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CoroCoro Leaks: Movie 16 Details Revealed

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    We may be standing at the end of the year, and this may be the last edition of Japanese magazine CoroCoro for the year, but that doesn't mean it didn't include some interesting Pokémon news. This months edition of the magazine has given us more details on the 16th Pokémon movie which will be released in Japan on the 13th of July 2013. If you wish to know more, then read on!

    As you can see from the CoroCoro scan above, the movie will be featuring a shiny Genesect, well, in some manner of speaking. Genesect will only be red coloured while its in flight, the rest of the time the Pokémon will be its normal purple colour. This will only be the second time shiny Pokémon have played a lead part in the Pokémon movies, the first being the shiny versions of Raikou, Entei and Suicune in the 13th Pokémon movie, Zoroark - Master of Illusions. The name of the 16th movie has also been confirmed. It will be called Extremespeed Genesect. As always there will be a Pikachu Short to go alongside the movie in Japan. This short will be going by the name of Pikachu & Eevee Friends and as the name suggests will be featuring the very cute Pokémon Eevee.

    CoroCoro also revealed that for owners of Pokémon Black, Pokémon White, Pokémon Black 2, or Pokémon White 2 in Japan, another event will be running in Pokémon Centre stores giving fans another chance to get their hands on Genesect if they missed out on the original event.

    Edit: Thanks to the Pokémon Company's official Japanese Youtube channel, we now have a brief trailer for the 16th movie to share as well. Check it out below!

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Dec 12, 2012.

    1. Linkachu
      Now I understand why you're more interested in the Pikachu short than the movie itself... ;)
    2. Demelza
      Yup! ;D

      In fairness, they're milking little Eevee for all its worth after it become wild in the last games, but I don't care, I'm always happy to see more of it. ♥
    3. Stark
      I swear we just had the last movie? D:

      As soon as one is out, they start on the next one... or maybe they're already making 17 too o.o
    4. Linkachu
      Yup, that's pretty much how these guys work. Since 1998 there's always been a new Pokemon movie released in Japan each July and they'll usually (if not always?) start teasing the next movie later that year. I guess when there's only a year between releases you gotta start advertising early. It's never-ending!

      They like modeling the environments featured in each movie after real world locations so it wouldn't surprise me if they've already started planning a bit for movie 17 too.
    5. Demelza
      I'd say for at least the last eight years, if my memory is correct, the next movie always gets teased during December. I mean, July isn't that far off so they'll always have enough done where they'll have something to show us. ^^
    6. Magpie
      Is it bad that I hope they give out a shiny event Genesect, purely so that I can name mine Ferrari? :3

      That red colour sure makes him look snazzy~
    7. Coreysawrus
      xD That would be an awesome name
    8. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Except you usually can't nickname event Pokemon because they have different OTs. Unless you mean off of the Dream World in which case hell yeah! >=)

      When I saw this trailer I squeed lots! ♥ This is the first time I think a Pokemon has actually shifted from its normal color to its shiny color.
    9. Demelza
      I actually hope they release a shiny Genesect too, just because I like it slightly more being red. :)
    10. precita
      There's also the strong possibility that this is the last Best Wishes movie, and thus Iris or Cilan's last movie. With all Gen V legends done, its possible Gen 6 is coming around the Fall of 2013.

      If it happens then Iris will officially be the shortest-lived female protagonist on the show, since she is sure to leave when BW ends. Is it just me or is each new female protagonist in the show for slightly less than the previous one? ~:p~
    11. Toastie
      I very much doubt that this will be the last Best Wishes movie. The DP saga had four, but BW has only had 3 so far (including this one). Besides, we still have the R/S/E remakes to go :p

      Anyway, it's impossible to know if Cilan or Iris will leave after Best Wishes. It's entirely possible that Gen VI's new region will be similar to Johto in that it relies heavily upon the previous Gen's region. In that case, I'd expect Iris and Cilan to return.
    12. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      They tease the next movie at the end of the current one every year. The content of the next movie is already a sure-fire thing before the current movie's even out.
    13. KoL
      I'm disappointed that Genesect didn't make the transform sound effect from Transformers when it turned into its normal form.

      I also love how the trailer tells us fuck all about the film itself besides the fact that Genesect, Ash and Pikachu are in it, which could have been deduced purely from the film's name.
    14. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Shiny Genesect does look really sleek, but it reminds even more of Scizor. And ever since the 'Dark Ash' incident in the Zorua movie, I take Pokemon movie trailers with a grain of salt. So regarding KoL's post, I can't decide if them not telling us anything is good or bad lol

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