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Ask to Join College Life (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette, Jul 11, 2019 at 7:12 PM.

  1. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    Sign Up! https://pokecharms.com/threads/college-life.21227/
    This is a college roleplay that’s based in the USA. People came from around the world to be apart of the college.


    Nick had finally made it to the United States to go to the college he had been waiting to get to. He made it in and got his dorm key for Dorm 54. He then went to the auditorium to wait for the opening speech said by the Principal.
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  2. JC and Shadow's plane finally landed from San Juan, Puerto Rico. They had to take a plane since Puerto Rico was an island surrounded by water. They walked out of the terminal gate exit as they made their way down to baggage claim. Once the siblings claimed their baggage, they walked out of the airport making sure they had everything.

    JC had just remembered that she had to grab Dove, her white Siberian husky. She was her therapy dog. She told Shadow to wait for her here while she went to grab Dove from the baggage manager. Shadow put his headphones in as he grabbed his black colored Iphone out of his pocket. He pressed play on his music player listening to his music waiting for his sister to return.

    She made her way back to Shadow once she claimed Dove, she made her way back to Shadow. She saw his headphones in as she took out her own placing them in her own ears. She pulled out her skateboard as she dropped it on the floor before putting one of her feet on it. She nudged Shadow's shoulder as he looked to her giving a smile under that black wolf gold-streaked of his. Shadow followed what she did by pulling out a skateboard of his own. He looked to her patting her head as he saw her look to him under the white wolf blue-streaked mask of hers before she gave a smile to him.

    She pulled out her white colored Iphone as she pressed play on yer music play before she placed it back in her pocket as Shadow did the same. The siblings rode off on their skateboards making their way to the college that was here in America. They made it in as they got off their skateboard before placing it behind their back as they clicked in to a strap around their shoulder. JC gave some key 22 as her brother Shadow grabbed dorm key number 40. They headed to the auditorium to wait for an opening speech by the principal.-
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  3. Nate got to the College and found his dorm key his dorm was Dorm 47. He found the auditorium and sat by a kid in a blue leather jacket. He turned to the man and said “Hey I’m Nathaniel.” He then put out his hand for the man to shake it.
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  4. JC and Shadow entered the auditorium as they saw already two males inside waiting for the opening speech to begin. JC stood next to her brother as she watched them have a conversation. Shadow, on the other hand, moved his wolf mask to the of his side showing his face as only his light blue eye was visible along with his hair which was her black. His bang covered his gold colored eye as he waited for the two males to finish there conversation before speaking to them.

    JC watched her brother move his mask to the side to reveal his face. She decided to keep her mask on to not grab attention just in case. She trusted her brother so decided to let him talk first.-
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  5. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    “Hey, I’m Nick.” He said shaking Nathaniel’s hand. He saw to people just enter the auditorium. He looked back at Nate as he asked “So where are you from? I’m from Paris.” He then started speaking in a French accent “Bonjour mon ami!”

    (Translation: Hello my friend.)
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  6. “I’m from Virginia,” He said. He was surprised at how Nick could pretty much switch at will from an American accent to a French accent. He then said “It’s cool how you can switch your accent at will.”
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  7. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    “Thanks,” He said. “I’ve visited Virginia before. In fact I’ve toured the whole U.S.. My parents wanted me to do it. Something about one of my ancestors touring the US his name was the Marquis de Lafayette. Some America and French General who toured the US like two centuries ago. You’ve probably never heard of him. Anyway I’m gonna go wait for the speech thing to start. Nice meeting ya.” He then got on his phone and waited for the speech to start.
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  8. Shadow saw them finish their conversation as she walked up to the guys. "You guys had a nice conversation with each other" he said giving a gentle smile. "I'm Shadow, its a pleasure to meet you" he added as he extended his hand for them to shake.

    JC watched her brother make a move to the two guys before she decided to follow standing a bit behind him as he introduced himself. She remained silent as Dove followed next to her wearing a therapy dog blue vest with a harness. She sat down next to JC keeping an eye on her anxiety.

