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CoroCoro Leaks New Pokémon!

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The first images of Japanese magazine CoroCoro have leaked and revealed four brand new sixth generation Pokémon and some general details about Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, such as finally revealing the name of the region.



    The CoroCoro leaks have revealed four very interesting new Pokémon, along with their names, types, heights and weights. The red bird Pokémon is called Yayakoma (0.3m, 1.7kg), is based off of a Japanese Robin, and is a Flying and Normal type Pokémon. It can also use the move Flame Charge. The Panda-like Pokémon goes by the name of Yanchamu (0.6m, 8.0kg), is a Fighting type Pokémon, and also knows a brand new move called Sharp Remark. The lizard-like Pokémon below Yanchamu is called Elikiteru (0.5m, 6.0kg) and is an Electric and Normal type Pokémon. Elikiteru also knows a new move going by the name of Parabola Charge which deals damage to opponents while also letting the user recover some HP. The final Pokémon to be revealed is a goat-like Pokémon going by the name of Gogoat (1.7m, 91.0kg) and is a Grass type which knows the move Horn Leech. The scan also shows the player being able to ride on Gogoat, however the BulbaNewsNow account is reporting that you can only ride Gogoat in a location called Miare City.

    The first scan also gave us the first look at this generation's Pokédex, which seems to have a tablet like design.


    The second scan shows off the male and female playable characters and also confirms that we'll be able to change their looks slightly. The scan says you can change a character's skin, eyes, and hair colour, and while that isn't much it's certainly a start! The scan also confirmed the region's name and gave us a look at the map. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be based in the Karos Region, which in turn is based on France.

    It appears that Miare City is located in the center of the Karos region, much like Castelia City was within the Unova region. Miare City is same city that was originally shown off in the X&Y reveal trailer and is said to be very large in size, hence why you're allowed to ride Gogoat throughout it for quicker traveling. Lastly, the city's symbol is said to be the tall tower at its center.


    The final scan shows off the Japanese boxart for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

    It's worth keeping in mind that the magazine is still being leaked and translated, so more info may pop up as the day goes on, so it's worth checking back!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, May 11, 2013.

    1. Toastie
      Initial thoughts:

      New Pokémon:
      -Gogoat looks majestic.
      -Yancham is pretty cool, and it could have an awesome evolution.
      -Yayakoma looks all right, although I would have preferred a European robin. Still, I'm sure it will have some cool evos.
      -Elikiteru is a bit strange, but its typing is interesting and Parabola Charge could be a handy move.

      New Features:
      -Customisation is much welcome, I'm glad we're finally getting it.
      -Riding Pokémon looks fun, although it seems to be restricted to Gogoat, and only in a particular area. I hope I'm wrong.
      -The region does seem to be based on France, and appears to be quite mountainous. Nice to finally get a name for it!
      -I wonder if that character with the lime green hair is the rival?
    2. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      This. This is exactly what I wanted. Numerous Pokemon, in majestic glory. Also, one of my dreams is finally realized! A Panda Pokemon!!! And I love it so very much. :D The Goat looks awesome too (I'm thinking it might have no Evolution, as it looks to be a Tauros-esque Pokemon).

      The new features look awesome too. Currently, I'm more partial to the female design than the male. The guy looks like the exact same one from B/W2, with slightly different clothing.

      Also, FRENCH REGION!! If they want it to be authentic, all the NPCs have to be really rude.
    3. Shocari
      "I laugh at you, you so-called Pokemon Trainer!"

      I don't care for any of the revealed Pokemon except Gogoat, but as long as they have decent-looking final evos, I guess I can live with it. Customization...called it. Not much, but enough to keep at least some individuality.

      I really like both of the protag's designs, but I'm more partial to the girl because the guy looks like a horrid amalgam of Hilbert and Nate.
    4. michael95
      ok so I just crapped myself :3

      The new mons look amazing, and I do love parabola charge. I'm a bit intrested to know what sharp remark is, but all in all, i love it :D
    5. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      I'm really liking the girl's design, it just seems like something I would wear if I was off adventuring with my 'mons. The boy's, though, reminds me a bit too much of Hilbert, but eh, he's still cute enough I guess.'

