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City of Mirrors

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Brendan Savem, Jun 2, 2012.

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    A week late at least, but the RP is here. Be mindful that there is a capacity limit in this RP, and that there is only one spot no spot left as of now. If you want to take part, be sure to do what it says in the previous link.

    Current Participant List
    • Brendan Savem (me)
      Dwayna Dragonfire

    If you are on the above list, then keep reading, and then start posting... NOW!

    “RISE AND SHINE CAMPERS! BREAKFAST AND WORK IN TEN, SO GET MOVING!” a voice boomed throughout the camp, ruining the happy dreams of so many workers. For Brendan though, that was barely anything compared to some of the wake-up calls he would get back at the Pokecharms Guild.

    “Yawn… huh, no superluffletackleglomps today?” he murmured, still-half asleep. He waited a few minutes, and then was about to go back to sleep, when he remembered where he was.
    “Oh right! The excavation.” The Machop recalled, remembering why he was there, in a hammock, in a tent, sharing a room with multiple fellow guild members, all of which were happily snoring away. Deciding against waking them up just yet, Brendan dusted himself off and put on his waistcoat over his pants, and slipped out of the compact tent, almost tripping over the green spaded tail of one of his partners on the way out. The campsite was already bustling with activity, with people crowded around small fires dotted around the place, preparing what meagre breakfasts they had available. The pokemon all came in different shapes and sizes, Conkeldurr, Exploud, Smeargle, and Sunkern were only a few out of the many that were there. They were on a clearing next to a big hole in the ground. The hole, while only a few meters deep, was already at least a hundred meters wide, and they weren’t even done expanding it. The base of the hole was populated with many half-damaged structures, the remains of ancient stone buildings, buried within the rock. Brendan had to admit, the excavation was barely a week old and it was already looking impressive.

    “Ah, you must be from the Explorers Guild.” A voice introduced, Brendan turned to the owner of the voice, a very shiny Magnezone. So shiny, that Brendan could have sworn that he was a genuine Shiny if he didn’t have the basic grey colours. What were coloured differently though, were the three magnets that slid around freely on the base of his body. The poles of them were painted completely gold, rather than having a blue and red colouration. Brendan also noticed that the screws that usually sat on top of his ‘twin heads’ looked absent, although the truth was that they were a different type of screw, which fit tightly with the rest of his body.

    “Yeah, that’s me, the rest of us will be out in a bit.” Brendan said, “Name’s Brendan of the Pokecharms Guild.”

    “Of course, your guild has such an esteemed reputation. I’m most happy to have your presence here for this hopeful turning point in our studies of the past.” The Magnezone said, “Now, I’m sure you’re all eager to start, but I just first need a word with your team leader.”

    “That would be me, but Team Leader is nothing more than formality, so you should really take things up with all of us.” The Magnezone eyed Brendan curiously, as if what he was talking about was strangely alien.

    “Very well then…” he finally accepted, “I suppose I haven’t introduced myself properly. I’m Sir Russel Coronet the Second, Chairman and General Manager of Coronet Trading Enterprises.”

    “Right, you supply shops with top-grade merchandise; Orbs, TMs, that sort of thing.”

    “Splendid, so you are a regular consumer?” Sir Coronet’s eye gleamed.

    “Yeah… that’s right…” Brendan replied with a half-hearted smile, he honestly preferred to use the local recycle shop; much cheaper and also took the junk he didn’t want.

    “Excellent, in any case though. There are a number of new arrivals today, so I will refrain from an explanation until everyone is present.”

    “You mean us? I could toss everyone out of bed if you really wanted.”

    “Actually, I was thinking of a different group that came by earlier yesterday. You aren’t the only explorers here after all.”

    (feel free to jump in however you like now)
  2. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    The Flygon was playing in the sun, digging through the dirt around her and just generally having a good time. The sound of her flapping wings sung through the air as she kicked up the sand around her -


    Her eyes snapped open, and she grumbled slightly as she rose herself slowly from her sleeping position. Dwayna hated mornings, but she was used to waking up early due to her position in the Charms Guild, so she guessed that she couldn't complain. She felt a stumbling vibration next to her tail, and looked over to see a Machop just leaving a tent opening.

    Memories flooded back into her mind as she realized that she was on this expedition along with the rest of the Charms Guild. Her finding skills would be useful for such a job, as well as her generalized sense of adventure. She took the top hat from her bedside table and placed it on her head as she rose from her bed, the upwards bend of her antennae helping to keep it in place.

