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Competitive Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Nim, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Nim


    Ok, well I have been planning a new competitive team that I want to make as soon as possible. This is what I have so far and I think it is Ok but there are a few things that I am unsure of and that I have included within the summaries of the members. Please tell me what I can improve on and what I can change.

    Choice Scarf
    252 Sp/ 200 Atk/ 58 Def

    Iron Head
    Stealth Rock

    Basically my Lead, Iron Head will give some decent STAB power for most common leads and will hopefully kill them relitively quickly. On slower leads I can use trick and give them a useless Choice Scarf. Once the Choice Scarf is gone I can then proceed to set up my Stealth Rock and then eaither end or scout with U-Turn.

    252 SpAtk/ 252 HP/ 4 Def

    Flash Cannon
    Magnet Rise

    It is basically to counter water types such as Gyrados and just to take some hits while also doing damage and trapping steels. Explosion is for when he is about to die.

    Choice Scarf?
    252 SpAtk/ 4 SpD/ 252 Spe

    Ice beam
    Grass knot

    The special sweeper with a lot of coverage and also used as a counter for Swamperts.

    Life Orb
    112 Atk/ 196 SpA/ 200 Spe

    Super Power
    Draco Meteor
    Roost/ Thunderbolt

    This is a mixed set whcich I think will also be good for a stall breaker. Super Power is also to hit Blisseys and due to the mixed set he can still use special attacks when the Attack stat has fallen.

    Life Orb
    252 Atk/ 64 SpA/ 192 Spe

    Close Combat
    Stone Edge

    A Physically-based Mixed set with U-Turn to scout for Flying types after

    Leftovers If I can find another one
    252 HP/ 252 Def / 4 Spe

    The thing about this one is that I’m not sure if I should use a Wish set or use her a cleric.

    Well, that’s it so far. I was also considering a possible Batton Passer to pass to Dragonite but I am not entirely sure if this will be good or what I would replace. Thanks for your time. :)
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Your team breaks the Item Clause set here, so you'll have to get rid of either one of your Life Orbs, one of your Scarves or one copy of Leftovers - only one duplicate item is allowed, all the rest must be unique.

    - Jirachi again...its still banned here currently although it may be unbanned in the near future - make sure you have a potential replacement if the voting goes against it. Otherwise, not much to say, you have a decent moveset here, although I'm sure I've seen it elsewhere.

    - Fairly standard stuff for your Magnezone again - keep in mind that Magnezone is more of a Steel-killer than a Water-killer since he can't trap Water-types. Also, note that Magnezone is very slow, so you'll need to use Magnet Rise pre-emptively as opposed to when an opponent is about to strike with a Ground-type move, otherwise they'll outspeed you and hit you. Since Blissey is better off with the Leftovers, Wise Glasses can work for Magnezone's replacement hold item.

    - Your team currently lacks a Rapid Spin user, and Starmie just so happens to be perfect for the job - I'd drop either Thunderbolt or Grass Knot for Rapid Spin here since you retain perfect coverage on Starmie if you remove either of those two. Obviously Choice Scarf is now a bit unviable as a hold item with Rapid Spin there - Expert Belt is a decent option since Starmie is usually about getting super-effective strikes against opponents, and this will make those attacks even more powerful. Make sure your ability is Natural Cure and not Illuminate, and I generally prefer Timid over Modest - the choice is yours though between those two.

    - Since I've laid it out in a way that Dragonite and Infernape are now the only Pokemon with duplicate items, we no longer need to worry about Item Clause. One thing to note with Dragonite is that Superpower will start eating into its Attack and Defense when you use it, which you'll want to take note of in battle. Draco Meteor, again, also eats away at your offensive power, which means you may end up having to switch Dragonite out a lot, and since it suffers weakness to Stealth Rock, you don't really want to be having to switch almost every time you attack. Since SuperPower works quite nicely, I'd just use Dragon Pulse and Fire Blast for the special attacks instead so that Dragonite doesn't have to switch out as often, and Fire Blast's extra power will likely be required to score heavier damage against certain walls.

    - Fairly standard 'Ape set which, like Jirachi, looks quite familiar. Nothing more to say there, it's good.

    - The only Blissey with access to Wish are a special set of event Blissey - otherwise, it cannot learn the move at all. It can still support the team with Aromatherapy and recover its own HP with Softboiled so that's not too bad. Alternative options include Calm Mind movesets, using a single Special attack (or possibly two if you don't mind losing Aromatherapy) and the staple Seismic Toss + an attack/status move. Given your EVs, I think the Calm Mind set would suit you best - note that Aromatherapy is an egg move though.

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