    (Remember both of the siblings are wearing wolf masks just remember that ok ^-^)
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  9. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Harry Hamada finally left the airport after arriving in the US from Australia, which was where he lived. He made it on time to the college he got accepted into and he received his key to his dorm with the number '58' engraved into it. Harry decided to dump all his belongings on the floor, being unsure on whether or not he had time to unpack (he would probably delay that for as long as possibly anyway) and quickly rushed to the Auditorium, getting ready to listen to the principal's speech. Harry saw some people talking in a conversation so he decided to try make some friends before college started and possibly get a head start socially. He walked up to the group and said,
    "G'day. I'm just gonna enter this conversation. I'm Harry by the way."
    He didn't normally use Australian Slangs like 'G'day Mate' but he decided to use it because he thought it was a kinda cute way to let people know your Aussie.
  10. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    “Bonjour Shadow!” Nick said shaking Shadow’s hand. “Bonjour madame.” He said to the girl who walked up behind Shadow. When an Australian guy jumped in the conversation who’s name was Harry, Nick then said “Bonjour gentil monsieur.”

    (Translation: bonjour gentil monsieur=Good morning kind sir
    Bonjour madame=hello m’lady)
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  11. Shadow shook Nick's hand giving a gentle smile. "The pleasure is all mine, this lovely lady is my young sister JC, we both came from San Juan, Puerto Rico" he said. "Also, this is Dove her therapy dog" he said pointing to the white Siberian Husky with the blue vest. "Also, greetings there Harry, I'm Shadow and this is my young sister JC"he said.

    JC nodded as she decided to talk. "Bonjour Nick" she answered as she studied on different languages. "Your quite the friendly fellows Nick and Harry" she added giving just a gentle smile complimenting him.-
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  12. “Well, since this conversation is right in front of me I might as well join it. I’m Nathaniel Frost.” He said smiling. “Hola, escuché que gente en Puerto Rico usualmente habla Español.” He then said “Welcome to the U.S.”

    Hola, escuché que gente en Puerto Rico usualmente habla español=Hello, I heard people in Puerto Rico usually speak Spanish.)
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  13. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Willow let out a refreshed sigh as he stepped into his new dorm, a clean and tidy place, perfect for students like him. It has taken him days to get here, the plane ride wasn't the most enjoyable experience but that's in the past.

    Placing his things down, he made a quick and hasty attempt to put everything where it should be only to end up leaving them all behind in the dorm room due to him having to go join a principal speech in the auditorium. He made it there earlier than expected, making new friends.

    The first thing that caught his eyes was a friendly bunch of students that seems to be introducing themselves to each other; that looks like a good start.

    Popping up between the students, he gave a timid wave to catch attention, "Hello," he piped, "Got a room for one more?"
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  14. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    As the rest of the kids came in the Principal approached a podium and said “Will Everyone please sit down.” He then said “Welcome back Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. And Freshman, welcome! This year every grade will have the same classes so we can save money on teachers.” He then smirked. “Also, the class list will be.....
    -American History
    -Lunch Break
    -French (1st fourth of the year), Spanish (2nd fourth), German (3rd fourth), Russian (Final fourth)
    Then the rest of the day will pretty much be free time for you all to do whatever you want. Anyway enjoy the rest of the opening day.” The Principal then went back to his office.


    Nick smirked he already knew pretty much everything regarding American History, English and French. So he assumed this year would be a breeze.

    ((By the way Teachers and School Workers are available for anyone to use in their posts))
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  15. The siblings chuckled as JC spoke up first. "Yes we do but English is fine since we understand it well Nathaniel," she said as Dove wagged her tail as she greeted the boys. "Also, of course, I'm JC and this guy here is my brother Shadow, nice to meet you newcomer" she added. Shadow spoke afterward. "So we have English first, I'm surprised you're not annoyed by that sis?" he asking her. Hearing Shadow's words about English being first on the class list. "Brother, thanks for reminding, you just ruined my mood," she said an anger mark on her head as she crossed her arms against her chest. "Hehe, sorry sis, don't be mad really, I apologize," he said as a sweat drop appeared on his head. "Fine...I forgive you...I hate Math as well plus P.E...at least I love Science, the best subject ever and to top it off French" she said chuckling to herself. "Hey guys, want to have a study group with me just in case we have the same classes, that way we can get to know each other better and hang out...if you don't mind me being the only young lady in the group..." she asked a bit embarrassed. Luckily she was wearing her mask to hide her embarrassment.
    "Now that you mention that sis, it would be a great idea to do that to help one another" Shadow agreed as he gave a gentle smile. "What do you think guys?" he added looking to them including the newcomer that just joined in.
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  16. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Willow clapped his hand as a sign of his agreement, his eyes sparkling at the thought of working together, "That's a great idea! He exclaimed, instantly quieting himself to add in a whisper, "To be honest, I suck at French so..." he gave a nervous chuckle, "I can't help with that subject." he admitted. Then he sat up straighter, "But I can help with math! I'm good with that one, and science certainly!" he listed, "American history....kind of I guess?" he drawled, seemingly now unsure of what he's talking about, "Ah, sorry, I babble too much." he rubbed his head in embarrassment, "Also, the name is Willow," he added, "I believe I'll be sticking with you guys from now on huh." he stated, tilting his head a little to the side.
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  17. JC just chuckled by Willie's reaction as she gently patted his shoulder. "No its alright, Nick and I could help you with French since I studied on a lot of languages but Nick here is mostly fluent to it" she said giving a gentle smile under her mask. "And of course you can stick with us Willow, that's how we will get the know each other better as collegemates and besides I love Science" she added as Shadow just smiled before turning to Nick, Harry, and Nathaniel.

