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Control Freak

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. (sequel to Shadow of Mortix)[up for constructive criticism. SoM didn't get that much. This will be a very violent fic, just not this chapter]
    Chapter 1
    How far would you go to take revenge for your death? Would you do anything? I know you would. I'm going to help you. This is no trick, for I too need to defeat him, for he is too powerful. But if you and I join forces, we can win. You will make my strengths your own, as I will yours. It would be as if we were...one being.

    I awoke with a dreadful start. No. Not awoke, was reborn. Blood filled the entire room. My blood. I had died. My memories flooded me, helping me to remember everything that I had forgotten. Yet something was wrong in the Umbral Temple. There was a dark presence, very dark. It was nowhere near as dark as Mortix had been. Behind a pillar, the presence lurked. It was the voice I had heard while I was dead.

    "Show yourself!" I demanded, my voice echoing across the empty Temple. I looked around. There was nothing but us. My Pokemon had deserted me, and rightfully so: there's no point in staying with the dead. The presence showed itself, and immediately I recognized it.

    "Darkrai. Why do you wish to help me?" I asked.

    "Why not help Renge Malici, the human who has done most of my work for me, namely, bringing Mortix back into the world?" he replied. His light blue eyes looked at me, giving the effect of peering right through to my maimed soul.

    "What do you have to gain in helping me?"

    "I get to be lord of darkness, and you get to keep your life afterwards, along with anyone else of your choosing."

    I thought about it, and nobody came to mind. "It's a deal, Darkrai." I said.

    "Good." he answered while flying right towards me. The dark figure's body made contact, yet there was no pain. Why? Before too long I knew the answer. 'I will help you. Accept these gifts while I choose to let you have them.' his voice said inside my mind. I blacked out.

    What I knew was hours later, I got up off the floor. Not sure what to think, I stepped out the back door of the Temple. I walked over to the pool to see what death had done to me. Instead, I saw that my hair had elongated, my eyes had changed to a eerie light blue. My clothes were replaced by a jet-black cloak, complete with a hood. The cloak covered my entire body.

    My revelation hit me much harder than Mortix's Mighty Abyss did: Darkrai merged with my body. I blinked. Everything had a different look. Images were clearer, sharper. Animate objects had auras around them, showing good or evil, what they were thinking. The last part occured as a Starly flew overhead. 'Any power of mine, you now have, Renge. Just think, and it will happen.' Darkrai said. Keeping that in mind, I thought of Dusk City. I was now standing right on the outskirts of it. I walked in.

    As I passed by, nobody noticed me. Odd. I was strangely dressed, walking around in the middle of the afternoon. 'What is this? How can they not see me?' I thought. 'Because you are invisible to those that don't want to see evil.' Darkrai thought. 'You could move something, and it would be as if a ghost did it.' I could have fun with that.
  2. Yay! Renge! I thought he died too quickly... And Darkrai is pwanage. He's normally my evil Pokemon guy that somehow gets merged with the Evil Human. And, MUHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! VIOLENCE!!! RULE THE WORLD RENGE AND DARKRAI!!!


  3. Chapter 2

    Something was terribly, terribly wrong. I kept trying to kill someone with my thoughts of using Dark Pulse on them, but nothing happened. 'What is wrong?' I asked Darkrai in my mind. 'You can't use my powers to kill humans. You have to do it by hand. Just turn visible.' was the reply. I did as instructed from inside a dark alley. I walked out. I was dressed in what I was wearing before my untimely death. A young couple was outside drinking smoothies. Perfect.

    With a thought, a knife materialized in my hand, but I suddenly felt slightly drained of energy. Darkrai must not fully have mastered that power. Anyways, I walked behind the male, raising my knife. They had their backs to me. Perfect. I took the knife and slowly slit the man's throat, letting the blood gush out slowly upon the girl, savoring her fear. He slowly fell to the ground, blood staining his clothes and the pavement.

    Quickly, I covered the girl's mouth with my hand so she couldn't scream. I forced her head to turn towards her now deceased boyfriend. The terror in her eyes was priceless. I let out a small evil chuckle, then took her into the alley. Making sure nobody was looking in, I thought of how to kill her, but no ideas came. 'Let me do it.' Darkrai said. 'Go ahead.' I replied. Letting him take over my body, I watched from within my mind what he did. Ever so slowly, the Darkai-me spun her around, so she wasn't facing me/us. He/me took the knife and moved it towards her heart from the right side of her chest, cutting inward as he/me moved towards the heart. She bled slowly, extremely afraid for her life. 'Don't kill her.' I thought. Darkrai listened, and didn't break the surface within 3 inches from any direction of her heart. He did however, stab her repeatedly in random places in the body where major veins and arteries didn't exist.

