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Clash of the Fates

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, May 6, 2009.

  1. Okay, this little ficcy is my own personal experiment. It will be movie style, meaning that it will be as if you are watching a movie, just a scene at a time. I'm doing this to see what needs to be fixed(if anything at all) for an actual movie fic of mine coming soon.


    Opening Scene

    Rain was pouring down on the deep green forest. Pine trees were everywhere one could turn, stretching on for miles. In the immediate east, something disturbed the pine needles that littered the ground. A black shadow moved swiftly across the ground before leaping up into the branches after making a sound on the ground. Another shadow followed it, moving faster than the first and literally making no sound nor sign of its presence.

    The two shadows raced through the treetops for a good fifteen minutes before the second one disappeared. The first one, feeling safe for the moment, dropped down to the ground. It was actually a ninja, dressed entirely in a simple black outfit. He looked around and noticed nothing, and moved slowly toward his supposed destination, a sense of paranoia guiding him.

    The second one dropped down behind him, making no visible or audible signs of appearance. He was in a dark blue, with a silver crest on his head gear and light silver armor on his shins and elbows.

    The first man turned around and whipped out a naginata, which was a smaller and slimmer version of a katana, but was much sharper. He sliced at the blue one, who ducked and crushed a black egg in his hands, and threw the debris at the first man. Shards of glass and black pepper hit the mans exposed eyes, who dropped his weapon in response.

    The second man knew that the pepper was making its way into the backs of the man's eyes, while the glass stayed in his corneas. The man, though blinded, tossed a few shuriken into the second man's direction, and surprisingly, they all hit. The man staggered backward and slumped against the tree, with sharp shuriken sticking out of a lung and both arms.

    The first man took a canteen and poured it on his eyes to relieve the pain, and looked at the wounded man through blurry vision as the hole in his lung began to betray him. The blue man shimmered away after a few seconds, which made the black man mutter "Shadow clone."

    The sound of a swinging chain filled the air from behind, and as he turned around, a scythe swung from out of nowhere on a chain of about three and a half feet long and wrapped around his neck from his right, the point on the left. And with a pull from the true blue man, the kusarigama slit the black man's throat.

    As blood spilled out from the large cut, he fell to the ground, defeated by a ninja with greater skill.

    "Darkness is never satiated." the blue man said in an almost silent voice, walking off while sticking the chain back into the kusarigama's shaft.

    ["SAMURAI WARRIORS: CLASH OF THE FATES" appears on the screen, very large and very firey.]
  2. :o

    I can just imagine this being a movie. In my head, this was so epic. I love how descriptive this one, and the idea is so amazing!

    Please write more.
  3. Sweet! All foresty and stuff, the ending was a little bit of a surprise with the guy dying and all.

    A moie fic you say? That's a big step up I say.
  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    A movie fic idea sounds like it could be interesting. I want to see how the movie ends so don't you dare leave us hanging.
  5. Ok, the movie idea seems to be good thusfar. But, seeing as how I too hate when a movie just abruptly doesn't go anywhere, I shall continue till the end.

    Scene 1

    {1 month later}
    It was a small and dimly lit room. The only light source came from a few candles scattered around the room, looking as if they'd burn out at any second. A round balding man sat crosslegged in the middle, with a significant looking white outfit on. It had blue on the edges and matching stripes in the middle of the sleeves and torso, and he was also wearing dark gray pants. His face looked as though he hadn't shaved in a while. This was Ieyasu Tokugawa, the ruler of Mikawa, and retainer to the great and powerful Nobunaga Oda of Owari.

    The same blue ninja stood before him on his right knee, with his corresponding arm over it and the left arm in a fist touching the ground with the knuckles. His head was bowed and he was looking at the ground.

    "Hanzo," Ieyasu said in his deep and gentle voice. "We have an issue that needs to be taken care of, and you are the ideal person for the job. After saving be back in Iga a few days ago, I have decided that I need you to bring me Masamune Date, that idiot fool who thinks he's going to rule Japan. He is young and naive; stop him, but do not kill him. Tell him that the forces of Nobunaga will not stand for his idiocy."

    "As you wish, master." Hanzo said, quiet as always. Hanzo stood up and turned around, vanishing on the spot using his ninjitsu.