    "What do you guys think? It would be beneficial to work together when we are struggling in some subjects?" He asked before looking to Willow. "Willow, you could be JC's tutor since Math isn't quite her strong point and she knows it" he asked him. JC could get mad at him because in all honestly she had trouble in Math during her school years. She just chuckled before answering. "Guilty...but only if Willow doesn't mind?" She gave a smile to her brother before giving the same gentle smile to Willow once she looked at him.-
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  18. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    'I think that working together would be a great idea! We can all get together more often and it's a good way we can all try to be ahead of everyone else!' Harry said to Shadow with a smile. He really liked the group of people he was talking with and he hoped that they would all get along really well with each other.
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  19. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    Nick turned to the group and said “Yeah working in a group would be good. I can obviously help with French, I’m from France. And I’m pretty good in American History I pave studied it a lot. I for one will admit I’m kind of bad in Math and I’m also not that good in English.”
  20. “I can help out in American History back home I was the best in my grade in American History. But besides Spanish I’m bad in all the other non-English languages.” He said. “Also I heard the English teacher is really, really strict! My older brother had her when she taught at a different school and said she’s the meanest and strictest teacher he’s ever had.”
  21. JC chuckled. "Stricted huh? Well that won't intimidate me but irritate me but I'll have to just suck it up and deal with it this year and besides I hope they have a music class here..."she said thinking about her Violin. "But hey why don't we all exchange numbers so if we can't find each other, we can text each other and ask where we are"she suggested. "What do you think brother?" She looked to him while saying so as she pulled out her Iphone.

    "I don't think that's a bad idea, what do you guys think? Also, I can help you with English if you seem to be struggling with it"he said. "I actually got a straight A in English during my school years so if you need help on it, I can tutor you" he gave a gentle smile.

    JC gave a smile before feeling a bit guilty about wearing her mask to hide her face. She decided to speak on the matter. "Oh and sorry guys that I am not showing my face like my brother here is...let's just say...I don't want to attract attention to others...or to a certain someone..."she cut off quickly rubbing her neck but returned a smile to not make it look awkward.-
  22. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Willow laughed at JC's comment, "Don't worry, I don't mind." He said, "In fact, I'll be glad to help you, perhaps you'll even get better at it this year." He pointed out.

    He watched as each students offered to help on different subjects, some good at french, some english, some American, and at last they ended up ultimately deciding to exchange numbers, "Sure, I don't see anything bad with that," he chuckled, "We could even make a group chat," he offered, "then we could help each other on the subject we're struggling with."
  23. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    'I'm pretty good at maths myself however I may need help when it comes to languages or American history since I'm not American,' Harry addmitted to the group. He agreed with JC that exchanging numbers was a good idea so he proceeded to get out his phone as Everyone was talking, getting ready to exchange numbers.
  24. ~Add~

    ~Add~ Previously Nisha-Labyrinth

    Ciel walked in with Lu running in front of him. She quickly waved goodbye and found her dorm keys and grabbed it and ran into her dorm. She quickly unpacked and ran to the auditorium. She looked around and saw Ciel who is already there.

    Ciel and Lu spotted the little group as they walked into the auditorium and walked over, they popped in and Lu smiled. She spoke, "Hey! Do you all mind if we 2 join in?"

    After a few minutes, Ciel heard the principal speak and sighed. He wasn't into other languages. Lu was determined to learn Russian though.