    Teleporting her to the hospital, I whispered in her ear before setting her on the ground "Renge Malici lives." With that, I teleported away, due to too many people in the area. Chances were, she would be discovered bleeding badly, tell doctors what happened, and a search party would be sent after me. Well, I can only hope that they like trying to catch smoke with their bare hands. I looked at the knife in my hand: it was stained with blood, so were my pants and shirt. My arm had gotten hit too. 'That was good, Renge.' Darkrai congratulated. 'You decided to spare her life in order to fill her with fear. That is very good indeed.' 'Thank you.' I returned. 'Darkrai, you said I couldn't attack humans with your powers. Did that mean only when they show no threat?' I asked. He thought for a moment and answered 'Yes.' I teleported somewhere I could have some real fun.

    The police station had only a few Officer Jenny's. I decided to wait until they sicked Growlithes on me. "Hello, hello. Psycho killer is here." I mocked. They came out, Growlithes near each one. 4 officers, 4 Growlithes. This posed a threat. I thrust my arm outward, aiming towards the Pokemon, and released a dark blast. The Dark Pulse hit 3 of the Growlithe, all of the officers were stunned. "Growlithe, attack at will!" they called. The fire Pokemon rushed towards me, but I had the knife in my other hand, which pierced its skull. I teleported behind each Jenny, thrusting it into the heart of each one. I teleported to the Umbral Temple as sirens wailed.



    I'm getting to in love with violence for my own good... :p

    Oh well, good chapter!

    Hey wait! What's Renge doing in the temple?
  5. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Renge Malici lives! The Dark Lord has returned more powerful than evar!


    I'm loving all the evil fics that have emeged on this board. It satiates me...
  6. It may satiate you, but in the words of Hattori Hanzo, "The darkness is never satiated."

    Aura, he needed a place to hide, and it was the first thing that came to mind.

    For everyone else: This will be MUCH darker than Shadow of Mortix.
    Chapter 3

    I had killed about nine people and/or Pokemon today. I wasn't satiated yet, so I decided to leave Umbral Temple. I teleported to Amethyst City. I appeared right next to a telephone pole, with a poster that read "NEW CHAMPION OF SOLEST: KYLE VANDAGRIFF."
    So someone had replaced me, eh? Not for long. I didn't even need Darkrai to tell me what to do. I teleported straight to the Champion's room in Liberal City. A man about twenty-one sat in a chair, his back to me. He had sandy blonde hair, was wearing a sky blue T-shirt, white jeans, and blue and gold tennis shoes.

    "Kyle Vandagriff?" I asked.

    He turned, revealing a well-built face and deep green eyes. "Yes, I am." he answered. "Who are you and what are you doing in here?"

    "I'm the former Champion. I've come back to claim my title." I said.

    "Reik Zanex? You're supposed to be dead!" Kyle exclaimed.

    "Yes. I am but a...ghost of what I was. Surrender the title...or die."

    "You have to be a hallucination." he said.

    I held my right hand behind my back and materialized a knife. My energy dropped a little bit. I walked closer, saying "If I were a hallucination, could I do this?" I thrust my arm forward, stabbing him in the left side of his stomach. "I have a little game for you, Kyle. It's called 'evisceration'. Would you like to know the rules?" He said nothing, just opened his mouth, blood spurting out.

    "Here's how you play." I said. I took the knife and brought it to my left, keeping it inside his body. Mass amounts of blood poured onto the floor, his body soon following. "Thank you for your resignation." I snickered.

    "Hello? Mr. Vandagriff?" a female voice asked. It was Rose Mori, second member of the Elite Four and my third-in-command of Team Eclipse. Just as she opened the door, I turned into the shadow of the chair. I thanked Darkrai for that ability of Shadow Sneak. Rose let out a scream as she saw his corpse and the gore. She ran out of the room and called for a nurse, who put his body on a stretcher and mopped up the blood.

    I waited until they left and became solid again. I went over to the desk and turned on the intercom. "Attention everyone. I am retaking my position as Champion. I, Renge Malici, formerly known as Reik Zanex, have returned from the dead. Tell nobody outside of Liberal City. If you do, the punishment will be death." I said with a cold tone. I switched it off. Deciding my work here was done, I decided to see what else there was to kill.
  7. Chapter 4

    Being bored at this moment, I thought I should just go around the Solest Region, killing the Pokemon that Trainers were about to catch. I thought of a place where Trainers would be, and teleported there. My instincts said I was near Willow City, but that didn't matter because Trainers were around. A short distance away, a Trainer about sixteen or so stood, he had messy blonde hair, a red jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He was facing an Arcanine, a very familiar Arcanine. I approached him.

    "That's a very nice looking Arcanine you have there." I casually said. "Where did you get it?"

    "I found it in a Pokeball that floated downstream about a year ago. He took to me, I took to him, and we've been together ever since." he answered, confirming my suspicions. The Arcanine noticed me, and started sniffing me. Suddenly it started to lick my face.

    "Wow." the guy said. "I've never seen him do that before to a stranger."

    "That's because I'm not a stranger. This Arcanine used to be mine." I replied. The Arcanine looked at me playfully. Many memories would have flooded me, but that part of my life was over, it no longer existed.

    "Say, mind if I battle it?" I asked its Trainer.

