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Private/Closed Convergence Omniversal Heroes

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Funny Sans Rat, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Link to the discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fiction-crossover.19543/#post-635209

    Ridley ate nacho over shards of glass, looking for anything belonging to his worst enemy, Samus Aran. They had recently fought but he had lost track of where she was, "Where are you, I will find you!" He began looking again, eventually finding a shard that seemed different. It was tinted blue and was very chunky... Suddenly a blue portal opened and began sucking him up, he spread his wings as far out as he could in a hope to stop the force, but, to no avail. He was sucked into the portal and was then flying through a blue, tube-like wormhole(?). He tried to gain his balance by flapping his wings but just ended up spiraling out of control. He fell out of the wormhole and was rolling towards something, or... Somebody?
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  2. Achilles Kitsuno, better known to the public as Variant Fox, was seeing the dinosaur obsessed villain Cyrus McCloud, better known as Mr. Dinosaur, off to jail yet again. The fox hero was walking down the sidewalk when he suddenly spotted a shard of some kind. 'What is that?' Achilles wondered. Suddenly a blue portal appeared above him in the sky above him. "Aaaaah!" Achilles screamed. He was glad his friends Espa and Mage weren't here to see this. The next thing he knew, something was coming at him. His eyes glowed bright blue. He changed into one of his Variants, one that resembled a giant fox with a turtle shell. He was composed entirely of a light green hard crystal-like substance. This was his Defense Variant, Shellfoxed.

    Catgirl was with Batboy at a crime scene when she spotted something unusual. "Hey Batboy, look at this." Catgirl called to her colleague. She crouched down to get a better look at the object in question. Before Batboy could reach her side a blue portal appeared above Catgirl in the sky and had sucked Catgirl into it. "Catgirl!" Batboy yelled. But she was already gone. Next thing she knew, Catgirl was on the ground somewhere else. "Not again." she muttered. She soon spotted a familiar face from a previous dimension traveling adventure. Something was falling towards him. "Look out!" Catgirl called to him. The fox already had it covered, changing into something that could withstand the impact.

    Jay Mexicano was on patrol, flying through the sky, when she spotted something unusual on the ground. 'What is that?' she wondered. She was about to go down and investigate, when a blue portal appeared above in the sky above her and sucked her in. She was soon falling from the sky somewhere else, though she was soon able to stop her fall. "Where am I?" Jay Mexicano wondered out loud.
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  3. Letterman walked out of the coffee shop after kindly tipping the barista and waving to her. With the cyber coffee having the little Navi perked up and ready to go, he decided to set off for his house. While walking down the streets of Cyberton City, a peculiar fragment caught his eyes.

    Suddenly, a blue portal appeared from below! He clinged onto the nearest light post he could find in hopes of resisting the force, though it was far too strong for a little Navi like him. Part of the metallic pole broke off, as he found himself in a strange wormhole seconds later.

    Meanwhile, Polino was busy with attempting to get past the fence having various security measures to counteract his ability to simply float past the series of plastic poles. After a light sigh at the alarm, the infantile being decided to stack several T-shaped pieces, followed by an L-shaped piece to make a way past the babyproof gate. Once he made his way down the stairs, he floated over towards the table and gulped down a bottle of apple juice. After finishing his drink and tossing the bottle in the bin, he decided to head into the backyard to hone upon the field of construction.

    Before he could summon some polyominos from the sky, he noticed a peculiar shard that was none like anything he ever saw in his life. However, before he could closely examine the strange piece, he saw a bluish opening appearing in the sky! After noticing that he was being sucked into the unknown entryway, he tried as hard as he could to combat the force, only to suffer the same fate as the poor little Navi did.

    “Biiiiiii, biiiii biii bi!” The young creature screeched before being forced to enter the mysterious hole.

    “Ahh! Owie! Eek! Ow! Ach! My frame!” Letterman cried after falling out of the other opening into a world shrouded by utmost enigma.

    “Biiiiiiiiiiii biiiiiii bi bi bi bi!” Polino shouted while descending into the space of the unknown. The ring of polyominos clumped together and surrounded his body, shielding him from the fall.

    Oddly enough, it appeared to be that the Navi’s luck was on their side after noticing that they landed on the blocks feeling rather soft and delicate to the touch. The blocks slowly reformed back into a ring around and below Polino’s body, while Letterman slowly rolled over onto the ground to prevent damage to his steel body. The shaped pieces gradually reverted back to being firm and strong to the touch a brief moment later.

    “W- what in the globe is this? S- some sort of c- conundrum?” Letterman enquired while carefully gripping the mint green ruler with his right hand.

    “I can’t be letting off the fender around here, surely this must be a ridiclous ploy,” Letterman whispered to himself after giving a brief inspection of the new area.

    “Executing combat mode! Letter Cannon, activate!” Letterman proclaimed in a rather stern tone, as his left arm transformed into a small barrel!

