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Comics of Firefox, Raaa!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by LaenVulpix, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Now this post is going from long to short, but I so often change my mind that this is no longer a topic focused solely on Pokémon comics. Instead, whatever comic/manga ideas drift in my head will be posted here...expect a lot of various ideas. Here are the two foremost in my mind right now.

    1. A Pokémon comic set in Kanto. The trainer's name is "Asch Maeseter", and he ends up with a Pachirisu as his first Pokémon. It's the new Ash and Pikachu, Bwa-ha-ha!

    2. A comic adaptation of Tales of the Abyss. That game was SO FRIGGIN' AWESOME! I'd have to kill myself if I just let it drop without doing something in commemoration. For the record I'm on my third playthrough, this time going for all the different outfits you can get during the game. *cuddles Luke, Guy, and Mieu*

    Righto. I'm really slow lately in my art, so please bare with me. I've been kinda drifting for awhile, and I need to slip carefully back into my original pace. Right now I'm crafting the ToA (Tales of the Abyss) first Chapter-cover-art. Yay...I need this to broden my range, after all. Wish me luck on new eye-styles and fighting scenes. :p
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  2. Cool! A manga~! ^_^ LEMME SEEEEEE! O_O;;;

    Okies...my answer to question 1: I have the answer. A Pokemon that is (I think, though I've never tried) easy to draw, not a starter, definitely not rough or tough, and I doubt it's all that complicated...GULPIN! OMG! Yeah, the little green slimeball...because, seriously, has ANYBODY started with a Gulpin? Does anybody even HAVE a Gulpin/Swalot? Dude, if you want points for originality, listen to Persian. Get your charrie a Gulpin. X3

    If not, go with either Poochyena/Wurmple/Zigzagoon (you can use the excuse of that they're on the first route). Or something...

    But I like my Gulpin idea the best. You could get an interesting dynamic there. ^_^;;

    But good luck and I hope you can function on five hours of sleep better than I can! ^_^;;

    Edit: But the name may confuse people...you don't have to change it (since you've already done the first page), but "Pokemon Chronicles" is used in the US (and maybe the UK, too) as the title of the set of special episodes done awhile ago...people might think you're doing a doujinshi of that.

    Just something to think about. ^_^;;;;
  3. Pokemon Chronicles a manga. Cool!
  4. Behold, the (uncolored) first manga page of Pokemon Era!!! If nobody notices I might post it on the art forum too >.>

  5. Heheh. 'Tis good, 'tis good! The chibi-fied style is cute (is that your normal style?) The head-to-body ratio is kind of like Pokemon Special (AKA Pokemon Adventures...uh...that manga...yaknow? @_@ ). Usually I don't like 1-to-3 head-to-body ratios, but it worked so far...

    The only thing I'd suggest is to not use handwriting for the thought bubbles/sound effects/and writing. It can get messy and hard to read. I'd even suggest putting in thought bubbles/text boxes/etc by computer too, just to make it easier. But if you don't have a computer that can do that, that's okay.

    Another thing would be to use a ruler for the panels/layout. You did a pretty good job, but the boxes look a tad too sketchy. ^_^;;;;;

    Sorry for all the criticism...I hope it helped. It's a good first page, though. I love the expression on the trainer's face, especially in the last panel! Very nice! *nod nod*
  6. So this is how the infamous first page of your manga looks! I must say I'm impressed. You did a very good job (although I do agree with the points Persian brought up)

    I tried making a fan manga too once, but I had trouble getting the characters to look Pokemon-ish. They all have this particular shape and look to the head and face that I just can't replicate for some reason... You on the other hand, did an excellent job with that! You've got quite a talent

    Of course, this means you're now obligated to provide us with at least three new pages every week :p
  7. Thank you for the suggestions Persian~!

    The panels are going to be straightened out in my lineart, and the written-speech isn't going to be on the final either. It's just for those who want to know what the trainer is saying before I put out the colorized version! The thought-bubbles will still be line-arted in the same way as I've drawn them, if only so that I won't have to worryt about whisper-bubbles, thought-bubbles, talk-bubbles, and shout-bubbles on a program....which I'd hafta download, as I haven't one ^.^

    Does anyone know how to download/create screentones onto the 'stamp' tool on Photoshop 7? There is a way, but I dun't know how....and I have about 500 screentones I downloaded to put on there.


    Just for whenever I begin experimenting with them.


