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Clean-up On Aisle 2

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Sem, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: Boo. You see a ghost, here to breathe a little temporary life into this place. Just a really casual RP, open to all and to all sorts of characters, destroyers of nations and the average joe alike. Probably heavy dialogue, not sure what'll happen, but just some fun to whet the writing skills. RP will probably die within five posts, but oh well. Not much action unless for some reason you make that happen. For extra fun try to pick a character you don't easily see belonging in, or fitting into, or having any business being in a casual setting like a supermarket.

    "Why are you at the supermarket?"

    "Because the potion supply shop was closed, and his is the only shop in town," Sorena answered. She was indeed in the supermarket, standing in front a mirror at the end-cap of the cosmetics aisle. The mirror that was provided for customers to see how a product looked on them was being borrowed by Sorena for communication purposes. In it was not the woman's reflection, but rather the image of Sem, her dearest companion of several centuries.

    "And you think you're going to find what you need there?" Sem asked, a little too condescendingly. He was looking at the reactions of people who were walking by Sorena. She stood out, of course, due to her attire. Dressed as the iconic witch in black dress and cape and pointed hat. Like she was on her way to a Halloween party. But it wasn't even close to October. And God knows if anyone actually noticed that she wasn't talking to herself in a mirror, but someone else entirely who shouldn't be there. Which is weirder than just talking to yourself in a mirror.

    Sorena didn't care. She feigned interest in an eyeliner, fiddling with its cap. Not for her sake or for a jab at appearing remotely normal for the sake of those walking by her, but it was for Sem's sake. She was pretending to care what people thought of her because Sem cared what people thought of her. It was ridiculous. 800 years old and he still cared about public perceptions. It was her fault, Sorena supposed, as she twisted off the cap of the eyeliner, smelling it and wrinkling her nose. She didn't embarrass him enough in the past for him to stop caring. I must not have been outrageous enough, she thought, adjusting her witches hat.

    Sem knew she was doing it for him, despite the fact that it didn't really matter because she was still having a conversation with someone in a mirror that wasn't her reflection. No amount of feigned interest in makeup would distract people from that. He had tried getting her to adopt using a cell phone instead of any old reflective surface, but to no avail. Either way he appreciated her effort to please him. It's the thought that counts.

    "I'm sure I'll find something here," Sorena said, putting the eyeliner back in its little slot. "How hard could it be?"

    Sem raised an eyebrow.

    "Oh, begone with you," Sorena said, shooing away his image from the mirror and stepping away. Turning around, her bright sapphire blue eyes leered from beneath the brim of her black hat, like a cat seeking its prey. There! A stack of shopping baskets, which she took one of and started her adventure.

    "Guess I should start in order..." Sorena muttered, glancing at the aisle numbers. "Aisle One, bread products..."
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  2. OCC: Godamn, you'll never guess how long it's been since I've had at least a semi-casual role play....my god, probably forever.

    BIC: Maria stretched then rolled her shopping cart over to the Aisle list, slopping over the cart's bar like it was a ledge.

    "Geez...I get a break from Lunacia, and now they send me here two seconds later." Maria rolled her eyes. "Typical."

    Maria scrolled down the list, searching for what she needed. "There we are. Plushies and stuffed animals, Aisle 3." She mumbled.

    Maria brushed her black hair back, and out of the corner of her eyes she saw a strange lady in odd attire.

    Odd, Maria thought. But hey, I'm in my nurses uniform still. Maria gazed down at the teal nurse uniform, with white stars printed on to it, plenty abundant, to match her white flats.

    Maria continued on, wheeling her cart into Aisle 3.
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    "And Helen, make sure you buy a lot of bagels and cream cheese, okay? We're running low again~"

    "If you would stop having, like, ten of them every morning, we might not have to go out to get them every other day."

    "Oops, my bad~ Anyways, I'm gonna go run around town and explore the place. See ya!" And with that, the line ended. Helen sighed and put her phone into her pocket. Seriously, Lyni was way too hyper to get even a simple chore like shopping done. If she had come instead of Helen, who knows what chaos would've happened in the store. As she thought this, she suddenly had an image of the floor iced over and shoppers fleeing in panic as this short little girl stood on top of the unconscious body of the store manager, laughing maniacally. Helen shuddered. Yes, it was definitely a good idea Lyni wasn't here.

