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Codemasters wins Develop Awards Grand Prix

  1. Nemesis

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    This probably isn't of huge interest to most of you, but indulge me a little, will you?

    At the Develop Awards held last night, Codemasters, a founding company of the UK Games Industry, was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix accolade. The award is presented to companies who have provided a large contribution to the gaming industry.

    "We are honoured to receive the Develop Grand Prix Award — it's a testament to the creativity, technical expertise and hard work from everyone at Codemasters," said Gavin Cheshire, VP of development at Codemasters.

    "We've strengthened our business to take advantage of the changing landscape of games development. With DiRT, GRID and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising we've turned long-standing IPs in to multi-award winning, reinvigorated and successful franchises.

    "In the EGO Engine, we've created award-winning multi-genre, multi format technology. With Formula One we are creating new gaming benchmarks for the world's most exciting motor sport.

    "We've grown our Studios operation, adding Guildford and Birmingham sites to our long-established Warwickshire facility. We have continued to attract the best people and they're creating brand new titles - the best is yet to come."

    Codemasters were well known in the early days of gaming for titles such as Fantastic Dizzy and Micromachines, as well as the rather controversial Game Genie device. It is safe to say that they made a rather large contribution to the industry, which has now been recognised.

    To read the original article at the Develop website, click the link below.
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