    Her hands smoothed over the Expert Belt that helped keep her double-breasted jacket in place, the feminine eyes behind the goggle-like covering softening their grumpiness for a moment as her mouth curved into a smile. It had been a gift from a friend, a constant reminder of the strength that lied within her all along. Dwayna stepped outside the tent, placing her Silver Rank pin just over her heart as she looked up at the sun.

    She turned her head to look around her, seeing the Machop that had nearly tripped over her tail earlier talking to a Magnezone. Brendan was technically the Team Leader for this Expedition, as he had recently obtained Gold Rank, slightly higher than herself. She didn't mind as much, as she often only did certain jobs for a certain location, often gone for long periods of time to new places.

    Dwayna plodded over, her large figure hovering over the shoulder of the Machop as he was talking to the Magnezone. "... You aren’t the only explorers here after all," remarked who she now recognized as Sir Coronet the Second. A curious look came over her face, her head tilting ever so slightly so the top hat wouldn't fall off.

    "There are others?" came her buzzing, feminine voice, no doubt startling the poor Machop in front of her. "This is a surprise. We weren't expecting other guilds to come this quickly, if at all."
  3. OOC: YEEEEESSSSSSS we're underway!

    Christopher's slumber was abruptly interupted by the harsh call of the Conkeldurr. After muttering a few harsh profanities, he pushed himself out of his sleeping bag, stood upright, did a couple of stretches, and wandered towards the nearest campfire, picking up his lucky gauntlet on the way. He plonked himslef down on a log, and was passed a small clay bowl. Gruel. Of course. Chris sighed, and grabbed a spoon to gobble down his sickening breakfast. He scanned around the campfire while munching his disgusting food. It appeared he'd picked the rough area. All of the Pokemon around the fire had eyepatches, bandanas, scars covering all their bodies. He almost felt left out. He grunted, and threw his empty bowl onto the floor. This recieved a few angry glares from the campers, but a growl from Chris quickly returned them to their meals. Chris rose from his seat and left.

    Even though it was still pretty early in the morning, the Sun still beat down upon the inhabitants of the campsite. Most of the Pokemon were sweating profusely from the heat. Being a Charizard, Christopher was immune to such temperatures. He looked around the campsite, when something caught his eye. A Machop, wearing a waistcoat and pants, and a rather shiny Magnezone were in deep conversation. These seemed to be the only people actually interacting, everyone else was doing their own thing. he noticed that a Spinda with an eyepatch was also watching the two converse with intent. Chris scuttled next to the Pokemon.

    "Whose those two?", Chris asked intently. The Spinda turned it's head. This man had obviously been there and done that. He had scars, cuts and gashes littering his face. He opened his mouth to speak.

    "See that Machop? That's Brendan. He's a mem'er of the' Charms Guild. A' presume you heard of 'em, right?" the Spinda said in a husky voice and a thick accent. The Charizard nodded. "An' th' Magnezone is Sir Russel Coronet th' Second, Chairman an' General Manager of Coronet Tradin' Enterprises. Th' guy's loaded with cash, filthy rich. Theres a fair bitta contoversy surroundin' th' guy, though. Some say he'll stop at nuthin' tah get what he wants. Even workers lives are put at stake when he wants th' job done. Th' guy's leadin' th' dig. Keep an eye out. Anythin' could happen while that guy's around"

    Chris shook his head. He had heard stories about Coronet and his devious ways, but never once did he think he would come so close into contact with the man himself. He glanced at the old Spinda once more.

    "Well, who knows what will happen. Let's just hope neither of us gets too involved with him. Cheers for the advice, lad."

    The Spinda just nodded, and allowed himself a small grin. Chris noticed the Machop and the Magnezone look over to him, and linger their eyes upon him. A female Flygon suddenly entered, joining the other two. Curious about all of this sudden attention, the Charizard headed in their direction.
  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Activity in the camp started up with the sunrise. Watching it all, sitting in the dirt next to a nice sized tent, was Seth Thompson. The Buizel watched the Magnezone go around waking the other campers, taking note of the kinds of Pokemon he would be watching out for. He was here on a mission, and he didn't plan to fail.

    His thoughts were broken as a Lucario exited the tent, pulling on a gray jacket. He glanced down at the Buizel and frowned. "Did you get any sleep at all?"