    Looking around, Helen spotted one of the many shopping cart lying around abandoned by their previous owner and took it. She brushed her light pink bangs out of her eyes as she brought out the shopping list she had made with Lyni. Let's see now... tea, coffee, eggs, water, plasticware, ramen, bagels, cream cheese, ramen, paper, fabric, ramen, ramen. Helen nodded once to herself and wheeled the cart into the first aisle, not quite expecting to see what looked like a stereotypical witch examining bread. The girl suddenly found herself getting excited; perhaps she was a cosplayer as well? That would make her stand out less, anyways, she though as she patted down the obviously anime-inspired high school uniform she made for herself over the weekend. Without realizing what she was doing, Helen walked up to the witch-like person, blue eyes sparking with interest.

    "A-are you a cosplayer as well? Your outfit is so cool! What show is it from?" she suddenly babbled out before realizing how ridiculous she sounded. Embarrassed, the girl took three bags of bagels from the shelf as casually as she could to avoid looking too odd in this stranger's eyes. Calm down, Helen, you're acting like that stupid roommate of yours, she thought to herself as she dropped a couple more bags into her cart.
  4. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "I can't even read this..." Sorena mumbled as she scanned the list of ingredients in a loaf of bread, hoping to find something in the bread that she could extract and use for her own purposes.

    "And I've been reading for a very long time," she said a little louder, catching the attention of a fellow shopper. The woman looked at Sorena in such a way that Sorena knew the woman was questioning just how long exactly. Despite looking like she was in her early fifties, something about Sorena always made people think she was ancient - which she sort of was.

    The woman moved away from Sorena without a word, leaving the witch with her ingredient lists.

    "Thiamine mononytrate? What on earth do these mortals put in their food? Is it from earth? Note to self - research origins of thiamine mononytrate."

    Sorena tossed the bread back onto the shelf, it landing in place more perfectly than when she had first picked it up, as if by magic or something. Grabbing the next item, Sorena read the list on that package. "Oh, amaranth seeds!" the glow in her sapphire eyes slightly intensified. "No, wait, I have those," she sighed.

    About to leave the aisle, Sorena was caught off guard by an explosion of excitement coming from a young girl. The witch, unsure if she was the one whom the questions were directed at, turned around slowly, peering at the girl from beneath the rim of her hat. This girl, what was she wearing? Was she some sort of sailor? After a moment of awkward silence Sorena deduced that she was indeed being spoken to. In public, even! By a stranger, even! How bizarre.

    "A crop sprayer?" Sorena said, an eye brow raised. What an odd question. "No, I'm afraid I am not," she answered. Though, she then recalled a very long time ago when she once "sprayed" a port city's surrounding crops with fire from the heavens. There was a war. It was justified. In terms of that day's society anyway.

    What else had the girl gushed out? Her outfit was cool? Sorena had heard many things about her clothes, mostly from Sem and that one young woman she hated... Lysis or something. Anyway, never was the word "cool" used. And what did she mean by show? Oh, of course, a fashion show. This sailor girl was probably very fashion conscious and trendy. What a bore. Sorena responded with something that sounded like what Sem would say.

    "Thank you, it's from last fall's Milan fashion show."


    What idiocy had just left her mouth?

    Sorena forced a grin, unsure if to continue speaking to the sailor girl, whose attention had moved onto bagels. Sorena spotted spices labeled on one of the aisles and instantly figured she'd have the most luck there. She lingered. Sem would tell her to invest her time in this girl since people were really the only things that mattered in the end, blah blah blah... If only he was here, then he could invest and Sorena could look for spices. Ugh. Etiquette. What a bother. Unless... Sorena tapped her chin and grinned.

    The witch pointed dramatically at the girl, laying down a spell that, if successful, would compel the girl to follow Sorena as she shopped. With that, she turned around and walked away.

    "So are you actually a sailor?" she asked, not even checking to see if the spell had worked.
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  5. Aisle three.

    The last place Hate honestly wanted to be. There were too many icons of cute and cuddly surrounding him. But when you're a wizard on a budget and were running out of supplies for rituals, needs must.

    He sighed before starting to toss in different sized stuffed animals into his cart and looked up only to look into the eyes of a lady in a nurses outfit. Odd, but who was he to judge, dressed like a monster hunter, leather duster and all.

    "Hey there." Hate said, nodding as he moved passed her.

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