    Several green letters were launched out of the buster, as some of the letters were swiftly arranged to spell out the word: Safe. The other letters quickly shrunk to about the size of a golf ball and were sucked into the weapon a split second later.

    “I ain’t getting my posterior whacked today!” Letterman quietly stated to himself in a low, babyish tone while the tidy letters radiated an orange light a brief moment later.

    A midnight black force field surrounded the little Navi, which would temporarily protect him against all sorts of incoming attacks and traps. The letters disappeared after the Navi became shielded by a mystical barrier.

    Polino watched everything unfold with a puzzled look, while stacking some tetriminos to create a perfectly made, four line wall that surrounded himself in a matter of a minute.
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  4. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Justin was doing the usual business. In a world of cognitions, killing shadows, making sure things were okay. He then felt a bit tired, so they took a break. “Man, what a day! We’ve already done quite the bit of work, haven’t we?” He said, asking his Persona. Tamashī No Sanzōku looked at him and gave a nod. “You bet, partner. Ain’t easy work, either. We’ve been having to do quite a bit of defeating those things. I say we deserve to rest for a while...” the black ranger said, taking a swig of his canteen. They were chatting about what to do next, when suddenly, a portal opened in the middle of nowhere, sucking them both in. Justin had blacked out almost instantly, but his Persona awoke him. “Partner... wake up!” The Persona said, shaking him rather violent. “Alright, alright, I’m up! Not like you to act that way, though...” Justin replied. “ I think I have the right to, especially given the current conditions. Look around you.” The Persona insisted. Justin looked around his new bearings. “Where the Hell... this isn’t Reflection Realm!” He yelled. He wasn’t sure where he was in the world... maybe not even in the world.
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  5. “T- these people... are they really here to destroy me or something? N- no... I can’t let that happen! I gotta find a way back fast... if there’s even one!” Letterman thought while a floppy disk with a picture of a NetNavi being enveloped in a bluish outline appeared.

    “Battle chip, activate at will! I ain’t being the first one to expire in this dang confinement!” Letterman protested while his body became surrounded by a sky blue aura, which would nullify the effects of most types of attacks in the event of his prior barrier suddenly becoming nil.

    The floppy disk disappeared a split second later, while Polino watched the little Navi taking significant precautions and preparations in case if the worst were to happen. Polino summoned an L-shaped piece and caught it the moment it slowly desended from the sky. He clutched onto the straight, linear block while shielding himself behind his surrounding wall of tetriminos.
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  6. A black cargo plane flew through the cloudy night. Inside, three Talon agents sat in the cargo hold, squatting behind a couple of crates.

    “We do this by the book,” the black-cloaked member said to the others. “We get what we need and we get out. Simple.”

    “Relajate, Gabriel,” the purple clad member replied. “This is a piece of cake.”

    The third member stayed quiet with her goggles on, allowing her to see heat signatures throughout the ship. It seemed no one was in the cargo hold with them and she relayed the information to her team with a simple hand motion. Gabriel, more commonly know to the world as Reaper, stood up and started making his way through the hold, the other two agents behind him. They slowly progressed between other crates and boxes, not wanting to make a sound and alert the crew of their presence.

    “So, Widowmaker,” the purple clad female said. “Do you have any idea what exactly we are here for? Apparently Gabriel knows, but isn’t willing to share.”

    “That’s need to know information, Sombra,” Reaper replied for Widowmaker, a bit annoyed. “Doomfist wanted this item so, we’re gonna get it.”

    Eventually they made it to the other end of the cargo hold. The three agents stopped in front of a state of the art electronic safe. It was supposed to be uncrackable. Sombra stepped up to it and examed the safe. A wicked smile appeared on her face as she began hacking into the safe’s computer system. It only took Sombra a matter of seconds to unlock the safe. The safe door slowly swung open to reveal the safe was empty.

    Sombra stood up and looked at Reaper, visibly annoyed. “What gives?”

    Before Reaper could say anything, the lights turned on in the cargo hold. Pulling out their guns, the Talon agents looked around. Standing at the entrance of the cargo hold were three Overwatch agents: Soldier 76, Ana Amari, and Winston.

    “It’s over for you three,” Soldier 76 said, aiming his rifle at the agents. “There’s nowhere for you to go.”

    There was a stare down between the two sides of agents before all hell broke loose. Dark energy began swirling around Reaper as Sombra and Widowmaker started retreating towards the back of the plane. Reaper began spinning around, rapidly firing his shotguns in every direction. Soldier, Ana and Winston dove inside the cargo hold behind some crates as bullets flew. After finishing his diversion attack, Reaper dissolved into a dark mist and followed Sombra and Widowmaker. The Overwatch agents jumped over the crates they were hiding behind and gave chase through the hold.