    "Yes," Seth answered. He stood and brushed the dirt from his own pants. "I was on watch, took a nap when neither of you came to replace me."

    "No one asked you to watch the tent," the Lucario said.

    "We're supposed to be protecting that Umbreon, being on watch should be obvious."

    The Lucario laughed, "Protecting him from what, a Smeargle with a dinky little pickaxe? Listen, Seth, these Explorer types, they might be physically strong, but they don't have our training, you don't have to worry about them. We were hired for manual labor."

    "Correction," a new voice interrupted. A Dusknoir floated over to the two, with a rather large, currently empty, backpack in hand. He threw the pack to the Lucario. "You were hired for manual labor, Jacob."

    "If you boys are ready, I'd like out of my tent now," a fourth voice chuckled.

    Jacob moved out of the way, putting the backpack on. He looked like he wanted to say something to the Dusknoir, but when an Umbreon stepped out of the tent the Lucario shot a glare at the Ghost type instead.

    "Sir," Seth said, "Nothing to report from overnight."

    "That's nice, Seth," the Umbreon said dismissively, "Try not to stick to me too tightly."

    The Buizel either didn't catch or chose to ignore the Umbreon's tone, "Yes, Sir."

    With that, the Umbreon wandered off towards the Magnezone, Seth following behind him. The two arrived shortly after a Machop, around the same time as a Flygon. There was a Charizard not too far behind as well, seemingly tailing its fellow Dragon type. The Umbreon managed to catch the last bit of what the Magnezone was saying, and the Flygon's reply.

    "As far as I'm aware, you're the only guild here," the Umbreon answered, "You are members of the Charms Guild, yes? My name is Light Clarke, I doubt either of you know me, but a few years ago I used to head a guild of my own, I used to interact on a somewhat regular basis with some of your comrades."

    The Umbreon shifted back onto his hindlegs, and offered a forepaw to the Machop and Flygon, to shake.

    Meanwhile, back at the tent, the Lucario and Dusknoir were whispering to one another.

    "He's being rather respectful, you whip him into shape overnight, Hades?" The Lucario asked.

    "Please, Seth is a trained professional, he knows how to be respectful," Hades, the Dusknoir, replied.

    "He's a child with a knife, he never should have been brought here," Jacob growled, "Temps told him to play nice, didn't he?"

    "For his best friend, you speak very rudely of him," Hades noted, "But yes, Aleci asked Seth to treat the client like he would treat Aleci."

    "He needs to lighten up," Jake frowned, staring at Seth."

    "That, too, is your job," Hades said, floating into the tent.

    "It's as much yours as it is mine!" the Lucario called after him. "Asshole." He added quietly.
  5. A little before dawn Franki jolted awake, the dream had come once again. She knew that she shouldn't let it get to her but that pokemon, she just couldn't figure out who it was. The dark silhouette had haunted her sleep for a year and a half now. A strange feeling in her gut knew deep down that soon the uneasiness that the dream caused her would soon be solved. She shook her head, to get it out of her head she started focusing on the real things next to her. The bunk she slept in, her pillow behind her, the bandana tied around her neck. The bracelets on her wrist helped her focus the most though

    Once she had calmed down, it took her a few minutes to realize that the sun had risen during her panicked state and that there were now many other guild members awake. She knew some of them from before but others she had only heard of by reputation. Franki felt as though she had an extrmeme energy drink, but she knew it was just the nerves. So many famous explorers, it had a humbling effect on her. She remembered again that the guild was way bigger than the little group that she sometimes worked, and associated herself with.

    Franki had now jumped out of the top bunk that she had chosen late last night. Landing softly on the hard ground, she did her best not to stumble into one of the others waking up. She managed to make it to the flap of the large tent and push her way through. Blinking in the early morning light, she looked around in awe. There were so many strong looking pokemon around her. It made her feel almost unworthy to be here among them but she shoved the feeling away angrily. She had done something worthy enough to get herself chosen for the team that came here from the Charms Guild.

    Making sure not to run into anyone, she tried finding the Machop her superiors had told her to find, Brendan they said his name was. Though she saw a Machoke or two she hadn't seen any signs of a Machop. She swept her gaze across a clearing and saw a fairly large group that consisted of a Flygon, Magnezone, Buizel, Umbreon, an oncoming Charizard, and a Machop.

