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Private/Closed Cloaked in Myth

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Rex, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    This is a private RP. The people in it know who they are.

    Another Digimon RP from the old people crew. In a world not unlike our own, a new VR technology has swept the world. Known as HOMEROS, it allows people all over the world to come together, and with hundreds of servers dedicated to everything under the sun, there is something for everyone here. HOMEROS is overseen by twelve Administrative AIs, the Dii Consentes: APOLLO, BACCHUS, CERES, DIANA, JUNO, JUPITER, MARS, MERCURY, MINERVA, NEPTUNE, VENUS, and VULCAN. With these AIs watching over the day-to-day functions of HOMEROS, all seemed well.

    Such was the case until VENUS went down. A hole appeared in the security, and through that hole a Trojan horse entered HOMEROS. A set of users - the protagonists, naturally - executed this mysterious new program, and the Malware infected their systems, and from them spread to all of HOMEROS. To most users, it appeared as if the VR system was targeted by a particularly nasty DDoS attack. Their connections were all severed, and HOMEROS would no longer respond to them. For those unfortunate few who executed the program, they found themselves unable to log out.

    The Malware proved to be something of a mixed bag, however. Trapped though they were, all was not lost, for they began to perceive HOMEROS as it really was: a direct connection to another world. A Digital World. The Trojan was not the only thing to enter the system through the hole left by VENUS's failure, an untold number of Digimon flooded into the system, each their own unique creature with its own thoughts, hopes, and desires. And it's a good thing too, because those Administrative "AIs?" Those are Digimon too, and they're quite cross with our heroes for wrecking their perfect world.

    But who sent the malware to begin with? Who dares challenge the Olympos XII? Who is using our heroes as pawns in their larger game? Of course, the answer is obvious. For when you have gods, you must also have demons. Our heroes must take this gift, the ability to meet, bond, and form partnerships with Digimon, and try not to look this horse in the mouth. For the Seven Great Demon Lords are always watching.


    This plot synopsis is still heavily WIP so don't feel like you're forced into accepting it. Further discussion can happen here and in the usual place. But the current general idea is this: Stuck between the Olympos XII and the Seven Great Demon Lords, our heroes must take a third option. Defeat both parties, save HOMEROS, and restore their ability to exit this new Digital World. And maybe figure out how to do it all without having to say goodbye to their new Digimon friends at the end of it, too!
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  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alrighty, so, to reaffirm a couple things discussed earlier, and please, correct me if I'm wrong about any of this, it seems like we're in agreement that Digivices are likely all going to have the same function, generally as a sort of menu-navigation within the virtual/digital world, and therefore they aren't any concrete, physical device. They're just a sort of virtual construct for each of our characters, so each one could look distinctively different, since they'd be installed to our avatars.

    Another thing seems to be that we don't really have one major antagonist. The villains seem to be more an ensemble, with none of them really standing out primarily... though I'd assume those considered the strongest of their particular sides might have a bit more prominence, so, for example, Lucemon Chaos Mode might have a little more distinction among the Demon Lords, perhaps?

    All that being said, I'm gonna just go ahead and put down what I've got for a character bio. Depending on how certain details go I might change or add some things, but, with what we've got so far, this is what I've got in mind for my characters:

    Name: Rupert Alinejad
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Currently resides in a small rural town in Ibaraki, Japan
    Age: 24
    Height: 6’2”
    Hair: Dark brown, crew cut
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Clothing: A suit consisting of a grey jacket and slacks, a white button-down shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, a red tie, and grey tennis shoes.
    Identifying Marks: A faint scar on his left eyebrow that makes it look perpetually unkempt.
    Musculature: Though he’s heavyset, he’s still fairly physically capable, so, he’s not necessarily flabby.

    Personality: Rupert takes great comfort in introverted activities, sitting back in his room alone, playing games, writing stories, reading, all the sorts of things one can do in privacy. These are the things he leans on to maintain a semblance of sanity as, by that same token, he often finds himself quite entrenched in outgoing things, one of those being his work as an assistant English teacher. In these positions he’s highly energetic to the point of near-hyperactivity, and though he enjoys it, it always leads him to exhaustion by the end of the day, leading him to fall right back into lazing about on his own as soon as he gets the opportunity. Much like his shift from eager to tired, Rupert can be adventurous and cheerful in one instant, and quiet and closed-off the next, all really amounting to just how much energy he’s got at any particular moment. It’s always been his struggle to find a consistent balance of energy and ambition throughout any given day.

    Skills: He’s a decent actor, and not very likely to cave under the pressure of addressing large groups of people. His time as a teacher has also helped him from an authoritative standpoint, as he’s not unwilling to take charge of a situation if required, and can generally think up ideas fairly well on the fly.

    Family: Mother – Lila; Father – Robin; Sister – Aurora

    Digivice: In HOMEROS, Rupert’s digivice takes the form of a matte black smartphone. Engraved on the back of the phone in bright red lettering is the DigiCode translation for Digital Monster.

    Digimon: Impmon -> Wizardmon -> Baalmon -> Beelzemon

    Digimon Bio: Order, law, control, complacency… HOMEROS was the biggest deception imaginable, at least, as far as the Demon Lord of Gluttonly, Beelzemon, believed it. People were so eager to bow down to those uppity Digimon that comprised the Olympos XII, so unwilling to think for themselves, turning to blind idolizing and worship. They were being conned, controlled like little puppets, dancing to their masters… it was enough to make him sick, and the other Demon Lords seemed to be in agreement, or so he figured…

    A virus was crafted, a form of malware that would exploit a weakness in HOMEROS, create a breach, send the whole system into a mass of chaos, ripe for a hostile takeover. Beelzemon figured it would be a glorious revelation… but things would soon go awry for him. The malware scheme worked, yes; a bunch of human patsies had triggered it, that went according to plan… but his part of the scheme came at a steep price…

    In order to create the vulnerability for the malware to take effect, one of the Olympos XII had to be, quite literally, thrown off their pedestal. He’d been tasked with eliminating the Goddess of Compassion and Love, Venusmon, but as one would guess, this was no small feat to achieve. The ensuing fight was so evenly matched that the two ended up taking each other down simultaneously by the time the conflict reached its conclusion.