    “Sombra! The door!” Reaper shouted. As Sombra was running, she ran her hand along the wall, purple lines glowing on the wall as she hacked the plane’s system. Bullets flew from behind the Talon Agents as they neared the back of the plane. An alarm rang out as the cargo bay door began opening, a blast of wind rushing into the plane. Clouds rushed by outside and up from underneath the clouds appeared a sleek black jet with a red T on it. Sombra and Widowmaker jumped out of the plane and landed on the jet, quickly retreating inside.

    As Reaper was about to jump, the plane pitched forward, causing him to fall backwards and the Talon jet to bank away to avoid a collision. The Overwatch Agents were knocked around to but were quickly closing in on Reaper. Not having time to wait for the jet to come back, Reaper jumped out of the rear of the plane. Wind whistled past Reaper as he free fell through the sky. As he was breaking through the clouds, a rift started formin bellow him. The rift eventually expanded into what seemed like tear in the fabric of space and time. Without anyway to stop his free fall, Reaper fell into the rift.


    “Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path,” Ozpin said to the students in front of him. “Or you will die.”

    The students glanced at each, a bit worried. Drake, however, looked eager and ready to show his skills. Ozpin’s assistant, Glynda Goodwitch, pressed a button on her tablet activating the launch pads the students were standing on. The first part of the test was to think on your feet, or in the case on the fly, and come up with their own landing strategy. Drake was the last student to be sent flying off, seeing the others in front of him. He pulled out his two swords and readied them. The plan was to latch onto a tree branch and swing around it, flinging himself straight up so he would have a nice straight down landing back on the branch. Plus having his weapons out was a good idea in any Grimm showed up.

    That was the plan. The giant blue rift appearing in the sky in front of Drake was not a part of his landing strategy. Flying through the air with no control or a semblance to help him out of this situation, Drake vanished from Remnant and into the blue rift.
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  7. “Hey! Whoever is leading this vacuous lilliputian ruse better come out here with their limbs high in the stratosphere right now! I’m done partaking in this foolish stratagem!” Letterman yelled while three floppy disks each having pictures of a pink cannon appeared in front of the little Navi.

    “You’re gonna eat my program advance if you don’t disclose yourself in the next nanosecond! I didn’t have my cyber coffee just to get sent to a wretched district like this!” The Navi shouted after the disks merged into a bigger one, having the picture of the same, but bigger cannon. A bright, yellow star was present on the upper right corner of the disk.

    Polino listened on the young Navi protesting against some sort of unknown entity, as he thought, “Could something really exist? Maybe someone is behind this. I don’t think that I would just find myself in another place like that.”

    The infantile creature continued to grip his L-shaped piece while wondering if the ice would become broken sooner or later.
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  8. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Ridley looked up, he had smashed into a rock. He stood up, he saw two others, one was a human and the other, he had no idea what or who it was. He hopped up onto the rock and screeched, spreading his wings out as far as possible. He crushed the rock with his claws before asking "Who are you!?"

    Two xenomorphs were wandering around a ship, the crew was mostly eliminated and the ship had landed. The main exits were blocked and the vents were blocked. 'Blitz' slithered to the left, finding a large, inactive door. He used his 'Blitz strike' against the door, cutting it to sheds and also cutting one of the remaining crew members' thigh open (They were hiding behind the door), they were then shot. Acid blood spat everywhere. It hit the crew member in the face and they began screaming, only a small amount of blood covered every area. The crew member had fallen over and knocked them-self unconscious, The xenomorph slithered over to the body and opened its jaw, it's secondary tongue slowly extending and jabbing into their face, leaving a hole right through their face. Suddenly, they dropped a blue shard, it opened into a portal and Blitz was was caught

    Domecrusher wandered around the ship, finding a blue shard on the floor. He was suddenly tackled by another of the crew, hitting his head on a table and leaving a tad bit of blood before regenerating his flesh and raising his tail, stabbing it through their chest and flinging them into the wall before slicing their stomach open, going in for the final hit. suddenly the shard opened a portal and he was sucked in.

    Blitz was flying through a blue wormhole, before another tube joined it. Domecrusher came from that wormhole and they bumped into eachother, Domecrusher was hit towards the outside of the wormhole, his head just slipping out, revealing a black void, he did see two more wormholes, one of them had a hooded figure in it, another had a figure with a white shirt and black pants. Blitz tried to grab Domecrusher, but got pulled out too, and they both fell out, gliding towards the portal holding the strange, hooded figure...
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  9. "Fancy meeting you here." Variant Fox, who was currently in the form of his Defense Variant Shellfoxed, said. He then turned his attention to the NetNavi. "And what are you blabbering on about? Program Advance? Just what are you?"

