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Private/Closed [Closed] Survivors RP- Bonds And Heart Break

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Twilight Nova, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. [this RP is based off the Survivors series by Erin Hunter, and a fan fic also based off the book I'm writing soon! Closed! Be sure to include your characters past and all that jazz, and where they were when the Big Growl struck!]

    [also, people in RP are:
    @_Umbreon_ ]

    Sly the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog whined loudly in his sleep, his pelt pressed up against the warm flank of London, a border collie. He gasped awake, remembering he was in the Trap House. The other dogs were barking loudly, and he turned to London and barked over the others, "London! What's going on?" London was barking as well, and before she opened her maw Sly sensed it. Something was coming. Something bad. Where were the longpaws? London barked as loud as she could, "Can't you sense it? Something's gonna happen! Where are the longpaws?!" Sly was usually a Lone Dog, living on the streets ever since he finished Puppyhood. London was an exception, a Farm Work Dog he had met when he first came to the Trap House, and she thankfully was in the next cage over. Suddenly, the whole world seemed to heave, and the building seemed to crumple. As the walls around them collapsed, Sly heard many howls of distress, pain, and suprise, some of which were cut off. His cage flew away from London's, and when he hit the stone floor he became unconscious.
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  2. Aero, a male husky with bright boue eyes and odd blue feathers down his back, was laying down nearby (I never read the Survivors saga so I don't know what the Big Growl was or really anything xD heh.) an abandoned building. He had a few scars here and there and they seemed to be healing just then. Whatever the Big Growl was, he was in a grassy area with hills every now and then and few trees. When he was a pup, he was abandoned in an old town where an old man had kept him for a while. When the man died, Aero was stuck in the wilderness- alone.

    He usually kept to himself and was silent, but when there was an enemy nearby, he'd attack in an instant and would possibly end their lives unless they didn't seem much of an enemy anymore. His ears were pinned back as he was bleeding. He slowly got up, growling and limped away, one of his paws injured badly. He looked around nervously as where he was, there were powerful Lone Dogs who would kill their prey, who ever it was, even if they tried to get away. He just happened to be a target of one of those dogs, but he was fine- mostly.
  3. Sly awoke slowly to the sound of dying howls. His cage had broken open, so he padded out. He saw London's cage was on the floor, but it didn't open when it fell. He pulled at the door until he swore his teeth were being pulled out of his jaw and it popped open. He and London ran out, broken parts of the building and broken dog bodies everywhere.
  4. Aero sighed as he limped around, avoiding everything that may contain a dog. "Might as well leave this place..." he growled as he limped away. His long tail dragged across the ground, the blue feathers getting dirty. He reached a hill, where he collapsed and rested. "Welp, Time to find a place that isn't dangerous..." he sighed.
  5. The pair ran as fast as their legs could carry them, out of the city. They reached the base of a hill, laying down and panting. They didn't see Aero at the top of the hill.
  6. Aero caught their scent and his ears perked up. He looked around and got himself up. "W-who's there?" He barked nervously.
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  7. The Pup was still struggling. His left back paw was caught under a timber that had fell, after the very loud Big Growl. He squeaked noisily, but his pleas were drowned out by the howls of the other frightened dog.
  8. Sly stood up and barked, "My name is Sly and this is London. We're peaceful if you are." His hackles were raised in fear, but he didn't let is show in his voice. London whined, licking a paw she had injured during the Big Growl.