    "Sure." he said, a smile flickering across his face. Before he issued an attack, I picked it up with Psychic. The Arcanine was stunned, and so was its Trainer. With my free hand, I motioned towards its throat with my hand slowly turning into a vice. The Arcanine began to suffocate.

    "Stop!" the Trainer yelled. "Don't hurt Arcanine. I'll do anything if you stop."

    "As you wish." I released the Arcanine, but motioned towards the guy, making him choke. 'He needs a different way to die.' Darkrai thought. I pondered for a moment, then began to crush his heart. Something went wrong, and he was freed from my grip by Arcanine jumping in the way, taking the attack. At least the Arcanine was out of the way.

    I walked towards him, my fist glowing with a dark aura. I used Psychic with my other hand to stop him from moving, then my dark hand punched his chest, breaking sinew and bone. I tore his heart from where it rested, and released my Psychic grip. Blood covered my hand and the guy's body, yet he stood upright for a moment before collapsing. I took the heart and began to eat it...against my will. The organ tasted only of blood, which covered my face in a demonic fashion.

    I tried to take a step forward, but I couldn't. 'Darkrai, what's going on?' I asked him. No reply. 'What are you doing to my body?' I asked. No reply. I suddenly teleported into a forest. It was dark at first, but my vision slowly readjusted. Something white moved swiftly through the trees. The only thing I could control was my head in order to look around. The white thing came forward. It had white fur, a gray face, pure black eyes, and four black blades extending from its head like a crown.

    "Absollean." it grunted. My Absollean. It was here. It knew me, and was here, but why would Darkrai take me here? Out of nowhere, a bronze blast knocked it backward, making it land on the ground hard. I looked down, and my hand was extended and had just fired a Focus Blast. A blue aura formed around the Absollean, both of my hands the cause. I started to mimic ripping its blades out, which in reality happened, causing mass amounts of dark blood to spring forth. I then started to slowly tear its limbs off, letting even more blood flow out and stain the white fur. Finally, the head was neatly taken off, definately killing Absollean.

    I would have cried, but Darkrai took complete control over me. I had killed maybe my only friend, and he would never come back. I was now a slave to Darkrai's power, and I was trapped within my own body.
    (ooc: The blood staining the fur was a reference to one of my poems. The final paragraph represents the title of the story.)
  8. Wow....That's so dark and yet evil....But everything seems so rushed. D: It sounds cool, though the head ripping off thing kinda gave me a mental image that made my stomach squirm. And I love Darkrai's evil personality.

    DON'T KILL ABSOLLEAN!!! YOU CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And Darkrai's taking over Renge? Well, at least he's learnt something, never ever trust Darkrai, king of DARKNESS!!!
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    That's what happens when you make a deal with the devil for power, it consumes you.

    He seriously had that coming though when he indescriminately killed his Arcanine. Killing the trainer is fine, but your own former Pokemon is a new low for Renge.

    I feel for Arcanine and Absollean, they died believing they were betrayed by their trainer, unaware that he had sucumbed to the darkness.

    Let the evil commence!
  11. Chapter 5

    The mutilated corpse stained the forest ground with its blood. Miscellaneous body parts were strewn around like a messy room. Only a small fraction of the white fur of Absollean was untainted by its own blood. And I could do absolutely nothing.

    'Darkrai! Why are you doing this to me?!' I cried out in my mind. 'Because I can. You are wasting valuable time. Every second he is out, Mortix gains power. We have to kill him quickly, but we still don't have enough power ourselves.' came the answer. I unwillingly walked towards the decapitated head of my former Pokemon. I bent down and picked it up...still unwillingly. I punched through the top, shattering the skull and revealing the brain. I pulled the brain out.

    I knew what Darkrai was about to do. The brain made its way into my mouth, slowly being chewed up. At the end of my gruesome meal, I had thoughts penetrate my mind, the thoughts of Absollean. I knew various ways of how to kill indiscreminately, how to move with the swiftness of an Arcanine using Extremespeed, and most of all, strange dark rituals. Yes, a dark ritual indeed, performed on the Absollean itself right after it had abandoned me. The ritual could work on humans too.

    'Yes, Renge, we will perform this ritual upon us.' he thought.

    'Why? It could be dangerous.' I replied.

    'Who cares? Its dark and evil, and if we use the darkness as our ally, we cannot fail.'

    I had no comment for this, and so, Darkrai simply teleported us away. Not too long after, we were in some strange place that was clearly not in Solest or Sinnoh. We walked for a little while before coming upon a massive building. We entered. Very few Trainers were in here, but there were stairs, which we headed up. A young man in glasses with a red-purple suit and purple hair was inside the room we entered.

    "Yes? Who are you? What do you want?" he asked.

    "Where is this?" Darkrai asked through my voice.

    "This is Johto. I am Will of the Elite 4." he answered. "What business do you have here?"

    "I am looking for Karen. I she here? I need to tell her something." Darkrai said.

    "Yes, she is here. But what do want with her?" Will asked.

    Darkrai didn't answer. I could feel him use his power to probe the building for this Karen, and apparently he found her because we left the room with a spinning teleport. We came into a much darker room, that held a few candles to cast an eerie glow about it. A woman sat in a chair near a candle, she had a black dress, pale skin, and blonde hair. The candlelight made her look creepy, almost evil.