    Catgirl sighed. She looked around for anyone else and, among others, spotted what appeared to be a Superhero with blue wings on her back. Due to a separate misadventure not involving Variant Fox in one of the versions of the Miraculous Ladybug world, she guessed that this girl was a Miraculous holder. "Hey!" she called to the girl. "Can you come down here?"

    Jay Mexicano was observing from the air when what appeared to be a cat themed superheroine calling up to her. The girl didn't appear to be a Miraculous holder. Jay Mexicano flew down to join the cat themed superheroine. "Does anyone know where we are?" she asked.
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  10. “I’m not telling you a single bit if you’re the one leading this sort of wicked operation!” Letterman retorted while pointing his buster at the peculiar red fox, but not firing the weapon yet. The Navi shivered after noticing the giant fox’s size and its odd shell it had.

    “If you think that I’m some sort of helpless infant or neonate, then you’re performing the same mistake that Shademan made! That disk right in front of me is the thing that’ll make you go ta-ta if you’re really the one behind all of this trifling shift!” Letterman added in the best assertive tone he could make in an attempt to stand his ground. The disk shrunk to the size of a grapefruit and was sucked into the barrel a split second later. His right eye blinked in a bright, pear green light after closing his left eye for a brief moment.

    His visual data screen read:


    RECEIVING DATA... 100%
    CHECK = 1...

    ARM: L W A _ _ _ _


    MATCH = 1
    TARGET: _ _ _ _ _
    THREAT: 99
    HT: _ _ _
    WT: _ _ _
    CONDITION: 100
    WEAK: _ _ _ _ _
    RES: _ _ _ _ _
    USING ATK: _ _ _ _ _
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  11. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Suddenly, the blue shard in Ripley's hand began glowing and he entered another wormhole. Once again, he tried to stabilize himself but failed, he crashed into a large fox with a giant turtle shell, it seemed to be made of crystals. "What the- Gah!" He yelled in mid-air before hitting them.
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  12. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Justin and Tamashī could’ve sworn they heard a screech. But alas, nothing. Justin then noticed the bright blue crystal on the ground. He picked it up, and examined it. “Is this what brought us here?” He said. He then pulled out a small vile and some string. He put the crystal in the vile, tied a string onto it, and wore it like a necklace. The next thing you know, another blue portal opens up. This time, they ended up behind a little green... person, who was more interested in a fox looking character. Neither had seemed to notice them... yet. Justin put his hand to his holster, but Tamashī No Sanzōku pulled his hand away. “I get that you may be scared, but we haven’t see anything yet. Let’s not resort to violence, kay partner?” His Persona told him. Justin nodded his head, and put the gun back, watching what these others would do.
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  13. "What the -" Variant Fox said. Thankfully his Defense Variant Shellfoxed was able to withstand the impact of the newcomer. This was weird. He wouldn't be surprised if xenomorphs fell from the sky.

    Catgirl turned briefly at the sound of a collision. She then turned back to the Miraculous user. Catgirl shrugged. "To be perfectly honest, I have no clue where we are. It's definitely not somewhere in my world." Catgirl said, responding to the other girl's question.

    Jay Mexicano glanced back at the newcomers who had just arrived. She the returned her attention to the cat themed superheroine in front of her. "It's not anywhere in my world either." Jay Mexicano said. 'This keeps getting weirder and weirder.' she thought.
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  14. “S- scared?! T- that thing’s a behemoth for god’s sake! It’s bigger than the n- net tower for crying out loud!” Letterman cried before cowering behind Polino’s wall of perfectly stacked tetriminos.

    “B- biiii bi?” Polino quietly replied after picking up the voice of what was an infantile, robotic being. Polino continued to stay in the wall of shaped blocks while gently brushing his head with the L-shaped piece. Not wanting to stir up the conversation yet, he decided to play with his L-shaped piece after a quick session of brief grooming.
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  15. "Look kid, I'm not a threat unless you make me one." Variant Fox said. "I'm not switching Variants, or changing back to normal. Because knowing my luck, something dangerous is gonna fall out of the sky. Possibly with acidic blood."

    Jay Mexicano and Catgirl looked on. Neither one was quite sure how to react to the events unfolding before them. "Does anyone know what's going on here?" Jay Mexicano asked. "If there is, please speak up."
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  16. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Justin continued to watch as the little green person retreated behind a wall and of... Tetris blocks? “The Hell? Tetris?” Justin thought. Tamashī looked around. “Justin, let’s find a way out of here. We’ve no reason to be here in the first place.” The ranger suggested. “Well, I would. But I don’t know what the hell is going on. Or who these people are. Or HOW to get out of here.” Justin replied. The Persona, annoyed by Justin, sat down and took another swig from his canteen. Justin turned his attention back towards the other two... should he call them people? Animals? He didn’t know, but they seemed... decently human like, so he would recognize them as people. He sat down, and pulled out a harmonica, beginning to play it.
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  17. It seemed like a few minutes before Reaper exited the rift. He was still free falling through the air in a world he wasn’t familiar with. It took him a few seconds to survey his surroundings and noticed a rock outcropping not too far below himself. Turning himself into black mist, Reaper floated down onto the rock and then reverting back to his humanoid form. Where the hell am I? Reaper thought to himself. Behind him, a soft thud could be heard. Pulling out his weapon, Reaper spun around and pointed it at whoever or whatever landed behind him.

