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Console Wars: Nintendo VS....Nintendo??

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Ford, May 12, 2007.

  1. Okay first of let me say that this ISN'T a next gen war. There are enough of those already and its always wrecked by fan boys so there's no point in even bothering any more.

    So let me explain the story:

    A few weeks ago i came into some money (Around £350 to be exact) and i thought to myself immideiatly to get a nintendo Wii. While i was up the town ,after ringing around to actually locate one of the damm things, i walked past the window of a second hand store and noticed a SNES. I remembered the hours i used to spend on my original Snes playing super mario kart,Street Fighter,Super Star wars and ofcourse super mario brothers. So in the end i went home and bought a snes of ebay for £18 with 2 controllers,Street fighter 2 and Super star wars. Most Snes games on ebay go for around £5 and there even less if you manage to find them in a second hand store or somewhere.

    So at the moment after buying some games an an arcade control stick i've spent around £35. Compared to the Wii's £300

    Gameplay wise i doubt anyone can say that the SNES is bad. It offers most of the best games and that feeling of nostalgia just throws the SNES on top for me.

    I know the Wii has virtual console that allows you to buy old SNES games but its just not the same. The fun of the old snes games where in there flaws aswell as there pros. i mean super ghouls and ghosts was just impossiable and it still is. WHeres the fun or challange if you have saves? Granted you dont have to use them but still.

    So theres my Verdict. SNES for me wins on most levels besides graphics but its a known fact Wii has the weakest graphics of any next gen console. if you want graphics go for a 360, If you want fun to play great games then always go for nintendo.

    Anyway...thoughts? Share you experiances of the two, Be it whatever.

    And just for the record yes i have played the Wii and most games avaliable for it.
  2. Well as i see it all of the virtual console games have the glitches flaws and same graphics as SNES, Nintendo 64, and all the others
  3. I think its fun playing old consoles. I used to play my old N64 and play Stadium.
  4. Wiis are fun but there hard to comeby i had to wait out saide for 15 min to get mine there arn`t alot of good games yet but I cant wait for Pokemon Revolution. I like old games too I played the sega genisis alot i loved that system
  5. I went into a EB games one day and was like "Do you have a Wii?", and the guy told me yeah, so he went in the back and got me one..... Apparently they had just got a new shipment of them on the same day
  6. I'll tell ya this

    not a single change in any of the games,except maybe new bugs due to the porting.There was no attempt as far as i saw to fix them.So far i have Street Fighter 2 and Mario Kart 64.Its the exact same experience,except mario kart 64 has speedup issues on some issues (brand new bug,...usually on bowsers castle)

    Personally i think wii wins cause it also has channel switching.You can pause the state of your snes game and do other stuff on your wii,contray to snes where you only had that one thing,and turning it off was the end of some games....

    ...its awesome with Street Fighter 2 Arcade Mode.
  7. I'd have to say the Wii is better than the older Nintendo consoles because of it's interactivity and more in depth games such as Twilight Princess
    the older games are fun but to me game depth, interactivity, more stuff to keep my short attention span occupied, and graphics does it for me
  8. Then buy a 360,

    The only real advantage of the wii is the controls witch after a while starts to wear off.

    Already the Wii's line of games in begining to wear thin,
  9. I had more fun enjoying the N64,snes, and wii because it has all my favorite games, contra, the legend of kage, and zelda.when you play wii you sometimes get cramps if you play to long but it is really fun, I am a guy who doesn't really care about the graphics but I would have to be tied between Wii , N64, and Snes.But my score might change after they new pokemon game for wii comes out :D

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