    He couldn’t clearly recall if the outcome had been fatal, or if the exhaustion had merely knocked him unconscious, but, one way or another, Beelzemon found himself losing much of his data and power, and when he came to, he had reverted to an Impmon, a form he hadn’t taken in what felt like ages. To make matters worse, he wasn’t going to be able to just wait things out and have his essence return… no, that was all stowed away, in a nefarious gate to the underworld in which each of the Seven Demon Lords’ essences were bound.

    In this state of unexpected vulnerability, Impmon has been left to realize that for whatever his intentions were, things had gone well out of hand… and yet the other Demon Lords didn’t seem to care one iota of his condition. Suddenly he had no side to call his own… The Olympos XII were still corrupt autocrats in his eyes, and his own kind essentially stabbed him in the back… Who else did that leave? Only one option remained… the hapless humans who had been deceived, now trapped in HOMEROS like a digital prison. The only redemption he could fathom undergoing lied in their fates, and he thus made a swift beeline in the direction of the nearest human in the vicinity.

    Impmon is a bit of an unstable personality. He has plentiful experience as a Beelzemon, and therefore, as a rookie level, he feels like an adult trapped in a child’s body. He prefers to take the path of an opportunist, but instinctively he has a desire to be a trickster, which he consciously tries to resist acting upon. Ultimately this leaves him with a very short fuse, prone to outbursts, insults, and violent confrontations, but, all the same he is well-meaning, or at least, that is what he seems to want to believe.
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  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Since I'm better able to organize my thoughts today, I want to put down some of my thoughts and some of what I've synthesized from what we've discussed in the Discord. RMA is correct that the intention for this is supposed to be an ensemble cast of villains, all of whom are important to the story. However, some are indeed going to be more important than others. So it's presently open season on Gods and Demons, pick your faves and work them into your plots. I trust that we're all adult enough to be able to hash out agreements if multiple people have their eyes set on the same character.

    To recap what we know so far:
    Lucemon: The mon behind the mon, the real power behind Daemon. Lucemon is the final original villain to fall, as the protagonists pierce the illusions of Lucemon Shadowlord Mode and kill the Lucemon Larva. His death opens the gate and unleashes Ogudomon, who serves as the True Final Boss. Potentially has a particularly fierce rivalry with Apollomon, who shares his Sun symbolism.
    Leviamon: Potentially has a particularly fierce rivalry with Merukimon, who shares its Mercury symbolism.
    Daemon: The "leader" of the Seven Great Demon Lords. Has a particularly fierce rivalry with Jupitermon, who not only leads the opposing faction but also shares his Jupiter symbolism.
    Belphemon: Potentially has a particularly fierce rivalry with Marsmon, who shares his Mars symbolism.
    Barbamon: The great corrupter, should we add Angels into the mix in the form of Seraphimon, Cherubimon, and Ophanimon, Barbamon might be the one to cause them all to fall into ShadowSeraphimon, Cherubimon Evil, and Ophanimon Falldown Mode.
    Beelzemon: RMA's partner Digimon. Mutual killed with Venusmon in their fight shortly before the beginning of the RP, Anubismon sensed the goodness in his heart and allowed him to revive. Has a particular rivalry with Venusmon, who not only killed him but share his Venus symbolism.
    Lilithmon: An expert corrupter in her own right, Stel has a plan to use Lilithmon in a plot to achieve the first Biomerge, and thus start the party on the road to Mega Evolutions. And also cause the rest of us to fight Arcadiamon, it's going to be wild. She might also have a particular rivalry with Dianamon, who shares her Moon symbolism.
    Apollomon: Possibly has a particularly fierce rivalry with Lucemon, who shares his Sun symbolism.
    Bacchusmon: Nothing.
    Ceresmon: Reaching Ceresmon may require a trip to find both ElDoradimon and KingWhamon, both of whom have some piece of the puzzle pointing out Ceresmon's location.
    Dianamon: Might have a particularly fierce rivalry with Lilithmon, who shares her Moon symbolism.
    Junomon: Nothing.
    Jupitermon: Leader of the Olypmos XII. Plutomon hates his guts. Also has a fierce rivalry with Daemon, who leads the Demon Lords and shares his Jupiter symbolism.
    Marsmon: Might have a particularly fierce rivalry with Belphemon, who shares his Mars symbolism.
    Merukimon: Might have a particularly fierce rivalry with Leviamon, who shares his Mercury symbolism.
    Minervamon: Nothing.
    Neptunemon: Nothing.
    Venusmon: Kitty's partner Digimon. Mutual killed with Beelzemon in their fight shortly before the beginning of the RP, Anubismon sensed the goodness in her heart and allowed her to revive. Has a particular rivalry with Beelzemon, who not only killed him but shares her Venus symbolism.
    Vulcanusmon: Nothing.
    Plutomon: Fucking hates Jupitermon, man. Rules the Dark Area. Probably discovered the gate Ogudomon is stuck behind. Might secretly be behind something, or everything, or nothing.
    Anubismon: Surprise cameo at the start of the RP, he judges Beelzemon and Venusmon as being worthy of rebirth, thus preventing them from being trapped as deleted data in the Dark Area.
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