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Ask to Join Comet Trail High School (Roleplay)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cryronn the Mudkip, Mar 27, 2021.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/that...school-romance-etc-roleplay-discussion.24855/
    DISCUSSION IS HERE FOR ALL JOIN-EES. I probably won’t stop accepting people, so leave a bio here if y’all wanna join!

    “So, are you ready for the first day kiddo?”
    “Kiddo, since when have you called me that?”
    Two similar looking boys, one however older, and with darker hair, stood outside the gates to Comet Trail on the first day. The gates opened to a long brick path, which connected to two buildings on either side, the main school, and the dorms. The first door on the main school building was the Gymnasium, where most of the new students were filing into... it was a small bunch, sure, just over 550 if the letter was correct. However, they filed in anyways. The younger boy gave a huff and shook his head, while the older one snickered. These were the Toran brothers, Soul and Spirit.

    “Listen, okay, you aren’t even supposed to be here you dunce, just get it over with and tell mom to take care of the dog for me.”
    “Yeah, yeah. I just wanted to make sure my little bro had a great first day! All right! I’m outta here, cya!”
    Soul shook his head as his older brother ran away, and turned his body toward the gym, slowly making his way across the path with a few of the other first year students. Suddenly though, he was swept up in a whirlwind, somebody tossing an arm around him from behind and yanking him forward... but Soul knew who it was. Looking at him from the side was the wide grinned, starry eyed cousin of his, Tara Thorn, her skin glowing a pale yellow as energy trailed off her body. She slowly faded back to her normal skin tone.

    “Howdy!!! You ready for our first day, Soul? I thought I could scare you, but looks like I’ve Tried the same trick one too many times...”
    “Yeah, whatever, don’t make me fire you up...”
    “You wouldn’t.”
    “Yeah I wouldn’t, but the point still stands.”
  2. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Loufe stood in front of the gates, looking over the surrounding students while simultaneously avoiding eye contact.
    "Hey, that kid looks bullyable."
    Loufe's ear flickered, but he remained quiet
    "C'mon, that's how we raise our social status. And do you realize how many enemies you would make that I could lay the smack down on?"
    Loufe said nothing.
    "You're right, we should go for a teacher. Oooh, or maybe the princip-."
    "Please stop" Loufe snapped, turning and whispering at the wolf spirit in his head. "I thought you promised to be on your best behavior."
    " I find it offensive you don't find this to be my best behavior. I'm asking first aren't I?"
    Loufe sighed, before realizing his tiny outburst was noticed by a few students, who turned to face him. Luckily, the gates began to open, allowing for Loufe to speed walk through them, head down in embarrassment, making a beeline towards the gym.
    " Can I at least piss on the mascot to assert dominance?" O.S pleaded.
  3. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    So I just go to the gym right, Hunter typed out in a text window to one of her brothers.

    Yeah just go to the gym for orientation it’s the big building full of midgets, he sent back.

    Just because you’re 8.5 ft tall doesn’t mean normal sized ppl r short Timmy

    I swear to god if u call me timmy at school I will call you Guinevere for the rest of your pitiful life

    Hunter laughed aloud at her brother’s text then tucked her phone into her pocket and took her headphones off, letting them hang around her neck. She winced as the whispers grew more aggressive in the absence of music to block them out. The black cat at her side seemed to notice the change and looked up at the girl before speaking in slightly accented English.

    “Are you alright, child?” the cat asked. “You shouldn’t push yourself.”

    Hunter forced a smile. “I’m fine, Kitten. Sure hope you won’t be lonely without me keeping you company.”

