)

      Other than that, there's nothing really to say that hasn't been said before.
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    14. Haris_Screams
      remember having a bagon to evolving into a ugly shelgon and became a awesome salamance?
      larvitar->ugly pupitar->awesome tyranitar
      how about chespin:3

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