    [dont worry Umbreon we'll get to you]
  9. The TrapHouse rumbled and some of the support beams crumbled, leaving the Pup even more frightened. He saw another dog, scramble for footing, and escape through the door, of the building. The logs inside the house began to smolder as a live wire flicked around the room. A loud crunching noise could be heard as teh infrastructure began to collaspe.
  10. He sighed in relief and soon walked towards them. "Hello. My name is Aero." He barked slightly nervously.
  11. London wagged her tail happily, as did Sly. "Glad to see a friendly dog," Sly sighed, padding over to greet him. London got up and padded over, brown eyes wide with wonder.
  12. A loud boom could be heard as a Monster, exploded. The Pup once again began quivering underneath the log, as the Flames grew closer. He heard another Dog barking wildly in the distance.
  13. London's hackles raised and she sprinted back towards the city. She didn't stop till she reached the ruins, searching for the pup. "Can you hear me?" She barked.
  14. Aero glanced at Sly and soon followed London. Aero was usually a brave dog as once he saved a few dogs from fire and Longpaws. He was also powerful as well, but he seemed very doubtful of his own power when he saw what the pup was stuck under.
  15. Sly soon got there too after sprinting from the hill. He tried to calm London, who was yipping and pacing, favoring her injured paw. Not able to stand it, Sly leapt into the ruins to search for the pup.
  16. Autumn watched as the Traphouse fell into small piles of smoldering wood. She was a miniature golden doodle with adorable brown eyes. Her golden looking coat was a grey color due to the ashes. Luckily for her, Autumn's cage had popped open when it had fell before the fire got to her. She did not leave unscathed however. Her back right paw had no hair where fire had caught, burning off skin and hair alike. Autumn was determined to remain quiet no matter what, but it was only a few minutes after leaving her standpoint that the whimpering she heard...was coming from her. 'Anyone here? Or is the only pack left determined to use other stray dogs as food?' The small puppy thought as she silenced herself.

    ((Twilight said I could join, if you need confirmation of that just ask her.))
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  17. [yep! I said she could :3]

