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Colloseum light's are blinding

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Edward_Elric, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. In a world lost with no space or time...Giratina is Giratina born. Some know Giratina as the ruler of the distortion world.....but some call him the worlds destroyer....If Dialga and Palkia are next to each other Either Darkrai or Giratina would come....Darkrai will come if the two are fighting....but if they are used for evil and sit there using there energy ball to the middle of the spear pillar.....Giratina would come....what does this have to do with colloseums? Well after your journey in all regions you go to PokeTopia to fight in the colloseums but dialga darkrai palkia and giratina were last seen there....

    "Look i dont know where they are Ok?" There was a oment of silence a shadow figure came out "I cant believe you failed me Cyrus! look what you've done!You've made the pokemon run to colloseums i should have trust Mars with this... " "Mars got defeated first then Saturn then Jupiter i was at least the last one to go down!" He looked at him angrily "I QUIT!" Cyrus left the building and was gone to the colloseum

    In legend it always said there were going to be a group of teen pokemon trainers to save the world and Cyrus believes that after what he saw from lucas dawn and that blonde friend of theres...."

    Cyrus had the three lake pokemon oh that was true but he needed atleast three more....trouble was brewing andin the colloseums a battle begins

    And in one corner we have in this One on one battle Haunter Vs. Onix!

    "Onix rock smash!"

    "ooo major damage!"said the announcer

    "Haunter use Payback!"

    Ouch that hurt!" the announcer sai over the microphone

    Onix rock slide!"

    And haunter faints its a total win for the Red cornor!"

    "The winner is .....Roy and his Onix!"
    The crowd went wild

    "Of course i won...why wouldnt i?" In the backround te crowd emptied out because giratina just destroyed Waterfall colloseum
  2. Name:Reno Shishigami
    Identifying marks:
    Love Relationships?:Not yet
    Pokemon:Bulbasaur (Male) Eevee (male) beautifly (Female)
  3. Name:Reno Shishigami
    Weight:110 pounds
    Hair:Short brown
    Eyes:Crystal blue
    Clothing:Bean snow hat Black short sleeve shirt with a golden pokeball and a white long sleeve shirt
    Identifying marks:Its the pokeball sign
    Musculature:not muscular at all just scrawny
    Personality:Happy funny nearly serious
    Skills: pokemon contest winning
    Family:An orphan
    Love Relationships?:Not yet
    Pokemon:Bulbasaur (Male) Eevee (male) beautifly (Female)
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    OK, I don't know what the hell this is supposed to be, but your grammar and spelling need some serious work, I have no idea what the two posts below your "RP" are here for since they clearly don't belong here, and...you triple-posted. Double-posting is against the rules, so you've basically shot yourself in the foot twice with this.

    I'm locking this and warning you for multiple rule breaking. I suggest you read the rules before posting anything else.
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