    On top of an icy mountain that rose high above the clouds, a man stood on its incredibly small summit. He had a pale purple skin color and long flaming red hair that was in dreadlocks. The man had on black pants with small red flames on them, and wore a metal fishnet on his chest. It wasn't chain mail, but it was nearly as efficient. He had two small shoulder guards and two guantlets on his arms, one on each side. His eyes were turquoise, and were piercing compared to the white and gray environment.

    "I am Kotaro Fuma, humph." he said in a vicious voice. "God of Evil; I am the black soul of chaos. Time to add a little...anarchy to this land." And with that, he smiled and jumped off of the mountain, careening downwards through the clouds and towards the ground that lay miles below.

    In the same wooden room as earlier, Ieyasu stood next to another man. This man was clad in steel armor on the torso, with black feathers attached to the collar. He had brown hair that was pulled back into a short ponytail and authoratative brown eyes. He wore a red and purple cape that faded from purple into red and bore his insignia upon it: a golden flower with five petals. The cape split into two parts near the lower back. His legs were adorned with armor on the shins, and he had black pants.

    Lightning flashed outside. "One...two...three..." he said as thunder boomed on the last word.

    "My lord," Ieyasu said.

    "It draws near." Nobunaga said. "The roar of the lion."
    [camera turns to a sliding door with a fierce lion on it.]
  6. How do you come up with such cool names? They're awesome!

    Kotaro Fuma sounds evilly amazing. What evil shall he spread through the land? Disease? War? Poverty?

    Maybe even pyrokinetic gerbils. :D

    *Fi squeaks in approval*
  7. I come up with none of the names. All are provided by history...and Samurai Warriors 2. XP
    Scene 2

    {Same night}
    It was a dark and stormy night. On a lonely dirt road surrounded by trees on either side, rain pounded the ground. A lone figure at the end of the road was walking down it, covered in a long traveling cloak and a long brimmed hat to protect him from the rain. He continued walking, and a very faint sound of thunder on the ground sounded behind him.

    As he kept up his pace, dozens of horses came from behind, specks on the horizon, but drawing closer. It was an army, and they were going somewhere...fast. As they rounded near him, one man looked down at him: Nobunaga Oda. The man looked back, and time seemed to slow down as the two stared into each other's eyes, the rain seemingly slowing down as well.

    Once their visual connection broke, everything returned to normal. Nobunaga and his men rode off, leaving the man behind.

    "Nobunaga Oda," he said. "This man...he has the power to rule Japan; no, maybe the world, even. Is he the man I seek? The man to whom I must serve? Yes, he must be."
    At a small campsite, Nobunaga sat in his tent, reviewing battle plans on the small table. It was well past midnight, and everyone else was long asleep. The candle flickered; but neither wind nor movement had caused it. Suddenly, a purple skinned man appeared.

    "Nobunaga Oda," Kotaro Fuma said viciously, but not purposely.

    "What do you want, ninja?" Nobunaga answered.

    "You are trying to rule Japan. I cannot allow that. Chaos must reign supreme. Unification sounds so...boring, I much prefer Japan in pieces."

    "Are you about to kill me?" Nobunaga laughed.

    "Kill you? No. You still have a lot of work to do, which creates chaos. I can see the future, you see. You will be betrayed by one whom you trust, and your death shall come about because of that man. You will vanish forever in a sea of flame." Kotaro turned and disappeared, a mysterious wind following.

    "I go where the winds of chaos blow." his voice said, ethereal in sound.

    "Hmmm....he can predict my death? How...interesting. Let's see if it comes true." Nobunaga mused.
  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Very nice Shocari! Nothing gets much better than Warring States Japan.

    *makes popcorn for the movie*
  9. Aww, no gerbils. :p

    This scene sounds like it shall lead up to something interesting, maybe even *dramatic music* World Domination!

    The only qualm I have is that is sounds a bit rushed. Maybe a bit more verbal ping-pong?
  10. Scene 3


    A scene of carnage was all around. In the mud, bodies of the Takeda army lay strewn around haphazardly, while the Oda army was safe behind their wall of riflemen. There was three lines: the first was to fire, the second was waiting, and the third reloaded. Each line shifted up in position after the line that was up first was done firing. It effectively created a near-literal wall of bullets.