    And I love (if viciously envy the manga-ka's skill) the Pokemon Adventure series! I have nly got volumes 1-7, but I loved the ones I have read~ I kinda tried to adapt her style, though she clearly does a better job ^-^;;
  8. That is good for the manga Fire Fox. I like it!
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Y'know, even I didn't know where to put this, but I knew it didn't belong in Misc ;)

    We'll keep it to artworks even though it's just as much fanfic-related.

    Looking good thus far. Can't wait to see more/it cleaned up a bit. The text is a bit hard to read the way it currently looks now ^^
  10. [​IMG]

    There, with the wonderful addition of school my speed at spitting out pictures is marvelous, huh? :p

    Well, here's the poorly colored first page. Expect the second no sooner than in a few weeks. I have --counts--

    5 pictures to do before the next comic. (one of which is a cute comic-thingie starring my Pikachu form and Kinkachu)

    Hooray ^-^

    PS-- Another one is my submission for that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon contest with the DS Lights as prizes. :-\

    Good luck to me :o
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've been meaning to ask.

    Is that supposed to say "Linkachu" or did you actually mean Kinkachu? :O

    The colored page looks nice, btw. Even if it takes a few weeks for the next one, I await seeing it when you're done ^^
  12. Yeah, the colored version looks SO MUCH neater, prettier, and OMGSOGOODDROOOOOOOOLZ-i-er. ^_^;;

    The only complaint I'd have is that you generally, in the thought bubbles, have to cut words off (by splitting them with a "-" because of a lack of room). I know this is because of having a small space with which to work on, and it's a TOTALLY nitpicky thing, but it's a bit...overused. Once or twice is okay, but you did it three times in two thought bubbles. It makes it sound a bit awkward. X_X

    My only suggestion for that would be to try to aim for less of a block-like...uh...block of words (dunno how to describe it, sorry), and try to aim more for avoiding using "-" to save space. Or just resize the thought bubble, but that is an artisitic thingy.

    BUT IT WAS SO GOOD! O_O I can't wait for more! But I know, (*coughlikeDPcough*) it will be well worth the wait, however long it may be. ^_^;;

    But let's just hope it isn't as long as the other LOOONG wait I mentioned. -_-;;
  13. Without further...er...ANY adu, I present the "Pokemon View" comic, Chapter 1 COVER ART!


    At least I managed to redo the eyes the second time around just like I did the first. Hooray for dodge/burn tools~


    Does ANYBODY know how to get the bubble-letters with a black outline around them? It would a lot better, but for now I'm stuck with plain white Chapter Titles. ::)
  14. oooh, nice! *claps in a dignified art-critic-ish way* The eyes stand out particularly. Good work, can't wait to see more! ;D

    As for the bubble letter thingy, I guess you could download some bubbly font from the net (google 'free fonts' or something - there's tons of 'em out there).

    Then, once you've made the text in photoshop, go to the 'layers' tab, right click on the text layer and select 'blending options'. You'll get a big window up with lots of different rendering options... Check the box marked 'stroke' and you'll get an outline around the text. You can also choose the thickness of the outline, color, etc...
    Hope it helps!
  15. *cheers Daxxor in a refined, artist-ish way*

    Does it evar~ I'll most definately be doing so on the next Chapter cover. Pity that that's only every...way...30 pages? :p

    And I intend on doing one or two a week. IF and only IF I have nothing else to do. As it is, I say it's time to do Linkachu's Christmas picture.

    Expect the first page Sunday/EARLY next week.

  16. Hey, one-per-week is pretty good. ^_^;;

    Anyways, it's a really cute cover! Lucario is...cute! Usually, Lucario is all pose-ish-ness and "I shall pwnz you!", but here...OMGKAWAII! *glomps* It doesn't have its little spikey-thing though...but oh well. Still cute.

    The Pikachu looks cute, too. Although, why are its arms just sticking straight out? I couldn't tell if that was deliberate or not. ^_^;; But it still looked cool, especially next to the Lucario.

    Overall, it's a great cover! I wanna see the first page! *whine*
  17. The reason it has no chest-fur or spike is 'cause he's a Rioru, Lucario's baby-evolution (that's why he's not towering over Pikachu, too ;D)

    Pikachu is all awkard-posing since in the first chapters he's JUST become a Pikachu, so it's a very...awkward...time. ;)

    I can't wait until he is adapted, cause then he gets nifty moves and fights and etc.~

    Oh, and I'm shading my first comic now, squee~~ Might finish tonight, since I don't have much to do. :D
  18. ...Ahahah...Rioru, huh? ^_^;; That's what I get for not knowing the DP Pokemon...sigh...

