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Community Project: Draw Your Mascot 'Mon!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by BonslyJuice, Feb 3, 2017.


Do you have a mascot pokèmon already?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Wazzup, everyone? I have an amazing idea for the community. With your permission, I would like you to draw your mascot pokèmon and send it here via link! I'll go through the work of making sure everyone gets credit for their part and putting the compilation together. Just make sure that it's your honest best and that it's your true mascot pokèmon. Obviously, mine will be Dugtrio.
    Note, I also want you to draw any items on it you want and/or use a lot. Hence the choice band.
    I'll be waiting, and spread the word!
    #1 BonslyJuice, Feb 3, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2017
  2. So, My mascot is the miscolored Ash-Greninja in my signature. It was not created by me, but I still want to be apart of this.
  3. Fine by me. Just gotta give credit to both of ya. Also, please make sure that it's okay with The Ringmaster.
  4. Awesome. Spread the word, too! ^^
  5. You're absolutely free to use it! It is your mascot, right? I just sprited it! :up:

    What is this, exactly? Is it like a contest? I suppose I could draw Kagami in her Vulpix form...
  6. Well, not quite a contest for you guys. A contest for myself.

    See how much of the community I can bring together to make one huge collage of mon's.
  7. Ah, okay! Sure, I can contribute to this! I'll get started on my drawing as soon as I can! :up:
    #9 Il Fantasma, Feb 8, 2017
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  8. Mascot'Mon, you say? Sounds fun! Is it okay if I join in? ^^
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  9. Go for it! The more, the better!
  10. Awesome! I'll get right to work then~!
  11. I'm going to be drawing my own, too.
    Also, please make sure you draw it in your favorite drawing style. Doesn't matter how good you are at that style; what matters is expressing you, and you express you through how you make art, not just what art you make.
  12. A big thank you to both of you! In the collage, your pictures will be labeled, too, so that everyone can see them. ^^
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  13. Are you asking us to draw our on mascot mon?
  14. Yes. Yes, I am.
    In your fav art style to draw.
  15. Oh, sorry i dont really draw... :T
  16. That's okay. If you don't want to participate, then just please spread the word. ^^
  17. Heyo I'm on it
    Btw you can use Potatotrio for this if you want. :D
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  18. Thanks, but I must draw my mascot. I do do art, atter all.
    Is appreciated, though. ;D
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  19. Hahaha good by me~
    I'll draw Sky tomorrow, probably. :)
  20. Awesome job ^3^
    Sounds good, SkySilvally. Hy Protatobro here is still my mascot, so I will hand draw my onw rendition, but thanks again for the offer. ^^
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  21. No prob, I'm excited to see your drawing of him~
  22. I can't wait to see your mascot either. ^^
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  23. Well it's actually my avatar but I think I can make a better drawing :p
  24. If you want to, then by all means, please do. ^^
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  25. Surprisingly, I just need to color mine in.
    Then again, it is just dugtrio with shades and a band...
  26. Do you think I can join? This sounds really fun!
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  27. Of course you can! Anyone who wants to gets to. ^^
  28. May I join please?
  29. Of course you can. Everyone's welcome! :D
  30. Thanks, so I basically just draw my 'mascot' and send it to you?
  31. Yep. Just post a link to the artwork, and you be in. ;3

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