    “I’ll have your grandfather to keep me company; don’t worry about it,” the cat replied, before flicking her tail and climbing up the nearest tree. “Hawk will be watching to take control if things go south. Have fun on your first day, child!” Then the cat disappeared into the leaves. Hunter allowed herself a rare smile before hiking her bag up on her shoulder and heading towards the gymnasium.
  4. Before Leo stepped on the school's gate, he turned at his foster parent and waved them farewell. He took a deep breath and grab his strap tight and walk straight to the gate. "If I remember correctly I must go to the gymnasium for orientation", he muttered as he walk.
  5. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Silent as usual, Jay, currently in his shadow form, was flying through the air with the help of Shade, his guardian of the same material as he was. Shade was formed into a type of large bird, vaguely in the shape of a hawk. Jay didn't exactly wanna walk among the people below or ride a bus and while riding on a big hawk made of darkness was getting looks by those noticing it, Jay didn't notice any of it as he just kept himself on the lookout for Comet Trail High. There, in the distance, it visualized. The school Jay was going to stay at to learn and be educated. All the schools he had gone to before, he had to act out his human form as to prevent getting weird looks and just be normal. In Comet Trail High, he hoped for the opposite; to just be himself, not limited to a form, and be accepted as is. Shade was hoping it as well; naturally, as the guardian of this dark spectre, Shade was protective of Jay. He was the partial source of people avoiding Shade, as often as people stared at Jay, Shade stared back. And intensely so, often as forming into multiple eyes around Jay to stare back at the people, yet always out of his sight.

    Shade's attention was taken by Jay, who pat the bird of darkness on the head to get his attention and proceeded to motion at a bush below. Shade had promptly flown down and landed in the bush, allowing Jay to hide within the foliage, with Shade de-materializing and manifesting as the boy's shadow again. Jay remained in the bush until no one seemed to be around and left, walking to the school grounds. He hadn't drained the bush of its colour since he currently had no need for it, having switched to dispensing colour of which he had none anyway. With Jay approaching the gymnasium, Shade did his usual routine; keeping a lookout for anyone staring at Jay, and if there was anyone, manifest as countless of eyes around Jay to stare back at each and every single one of the onlookers, yet with each eye to always be out of Jay's sight.
  6. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "I'm just trying to say that I'm nervous," Oliver finished explaining to his sister telepathically, the conversation lasting their walk whilst being surrounded by students. "Just don't be a dork, if possible." Ori replied snarkily avoiding eye contact with her twin, instead glancing around at all the new faces as they made their way towards the gym. "I'm not a-" He stopped himself, realizing he'll end up losing the argument. A small smirk started to form on Ori's lips, now facing straight ahead towards the gym, both somewhat ready for orientation.
  7. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    With his cape wrapped around him like a cloak and his crimson hair shining in the Sunlight. Marcel made his way through the gate and on his way to the gym. ‘I don’t think of myself as higher than anyone. Social Class doesn’t matter here either.’ Marcel told himself as he grabbed his cape and made it unravel to his outfit with it flowing out the back. He looked around getting a scope of the school and some of the students arriving. ‘These are my competitors. No. What am I saying? These are my equals not my enemies.’ Marcel smiled at this thought and waited outside next to a wall wrapping his cape back around him.
  8. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Piper walked down the street, head down, loathing the idea of going to a new school, especially one where her "gifts" would be the main focus. She wasn't about to muster up the courage to skip school, either. She was a block away, and glanced up at the school gates, with a crowd of people around them. "Oh god-" she whispered to herself, eyes going wide and head dipping down. The group was full of freaks with obvious physical inhuman traits. The gates opened, making Piper look up again at the group as they rushed through the new opening. She quickly glanced down again. She thought, "I'm not like these people, I don't need to go here. All I need is a half competent therapist and I'll never Shift again. I could live a normal life." She now stood at the gates, fists clenched, watching as the group continued on. She groaned and rolled her eyes and stormed after them, eyes on their heels.
  9. After being dropped off by her parents and Addie at the edge of the school grounds and saying her goodbyes, Emma stood still, watching others flow past her and in towards the Gymnasium, which was apparently where she was supposed to go. But slight nervousness aside, did she want to show off her power? She could certainly make a flashy impression by riding her Disk up to the building, but what purpose would that serve? Would it give people an edge over her in future lessons because her power was already known to them? Would people dislike her for showing off? Probably not, but it was a possibility. 'Ah, what the heck, might as well. It's a school for powers, anyways. I could've already been there if I just started walking, though...' With a frown of concentration, a small, semi-transparent disk of energy floated out of her pocket, then began to grow until it was around two feet in diameter. It was currently a yellowish shade, reflecting her excitement, but with an odd greenish tone to it that showed the inner anxiety. It hovered above the ground, about the height of a barstool seat, and with an easy movement Emma hopped onto it. She leaned a little bit forwards and the disk began to float towards the Gymnasium entrance.
    She was floating along smoothly, looking at the people she passed and noting distinctive features. However, there was a sudden flurry of turbulence and before she knew it she had been knocked off her Disk and onto the ground. She quickly picked herself up and glanced around to discern the cause.
    “What was that?!”
    She rubbed at her wrist as she spoke, calling the floating disc to sit at her side.