    Well, that's another spoiler I've gone and spoiled for myself...*slams head against wall*

    Yay! Finish! I wanna seeeeeeee! Mitaina! ^_^
  19. Presenting PV #1!


    I apologise for weird time-bounces, by the way. Just assume he stood up before he said 'what the-?' and it'll be alright. Now working on a random picture. ^-^

    Then it'll be Charizard - Comic 2 - Persian - comic 3(not made yet) - Quilava.
  20. Yay! Even if this is just the first page, I can smell a success from a mile away! It looks great! ;D
    Just be sure you don't rush the story like they did in the anime episode (but then again, from RPing with you, I can tell you know not to rush a good storyline).

    Anyways, I don't know what you have planned, but in my opinion, you should probably spend quite a lot of time developing how Pikachu adjusts to being a Pokémon. I really missed that element in both the game and the tv-episode.

    Looking forward for the next page! Keep up the good work!
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  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Gotta love that hair on Pika ^^

    Don't worry about the "time-bounces", Firefox. This is based on the manga style, eh? Well, nothing says "time-bounces!" like manga :p

    I did have a question for you. You're just doing this as a personal thing, right? Not trying to make it into a web comic? A web comic would be nice, but it'd also take a lot more work, too. Most of the art/colored comics I've read of that style are done by two-person teams, too (one writes/draws, the other colors).

    Either way, can't wait to see the coming pages ^^

    And lol @ poor Persian and the Rioru spoiler ^^;
  22. I agree with Linky on the time-bounce thing. ^_^;;

    And thanks for the "poor Persian and the Rioru spoiler"...you don't have to answer...but now it seems almost 100% that Lucario isn't a legendary Pokemon, huh? T_T I wanted it to be a legend...>3<

    Anyways, I LOVED that first page! Aw, it was so awesome! The only thing I had to say as anything criticism-y was that on the picture of the river, with grass on either side...on the far edge of the river, it looked weird because it was drawn like the grass (pointy, not smooth). I don't know how to describe it, but it made the river look...furry. @_@

    Oh, but the Pikachu rocked. I love the Pikachu. The hair-thing is cute. ^_^ I can't wait for more! *squeeeee~l*
  23. Hehe, sorry for the late reply Persian, but I DID notice my mistake with the fur-river ;D
    Unfortunately I was unable to hit the 'undo' button enough times to delete that particular mistake.

    News For All!

    ...sad news, though :'(

    Due to my ridiculous habit of switching interests, I decided that my comic (the Era one, not View) isn't original enough, due to the character. I'll be redoing that one as well as View, but the main character will be one of my creation.

    What this says, is that I will be alternating on working on Pokemon View and Pokemon Era, depending on my artsy-mood. Some days I want to draw animals, and other I feel more like human-relations...if ye' ken (understand).

    In addition, I REALLY have been formulating a Wild Arms fan-fic, but some may complain that the main character is Jet-like in attitude. :p Oh well ; the mood-swings of the Gemini Fire Fox are terrible things.


    Now to go present Pichazard's commission~~!
  24. Cool!!!! Make more pokemon mystery dungeon ones. They're awesome.
  25. I have become so violently addicted to Tales of the Abyss, that I almost forgot about my drawing fetish. Then I decide to get back to drawing, and it doesn't take much in the brains-department to figure out what sketches and doodles I kept drawing. I was trying out new eye-styles, more-detailed scenes, and, OMG, backgrounds.

    Before long I decided to draw a manga-version of the l33t game, just because I would feel sad-ful if I just left it without doing anything. In short, along with a full-length (starting way back in Kanto) Pokemon manga in my free time, I'll be working diligently on a Tales of the Abyss adaptation.

    I was going to wait, but because I'm worried that I'll ruin it with Photoshop, I doubt I'd have it presentable for a while. This is the sketch of my first Chapter cover-art. Starring Luke fon Fabre daydreaming in the middle of his mansion's courtyard.