    Crouching in the spot was a guy wearing a black trench coat, two swords strapped to his back. He looked up and saw the barrel of a gun in his face. Holding the weapon was a hooded figure with a skull-like mask. Drake could tell the figure was humanoid, and didn’t show any signs of being a Grimm. However, he could tell he was hostile and he would have to fight his way out of this situation. Drake slowly stood up, putting his hands up.

    “Okay,” Drake said. “No need to get violent.”

    “Are you the one responsible for transporting me here?” Reaper asked pulling out his second gun. He wasn’t going to let his guard down around some stranger.

    “I’m in the same boat as you are,” he said. “I’m not from here either.”

    The two continued to stare each other down, neither one making an offensive move.
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  18. “I- I might know a b- bit... b- but I am not too sure if I should explain,” A boy in a deep crimson cloak replied to Jay while tightly gripping his midnight black, hibiscus rod with a pale maroon crystal floating an inch from the tip.

    “I- it’s just that I’m not sure if anyone would believe a so called kid like me,” The boy added in a babyish tone while casting a protective barrier of light around himself.

    “W- what do you mean? I- I’m sure that we’re not going to just reject your speech right away,” Letterman responded after peeking over the right corner of Polino’s wall of polyominos.

    “If there’s anything we can use, vital intel might be our way to finding out how to get out of this ploy,” Letterman affirmed while gradually regaining his composure, as his buster slowly transformed back into his left arm. The little Navi blankly stared at the boy, waiting for an answer.
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  19. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Ridley got up and let out a screech, louder than normal, "WHO ARE YOU?!" He yelled before spreading his wings as far as possible. "If you don't tell me I-I'll ... I'll destroy you all!" He let out another screech before seeing another wormhole open and a snake like creature fell out. "More of them!?" he said aloud. It was no normal snake, It was a xenomorph, it wrapped around Ridley and began squirming "Get off of me!" He threw off of him.
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  20. "I take back what I said. I'm switching Variants." Variant Fox said. His eyes glowed bright blue. His form changed into something else entirely. The head still retained the shape of a Fox's head, but was covered in dark blue scales like the rest of his body. His height shifted to 5'4", and he had a dragonlike tail that's top half is covered in spikes. A shorter version of Beelzemon Blast Mode's cannon was mounted to his right arm. This was his Accuracy Variant, Target. "My name is Variant Fox, and this is my Accuracy Variant, dubbed Target. It's only fair to warn you that I rarely ever miss."

    Catgirl glanced back at Ridley. "My name is Catgirl. And that's all you need to know." She returned her attention to the boy.

    Jay Mexicano briefly turned to Ridley. "I'm Jay Mexicano. Now would you kindly be quiet. This boy was trying to tell us something before you so rudely interrupted."
  21. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Justin noticed the fox change form, this time with a blaster on its arm. He also heard what the creature had said. He stopped playing the harmonica, got up, walked a bit closer, set his gun on the ground, and held his hands up. “Woah, woah! Hold on, don’t get provoked now! I understand I haven’t really spoken since I got here! My names J- Ranger! I’m not lying, just can’t tell people I don’t trust my real name.” He said in a calm tone, with a little smile. He dare not pick up his gun, he was trying to come off as an okay person, which he was. He then turned towards his Persona.” And that’s my Persona. Just another version of me. There’s nothing to be worried about.” He said, a time that was as if he was trying to tone down the tensity. Tamashī tipped his hat, which somehow you still couldn’t see his face after doing so.
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  22. "I was talking to the xenomorph and the space dragon giving us attitude." Variant Fox growled. The spikes on his tail were raised. Unknown to the others, these spikes could be shot off from his tail, much like a Deadly Nadder's spikes. "Just making sure they don't get any ideas is all."
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  23. “I am not too sure if I should just say something that might cause this alien thing and that screaming guy over there to probably go nuts at me. After all, having to explain about time rifts and worlds colliding are some complicated topics for a quote on quote... little baby like me to be babbling on about like my father kept telling me a few years ago,” The boy said before winking at Jay and waving his rod for a brief moment.

    The slow snap of his fingers followed, as a blue clock appeared on the ground at the boy’s location. The clock started to tick noticeably slower with every second going by. A plodding, bluish aura surrounded the small area within the clock’s location in a matter of seconds.