    Alex walked up to the Gymnasium slowly. He wasn’t exactly looking forward to this, the school, the year, any of it. It was a good school, though, so maybe it would be better than some he had attended in the past.
    He was just about to enter when he felt his cellphone vibrate in his pocket. He signed softly as he stepped aside and let others pass him into the building. Once he was out of the way he pulled out the phone, opening it to the lock screen. The push notification for a message from his mother was there, with four simple words.

    Good Luck. Love you.

    Punching in the code to unlock his phone, he typed her a quick message to thank her, sent it, and tucked it away again. He had been hoping for a message from Kaydee as well, but no such luck, it seemed. Maybe he could talk to her by text for a while later that evening. For now, it was time to go in. He rejoined the stream of students entering the Gymnasium quickly and quietly, immersed in thought.
  10. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Marcel saw out the of the corner of his eye that someone had seemed to be in a rush. ‘Might as well break convo with him.’ Marcel told himself as he tried to catch up to the boy. After a bit he caught up. “Hey! Let’s chat for a bit while we are on the way.” Marcel insisted as he gave a sincere smile afterwards. ‘Don’t know what happened earlier but I saw him sprint walking out of a group. Meh. Doesn’t matter.’ Marcel told himself as he then replied to his earlier comment. “So. What’s your powers? Sorry,” Marcel drifted off. “Forgot to introduce Myself. The name’s Marcel Cromwell. Pleasure to meet ya.” Marcel smiled and introduced himself to the boy.
    (@Gamingfan )
  11. On his way to gymnasium he spotted a student falling down from the sky. He quickly ran toward student. "Hey are you alright. Did you hurt your wrist?", he said as he shuffled through his backpack looking for his mini first aid pack. ( @RenzFlintrock )
  12. Emma gave a polite smile to the stranger who had just come to check on her. She was glad that there were kind people who would go out of their way to check on someone. In response to his question, though, she began rotating her wrist, testing for pain.
    “I don’t think it’s too bad, I only fell a few feet. More scratched than anything, I can bear it. Thanks for checking on me, though!”
    She offered her other hand to the fuzzy-haired kid for a handshake, ignoring the light abrasion caused by her tumble.
  13. "Oh, that a relief ", Leo said as he use other hand to shake the girls hand. He found his mini first aid kit and grab an ice pack. "Here", he hand the girl the ice pack. "To prevent any more pain after the adrenaline wears off" he said. "Also forgot to introduce myself. I am Leo Mactavish pleasure to meet you" He introduced to the girl.
  14. Once her hand was freed from the shake Emma took the offered ice pack, placing it on her wrist. She thought it would be good in case something was injured, and wouldn't hurt to apply even if nothing was actually damaged. She appreciated it, too, and expressed it politely.
    "Thanks for the ice pack. I'll try to return it to you in a bit. Pleasure to meet you too, Leo, my name's Emma Evans."
    As she finished talking she expanded her Disk again, and sat down on it, although more carefully this time to accommodate the ice-packed wrist. She raised a little off the ground, and considered beginning to float on towards the Gymnasium, but she didn't want to be rude by accidentally leaving before the conversation was over.
  15. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Loufe's flinched at the stranger's barrage of..two questions, taking a minute to unfreeze himself and process Marcel's speech. Loufe gave a small smile as he realized they were not a threat.
    "Oh! Um....My name is Loufe...Loufe Lupen. I'm a psychic."
    To demonstrate, Loufe glanced at a nearby pebble. His eyes changed from a chocolate brown to a deep purple, the same color as what surrounded the pebble as it was lifted into the air. It flew circles over Loufe before he dropped it.
    O.S unleashed an exaggerated yawn "Could've of done something more impressive."
    Loufe frowned, before continuing.
    "And a werewolf. That's....why the ears and tail."
    Unlike his telekinesis, he had no urge to show that particular power in action.
    "Nice to meet you-uh-Marcel"