    "What do you want, intruder?" she said harshly, not even looking up from her book.

    "I need your Dark Pokemon expertise." Darkrai said.

    "What for?" Karen asked, still not glancing away from the book.

    "This." Darkrai said, flashing a wicked smile across my face. He strode up to her and grabbed her arm, then teleported to who knows where.
  12. Chapter 6

    The flame of a single candle dimly lit a corner of the room. In a chair next to the candle, a young blonde woman was tied to the chair, her mouth taped shut. I walked closer, the light illuminating only my eyes, mouth, and legs.

    "So, Karen, I have a proposal for you: help me gather a legion of Dark Pokemon, and you get to keep your life. Or, you could not help me and I could just kill you right here and now." Darkrai said through my voice. She just looked at us in astonishment, not knowing whether or not to accept. She nodded. Darkrai took the tape off of her mouth.

    "I will help you," she said. "but I will not kill for you."

    "That is to be expected. Anyhow, I want you to use your dark influence to summon Dark Pokemon to you. Take them inside the forest, and wait for your next orders." he said softly, glaring at her through intense light-blue eyes. Karen nodded again. Darkrai untied her and teleported again.

    The three of us stood in Willow City, a town full of willow trees, also known for its forest called Dark Hollow. "Get to it." Darkrai commanded before teleporting again, taking me and him to some strange town I had never been too. Houses with dark-green roofs dotted a little valley. We entered one and saw a little girl about four years old watching tv.

    "Who are you?" she asked without ever looking at us.

    "I need to ask you something." Darkrai stated gently. "Are you related to Karen of the Johto Elite 4?"

    "Yes, she's my aunt." the girl asked.

    "Well, she told me to come and get you." he lied. He walked towards her and grabbed her wrist tightly, then teleported out of the house. I have no clue what happened next, I didn't want to, so I just blacked out for the whole period Darkrai had her.
    The forest teemed with Dark-types, every wild Dark Pokemon minus Darkrai was in here. We stood atop a small hill with Karen, giving the appearance of the Pokemon being beneath us like peasants to a king.

    "I have your Pokemon, now what?" she asked.

    "This." he answered, flashing an evil smile. He raised his arms up, palms facing out towards the Pokemon. Nothing seemed to be happening...but then a violet mist began to form around the Pokemon. The mist encircled all of them, casting a faint purple glow all around them. 'This must have been what Absollean witnessed.' I thought. The mist began to ascend diagonally, heading towards Darkrai's outstretched hands. My hands began to absorb the mist into them, eventually leading to it disappearing from the Pokemon.

    After a half-hour, the mist absorbtion stopped. The Pokemon went from standing to not moving. 'What was that?! What did you just do?!' I yelled. 'I merely absorbed their life-essence in order to attain greater power.' came the cold reply. Karen must have been sharing my thoughts as well.

    "Did you just-did you just absorb their energy?" she asked.

    "Yes." Darkrai replied.

    "So you only needed me to bring them here for that?" Karen asked.

    "Yes.' he said again.

    "What on earth did you do that for? There was no need to just-" she said before Darkrai karate-chopped the back of her neck, knocking her out.
    Karen opened her eyes. Her shock was just as great as mine, for I too had never been in this factory. She was slumped against a brick wall, right next to a conveyer belt that led to a metal vat with what looked like acid. Nearby, tied to a chair as Karen had been earlier, was her neice.

    "Danielle!" Karen cried. Danielle didn't answer, she just looked at her with fear in her eyes. Darkrai lifted Karen over his shoulder and took her to the conveyer belt. He tied her body with chains and placed her on it. He started the belt and walked over to Danielle, grabbing her face and pointing it towards Karen.

    "Watch her die." he growled. Darkrai took his other hand and held it over her head, using Psychic to force her eyes to watch. Slowly, Karen moved towards the vat. She fell in, the acid covering her completely. With a hiss, her body rose from the vat, partially dissolved. The left side of her face was just a skull, the right arm completely gone, and her chest being eaten away with the rest of her body. Darkrai angrily picked her up using Psychic with the hand that was hold Danielle's face, and threw her back into the vat. He let go of Danielle completely and forced Karen's body to stay into the acid.

    When it was over, he looked back at the girl, feasting on the terror etched into her features. "Now, what should I do with you?" he mused. "Oh wait, I know." The four year old girl trembled with overwhelming fear. Perfect. It was...satiating, but only a tiny bit. I spotted a red canister leaning on the opposite wall, and unfortunately Darkrai noticed it. He picked it up and poured the light-brown liquid on the girl. He opened up his hand and made a lighter materialize. This was my new hell to watch.

