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Open College RP idea?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ombree, Nov 28, 2017.



  1. Soldier/Fighting Academy

    5 vote(s)
  2. Fantasy Academy with different races of... fantasy.

    5 vote(s)
  3. Other (specify in comments plzzzzz)

    0 vote(s)
  1. So I'm bot really interested in pokemon style RPs anymore, so I thought; why not do something a lil more realistic
    *dabs* (Thats realistic for ya folks)

    No but really. I like the idea of school, or college/uni more like it. Where you have dorms and classes and all that stuffffff. Idk whether to add fantasy into it or whate but yeah thats what I'm thibking?

    Tell me if you are interested
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  2. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I mean there was that high school RP you never got around to starting...

    Also, I like the idea but I'm not sure it will last long. I've only seen about 2 School Style Rps that actually go on for a while.
  3. Yeah, thats my worry. We need exciting stuff to happen.

    Can I make like coda #2? :D
  4. People just seem to enjoy a college/university/school RP more if they have certain powers or quirks or whatever. Something fantasy-like XD something that could give them the drive to keep RPing rather than have some sort of endless go to school and make friends kind of thing.
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  5. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I agree with you on that
  6. Yeah, so I think fantasy is good but I dobbg want ig to be an exact replica of coda
  7. *dont *it

    My typing sucks
  8. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    There are more types of Fantasy than just Urban Fantasy. You could make it more based on surrealism, You could make a completely different world to earth, There could be lots of different races as an example. There are other options with Urban Fantasy too. You could make it a school for villains.. I'm just listing examples
  9. You can make it an academy where Mercenaries can hone their skills and learn.... It could also be based off of Soul Eater.
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  10. I'm up for whatever honestly. Either a regular college/university RP or some spin on it like Pichu suggests.
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  11. I find that the College/University RPs that I've been apart of don't generally last long either because the OP/GM in charge of time skips and NPCs drops off the face of the earth, leaving everyone awkwardly stuck in the same day, or there isn't a lot of opportunity for the characters to interact. For example, two people who are roommates might be the only ones to interact with each other, but after they run out of things to talk about, they might not be able to talk to any other characters 'cause they're only hanging with their roomie in their own dorm. I dunno if that makes sense...?

    In other words, if you can find a clever way to keep open character interactions between everybody, you might be able to make a College/University RP last longer. I've never run one before, though, so I might not be the best person to give suggestions, and its your RP ^-^ I like Pichu's suggestions, too. Either way, I'm super interested to see where you take it if/when you do start one!
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  12. I’d be interested. As for the set up, maybe some kind of academy instead of college if that makes any sense. Like a post high school academy, (Like college) where people humans or other species, learn to hone their skills for all a certai thing. Like the Exorcist Course in Blue Exorcist. Some kind of individual class that binds the main characters together. And instead of having individual Roomates, maybe split the groups into groups of 4. So that more interaction.

    I’ve noticed that if the RP Owner is active with plot and they have help, School based RPs can do decently well. And with College based ones, there is more room for individual plot lines too, as they are now adults and can go places. And as for the help, just people to step up when the Owner isn’t there.

    A few ideas on my part are
    -A prestigious colllege that is hard to get into. And our character make it in, but soon learnt hat something is amiss. (Maybe a cult or a sling of murders. Or maybe some kind of hacker leaking personal info. ETC.)
    -An academy with some kind of new technology that allows for more interesting lessons, with virtual fighting games as ways to practice you physical skill. And the school is rigorous and focuses on training sharp minds and bodies, as it is a place for training soilders.
    -A fantasy Academy where students all study to fight monster. Like as mages, healers, warriors, etc. Kinda like a gathering of classes from RPG and they all learn how to work together.
  13. Oh wow, I like all three of those ideas equally XD Why are you so good at plots? I'm jealous :D
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  14. Wow, you guys can plot. I'm super jealous.

    So my favourite two ideas were the different races of like fantasy creaturey things and the soldier mercanary idea. I think a fighting academy would be really good. I'll put a poll up if I can.
  15. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I see you have the Poll Up now, How long is it gonna be there for?
  16. Idk, I'll take it down once we have some votes
  17. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    How do you think of good plots so easily?
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  18. It’s probably my overactive imagination. I thought of those at like almost 11:00 PM and I was tired.
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  19. ...





    Please? xD
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  20. Those are the best kinds of ideas. Or the worst, it's really a roll of the dice XD
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  21. I think this is a great idea, and I'm kind of leaning to suggest the fighting/soldier-esk thing, since SO many other people already do School-Fantasy all the time, so I'm just thinking it would be cooler as a more original never done before kinda thing.
    As well (no offense of course), I think it's a little cheap doing School-Fantasy. It ALWAYS works and gets attention, no matter what. Though whatever you decide I'll be interested for sure.
  22. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Ok to be completely honest here I like the idea of a fantasy School role-play but I kinda like Ry_Burst first and third ideas the best.

    Also hi I'm new here XD
  23. Welcome~
  24. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    What can I say but your welcome xd

    So when is this gonna become a rp
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  25. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

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