  16. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    Entering the school, Walnut, or Nut as his friends call him, enter the school. Passing by a few students, none were too different from each-other. He wanted to head straight to the gym, taking out a piece of gum as he walked and chewed on it. "School looks good, Classmates look fine as well..." Walnut was intrigued by all of the students that he had passed and noticed. entering the gym, it seemed that people already had begun to enter.

    He waited outside for a minute to see if he could meet anybody, But nobody seemed to be of interest. He entered the gymnasium for Orientation, and sat near the middle of the seats.
  17. Miranda happily skipped to school while Seth followed behind. Mira was humming her favorite song "Walking on Sunshine". She hummed this while creating barriers for herself underneath her feet as small platforms for her. "You're getting better at that" "said" Seth via telepathy. "Why thank you. I've had plenty of time to practice." "Though I have to ask, does that give you any speed advantage at all. You seem to be...barrier-ly faster than before." Miranda stopped skipping and made all of her other barriers disappeared. Seth chuckled to himself before walking headfirst into a light blue barrier. "You deserved that" "I'm starting to regret becoming so close to you." "How rude brother. Do you know who visits rude brothers?" Seth sighed, and then as he asked "who?" "The hair ruffler!" she said as she jumped on Seth and started messing up his hair. "Knock it off or else I'm not making dinner for you tonight." "Ok, ok, ok," said Mira as she climbed off of him and Seth tried to fix his hair. They got to the Comet Trail High gates and Mira noticed a girl with a very dark hoodie. "Hi there! I'm Miranda, that's Seth. What's your name?" "Mira, can't ya leave the poor girl alone? She looks like she doesn't want to talk to anyone right now" "Nonsense big bro, everyone needs a friend sometimes!"
    (@Psymallard )
  18. "No problem" Leo said with a smile as he began to walk with the female student. "Luckily were not far from the gym" Leo saw the girl floating. "Woah what kind of super powers is this", he said as he look around the disk with interest.
  19. Emma glanced down at her Disk, which had slowly shifted from the yellow with a tinge of green to a more pleasant yellow with a touch of orange. She gave it a light pat with her free hand. "This? Oh, my power is called Disk. I can control it with my mind, including its size, and its color changes to match how I'm feeling, kind of like a mood ring. How about you?" She queried as she floated alongside him. She considered offering to let him ride with her, but since they were getting close it would really just be a waste of time. Maybe another day.
  20. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Piper stopped in her tracks, standing straight up from her usual slouch. She slowly looked back over her shoulder to make sure they were talking to her, then turned 180 degrees and resuming her slouch. She gave a forced smile and introduced herself while going between making eye contact and looking at the lawn. "Hi, I'm not supposed to be here, so I'm really trying to get to the actual school so they can realize their mistake. You seem like a good person though, I really wish we could of been friends!" Piper whipped around and dropped the fake smile. She started to speedwalk away, trying to leave before the other two could say anything. @Crystal1302
  21. "Wow", he said with astonishment. "Well truth be told I do not have any super powers", he said as scratched his cheeks. He pulls his backpack and showed Emma what inside. Inside his backpack has tools and technology. "Even though I'm powerless but should not be underestimated because I have experience. Also I'm working this." He said as a tiny nanobot hover out his backpack."This little guy is design for combat and also do not want to spoil more the surprise", he said with a smile.
  22. Emma leaned forwards to peer into the backpack, and tilted the Disk so she didn’t fall off. She gave an impressed whistle. “Pretty neat. Can’t wait to see you in action. Although, what do you mean by experience? Like, with mechanics? Or something else?” She asked, curiosity taking hold. She couldn’t help but wonder how he’d hold up against people with strong powers with only tech to support him.
  23. "Yes as well hand to hand combat" he added. The duo is getting close the gymnasium. "Well it seems our destination is near" he said as he point the door with the sign indicating they are going to the right direction. "Well it was a pleasure meeting you" he smiled.