    He turned on the flame and held it to Danielle's head, causing her to rapidly combust all over. Her small flaming body ran around. Her eyes were wide with fear and pain, both of which just made Darkrai throw my head back and laugh like a madman. Danielle tried to run into us and catch us on fire, but Darkrai sensed this coming and levitated. He laughed even more at her struggle. The little girl slowly burned to ashes.
    (Is this dark and demented yet?) XD
  13. Oh hell yes. It so is. And I thought I had an evil and bloody mind, I find one who can rival it Or share sadistic thoughts. >:D

    Seriously, setting little girl on fire surprised me beyond belief. But why a vat of acid? Why not a vat of molten metal? Or something else that glows orange and burns your flesh and bones?
  14. Good question, but who cares? DIE!!! But killing the girl... that was evil...
  15. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Dark and demented you ask? It was dark and demented the moment Darkrai revived Renge and possessed him. More accurately I'd say darker and dementeder (Did I just make up word?). Just when I thought Darkrai wasn't getting any eviler, he sets a child on fire! Damn :o

    Moar I says!
  16. Chapter 7

    Now that Karen had given him the power he needed, and the killing of an innocent girl strengthened him as well, Darkrai was ready to face Mortix. No, not ready, not yet. There was something else that needed to be done, something even more innocent to assure his foothold on the ladder of evil.

    With that, Darkrai teleported to the Solest Elite 4 building, located in Liberal City. He was in the lobby, yet is was strangely empty for around midday. The mental radar picked up a presence. Someone was in here...and they just so happened to be moving towards us. Out of everyone it could possibly be, Rose Mori had to show up.

    "Renge, is that you?" she asked.

    "Yes," Darkrai grunted. "It's me. Why? Was there something you wanted?"

    "Actually, there was..." Rose said while moving ever so closer. She was only a few inches away.

    "I never did get to see you after you returned. It was you that killed Kyle, wasn't it?" she said. Strangely, there was no indication of her hating it, as if she was glad that I killed him. Strange.

    "Yes. It was me. He didn't deserve to be Champion. He wasn't good enough. He couldn't even defend himself." Darkrai said bluntly. 'Yeah,' I thought. 'Who could defend themselves against your powers?' Rose was even closer now, her body brushing against mine.

    "Definately." she purred. "How could anyone defend themselves against you?" And then, she pulled us into her embrace, handing out a long and passionate kiss. It lasted forever, but I knew it was only a few minutes. Rose pulled back, letting Darkrai take in what had happened.

    He seemed to have ignored it. "Rose, what are you doing? You can't act like this. That's not how a Team Eclipse member would act. Now move along. No wait...meet me upstairs in at midnight." Darkrai said. She nooded curtly and left. Darkrai turned around and began to leave, and reached for the doo-suddenly grasped my chest.

    "What is this?" he asked aloud. Our breathing increased tenfold, our vision grew slightly dim. "Poison!" he gasped.

    "Yes it is, Renge." Rose said in a cutesy voice.

    "Rose, why did you poison me? After all I've done for Team Eclipse?"

    "Why did you leave?!" she yelled. "How could you leave? More importantly, why did you have to die?!"

    "I cou-couldn't control what Mor-Mor, what a supernatural force beyond your comprehension could do to me. Even so, how did you poison me, anyway?" he asked.

    "Easy, I just blended it in with my lipstick and took the antidote." she answered as if it were obvious. Of course, now it was. "From the look of you, you only have until 5:00 before you die." Rose said with a more wicked smile than Darkrai could ever muster.
  17. That sounds very familiar. I saw that on an old Batman movie, bout 20 years old. Damn chick did the same flippin thing. But Darkrai not affected by the kiss before it becomes poison? Weird.
  18. For teh familiarness= the book Darth Bane: Path of Destruction. Githany did it to Bane, and he almost died. But this is too simple: she took an antidote. ANTIDOTE the ITEM. Too simple there.

    He's not affected because it doesn't take effect immediately.
  19. I meant emotionally. For one, I was expecting Darkrai to be digusted.
  20. OOW! Darkrai wants Rose!!!

    *runs around like a chicken*


    Ok, I've had my fun... Good Chapter anyway... :p
  21. Chapter 8

    There was no hint of suspicion on Rose's face throughout that entire conversation. Darkrai was a good actor, that was for sure. That, or Rose was just the world's greatest ditz.

    "You know what Renge, I think I'm gonna watch you die. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'll make sure that the poison kills you, because I want to see the life leave your eyes as you suffer the way you made me suffer." she said with a grin.

    "Fine. Have it your way. I won't dissapoint." Darkrai said with a small sigh, really playing her like the fool she was. Rose took my arm and led me up the stairs. We walked until we came to her office/room. She pushed me onto the bed and sat in the chair opposite me, and began to wait.

    Five hours passed by faster then you'd think when your shut out of your mind. Rose walked over, gave us a long, passionate, final kiss and whispered in my ear "Time to die, little Renge Malici." Sure enough, Darkrai pretended to be dying. He faked coughing to near death, then faked the blood flow stopping by actually slowing down my heart to just a hair above not beating.

    "Good. He died, the bastard. Now I can get on with my life. Shame though, I don't know if I'll ever find anyone as attractive." I heard her say. For reasons unbeknownst to me and Darkrai, Rose had always had a thing for me that I guess I never noticed...until now.