    “I suppose I’ll be needing more... ahem, time before anyone else can understand. Vale nunc,” The boy remarked after warping himself behind Polino’s wall of tetriminos much to Letterman’s surprise.
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  24. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Justin was oblivious to the giant space dragon of death, and the deadly alien species somehow. At the first mention of them, he saw the bulky celestial pterodactyl and the slender aliens. He was a bit afraid, so he picked his gun back up, and began to look around. “Well, times have been good, but I’ll be going.” The western dressed boy said. He and his Persona began running off, hoping no one would follow them. He was especially afraid if the dragon would follow him, but he had taken down many shadows that resembled dragnons and aliens before... how hard could it be to take down an over towering purple dragon from space? No, he couldn’t. He kept running away from the scene, knowing that he didn’t to get mauled by something like that.
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  25. Polino clapped his tiny hands, as the wall of tetriminos disappeared a split second later. A large, bright white beam was sent to his body, as he became surrounded in a protective barrier of light that would protect him from most types of stronger attacks.

    “Bi... biiiii bi.” Polino quietly said to himself before a series of tetriminoes and pentominoes were summoned from the sky. The colorful, distinctly shaped blocks arranged themselves together in front of the infant in the formation of an expertly made, four wide well.

    Each block quickly piled onto another, giving off a small quake with every hard drop the polyominos made. A lime green, S-shaped block appeared to be sticking out from the bottom two lines however.

    Once the tower of blocks were finished in under a minute, a royal blue, J-shaped tetrimino was sent falling towards the ground at a swift velocity. After the tetrimino was near the second line, the block quickly spun counterclockwise to allow the piece to perfectly fit in the gap.

    “W- woah... d- did that segment just e- evaporate or something?” Letterman cried in shock.

    “That seems to be the case. Perhaps he’s also got some magic like me, though I’m having a hard time being able to get back to my world like I was able to that other day after that accident. Don’t tell anyone that I almost screwed up trying to teleport that package, please,” The boy replied while shaking his rod, mending the Navi’s scratch on his bottom in a rather discreet manner.
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  26. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    "... How interesting" Ridley said mockingly as he turned his direction towards the xenomorph and firing a plasma ball towards it. The xenomorph quickly dodged and began slashing at Ridley with his tail, Ridley got hit in his arm and then tried to jab the snake. His tail jabbed right through the snake. The acid not yet setting in. The snake managed to get loose and slither around to Ridley's back. Somehow the acid melded Ridley and Blitz, "GET OFF OF ME YOU... YOU RAT!" He yelled as he tugged at Blitz, only hurting both of them.. 'Alright, maybe we need to work as a team..." Suddenly, Blitz began slashing at Ridley, "What the! Cut that out!' He was trying to shake it off. He began running in a random direction, ending up following the two that were running.
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  27. "Oh boy." Variant Fox said. He sweatdropped. In the process of trying to get the xenomorph off of him, the space dragon had accidentally ended up "chasing" the pair that had decided to run away. He wondered how they'd react.

    Catgirl and Jay Mexicano looked on. Both were confused and somewhat unsure of what actions to take. Catgirl reached into her utility belt and pulled a catarang from its compartment. Just in case she needed it.
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  28. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Justin heard something behind him, and turned around. He saw the giant purple space dragon, and turned his head back. “Oh, god damn it! Why did I think of that?! Now it’s actually happening.” Justin thought. Because a human and their Persona are essentially the same, Tamashī no Sanzōku heard Justin’s thoughts, like he normally did. “Well, what you scared of? We fought worse before! Plus, this dinosaur doesn’t even know where he is. Just like us, partner. C’mon, now that their acting like a threat, let’s get ready to fight.” The Persona suggested. Justin nodded, putting a creepy smile on his face, and had half open eyes. He turned around, and stopped. He didn’t even pull out his gun or anything, he just stopped to face the dragon. Tamashī got behind him, and being around 9”2’, prepared to fight.​
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  29. In seconds the cannon on Variant Fox's arm disappeared, and was switched out for a magenta crossbow. "Maybe I can shoot the xenomorph off of him." He started to raise his arm to fire the crossbow, but was stopped by Jay Mexicano. "Let's see what happens." the Miraculous holder said.
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  30. Peace flew by with the wind, caressing the fur-like scales of an iridescent dragon sitting atop a dojo. Her two pairs of glistening wings were folded on her back as she looked across the happy and filled forests that covered the floor up to the horizon, where the sun was setting. The lights were spectacular from above, especially in contrast to the reds, golds, pinks, and purples the sun was giving off, casting a strange and eerie, yet beautiful glow on the protector of her forest. Her world. Her scales now the color of the setting sun, she spread her wings out wide to feel the air move around her and with her. Right now, she was at one with nature. She then felt off.