    *shifts shyly*

    Erm, to compare, here is a picture of how Luke should look -- http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y164/SSG-Sunny/Tales%20of%20the%20Abyss/Luke4.jpg

    Be nice with the criticism since I haven't really gone for 'serious' in my drawings before. The EYES, for one, are a true first...I'm sure you can tell. :p

    PS - I'm leaving off the sheathe, since in the game the sheathe acts as a very obvious Hammer Space. No way could almost ANY of the swords available fit into that tiny sheathe. Therefore, I shall create sheathe sizes/shapes as deemed necessary. I don't think he'd need a sheathe for his practice-bokuto (sp?).
  26. Thats a really good picture the eyes are great.
  27. I agree ^_^ I love the vibrant giant eyes especially on your pokemon and the combination with the hair makes them look really adorable (I'm going to admit I'm a big sucker for cute things :p)
  28. I just decided upon this, but I realized that having some sort of pre-set function for the speech in my manga would make it a lot more tidy. The only issue I have is in the fact that I'm not sure what type of program would have speech/thought bubbles for use.

    Does anyone know of a download-able program that would have such characters?

    Also, for my first page I need some layout for a Prologue-type thing. It's a prediction made by someone before the storyline takes place, and, to tell the truth, I'm stuck on how to convey it. I can't even decide whether to have panels or just make a large picture for it...

    *scratches head*

    The prediction-thing is this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=GiDHhzSZv4g ... and it's fairly important to the plot, as well. Any ideas whatsoever, guys?
  29. I never heard of tales of the Abyss but that drawing you did looks cool.
  30. *prepares to utilize search engine in order to find download-able comic-bubbles*

    Anyways, here's the Tales of the Abyss manga's Chapter 1 cover art...erm...colored. :-\

    *so totally stole the logo in order to make it more official-like*

    Whatcha think? Even my serious pictures end up looking....cutesy...somehow.

  31. Very nice! Dunno anything 'bout this game, so my comments will be short...but I guess it looks fine so far. @_@

    The arms look a tad short, though, but that may just be me and my diseased (read: having a cold) brain goin' all spinny. X_X
  32. Righto, uncolored Cover Art for chapter one of Pokemon Era (revised).


    As long as you pretend that the arm draped over the leg and the boots don't exist, you're good to go! ;D

    *covers up said parts with duct tape*

    Sorta took my own background from the Katie-and-Tsunami picture... :p

    But isn't he squee~!? *cuddle-zors*

    As for my thousands of manga, this is the one I'm going to setting into. Tales of the Abyss is on hold, since I lost the disk...necessary for accurately conveying the storyline. And plus, this is Pokecharms. Pokemon comics are probably more suitable, ne? =3

    *begins laborous process of coloring this picture*
  33. I think it's really good, even the arm and the boots! ^_^;; Perhaps you'll go for more than the cover page and the first page before ditching/redo-ing it, this time. XD

    And I think the background is different enough from the Katie-Tsunami picture so that it's not obvious (I didn't notice it until you mentioned it). I really think this manga will be good. And I'd prefer it, since I've never heard of Tales of the Abyss until you mentioned it. -_-;;

    But yeah. Good job...I wanna see it colored now...*whine* *brick'd*
  34. How do u draw like that?!?!?!
  35. I think the key is practice, bothering to learn about anatomy, practice, bothering to learn about all the various CG-coloring devices ya have, practice, bothering to use reference pictures, practice, peer review, practice, maybe some drawing classes, and practice. Did I mention practice?

    Although the others, like references and stuff, probably help. But I have to say, practice is something ya can't get any other way other than just doin' stuff over and over. Then ya learn from your mistakes, try to fix them, and try to obtain this "muscle memory" stuff. Practice...ahh...practice...^_^;;
  36. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Totally. Love the hair ^__^ *glomps*

    See, that's the magic of Charms. TBA's comic is a hit, and it has nothing to do with Pokemon. Neither did any of Alex's Sonic sprite comics. If you ever do get back to doing the ToA comic, you damn well better post it here or I'll poke you until you do ^_~
  37. Of course, Linkachu~ I am still in love with ToA, and if I find the disk (I blame my brother for not labeling ANY of the twenty or so disks lying around the house), you can bet I'll be on it.

    As for now, my colored comic page of Revised Pokemon Era.


    Erg...didn't turn out as great as I had been shooting for (namely the background shading), but I like the look anyways.

    One noticeable issue I'm struggling with before I start on the first page...

    A cool name for him, anyone? Preferably not violently long? :-\
  38. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator



    His "squee"-ness just shot through the roof XD *glomps x2*

    As for a name... I'll get back to you on that ^_^;
  39. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ed! Dave! Keito! *shouts out random names*

    Love it ^^ Odd hair colours = very, very squee. Plus he just looks cool. Keep it up!

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