    Also on the Oda side, every important member of the army sat on a horse, with Nobunaga on his light gray horse. His servant was elevated much higher above him, on a horse much taller, its head level with Nobunaga's while he was on his horse. The tall horse was a dark gray, with a wild mane and an orange saddle. Its rider was a big man; he had wild blond hair and wore red-orange armor, carrying a large pike with a weight on one end to keep it balanced.

    Back on the muddy graveyard, a general lay down, and stirred so slightly it couldn't be told even if you were right next to him. He had red armor and short, spiky brown hair with a red headband. Laying a meter away was his cross spear. He barely moved again, moving a millimeter towards his weapon.

    He was able to lift his head up for a moment, and muttered "Got to...get away...before the next...round. UGH!" he collapsed. After several minutes, he moved again, his black-gloved hand getting closer to the weapon. With more moving, he got closer and closer, inches from it.

    Unfortunately, the riflemen saw him, and prepared to fire. Nobunaga laughed as his wild-looking retainer just glanced at him. Without a moment's notice, the man raced forward on his horse, speeding towards the fallen and his weapon. He grabbed both and sped off, moving like the wind and escaping the rifles' range.

    A good half-hour away from the Oda, the giant man gently put the fallen soldier down on the ground, and turned his horse away. As the man got up, the first one said "I am Keiji Maeda, servant of the Oda! But uh....I just changed affiliations, so now I'm just a regular guy. What's your name, kid?"

    "Yukimura...Sanada." the red man answered weakly. Keiji tossed the spear to Yukimura, who caught it and clutched it to his chest.

    "Let's get throught this, Yukimura."
    {At the same time....}
    "C'mon, Mitsunari! Why won't you just be careful out there? I don't want you getting hurt!" a female voice said. It came from a short, brown-haired woman, easily in her early twenties. She had a yellow headband on and wore a very revealing yellow outfit, with brown leggings. She was a ninja.

    "What makes you think I need to be careful? I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself." Mitsunari said sarcastically. He had shoulder-length red hair with a golden metal headband that had two little spikes on both sides of the forehead. He wore a white tunic with red pants, and had golden forearm and shin guards.

    "You know I think of you as my son." she said.

    "Nene, we're the same age." Mitsunari said sarcastically again.
    Mitsunari is a little smartass that is extremely funny to listen to in-game. Nene is virtually the definition of a dumb blonde, and is also hilarious to listen to.
  11. Heh, this was an interesting scene. I like how you describe the horses. You don't just say something like 'Oda was on a horse', you actually describe it.
  12. OOC: Yukimura is mah avvie, in case anyone wanted to know who it was

    Scene 4

    {Odawara Castle}
    Everywhere one could look was cypress trees...nothing else, except a few forts. Hanzo walked slowly and silently through the cover of darkness, making his way towards his prey.

    "Since Masamune has joined us for now, the Hojo are ripe targets to be eliminated." he said in his whisper of a voice.

    As he crept closer, he came upon a man we recognize as Kotaro Fuma in the middle of the road. Kotaro was either unaware of Hanzo's presence, or knew and just didn't care. When Hanzo reached a meter of the ninja, Kotaro spoke savagely.

    "Hanzo, you are here on behalf of Ieyasu Tokugawa, are you not? He's trying to recruit the Hojo, is he not? And Ieyasu, knowing full well we wouldn't accept, sent you to kill me, the Hojo's prime fighter, did he not?"

    The words were true, but it was strange that he knew. But Hanzo's grey eyes did not give way to his thoughts, while Kotaro's turquoise ones showed that he knew what the other ninja was doing.

    Without warning, Kotaro attacked, his dark brown gauntlets glowing turquoise like his eyes. The strange energy given off by them was...just that: strange. It was not humanly possible. "Hanzo, have you ever tried to battle a god?" Kotaro mocked. "I am the god of evil, you know."

    Hanzo was well-trained, and dodged the swipe with ease, only to barely avoid an attack from Fuma's left arm. Kotaro was also learned in the art of ninjutsu. Hanzo's kusarigama flashed, briefly illuminated by a sliver of moonlight, swinging and cleaving through the air Kotaro's head had occupied a nanosecond previously.