    She looked down at my dead body, Darkrai suddenly convulsed. Rose looked more closely, but must have decided it was a final twitch of the body. But Darkai then did it again, causing her to look again...definately grabbing her attention. Darkrai slowly moved my upper body off the bed, until it was upright, then swiveled my head towards her, causing her to gasp. And then, he very quickly opened my eyes and stared dead into hers.

    "What the- how are you- what the bloody hell is going on?!" she yelled, extremely freaked out.

    "You can't kill me, Rose Mori. I am everlasting, eternal, immortal, invincible." Darkrai growled. He had been waiting for this.

    "What are you, some sort of demonically-possessed person?" she asked.

    "Not quite," he answered, his voice trailing off. "You see, I am not Renge Malici. I am the future Lord of Darkness: Darkrai."

    "What the hell?" she asked, freaking out even more.

    "Oh yes," he began, savoring the fear. "I have been waiting five hours for this. I am the King of Nightmares! Welcome to the one I've created for you!" Darkrai fired off a Dark Void at her, making rose collapse to the floor and start rapidly twitching. She screamed like a banshee, trapped within what was probably the cruelest nightmare Darkrai had ever made.

    He teleported outside, where the sun had just begun to set. Darkness would arrive soon, along with the inevitable final battle for the domination of shadow.
  22. *Grabs blankie and hides under bed* "Make it to away!!!"

    Oh, er... eh hem. Sorry about that.

    This story is really great. I can't wait to read more. I always believed that Darkrai was a good guy, so this is kind of what it would've been like if Darkrai wasn't a hard-shelled softie. Bravo. ;D
  23. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Darkrai a good guy? Ha! IMO the portrayal of the Dark Lord in The Rise of Darkrai was a 180 of his/its true nature. A creature that gives people nightmares and thrives on darkness is better suited to the role of the villian I think.

    And Shocari's Darkrai doesn't disapoint. Bravo my good man. The thaught of the final battle is making me tingle >:D.
  24. *screams on top of lungs*


    Hurry up with the next chapter!
  25. Chapter 9

    The sun's agonizingly slow descent hurt Darkrai in what could have been his heart, if only he had one. A river rushed by not 2 meters to the right. The river in turn led to a waterfall that fell a good two hundred feet or more. Unfortunately for the near-almighty dark lord, he was uncapable of speeding up time...that was reserved for Dialga. But that was not needed, not yet at least.

    Darkrai walked along the river, the slightest of breezes blowing. Quickly, Darkrai turned my head around to see who was behind us. The man was not much older than Renge. He wore an orange shirt, a red jacket, had black hair, and black pants. He had a Pokeball in his hand.

    "Renge! Turn around and face me! I know you're still in there, buddy! And I am prepared to die if it means saving you!" Nova Zak Tadakatsu yelled.

    Darkrai fully turned me around, wanting to get a closer look at this madman. 'You know this person? Is he always this insane?' Darkrai asked me.

    Before I could say anything, Zak said "I know that you are not yourself. I know that you are posessed by Darkrai. Don't bother asking how I know, I saw Rose's condition. She kept saying 'Renge and Darkrai. Renge and Darkrai. Hell on Earth follows them.' So I say this to Darkrai: Release Renge from your posession, and I will not destroy you."

    Darkrai threw back my head and laughed. 'This Zak. Does he not fear my wrath? Doesn't matter.' he said. "Zak Tadakatsu!" Darkrai called. "By opposing me, you are marching to your own slaughter!"

    Very, very strangely, Tadakatsu threw his head back and laughed. Darkrai cocked his head to one side, thinking about what would happen if he proceeded with the inevitable murder.

    "Go, Vigorage!" Zak yelled, sending out a twisted looking Vigoroth. Vigorage was an evolution of Vigoroth; it had giant claws, swift movements, a nasty temper, and five short spikes emerging from its back. "Vigorage, use Hyper Wrath!" he ordered. Vigorage moved towards us like a rocket, its claws glowing bright silver, and slashed. It looked up and was shocked to see us gone.

    "Quit monkeying around!" Darkrai punned, elbowing Vigorage in the face, sending into the river. Zak tried to return it, but the current moved too fast. "Ya know, Zak, you came just in time." Darkrai said. "You'll be making time go by with this battle...if I don't win too quickly."

    "Oh yeah? Well try this on!" he yelled, sending out another Pokemon. A Nidoking stood before us. "Use Megahorn!"

    "Come on, hit me, hit me. You know you want to, come on. Hit me." Darkrai said to himself. Nidoking's horn came charging in, us not moving. I wondered what Darkrai could have been thinking. The horn touched, but didn't even pierce my clothes. Instead, the Nidoking just stood in front of me, frozen. Everything was frozen. Everything.

    "What's going on?" I asked. Wait...I heard my voice. My voice...after I had said something. Darkrai's hold was starting to weaken. But then everything went back to normal: Darkrai moved out of the way and grabbed the Nidoking's horn. He pulled down sharply and snapped it off. Nidoking was just as surprised as Zak.