  24. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    The two, along with several other students, had headed inside the gym, brushing past a few people. "What if I make a bad impression on someone?" Oli asked. "You need to stop worrying." His sister replied, her voice sounding distant. Oliver glanced around the vast gymnasium, searching for a familiar face, until he felt something mild slowly fade away on his face. Seeing where it came from, he had found Ori sat near the end of the seats, as he took a seat somewhat near the center. The two sat in silence for quite a bit as the large area continued to fill up. "Go talk to that guy next to you." Ori suddenly spoke. Oliver looked around him, before seeing someone chewing gum. "I don't wan-" "Don't be a wuss, socializing wouldn't kill you. Besides, it'll stop your nerves." She interrupted, as well as insulted him. He groaned in his head, before plastering on a smile, and turning his head. "Hi! My name's Oliver, but my friends call me Oli. What's your name?" He asked to the person chewing next to him, as his twin continued to sit by herself.
    (@| Korutesu |)
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  25. "Three words, nine letters. Rhymes with "mold blue show'." "Oh shut up Seth. That girl was obviously crying out for help." Said Miranda as the girl sped walk off. "That is the opposite of what happened." "Well, still I'm going after he- oof!" Said Mira as she started to follow the girl, but was stopped as she walked face first into another of Seth barrier. "Mira, this is our first day. That smile may have been faker than every reality TV show alive, but I'm not gonna let you harass the first stranger you meet. Besides we have to head to orientation." "Hmmph. Fine well the next time we see her, you can't stop me again, deal? Deal." Said the girl as she sped off to the gymnasium. "I did not agree to that!" Communicated Seth while following Mira. As Mira ran along she noticed that after talking to tbe girl with the black hoodie, her spirit link triggered a bit. She couldn't use it, but she could notice it. The siblings got to the gymnasium, (Seth noticeably more winded than Mira). With Seth's Third Eye they were able to find two empty seats very fast and sat down next to a pair of twins and a noticablly short guy. The two sat down and introduced themselves. "Hey, my name's Mira. My hopeless brother here is Seth." She said with a smile. Seth sighed and waved at the three boys. (@Gold The Dragonite )
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  26. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    With all these students flooding into the gymnasium, Jay was getting real uncomfortable, to say the least. He'd never been around so many people, and it was getting kind of cramped too with all these people around. Jay took up a quick pace as he walked around the gymnasium, trying to find a place without people to just sit quietly in. With a bit of walking, he found some bleachers to hide under. The boy quickly motioned for Shade, with the boy's Shadow manifesting as a larger and seemingly older version of the boy, going by the shape of the body Shade formed into, in front of Jay. Jay motioned above himself, then pointed at the bleachers. Shade understood the boy's motions and shaped himself as a floating, flat circle above Jay, keeping the light away from him. Jay used the darkness that Shade created by blocking the light with his own form to teleport behind the bleachers. Soon as the boy re-appeared, the floating circle that was Shade flew back to Jay and formed back as his own shadow. Now behind the bleachers, Jay sat down, all calmed down now that he both felt stronger and more at home.
  27. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Oliver was about to turn around, hoping to escape starting the forced conversation, before Ori had spoken up. "Don't mind my brother, he's busy in a conversation right now." She gave a smile back whilst continuing. "I'm Ori, and that's my twin Oli." She had pointed towards her brother who seemed particularly annoyed at the moment. "Screw you." He discreetly thought. However, he still decided to wait for a response, not wanting to seem rude. "So what powers do you guys have?" Ori asked as she tried to strike up more conversation and ignoring her brother. (@Crystal1302) (@| Korutesu |)
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  28. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    The small girl stood outside the gates of the school trembling with nervous energy. She slowing trudged forward and reached the gymnasium, she entered and looked around, a little freaked out by the number of people. The little slime creature on her shoulder nudged her face reassuringly and she took as seat near the back, curling up with her feet up on the chair and her head resting on her knees she gently rocked back and forth, attempting to make sure she didn't freak out or anything. The last thing she wanted to do was paint herself as some kind of weirdo.

