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Private/Closed Cloaked in Myth

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Rex, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    This is a private RP. The people in it know who they are.

    Another Digimon RP from the old people crew. In a world not unlike our own, a new VR technology has swept the world. Known as HOMEROS, it allows people all over the world to come together, and with hundreds of servers dedicated to everything under the sun, there is something for everyone here. HOMEROS is overseen by twelve Administrative AIs, the Dii Consentes: APOLLO, BACCHUS, CERES, DIANA, JUNO, JUPITER, MARS, MERCURY, MINERVA, NEPTUNE, VENUS, and VULCAN. With these AIs watching over the day-to-day functions of HOMEROS, all seemed well.

    Such was the case until VENUS went down. A hole appeared in the security, and through that hole a Trojan horse entered HOMEROS. A set of users - the protagonists, naturally - executed this mysterious new program, and the Malware infected their systems, and from them spread to all of HOMEROS. To most users, it appeared as if the VR system was targeted by a particularly nasty DDoS attack. Their connections were all severed, and HOMEROS would no longer respond to them. For those unfortunate few who executed the program, they found themselves unable to log out.

    The Malware proved to be something of a mixed bag, however. Trapped though they were, all was not lost, for they began to perceive HOMEROS as it really was: a direct connection to another world. A Digital World. The Trojan was not the only thing to enter the system through the hole left by VENUS's failure, an untold number of Digimon flooded into the system, each their own unique creature with its own thoughts, hopes, and desires. And it's a good thing too, because those Administrative "AIs?" Those are Digimon too, and they're quite cross with our heroes for wrecking their perfect world.

    But who sent the malware to begin with? Who dares challenge the Olympos XII? Who is using our heroes as pawns in their larger game? Of course, the answer is obvious. For when you have gods, you must also have demons. Our heroes must take this gift, the ability to meet, bond, and form partnerships with Digimon, and try not to look this horse in the mouth. For the Seven Great Demon Lords are always watching.


    This plot synopsis is still heavily WIP so don't feel like you're forced into accepting it. Further discussion can happen here and in the usual place. But the current general idea is this: Stuck between the Olympos XII and the Seven Great Demon Lords, our heroes must take a third option. Defeat both parties, save HOMEROS, and restore their ability to exit this new Digital World. And maybe figure out how to do it all without having to say goodbye to their new Digimon friends at the end of it, too!

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