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Competition Ideas

Discussion in 'Pokécharms Organised Play' started by Linkachu, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Rebooting this thread.

    We haven't had a mini-tournament in awhile, nor a proper Pokecharms tournament in ages, and I'd like to have at least one of the two sometime over the summer. Once the Manchester tourney is out of the way holding a larger Pokecharms tournament will be more feasible, but if that's too much work (with the planning and the prizes, and the fact that we'll be running the leagues now, too), mini-tourneys are always an easy alternative.

    REGARDLESS, feel free to share some ideas for competitions, whether they be smaller one-day tourneys or bigger tournaments intended to span multiple days. We can't promise to use every idea, but all suggestions are considered and appreciated. :)
  2. Stark

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    Flinging in KoLs idea of his 3 letter tourney - given three letters like OPL or SIS and you need to make your team with one from each letter. I really liked that, and all credit goes to him naturally.
  3. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    I had thought about bringing up KoL's idea earlier as well, but you beat me to posting it, LoN. :p

    I absolutely love the Alphabet Soup Tourney idea as well and would love to see one ran. So I second the idea. It'll just make things more interesting and force people to use different Pokemon. :3
  4. Nim


    I like that three letter word ideas too, it'll be something pleasantly different. Also, I really don't care when but sometime can we have a monotype tourney because I have always wanted to do one. I think we should do the three letter one first though.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Considering a number of our members now have Monotype teams, should be able to swing another one at some point. :)
  6. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I said this a couple of times last night, but I'm going to post it here too:

    I (and others) would like a Legendary Day, where we battle exclusively with Legendary Pokemon. Just to have a fun excuse to use the mass amount of legendaries sitting rotting in our PC boxes. :)
  7. Just to add, the Alphabet soup tournament can definately go ahead ( I found a random letter generator for KoL so its fair ).

    And I will have to remake my mono team lol last one kicked some butt I must say I was quite surprised hehe but must say it was fun to battle in. If me and KoL come up with anymore good tournament ideas we will post them here an obvious one for me would be of course weather based team battles lol would be quite a good battle I think :)

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