    She knew that if she just walked up there it'd be more than a little awkward if they weren't the group she needed to find. Uneasily she cast her psychic eye in their direction. She hated eavesdropping on minds but told herself that it would only be for a name nothing more and that they couldn't be too mad if they felt it later. Only listening to tidbits, she lightly scanned through and was about to give up until she finally heard the name she was looking for. She wasn't sure who thought it but she was pleased to stop scanning. She had to reassure herself that all would be fine before walking up to the group.

    When she had reached the edge of the group, standing a bit behind the Machop, she knew they were in conversation. Politness taking over she stood there quietly waiting until a good opportunity to introduce herself came.
  6. As Chris joined the three Pokemon, he noticed a significant number of other Pokemon making their way towards the group, an Umbreon, a Buizel and a Kirlia. After a short, rather awkward silence, the Umbreon began to speak. Chris soon learned that the Charms Guild were not the only famous explorers present at the camp. He swiftly looked around the group. These guys, apart from the Magnezone, looked like good fighters. He knew of the rigorous training that Charms Guild members had to go through just to join the guild. With a group like this, they would have no problems with any dangers that my lurk in the cavern. He noticed that the Buizel was interacting very little with the rest of the group. He also saw a Lucario and a Dusknoir in the background, seemingly keeping a watchful eye on the Buizel. Chris' gaze returned to the Buizel. He had many cuts and scars on his slight body, a sign that he had fought many battles, and was not to be messed with.

    Everyone else was busy introducing themselves, so the Charizard followed the crowd. Closest to him was the female Flygon who had joined the group slightly before himself. Chris grinned. Whilst working for the mafia, the Charizard had fought both alongside and against Flygon, and he knew that they were a powerful species. This particular Flygon was as tall as Chris, although she sported a significantly lighter build. Chris extended a hand.

    "Since everybody else is getting to know each other," he quipped, "we may aswell get started. Hi, I'm Christopher. And to whom do I owe this pleasure?"
  7. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Vibrations of other feet were starting to converge on their position, large ones coming up right next to her. The Flygon turned her head to see the large body of a Charizard, another fully-evolved PokeMon like herself. Dwayna never understood why an impressive beast like that was not at least part dragon like she was, judging by the appearance, but she supposed that it was the way nature seemed to work sometimes.

    "Since everybody else is getting to know each other," he quipped, "we may aswell get started. Hi, I'm Christopher. And to whom do I owe this pleasure?" Even though he wasn't in the Charms Guild, he seemed to respect her in some way, and judging by the scars on his body he had been in many a fight before. He extended a paw-like hand to her in greeting, and she reached to clasp it back.

    "Dwayna," she buzzed in reply. "Of the Charms Guild, as I'm sure you're aware. A pleasure to meet you, Christopher. Are you here to investigate the area as well?"
  8. The Flygon gladly took the extended hand.

    "Dwayna," she buzzed in reply. "Of the Charms Guild, as I'm sure you're aware. A pleasure to meet you, Christopher. Are you here to investigate the area as well?"

    Christopher allowed himself a small grin. This one was straight to the point, no messing around asking pointless questions. If the rest were like this, he would have no problems.

    "Certainly," he answered. "I came down to 'ave a little look around, see what the craic* is. 'S been a while since I went explorin', so when I spotted this, I had to have a look," he paused, glancing over at the static Buisel standing behind Light Clarke, the Umbreon. He returned to Dwayna.

    "Say, d'ya know who the Buisel is? He seems familier." he asked the Flygon.


    *craic - Northern English/Irish slang word meaning "gossip". Pronounced "crack". Christopher speaks in a Durham accent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYV7dDzi0cc - an example of a Durham accent
  9. Blazi was tired.

    Like, face-plant, sleep underwater, anything's comfy kind of tired.

    Where everyone else was sleeping, dreaming of rainbows and flying Rapidashes or what not, Blazi was out exploring. He was looking for something to give to Brendan, to show that he isn't a total screw-up. Sometimes.

    He had succeeded, but he had also managed to get clawed, scratched, poisoned, frozen, and paralysed - twice.

    He hated electric types at the moment.

    Oh well, Blazi had something to give to Brendan - and it was rare, too. As Blazi stumbled into the camp for the excavation site, he blearily looked around for the Machop. He still didn't understand why Brendan hadn't evolved yet, but hey, everyone had a choice, didn't they?

    Unless they only had one evolution. Then it was just unfair.

    Spotting the Machop, Blazi started his psuedo-sleepwalk over to the Machop, not paying attention to those around him. Walking up to the Machop, Blazi fished in his carrier bag for something. Finding it, Blazi pulled out a disk, and held it out to the fighting type.