    Darkrai took the horn and stabbed Nidoking's exposed neck, causing the deep purple blood to gush forward. It ran down the front of Nidoking's body in a straight line, then went all over as the horn cut all the way across the neck in a 360 degree motion. The severed head fell to the ground, blood splattering on the ground. The spinal cord and brainstem, however, were still stuck in the body, dark violet blood covering them.

    Zak stood there in a mix between disgust, sorrow, and amazement. Two of his strongest Pokemon had just gone down within less than three minutes, not even delivering a scratch to Renge. Now fear began to root its way inward, planting the seeds of doubt withing his mind.
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  27. oh no, oh no! What's this?! Darkrai's not going to control forever?!

    It can only get worse for Darkrai before it gets even sadder for Renge...no worries though, Darkrai gets control again soon...
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  29. Chapter 10

    There was an air of fear surrounding the combatants, filling Zak with doubt and Darkrai with laughter. But all too strangely, Zak had cast an aura of confidence around him, driving back the fear.

    "Renge! Come on! Expel Darkrai from your body, and take back what is rightfully yours! You don't deserve to have such a pathetic creature living inside you!" he yelled. Darkrai grew furious at the last sentence.

    "COME HERE AND PULL ME FROM HIM, THEN!" Darkrai yelled in his own voice. Then it hit me: if Darkrai just used his voice, then I could use mine too.

    "Zak! Run! He's too strong! He will kill you just as he's killed so many others!" I yelled, saying something for the first time in a long time. Hearing my voice put a grin on Zak's face, a grin that was easily extinguished. Before Zak could even send out another Pokemon, Darkrai had pulled him into an unfair fistfight.

    The punches flew in berserk motions, neither side caring how much the other was hurt. But Darkrai had the advantage: even without using his powers, he had something Zak never could, namely, Zak had to be careful not to completely trash my body...Darkrai could do whatever he felt like to Zak. Darkrai punched him in the stomach, making Tadakatsu double over, then kept punching him in the face, driving him towards the river. Zak didn't seem to notice. Then it happened: Darkrai roundhouse-kicked Zak's face, sending him flying straight into the river.

    Darkrai flew into the air, then flew over the river, trying to get a good look at Zak as he fell to his death. On and on the river rushed, the waterfall always nearing. Zak Tadakatsu fell down the waterfall, falling to a death that would require incredible luck and the power of Arceus to save him from. Darkrai dropped down as well, but a good distance away so he too wouldnt' be caught up in the roaring waters. Zak's body floated up to the surface, his face expressionless.

    "Say his name outloud, Renge. Say the name of the one who failed to save you." he told me.

    "Zak Tadakatsu." I said bitterly, increasingly angry with the dark lord.

    "Now then, where were we?" Darkrai mused, the night now only a few minutes away.
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    Chapter 11

    "Now then, where were we?" Darkrai mused, the night only a few minutes away.

    "You were just about to die." a male's voice said. Dakrai turned around to see a few people gathered on the sidewalk up above. They were all holding guns.

    'As if they can even harm me with them.' Darkrai told me. "Hold on a minute, I'll be right with you." he called to them. He turned back around and started to float up, but a loud BANG! stopped him. Darkrai swiftly turned to face the men, a scowl upon his face. He reached behind and touched my shoulder blade, then withdrew his hand to look at it. Blood dripped from it. "They weaker they are, the louder they howl." he said outloud.

    Darkrai teleported, startling the men. He appeared behind them, then formed a dark aura around my bloody hand. He fired off a Dark Pulse that not only severely injured their spines, but also forced them over the ledge, causing them to fall into the treacherous waters below with Zak.

    "Now! Once again! Where was I?" he questioned with a menacingly loud voice.

    "You're right where I want you to be." a familiar voice growled. Darkrai turned to look at the figure. It had pure white eyes and crimson hair. There were four spikes, one on each shoulder, the chest, and the back. The shoulder spikes pointed up, the others, down. They were a golden color, with a good-sized sapphire in the center of each. It's body was entirely black, and had smoke-like shoulder-apparatuses like Darkrai. I instantly recognized who it was.

    "Mortix." Darkrai growled, nowhere near as deep. "Its been a while."

    "Yes it has, my servant." came the intensely cold reply that seemed to chill the air.
    (OOC: why are the past 2-3 chapters short?! I like suspenseful cliffhangers that drive people insane :) )
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  35. Chapter 12

    Mortix and Darkrai just stared at each other for the longest time...and it was really boring. It was as if each was in a battle of wills version of a staring contest, both aiming to win and not backing down anytime soon. A fog descended from the sky, enshrouding the immediate area for what was probably a half-mile in all directions. Even with Darkrai's powers, it was nearly impossible to make out even a tree only two feet away.

    Suddenly, Mortix made the first move, startling Darkrai a bit. A giant Thunderbolt fell from the sky, striking where we stood, but Darkrai was slightly faster. The smell of burning ozone filled the air.

    "The shadows are mine, Mortix! Their dominion rightfully belongs to me!" Darkrai yelled.