    Kotaro jumped up onto a building, then jumped to a higher one, eventually leading Hanzo seven floors up. The opponents swung at each other with every opportunity, with neither gaining the advantage. Hanzo miscalculated a swing, and Kotaro took the lead by grabbing Hanzo's wrist and tossing him to the steep roof, Hanzo sliding down without his weapon in hand. Kotaro jumped on top of him, riding him like a surfboard off of the rooftop.

    Hanzo Hattori's right foot shot up and kicked Kotaro in front of him seconds after they cleared the roof. His kusarigama fell into his hand and he used it to stop his descent by shoving it into the stone wall. Hanzo stood on the wall with the kusarigama in his left hand, hooked into the wall, with both feet planted firmly on the structure, his body sticking off of it. Hanzo was standing sideways.

    Kotaro stood sideways on the building as well, but there was nothing anchoring him. Was he truly the god of evil? Both ninjas fell off as they prepared an attack, plummeting several stories and hitting a flat rooftop.
    EDIT: now my avvie is Mitsunari from scene 3
  13. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    That was a great battle scene thar. I almost went psycho on you for not finishing the fight, but then I remembered, this is a movie. A well placed scene between battles to keep the watcher/reader on the edge of their seats is a brilliant tactic Sho.

    Carry on then! :)
  14. I'm curious, does anyone know kenpo? I ask this because it's Japan and there are many different martial arts.

    This fight scene was suspenseful and sha-weet. Maybe bos might come up next if someone rips off a tree branch...
  15. Secad: ..........what? erm....no. They just fight like Samurai and Ninjas would, I suppose(never bothered to even delve into their historical fighting style). It would be more like a copy-paste from the game.

    Scene 5

    Beautiful waterfalls were everywhere in the landscape, creating large shallow pools that glistened in the morning sun. The grass was as green as green could get, and the only thing that truly hampered the scenery was the forts, but they were built into the environment, using the few natural rocky cliffs.

    [Camera zooms over to the far west side of the battlefield] The Asakura main camp was ready for a battle. Battalions of troops stood in their blue-gray armor, weapons in hand, in the necessary formations needed for the start of battle before everything turned into chaos. Yoshikage Asakura, the head of the clan, sat on a dark brown horse in the center of the larg encampment. He was an older man, with pure white hair and a matching beard, wearing dark blue-gray armor and weilding a fierce looking spear.

    "Now, when you see the Azai start their attack on the Tokugawa and Oda, join them immediately." he said in his wheezy voice. The troops nodded in unison, and began to wait.

    [Camera turns to the Azai camp on the north]The Azai troops were allied with the Asakura, so they were wearing similar outfits, only in sky blue. The Oda and Tokugawa wore dark violet and dark blue, respectively, so they would be easy to pick out against the horizon. Nagamasa Azai, the commander, stood on the ground in front of his troops. He wore light blue clothing with armor on the shoulders and legs, and wielded a large lance that was dark blue with intricate gold patterns etched into its surface. Nagamasa was looked like he was in his early-twenties, and had golden hair underneath a tall dark blue hat with a gold crescent on it.

    "Men! We attack the Oda and Tokugawa! Charge!" he yelled. His troops cheered and rushed forward, Nagamasa at the head.

    [Camera goes south to the Oda-Tokugawa base] Nobunaga and Ieyasu sat on horses in the center of the camp, Nobunaga on his light gray horse, and Ieyasu on a white one. The horses were equal in height, but Ieyasu was a head below Nobunaga.

    "Men, I want you to fight with all your spirit, and bring honor to Japan." Nobunaga said in his demanding voice.

    "Yes, bring honor to not only Japan, but to Lord Nobunaga as well!" Ieyasu cried. The combined army shouted and charged forward, Nobunaga drawing his magnificent sword and Ieyasu holding a cannon spear.

    [Camera pans to an above view] The four armies drew closer to the center of the battlefield, with the Oda-Tokugawa going around a few large hills and past numerous small rivers, taking much more time and giving the Azai-Asakura a better chance to stop them. But the Oda-Tokugawa seemed driven by Nobunaga, as if he were some sort of unstoppable demon of battle that could not lose.

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