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Collabs and Requests ^^

Discussion in 'Requests' started by existentialwitch, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Hi, I'm Camomile ^^

    I've decided to open my request and collab stuff ^^

    I usually do art please discuss if you have a different plan.
    I draw people and chibis ^^

    That's it ^^
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  2. Collabo, not sure wha its going to be about, or have any ideas.
  3. Sure! You wanna start a private conversation and discuss it
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  4. Sure, but whos going to start that? (Btw i like to act wacky sometimes)
  5. I'll do it I guess (I think that's how professionals do it lol)

    And don't worry I can deal with crazy :p
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  6. As I already stated, I'm up for an art collab, I've wanted to do one for a while~
    I'm up for doing some chibi lineart! :D
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  7. Yay! I get to color a chibi child ^^ I'll color whatever you give me ^^
  8. Awesome! I'll start now~ I'll probably draw it with pen then transfer it to GIMP and give it a transparent bg so it's easier for you to deal with ;)
  9. Thanks ^^ I look forward to it
  10. One more thing, do you care what the theme is? Like Pokemon characters, OCs, characters from another series, or does it matter? :D
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  11. Im fine with anything lol
  12. Alrighty then I'm on it! ^.^
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  13. I'm up with an art collab with this one~ :)
  14. Can you draw a Chibi Junkrat, (the guy in the pic)

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