    (Forgive me, at this moment I'm just being idiotic right now XD)
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  25. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    “I can exchange numbers.” He said. “Nate told me he’s good in American History. I’m also pretty good in it myself. I’m also obviously good in French I’m from France after all.” He then smiled and pulled out his phone to exchange his number.
  26. JC chuckled to the girl who asked if she could join them. "Of course dear, we were just exchanging numbers to help each other out with subjects we are struggling with" she answered her. "Alright guys hold on your phones, I have a unique app that will exchange all of our numbers all together so you don't have to type it in" she added. "It's a convenient app trust me but let's hurry before classes start" Shadow pulled out his phone as he touched it with his sister giving a smile. "Just touch your phones with my sister's and I and watch what happens guys," he said but he had this tense feeling suddenly and he didn't know what it was.
  27. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Is that so?" Willow tilted his head in wonder, "What kind of app is it for it to do that." he gave their phones a look before taking out his. Studying what JC is doing with his brother, he hesitantly reached out his phone for them to touch, only for him to draw back a little when he felt Shadow's shoulder tensed up.

    Casting Shadow a look, he was unable to tell what was wrong due to the fact the mask is blocking his point of view of his face, leaving him helpless to the fact he has to find out what's wrong. "Hey...you alright?" he waved his hand at him to catch his attention, "Am I too close? Is that the problem? You're strangely tense..."
  28. ~Add~

    ~Add~ Previously Nisha-Labyrinth

    Lu smiled and then tilted her head. "An app?" and joined in as she held out hers.
    Ciel, not like he got a choice to begin with, held out his, as well. He caught Lu looking at JC, not in the look of interest for friendship, but the admiration of her kindness. He sighed.
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  29. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    Nick was intrigued at the words ‘an app’ so he immediately put is phone up to JC’s phone. “There,” He said. “Who wants to do it next?” He noticed Shadow tense up and asked “You okay dude?”
  30. She looked to her brother seeing he had tensed up. "Hey bro, you alright?" she asked him in concern. "Oh and yes well, I kind of created it or my father taught me so yeah lol but touch your phones with ours and you see how it works" she smiled gently. Shadow looked to Willow and then at Nick. "Huh? oh yes I'm alright, it's nothing important...probably class tension hehe" he said not wanting to worry them but he knew JC was lying as she saw right through it.
  31. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Still uncertain, Willow reaches forward and touched his phone with his new fellow students, quickly pulling back to check what happens to his phone. Making a face, he gazed intently at his phone, trying to see what's going to happen.

    "So...what now?" he asked, holding his phone loosely in one hand.
  32. She looked through her phone for the app until she found it being called "Phone Transfer". She clicked on it until a blue light lit her phone above along with the others until it turned green. Once she heard the beep she pulled hers away before giving a smile. "There, all complete, you should be getting a notification that your number was transferred with all of our names under it" she said as she got the beep seeing all the names and numbers of her friends she made. Shadow, on the other hand, still felt tension from something and he needed to find out where it was coming from and from who as she put his phone back in his pocket.
  33. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    Nick got the notification and looked through all the names. He read and found all of them. “Okay I got all of them.” He said. He then noticed Shadow was still tensed and said “Dude are you sure your alright?”
  34. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Willow gave a tiny 'eep' as the unexpected notification beeped on his phone and he nearly dropped it in response, only to test his reflexes by catching it fast before it hits the ground. With the phone back in his hands, he checked to see all the names of his newly made friends on it.

    "So...that's it?" he asked, holding his phone limply in his hand. But his question was left unanswered when he looked at Shadow again. Apparently, he was tense once more and is now being questioned by Nick.
  35. Shadow just shook off the feeling before answering Willow and Nick. "It's nothing don't worry guys, it was probably my imagination" he said not wanting to worry the others with his tension. He felt a bit of a glare from his sister as she knew he was lying even under a mask.
  36. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Willow shrugged, naively taking Shadow's words for it, "Well, if nothing is wrong then I suppose there's really no need to worry about anything, so loosen up buddy!" He laughed, giving Shadow a playful smack to the back, "I'm nervous about my classes too, but truth to be told, who isn't?" He placed his phone back into his pocket, "Let's not get all worked up about this, we need to keep a good mindset for our classes anyways."
  37. Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Previously Marquis De Lafayette

    Nick then said “We should probably head to class.” He swung his backpack over his shoulder and started to head to English. He was worried that he’d screw something up in English because he couldn’t really write English words well and wasn’t very fluent in the language yet. He was scared that since this is an American school the teacher would assume everyone was already extremely fluent in the language.

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