      The items on their wrists look like curious little gadgets. I wonder what they'll be~

      And customization. I mean, not much of it, but certainly a step I guess? XD
    6. Magpie

      All sounds good thus far! I've never missed the lack of customisation but it'll be nice to be able to, even if it's only very basic. Not sure what took them so long, but better late then never xD

      Yayakoma is an insta-fave. Just sayin'. If it evolves into some mega amazing bird of doom (please!) then all the more reason to love it :D
    7. Doubled
      So far, I like the lineup, except Elikitery. I just...I dunno. The others satisfied me when I saw them, but I dunno about the other one.

      As far as character customization, I hope that this is just a beginning thing and that you can unlock more somehow. Even if it's just changing clothing color, I'll be happy. I guess this small step is pretty cool though. If people want, they can finally have the first blonde protagonist.

      Other than that, I don't think people should get too attached to the Karos region as a name. Remember Isshu being renamed to Unova? I'm just saying, it'll probably be renamed somehow.
    8. precita
      I'm surprised main character customization hasn't come up in the series sooner. I suppose its because they wanted the heroes to have an established look if they ever appeared in the anime or manga.

      But being able to change the skin color of a protagonist is a major change, and something that should have been in the series sooner.
    9. ShinyZekrom009
      Alright, new Pokemon, finally!

      Elikiteru's typing is interesting(Electric/Grass) but I'm not very impressed by its appearance, hopefully it will have good evos. Parabola charge sounds awesome, though, like an Electric-type version of the Absorb/Mega Drain/Giga Drain moves.

      We finally get a panda by the name of Yanchamu! It looks cool, and the move, Severe Remark...it sounds like a move that lowers an opponent's stats, but other than that, I don't know.

      Yayakoma, another Normal/Flying combination, is interesting in appearance and by one of the moves it can learn, Flame Charge.

      Gogoat was probably my favorite out of these, with its majestic appearance, the fact that you can ride it, and because it has Horn Leech.

      Customization's great, and we have a region name(that might change later): Karos!

      All in all, great news so far.
    10. Demelza
      Apparently it works a bit like U-turn, but this one will lower an opponents stats and then switch out... Right now I don't think its been confirmed to actually be a damaging move, so guess we'll see. ^^
    11. Cody
      All the new 'Mons look great, if you ask me...I'm a big fan of Yayakoma. Parabola Charge also seems like a potentially great move.

      Really, there's not much here I don't like. The tablet Pokedex is pretty sweet.

      Does anyone else think having a Panda in France is a little strange, though?
    12. Teapot
      I called it in chat as soon as I saw the mirror in the trailer. So there ;D
    13. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Oh yeah, well, _I_ called the fact it would be lame and useless. So nyaaa :p.
    14. Keleri
      Sooooooooo excited. I love the robin even though it will probably be a pidgey-like pokemon that we'll see a billion times before the first gym. I'm hoping that riding pokemon and the customization are broader features than what we're seeing here (i.e. ride more pokemon than gogoat, not just the three options for customization). My punching hand is getting pretty furious at the people going WELL THERE AREN'T ANY BLACK PEOPLE IN FRANCE, which 1) false and 2) OH SO WE'RE COOL WITH BATTLING MONSTERS THAT CAN CONVERT ENERGY INTO MATTER BUT AS SOON AS WE START TALKING ABOUT INCLUDING HUMAN VARIATIONS IT'S LIKE WHOA SLOW DOWN THERE TIGER

      Sorry, punching hand was in charge of typing that last sentence. Very excited, and also amazed by the people doing fanart, like, within the hour of the leak. Also looking forward to see more "cool" pokemon and not just the cute ones.

      More strange than legendary dragons and animals with destructive elemental powers?
    15. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      It is somewhat odd that despite giving the game a European setting (and yet somehow having a desert region, but who's to argue with the mighty brains at GameFreak, eh?) two of the latest Pokemon stand out as notably odd for that region: a Panda and a Japanese Robin.

      Now, the American region also featured a flaming monkey that turned into a Daruma Doll, so they're not above just making shit up mixing in a bit of Asian culture with where-ever they go otherwise, but it is still odd.
    16. Teapot
      You know, the Japanese Robin learning Flame Charge makes me hope we get a Fire/Flying early-game bird. It'd instantly (almost) make up for Gen 4's appalling lack of Fire types by featuring one prominently.
    17. snivy811
      when I first saw gogoat, I thought it was a chespin evo! it has a tan color and a grass-like mane.

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