    Waving happily to his parents as they drove away Kage strolled merrily towards the gymnasium, not wanting to just simply walk in he used the nearest shadow to enter his pocket dimension and swiftly found a shadow in the gymnasium to use as his exit. Upon exiting the pocket dimension he gazed around and decided to try and make some acquaintances, upon further inspection he chose his conversation targets, a group of students who he promptly sat behind and not wanting to intrude immediately on their conversation, he leant back in his chair casually listening into their conversations without making it ridiculously obvious.
    @Gold The Dragonite @Crystal1302
  29. "Nice to meetcha Ori. Seth here has Third eye, Telepathy and Barriers. Show her something Sethy Pie!". Seth leaned over, flashed a peace sign and telepathically said, "Hey." Communicated Seth as he flashed a peace sign. "He's a man of few words. As for me, I have Cheerleading which means I can boost other people's abilities, and I have Spirit link, which means I can copy people who I'm close to's abilities." "For example, since love my big bro a bunch. I can do this." She said Telepathically. "Just between the two of us, I think both of our brothers can be a pain in the butt sometimes." "Said" Mira with a bit of a snicker as Seth put in his earbuds.
  30. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Ori gave Seth a wave back before putting back her hand into her pockets. She had a smirk on her face as she heard Mira's comment, trying to hold in a laugh. "Oli's harmless but he can turn into people for a bit, with their powers. He can also use slime and give people his powers when he wants to." Ori responded. "I have gravity and ice powers. as well as Starlight, which really only works at night." Ori had saw someone sit behind them, however thought nothing of it, minding her own business.
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  31. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Ryo had finally made it to the gates. His iconic drums floating behind him. Ryo dressed different to his normal clothing style. He wore a buttoned shirt ontop of some black trousers since those were to make him look 'smart', in truth he was forced to wear this by his mum and aunt. He kept his drumsticks in his back pocket, itching to just pull them out and start making some noise. "Remember what mother said, just try to spend one day where you're not being a storm", he told himself. Ryo felt stupid with his hair combed, normally it would be wild and spiked up but apparently he had to look at his 'best' for today. Every minute or so his hand twitched as he suppressed the urge to mess up his hair. To take his mind off his dork style, he looked around at the other people. "So many people...", he murmured as he began to walk towards the gymnasium. Ryo's first instinct was to go look for Hunter, that would make it less awkward right? As he looked for her, he began to break into a brisk walk as he started to walk around to look for hunter. If I can't find her, she can find me right? Probably, she could possibly hear my drums... But then again I was told not to play...But then again when have rules affected me? After his little thought, he decided to try it. What if he played his drums? What's the worst that could happen? Best outcome Hunter finds him, worst outcome everyone asks why is he playing drums. Ryo let two of his drums float infront of him as he pulled out his drums stick and immediately began playing. Nothing much, just a simple beat that he always did as a warm up for band practise. Well it was supposed to be simple until he started to get slightly carried away as another drum floated into the fray. At this point 4 more rums came infront as his little drum solo started to get louder and faster. His hands were moving blurs he played. As he was coming to the climax of his drumming, he suddenly stopped. But what made him stop? Well quite simple, just a small droplet of water. Looking up, Ryo realised he had accidentally made it cloudy with some slight drizzle. Sure people would probably not notice it much as it was starting to disappear but this did put Ryo off a bit. However, in usual Ryo style, he just laughed it off as he braced for the weird stares of the nutmeg playing drums.
  32. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    While talking to the boy, Marcel heard some noise towards the gym. “We’ll talk later.” Marcel said brisk but blatant as he had his cape wrapped around him again. He walked towards the center of the sound but as he saw who did it, it had begun to rain. ‘This doesn’t affect me.’ Marcel told himself as he had his cape unravel and have it cover him. He walked toward the boy with the drums. “Impressive. Question though. Was it you how caused it to rain?” Marcel asked as his cape made it look like his hair was actually black. “I’m not mad or anything. Just curious if you actually caused it to storm. Cause that would be cool.” Marcel had begun to strike up a conversation with the boy.
  33. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    "uh,Hi! Nice to meet you all! I'm Walnut! I might be short, but my power can deal massive damage to most things." demonstrating his power, he shaped the gum into a ball. 'It's pretty basic, but i can't think of anything at the moment really..." He looked around and turned it back into a normal shaped gum. "Your powers are really cool, y'know?" He complimented the two twins sitting right beside him, And he started chewing his gum again.