    "Brendan," he said, yawning, "Looky what I found..." The disk was a deep blue colour, signifying it was a water-type, and had the words HM08 engraved on one side. Feeling the disk being taken out of his hands by someone, Blazi said, "I think it's Dive... Anyways, Imma go to sleep now."

    Blazi yawned again, and walked to the tent that the Pokecharms explorers were all sleeping in. Blazi attempted to get to his bed, but he tripped over something, and fell, face-first, onto the ground. Meh, he thought, drifting off into sleep, as good a place as any...

    OoC: Woo! HalfAsleep!Blazi ftw! Sorry about the lateness of it all btw. If anything is wrong, let me know and I'll fix it. I'm half asleep at the time of posting, so yeah.
  10. Mr Coronet held back his voice, letting the arrivals introduce themselves. All three parties were explorers; There was the lone wolf Christopher, the explorer Light and his hirelings, and then the Charms guild. They all seemed well experienced at the heavy lifting part of the job, though he was hoping that maybe they could be well versed in history, and maybe offer some insights to the dig's history, especially some of the peculiar things that have already been discovered. Mr Coronet waited until the chatter died down before continuing.

    "You are members of the Charms Guild, yes?" An Umbreon introduced, the team was being conversed with by numerous pokemon, so Brendan focused on this character for now. "My name is Light Clarke, I doubt either of you know me, but a few years ago I used to head a guild of my own, I used to interact on a somewhat regular basis with some of your comrades."

    "Huh, interesting. I must have been just a rookie back then. Great to meet you! Name's Brendan by the way." Brendan took the Umbreon's paw and shook it.

    "Now that introductions are out of the way." Sir. Coronet said, when the group finished their meet-and-greet. "I suppose I should bring you all up to speed before we get started. As you know, this is our archeological dig on a newly discovered settlement, and we are now here today to discover the history of it to hopefully get a better understanding of our ancestors." He paused, getting excited. If there was one thing he was truly passionate about, it was studying the past, to learn and adapt.
    "This settlement, inhabited by a wide variety of pokemon, is thought to be over two thousand years old. We have only been doing this for a week, but already, we have learned a lot about its history. We know that it is a large trading centre, a far-off town away from other civilisations that flourished on numerous trading caravans that passed through here. The city was probably flourishing throughout all its years, up until its sudden demise, which is very fascinating."

    Brendan looked over as Mr. Coronet was speaking and saw a figure limping towards the group. Seeing the red and orange colouring of an overgrown chicken, Brendan immediately recognised the Combusken as the remaining Charms Guild representative, and he looked banged up.

    "You alright Blazi?" Brendan asked, breaking away from Russel's grand presentation to check up on his friend. Mr. Coronet was so caught up in his words, that he didn't notice Brendan slip out. Blazi didn't respond to Brendan's question, instead shoving a discus-sized deep-blue coloured CD with a golden lining.

    "Looky what I found..." he announced, referring to the disc. Brendan held it up and saw the engraving on the side of it.

    "Huh, a Hidden Machine, a blueprint of techniques that can teach a capable pokemon how to use a move that they normally can't use. And the unbreakable kind too! This one teaches Dive, a technique used by Water Pokemon to sustain severe water pressure, allowing them to dive into the depths of some of the deepest oceans without succumbing to ill effects." Brendan lowered the disc and turned to Blazi.
    "I have to admit, that's quite a find." Blazi however had disappeared. Brendan turned to the tent in time to see him literally fall into the tent, no doubt sleeping on the floor.
    "Just what have you been up to?" Brendan sighed, before returning to hear the rest of the speech.

    "You see that mountain over there?" Mr Coronet asked, pointing towards a large mountain that stood on the horizon. "It has a great view from the top, I can comment. Up until two-hundred years ago however, it used to be a highly active volcano. And the very rock beneath us, known to geologists as Andesite, is a product of the cooled lava that flowed from that mountain all across this entire flatland."

    "How is this relevant you ask? Well, the town looks like it ended in disaster. Buildings have been worn away by powerful forces, and the unfortunate souls that were caught up in the towns fate now lie in its streets, preserved by layers of rock and ash. So we believe that the town died when the volcano was born, unfortunate to be caught up in the first eruption of a powerful volcano."