    The air around her didn't feel right, and she opened her eyes to feel the wind blowing upwards. She looked up to see a crack in the sky right above her. To be honest with herself, she was quite scared at first. She realized what it was and tried to use her darkness breath to somehow shut it, but it ended up making the rift wider and sucking her through. The wormhole felt tube-like in nature with lots of shades of blues on all sides, enveloping her. She tried to use her wings to at least straighten herself out, as she was flailing about at the moment. She only finally got herself together when the portal opened up into an alien world and dropped her right on top of some strange purple alien and another black alien, with green blood fusing them together. Next to them, or facing them at least, was a large being behind of a smaller one. She couldn't get her two pairs of wings open in time, so now she was going to land on the two stuck to each other if they didn't move fast. She screeched as she fell, probably hurting someone's ears in the process, as it sounded like a very distressed bird, if that distressed bird's screeching was at a higher volume and a higher pitch.
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  31. Variant Fox heard screeching and turned to see a falling dragon, this one quite different from the one currently fused with a xenomorph. His eyes glowed bright blue once again. His form changed into something else entirely. He was now a tall, bipedal cat with the coloration of a fox, right down to the markings. He was the same height as Renamon. He then created a large mattress out of green hard light. This was so the dragon would have a soft place to land.
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  32. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Ridley screeched and stood up straight. He fired off a few balls of plasma in random directions before... something let out a loud screech. He lunged to the left. Blitz let out a loud screech before continuing his attack. Ridley grabbed Blitz and ripped him off, he let out a screech while he did so. He held Blitz in his hands before digging his claws into him and throwing them against the ground. They heard a strange sound from behind them and they turned around...

    Ridley was hit in the head by a large crocodile with a stone club. They hit them again, Ridley fired a ball of plasma towards them. The crocodile stepped back before trying to swing at Ridley again, he hit Ridley in the chest, knocking him back. Ridley got up and tried to jab them with his tail.
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  33. As the two aliens jumped out of the way, a mattress appeared and the Iridescent Dragon landed with no injuries. She quickly got up and looked over to see a fox-like creature. Assuming this was the fox's doing, she nodded toward her in thanks before she heard more commotion. She saw this weird crocodile-like creature hitting the purple alien with a club. She roared a deep and resounding roar, one filled with ferocity, and flew forwards with her two pairs of wings, trying to tackle the croc away from the two aliens and rend him apart with her claws. Her fur-like scales shimmered in the light and refracted so much light, she looked like a ball of light charging towards the creature.
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  34. Variant Fox saw the Dragon nod her thanks and nodded back. He then turned his attention to the crocodile like creature. Now, his first impression of the purple dragon alien was not a good one. But this crocodile like creature started attacking this guy for no reason. The Dragon that had landed on the green hard light mattress was already on it, letting out a roar of ferocity before attempting to tackle the creature.
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  35. “A- ahh! We must flee immediately!” Letterman cried after taking in the sight of a brawl happening already.

    “Biiiii bi bi!” Polino replied after building a set of pentominoes in front of the trio to allow for a quick, concealed escape.

    “The little robot’s right, it’s no use hanging around some hostiles. I’ll discuss it with you two once we find a safer place,” The boy quietly stated while following the two in a rather hasteful manner.

    The last, P-shaped block was dropped after the group fled, as the wall would hopefully buy them a minute or two in the event of someone wanting to pursue the three.

    “Hmm, how convenient. This area looks like the perfect place to hang out,” The boy said while lifting his rod to allow some boulders to silently give way.

    The trio made their way in the hollow, cozy area before the boulders shut the entrance. Letterman took out a tiny, green cube, which became a cup of coffee in a split second later.

    “So, what’s the information you were going to vocalize on?” Letterman enquired while Polino groomed himself with an I-shaped piece once more.

    “Those portals that we went through were probably some sort of uncontrollable rift. I’ve seen those happening in my world at least a couple of times when I stole the life crystal,” The boy explained.

    “W- wha? W- why would you do such a horrendous thing?” Letterman cried.

    “The life crystal was my only hope of not letting my world fall to pieces. As a bonus, it also allowed me to gain tremendous, unheard levels of power at a tiny cost however when I went into the void,” The boy clarified.

    “Since we might be here for a while due to my world being probably at least a billion meters away for my warp, I figured that we should at least get to break the ice. I’ll go first I guess,” The boy continued after managing to keep his rod still.

    “They call me Nil, the Crimson Mage. I can cast just about anything in the book at least thanks to the forbidden magic I learned back in the void, but unfortunately I contacted so much of the crystal’s energy to where my body is entirely frozen in time. So, who are you two anyway?” The boy stated while spinning his rod for a brief moment.

    “U- umm... I’m Letterman. I was originally intended to be a kids toy instead of a fighting robot, but I didn’t want the other Navis to laugh at me, which they still do sometimes... Wahhhh!” Letterman said before suddenly shielding his tearing eyes and going into a brief session of bawling like a neonate wanting its bottle after naptime.