    "You want it badly. I know you do. Well, let me tell you this: the darkness is yours, if you have the strength." Mortix said, aggravating Darkrai, who lunged at Mortix with a Focus Punch. Mortix dodged with great ease, then picked up Darkrai by the head. He slowly began to crush the skull. Intense pain seared down my entire body, as the sickening crunch of a breaking bone filled my ears.

    Darkrai gathered all of his energy, forming a blood-red aura around us. He fired off the strongest Dark Pulse he possibly could, forcing Mortix to relinquish his hold by severing the arm. Lucky for Mortix, no blood spilled, just darkness.

    "You insolent fool." Mortix growled. "Now you shall know my wrath." With that, the fog began swirling all around Mortix, creating something like a veil. Darkrai tried in vain to even remotely see his adversary, but Mortix was gone, the fog-veil had disappeared along with its inhabitant.

    "Where are you?!" Darkrai called in a guttural voice. No reply came for ten minutes. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" he yelled again, this time at the top of his lungs.

    "Right here." came the reply. Darkrai frantically looked all around, but to no avail. "Pitiful Darkrai. How long will you remain blind to true power? I am here. I've been here the entire time. Can't you tell?" he asked.

    "What are you talking about?" Darkrai growled.

    "I'm the fog." The impenatreble shield of nature swirled around Darkrai, closing in until it was around the throat. Mortix materialized. "Time to die."

    "Not quite."

    "What?!" Mortix yelled in astonishment. He looked at Darkrai, whose mouth had not moved. Mortix suddenly jerked forward, clutching his chest. "What sort of trickery is this?"

    "Mine." Darkrai answered. This time it was Darkrai that sprung forth out of thin air, pulling his fist out from Mortix's wound. "Maybe its you who needs to mind their surroundings." he mused.

    Mass amounts of darkness fell from Mortix's chest, his power was slowly flowing into Darkrai.

    "Now, let's see how you handle...this!" Darkrai yelled, grabbing Mortix's head and crushing it with a Focus Blast in the palm of his hand. But Mortix merely laughed. "Huh?"

    "Idiot. Fighting-imbued attacks do nothing to me."

    "It might not, but this does." Darkrai shoved his other fist to only centimeters from Mortix's face, then launched a should-be-lethal electrical charge. Moritx's face crackled with electricity, his face scrunched up in the hopefully-agonizing pain. "How does it feel, knowing that your dreams are about to come to an end?" Darkrai asked.
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  38. Chapter 13

    "How does it feel, knowing that your dreams are about to come to an end?" Darkrai asked.

    "I don't know. Why don't you ask yourself?" Mortix suggested, sending a Flash Cannon flying into our face out of nowhere. Darkrai was forced to stumble back, Flash Cannon hitting from too close a range.

    Mortix shot a giant dark mass at us, knocking us into a crater at least thirty feet deep and thirty feet wide. I could feel Darkrai's hold lessen. 'Darkrai, we'll need to work together on this.' I thought. 'Never. I refuse to work with you.' he answered. Darkrai flew up awkwardly, clutching my right arm.

    "Mortix! You won't keep me down!" Darkrai challenged.

    "Really?" Mortix asked sarcastically. "Well then, let's find out." Mortix lunged, Darkrai too injured to react fast enough. A well-aimed punch sent us spiraling down into the crater, my back snapping.

    Darkrai groaned, but still flew back up. 'Darkrai. You need my help. Let go of your arrogance.' 'Never. You are too weak. I doubt you'll last longer than me. You are a mere human.' Darkrai charged Mortix, who simply dodged and shot us down with Thunderbolt. Darkrai stood up from the crater, electricity crackling around our body.

    'You win, Renge. Take him. He's all yours.' With that, Darkrai returned complete control to me. I felt vigor within me, I felt his power surge through my veins like a poison.

    But, a great light shone down upon me and Mortix. It was blinding to look at, so I tried to shield my eyes. Mortix instantly caught on fire, and shrieked, causing my ears to nearly burst. Mortix's flaming body fell down to the ground, and entered a small crevice. The crevice swallowed Mortix whole, then closed with a THUD!

    A deep voice from nowhere said "You have done what is necessary, Troy Sanada. Become yourself once more. You are now free of Darkrai."

    "Are you-are you Arceus?" I asked, stunned.

    "Yes. Free yourself completely from his hold. Dig him out. Remove him like a weed from a garden." The light disappeared. I looked at myself and knew what I must do. I reached down and picked up a sharp rock. I used it to cut my arm open, letting the blood flow out.

    I didn't feel it. I dug deeper, revealing the bone. Swirling around it, however, was something black. Darkrai himself. I pulled on him, taking it out of me, along with mass amounts of blood. He was stuck. I cut up even further, taking out more chunks of flesh and muscle in order to pull most of him out. That still didn't work.

    I cut all the way up to my shoulder, then down my chest, running the length down to my ankle. After strenuously removing the flesh and muscle, which was now starting to hurt and letting more blood flow all over, I dropped the rock. With a tug that used all of my might, I removed Darkrai from my body, and collapsed on the ground.

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