    Sly barked in reply, "Friendly! I'm coming to help!" And leapt through the rubble. He found Autumn and grabbed her by her scruff and began to pad out. He slipped, turning on his back so he would take the impact. He yelped, having landed on shattered clear-stone. He got up, carrying Autumn out all the way and setting her down next to London. He then leapt back in, despite injury.
  18. "Put me down! Don't eat me! I'm too small to eat!" Squeaked the small golden doodle as she felt her paws rise off of the ground. It took the small dog a moment to realize that the new dog was not going to eat her. Either that or he was saving her for later. Autumn was shaking and whimpering as she was set down. She didn't even get to see the dog who had taken her to....this other dog. Autumn crouched down in her old playing position-now her hunting position- and backed away slowly from the other dog who she was set down by.
  19. Aero tried to push what was on the other pup's leg, but it barely moved. He growled in frusration knowing he couldn't abandon the pup. Aero was a Lone-Dog and tended to avoid Fierce-dogs for he knew they would kill him on sight. Aero continued to attempt to get the thing off the pup, not caring about his tail feathers being burnt.
  20. Sly came to help Aero, pushing with all his strength. London came over to the golden doodle and nuzzled her to calm her. "Hello. I'm London. We won't hurt you," she cooed.
  21. Aero looked at Sly greatfully. "I'll push the log, you can try to get the...other pup...out of here." He barked between grunts and breathe loss. Suddenly, the log was moving a little faster now. He soon tried to lift it off of the pup's paw, of which was difficult and he soon heaved it off, breathing heavily.
  22. By now the smoke was clogging the air and the log shifted of of the pups foot. He gasped as his paw was realeased quickly, and he tumbled into Areo. Quickly he tried to make a break for it, before limping right into London, before falling over again.
  23. London grabbed the pup by its scruff, trying to calm it. Sly trotted over, laying down and began to wash the wound on his back. He braced himself for what London would say. London's brown eyes widened. "Sly! Your hurt!" She yelped.
  24. Aero had thought strategecially on how to get through the fire and smoke. He sniffed the air but choked on the smoke. He decided to just go for it; he leapt through the flames, whining as some of his fur was burnt. He still wasn't all the way through. He soon broke away from the blaze, losing his mid-air balance and falling on his shoulder.
  25. The Pup squirmed and wailed, unsure if he was being attacked or saved. All he knew it was hungry. Cold, hungry, scared. A great way to start his life. He had only been born a few hours before the Big Growl. If this was the real world, he was terrified.
  26. Autumn peeked her nose around the small bush nearby. When London left to save the other puppy, she made a dash to the nearest hide point. The goldendoodle panted quietly and suppressed laughter at the sight of London's jaw dropping at the sight of Sly's injury. The new pup seemed really scared, Autumn felt like she was seeing a living reflection of emotions in the new pup. She felt the exact same way. The golden furred small dog jumped at a sound nearby. 'More hungry dogs?'
  27. Sly grunted and shook himself, as if to dissmiss it. "Ok! Everyone! Let's get away from the city for now!" He barked, not meaning to sound like an Alpha. London nodded slowly and cooed gently to the pup in her jaws, then, noticing the golden doodle was gone, whined in worry. Sly went to check Aero, nudging him gently. "You ok?"
  28. The Pup whimpered in response. He hadn't opened his eyes yet, and quite clearly thought that London was his mother. He immeadtely stopped struggling, and became calm.
  29. Aero nodded silently and charged away towards the hills. He stayed rather silent and alert.
  30. London gave a worried glance at Sly, who was sniffing out the golden doodle. She followed Aero, going slow so the pup wouldn't be bounced around too much. Sly soon found Autumn and lay down on his belly so he could be at her level. "We're her to help," he said in a gentle tone.
  31. The Pup was nearly put to sleep by the rythmic beat of London walking. He yawned before wagging his tail slowly. He wasn't so cold any more. The hunger was a little better, but his belly still hurt. It began to rain, And the pup managed to open one eye. The world was so colorful. The flowers, the grass. He looked down at his chubby paws, and moved them expirementally. He flexed them before craning his neck up yo see London. In those few moments he imprinted. He then fell back into the half sleep as she continued walking.
  32. Autumn looked Sly in the eye and stood still. Eventually she gave a small whine and sat down. "You do know I heard other dogs over there, right?" She whispered carfully. The small golden furred pup shook out her fur for a moment and then stood once again. Autumn padded to London and pressed her nose into her fur as an apology for running off.
  33. The Pup Squeaked protectively as he squirmed to get a better look. The chocolate lab pup flailed his paws thinking Autumn was a threat. His whiskers quivered as he did so.
  34. Autumn backed up slowly and looked at London. She felt bad for upsetting the pup. But she would rather stay with these dogs then be eaten by a savage pack. The golden furred dog looked around for a moment. The smell of smoke lingered in the air, hovering like a slight haze. Autumn sneezed and she jumped back at the suprise of clear stone underneath her paws. Her back right leg aches and burned with every move but she ignored the pain.
  35. London shook her head gently and said through the pup in her mouth, "It's ok, he's a pup and thinks everyone is dangerous." Sly nodded and bound ahead, standing on the crest of the hill and looking over the valley. His tail wagged a bit in excitement. "A river," he gasped, "A real, clean river." London knew she would have to set the pup down, and that Autumn would have to rest. She nudged the golden doodle ahead of her, hoping Sly would find a good make-shift camp.
  36. The Pup sniffed at Autumn. She seemed ok, maybe he should give her a chance. His stomach growled. Hhe prodded his belly awkwardly new to the noise.
  37. Autumn ran as fast as she could to follow Sly. 'Real water? Not sewage?" She thought excitedly as she padded up next to the 'Alpha'. "Woah.... It's been a while...." She gasped through her breathy pants. Her tail wagged excitedly at the thought of crisp clean water that didn't burn moving down her throat. Water also meant wildlife. So if theses dogs allowed it there would be lots of food for them to hunt.
  38. London began herding the group towards the river, being a Farm Work Dog. When she reached the river, she noticed the grass nearby was soft. She pawed at it until she made a nest for the pup in her jaws and gently set him in it. Sly went over and drank some water, then stepped in to clean his fur. It went up to his neck, but he didn't go far in. "Careful. Looks deep and fast in the middle of the river," he warned them.
  39. The Pup squeaked nervously a few times, before staying quiet. Still not having opened his eyes, the pup snuffled around the makeshift nest quietly. (Sorry it's cliche) He also happened to be a border collie.
  40. Autumn was very hesitant to go completely into the water now that she had taken a drink. Sly was at least double her size and he didnt even go all the way into the water, yet the rushing liquid was up to his neck. The golden doodle took a second to list the pros and cons. 'If I go in to clean myself then I'll feel better. If I go in, I may be swept away....is it worth it?' The small dog didnt let her mind finish deciding. She did not want to constantly smell of smoke. The golden dog stepped into the water carefully trying not to be swept away.

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