    Polino stacked some various polyominos next to each other, which spelled out his name in block lettering after finishing in a painstaking minute. A nod was directed towards the boy, while utilizing an O-shaped tetrimino in its softened state to carefully stroke the distraught Navi.
  36. Variant Fox stood stock still. He did not want to get in between the raging reptilians. Catgirl threw a Catarang at the crocodile like creature. 'Oh geez!' Jay Mexicano thought.
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  37. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    (When Time to Make History plays in your head)

    Justin dodged the plasma ball that was headed after him, and readied for battle. *You feel the surge of power rush to your head...* Red and black light began rushing behind Justin and Tamashī No Sanzōku. A card floated down to Justin’s hand. “Persona!” He said, crushing the the card. Tamashī quickly loaded the revolver. “Let’s let em’ have it!” Justin said. Both drew their weapons and shot at the big purple dragon. Justin noticed some others help, like the fox-like shapeshifter, and a new, smaller dragon. He also noticed a crocodile like creature. “Hey, be careful not to hit those others, okay? They seem to be helping us out.” Justin said. Tamashī simply gave a laugh.
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  38. Peter Parker was busy fighting off another group of bank robbers when he saw a shard of glass on the ground next to one of them. As he knocked the last one to the ground, he wondered where it came from. “I didn’t see any glass in here when I walked in,” he said. Suddenly, it sucked him towards it. “What the heck?” As he got sucked in, he shot a web at the wall, but the web snapped and he was consumed in the shard of glass.


    Meanwhile, Bowser was fighting Mario when the same thing happened. He tossed Mario into a wall and looked at the shard, but turned away from it. It suddenly began to suck him in as well. He roared as he struggled to stay away from it, but eventually was consumed by it as well, much to Mario’s confusion.


    Darth Vader was fighting with Luke Skywalker on Cloud City when he dropped the daddy bomb. After Luke fell, he saw the shard on the ground. It sucked him in as well. He tried to stop it with the force, but was sucked in like the others.

    The three characters were all spit out at the same location, where the crocodile creature fought Ridley. Bowser fell on the ground, and Spider-Man landed on his feet, with Vader using the force to stop himself from hitting the ground. They saw what was going on.

    “What the heck is going on here?” Parker asked. He saw the others. “Who’s the good guy in this fight?” Vader, meanwhile, saw the fight and wanted to join in. He pushed Elidocorc and Ridley backwards with the force a bit to show them that he wanted in.

    Bowser slammed into Vader from behind, but Vader flung him towards Ridley with the force. He ignited his lightsaber as Bowser charged towards him.
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  39. "Vader? Bowser? Spider-Man? That's it, I'm cutting in." Variant Fox said. His eyes glowed bright blue yet again. This new form resembled an ordinary Fennec Fox. But it was not to be underestimated. This was his Echo Variant, Fennecho. He fired a focused stream of sound at the crocodilian creature. He was tempted to do the same to Darth Vader.
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  40. “It’s best if we stay in here for a bit, I can already hear something bad going on out there,” Nil stated while Letterman and Polino nodded in synchronized agreement at the boy.

    “Well, if that is what is going to be the case, does anyone want some coffee? I apologize for losing my composure earlier,” Letterman replied while Polino shook his head in response.

    “No thanks. I’ve kinda already spiraled quite a bit after having some club soda,” Nil responded before picking up the presence of a mysterious creature nearby.

    “Oh? There appears to be something going on still... I suppose I’ll have to see what’s the matter,” Nil added while slightly opening the entryway of the rocks big enough for him to exit.

    The shark-like creature emitted an infantile cry before quickly backing away from the boy.

    “Hmm, he reminds me of that one show where they only make some sort of sound or something. Come to think of it, I think that little shark thing might actually be one of them or something,” Nil thought before picking up the little shark and keeping it in its small arms with a rather tight grip.

    “Hey! Stop squirming around! I ain’t gonna like hurt you or anything, I’m just gonna get you to a safe place. This area’s not exactly the best place to be you know!” Nil asserted to the baby shark-like creature.

    “N- Neo! Neo Neo!” The mysterious creature blurted before attempting to kick the boy as hard as he could!

    “Ow! Okay okay, I’ll put you down then,” Nil replied to the pup before noticing its rather fancy uniform that signified clear, utmost association with the Axis.

    The entryway of the rocks were closed the moment the group was inside, as Letterman enquired, “Who’s that infant over there? He looks pretty adorable if you’re asking me.”

    “For the last time, I’m not a Säugling! Can you please put me down already dumm?” The baby shark shouted after managing to boot on the small translator of his.

    “Oh, right... sorry,” Nil said before gently placing down the pup next to Letterman.

    “Urgh... mein kampf... that vortex is sure one hölle I’m here for,” The infantile creature thought while attempting to sit up without support, as the others could already notice the struggle in performing such a simple task.

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