    "And this is about as far as we've gotten so far. We're still in the process of studying the ash-preserved bodies, as well as excavating some of the buildings, including what we believe is the town hall. If you have any questions about the town, feel free to ask away. And in turn, I hope you can offer your insights onto this relic of history."

    (Finally got off my lazy bum and finished this, I hope everybody hasn't run away for Summer just yet)
  11. Christopher listened intently to the chattering Magnezone. After offering to take questions, the Charizard raised his hand.

    "I' got one," he barked, "Just how big is this place? Can we estimate how much of the city we havn' discovered yet?"
  12. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    OOC: Sory for the delay, had little inspiration until now.


    "Certainly," Christopher answered, his strange accent peaking her curiosity. "I came down to 'ave a little look around, see what the craic is. 'S been a while since I went explorin', so when I spotted this, I had to have a look," He stopped, looking at a nearby Buisel, asking her if she knew who he was. She shook her head slightly, a strange feeling of familiarity also washing over her, but she didn;t have much time to contemplate on it as she realized she had almost completely ignored the Umbreon that had approached Brendan and herself.

    "My apologies, Mister Clarke," She said, with a small bow to shake the proffered paw. "My name is Dwayna. You say you have worked with us before? Perhaps I was on one of my long trips at the time -"

    Dwayna stopped herself when she noticed Blazi limping tiredly up to Brendan, handing him a disc of some sort. She recognized it as an HM, since she had seen the like before on her travels. When Brendan said it was Dive, her thoughts turned inward. What is something like that doing all the way out here?, she thought, a look of suspicion crossing her face.

    Sir Coronet piped up with a description of the area, giving a plausible explanation to the ruins. A dormant volcano exploded unfortunately, probably costing many lives, sorrow crossing her face at the thought that Dwayna was possibly standing above someone's bones lost in the Andesite floor beneath her feet. Sir Coronet offered to answer any questions, and Christopher was the first to pipe up.

    "I' got one," he barked, "Just how big is this place? Can we estimate how much of the city we havn' discovered yet?" It was a good question, but it didn't answer the one now mulling over in her head. Have any bodies been recovered?, said her thoughts, though she was afraid to voice them. She decided instead to listen to what Sir Coronet had to say about the area, her feet tentatively touching the ground.
  13. (Had this post sitting around for nearly three weeks now, just haven't been near the right computer)

    “To answer your question, Christopher was it? We have been working for over a week now, and have excavated the outskirts of the town already, so we already know that the city is about 700 meters across, that’s the average size of a small town, but that is large for its time. We have since began digging inwards, with our most recent find being what appears to have been some sort of square or market place, quite possibly near the town centre. We’re not sure what we’ll find, but we would have great fortune if we were to find a library or record hall in that area. It would certainly tell if there’s some recorded history for this town.” Mr. Coronet paused, looking for anyone with further questions, and met nothing but silence.
    “You seem to know what you’re doing then. Feel free to explore the excavation, don’t be afraid to ask around or help out wherever you can. If there is any further question you have, come to me, or one of the foremen in the area, they should be able to help you whenever you need it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I should attend to my employees.” He then turned and followed an Exploud to a large tent.

    Brendan turned to Dwayna and Franki, especially the second of the two.
    “Alright, like he said, we should help out with the excavation process. And we’re here to make a report, so ask around, and find out what you can. And try not to make a mess, okay? The market seems promising, but I’m going to have a look at some of the other places. Somebody will have to cover the market though.”
  14. Seeing Brendan turn to her and the Flygon next to her. Whom she now assumed was called Dwayna. She then focused on his words, he didn't speak like most other Gold Ranked members she knew but then again, she only knew a few. Their words were heavily accented with their arrogance and his only had traces of it. Franki nodded as he spoke. Talking to people would be easy and something she could do quickly.

    Though he had said somebody would need to go and take a look the marketplace. It would be a good place to start out the exploration, markets were open and had lots of light. She could easily use her powers to move anything in her way, but she wouldn't be able to distort the light very well. Though if she was just exploring, why would she need to sneak around? She dismissed the thought easily, she was with what seemed like nice people. She was probably just over analyzing again.

    In any case that option sounded a bit more exciting than just talking to people she didn't know. When he had finished, Franki said, "I'll go check out the marketplace sir. I'm sure I'll be able to help out with some of the excavation if I don't find anything anyway. Thought did he tell us which way to the market is?" she rambled a tiny bit nervous. Her eyes flitting around the camp and the many pathways on the outskirts.

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