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Cody's Photography

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Cody, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Okay. Let's try this again. I'm a photographer. Don't make fun of me D:
    All photo descriptions will be ABOVE the photo.

    This was my first picture with my new Nikon D3000. I think it turned out pretty danged nice : D


    I love taking photos of what's above me. Sun, sky, clouds, birds, planes, human cannonballs...


    You may not agree with it, but it's my life. Also, light photography is pretty cool.

  2. Cody, three pictures is not enough. Get some more on here. I know you have them >:Y

    But anyways. The first picture is my favorite, I like the colors and the blurry bits and the not blurry bits. You didn't get that camera for Christmas did you? Because if you did then WHY IS THAT THING SO GREEN IN DECEMBER. Lucky.

    Cloud picture's nice. I like clouds.

    Neat little light thing. I dunno what else to say.

    I like your photographiez.
  3. Oh. Hey there Virgil. Yer awesome. : D

    Also, here's some more photographs : D

    That's a flag, with the sun behind it.

    The Washington Monument reflected in the Vietnam war memorial.


    I like the effect the water got in this one.
  4. I dunno why, but I really love the sky on the flag picture. It's all centered and stuff
  5. Love your pictures, Cody; Especially the waves crashing on the rocks and the sky shot. Those were absolutely brilliant! But if I may say, the qualities of these shots are a tad pixelated. Would this have anything to do with the uploading process? If its the camera, you should try and play with the settings to get the best quality it can muster. Nikon cameras have a lovley shutter speed, so capturing shots like crashing waves or objects generally in motion should look rather epic.

    Also, never forget the rule of thirds, dude. Your flagpole and monument pictures are admirable works, but the monuments and flagpoles are not the singular subjects in those respective photos. The sky and Vietnam memorial are also subjects of the photo, and as such should receive just as much focus.

    It goes without saying that I am still looking forward to seeing more photos from you, granted I feel partially responsible for the inactivity of the first one :< Still, if its something you love to do, by all emans pursue it.
  6. Ohhey Guys : D

    Thanks, Kini ^^

    RX: First. Thank you : D. I'm pretty sure they look a bit pixel-y because I'm compressing them. What I'm putting up here isn't the original file size, so I've just be resizing them on photobucket. If you know how to re-size them more gracefully, well, I'd love to know ^^

    Also, for the rule of thirds thing - that's the main rule I follow when working with stuff, though it's fun to break the rules ^^. I can't tell you what I was thinking when I took those two shots (it was so long ago >>) but I might have been trying to get them centered. I don't really know xD

    Also don't feel responsible D: I'm just lazy ^^
  7. Love these pictures Cody. I especially like the sky one and the green plants one right above it.

    I got a camera for Christmas too. Not as good as yours but decent. It's the Vivitar Vivicam 8025. I should probably take your lead and use its awesomeness on this site. Thanks for the inspiration :3
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Mmm... I like to take pictures as well, but I can't say I've ever really tried to follow a specific formula. Sometimes you can snap 10 pictures of the exact same thing and only one comes out for whatever reason. It can be an interesting process to find images that stand out to you...

    But meep. Cody, I love your nature-based images. The picture of the sky/clouds and the rocks by the ocean are really pretty. Thanks for sharing, and do remember to share more ^^

    The next few ones are all some experiments with light photography. Light photography is cool. Anyway, it's one of those static ball things. Like one of These things





    Oh and here's my friends dog : D

  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Ooooo... Lookit all da pretty colors... *slaps self*

    I mean... ah... you have me at a loss for words Cody. Do you want to know why? It is because nature, and pretty colors, and puppies are just so freaking awesome that they return me to my most primal state! Not hard to do with me, but still!

    A Master photographer is you! :D
  11. I like the first and third one a lot. The second one looks an xray of a lemon slice to me.
    I think since the background is completely black you could easily get away with a little rearranging, the light things look a bit odd in the places they are now.

    That dog

    looks exactly like

    my cousin's dog Chloe.
  12. So this is a bridge that I really like.

    Not my greatest picture ever. But I really like the reflection.

    So sunbeams are cool. Add some ocean underneath and....
  13. These are great photos. I really like the bridge one. The colors are so bold. You must have a great camera.

    The sun one is incredible too. w00t for sun!
  14. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Nature is oh so beautiful. We appreciate your fantabulous photography skills for bring such wonder to us. ;D

    [me:psycho Monkey]loves Cody and his photos
  15. A Nikon D3000 is a pretty dang awesome camera.

    Though, in my own defense, the most important aspect of photography is the eye - not the lens ;)
  16. I agree. But with the camera does some too. You have fantastic skillz in photography. I was just saying that to get the colors so well, you're camera must be better than the everyday camera :3
  17. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    You know, at my Uni the photography students often worked in the same area as us, and in all honesty, your photos are far superior to the stuff they were working on... and many of them got First Class degrees. Methinks Cody such be an uber famous photographer and share his awesome with all teh world
  18. @Blisk: Sorry for misunderstanding you xD. But yeah. Nikon D3000...ten megapixels. It makes me happy :'D

  19. Sweet, some new photos :D

    My favorite's the second one. I like the colors, and the reflection is great too.

    The sunbeams one is neat. The waves really complete the picture to me :)

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