    "My power needs gum to work. It lasts an hour before i need to eat another one" He explained to his new classmates.
  34. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Oliver was intrigued with Walnut's specific and unique power. "Do you mind if I ask a few questions?" He asked. Before even getting an answer, he started pouring out his thoughts. "Have you ever forgotten to chew gum? Does it have to be a specific type or flavour of gum? How much gum do you keep on you at all times? Is the gum infinite? What happens when you sleep?" He continued on and on, before his sister had flicked another small star at him, whilst also thanking Walnut for the compliment. "Nice to meet you, Walnut." Ori greeted him with a wave. "My bad for rambling, you don't have to answer my questions." Oli apologised, clearly embarrassed as he scratched his head and stayed quiet afterwards.
  35. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    He chuckled a bit, then started to answer Oliver's questions. "I don't need to chew gum all the time, so no. There isn't a specific flavor, but i like Strawberry flavour the most. I have 10 Gum pieces with me at all times for the whole day. No, the gum isn't infinite, and i just sleep like every other human in the planet." Oliver had asked a lot of questions, andhe knew the answer to all of them. Then Oliver apologized. "No! It's okay!"

    He noticed someone who was sitting behind them. He wanted to know what he was doing, so he asked the male what he was doing. "Hey there, What are you doing behind us?" He asked the male, waiting for a response.
  36. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Loufe winced a bit as he heard a cacophony from not far away. Interestingly, rain soon followed as the noise stopped.
    It was then Loufe realized that Marcel was leaving. "Oh..um...okay" Loufe squeaked out, though it was doubtful Marcel would hear.
    O.S piped up. "If I hear that racket again, I'm ripping the culprit apart."
    Loufe hurried to the gymnasium.
  37. "Ooh, that's so cool!" Said Mira taking note of Walnut's power. "I don't think I could ever have that kind of power. I have a huuge sweet tooth so I'd probably eat all of my gum in an hour." "You say probably like you don't definitely do that. Why can't chew just pace yourself." communicated Seth before he got a punch to the shoulder. Mira then noticed as Nut pointed out a guy wearing dark clothing behind him. "Finally you guys noticed." Communicated Seth to the Twins, his sister and Nut. "What? You knew?!" "Third Eye, remember? Didn't tell any of you cus he was just minding his own business."
  38. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Kage glanced at the group realising he had been noticed "Ah hello there, yeah I was just chilling but since you have included me, my name is Kage and my powers are all related to my own personal pocket dimension, I can travel any distance using it, I can produce healing tendrils as well as blades from it as well" he said opening a tiny rift in his hand allowing the tendrils to appear before he closed his hand closing the rift. He then looked back at the group "You all have pretty cool powers by the way" he added with a little shrug "I may have been listening in to your conversations slightly".

    The small green haired girl peered out at the crowds from behind her legs, she examined all the different people, watching as they demonstrated their abilities to each other, she whimpered slightly at the sound of drums that caught her off guard as she continued to rock back and forth. She now had around four little slimes that nuzzled up to her protectively.
  39. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Oli's face begun to light up as Walnut responded, feeling ecstatic. "Thanks," he quietly sputtered, not wanting to make an even bigger fool out of himself. Oliver kept his head downwards, trying to hide his grin.

    "I just thought he was distracted, and I was trying not to be nosy. Apparently, somebody was trying to." Ori sighed before whipping around, coldly staring at the indiviual who eavesdropped and introduced himself. "Slightly might be the wrong word here. You could've just asked to join in, you know." Ori had said in a somewhat rude and blunt manner, not thinking before she spoke.
  40. "It was nice to meet you, too, Leo. See you around!" She waved with her free hand. Then, with a smooth movement she tilted the Disk forward and slid off, shrinking it at the same time. She floated it back into her pocket, but not before its color had shifted away from orange and towards green again. Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the building. She wandered only a moment or so before finding a free seat and quickly sliding into it.

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