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Ask to Join Circulo De Muerte Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by TheGrimmRemix027, Nov 8, 2019.


Who's the murderer

  1. Me

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  2. You

  3. Everyone

  4. What is a murderer?

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  5. Nobody everyone is pure!

  6. That guy sitting in the corner.

  1. Plot:

    A plane harboring refugees, criminals, and military personnel flies back from a recently ended war. The plane malfunctions and they crash on a medium-sized deserted island in the Atlantic ocean. Some survive and the bodies of those who died along with the crashed plane float out to sea. Not knowing who each other are mostly, they began to rendezvous at a suspicious-seeming oasis. An ominous voice coming from above them introduced itself as Zeta the Game Master. That he will take all the people and put them through a "simulation" where they will live in a town on the island and survive. He tells them there may be a murderer or two and give them specific roles based on their personalities, only telling each individual their role. He will give them items corresponding to their roles. He then tells them the rules and regulations of each role. Along with the rules of his game. He explains that whoever is the last one to not get lynched or murdered is the winner. The winner gets the prize for three wishes. If you find and lynch the murderer he will appoint a new one.

    Concepts/How this Roleplay Will Go:

    Interactions(Characters are explained below in roles)

    Murderer and Other Role: I will roll a 20 sided dice for each of you. If the murderer gets more than the other role the other role dies.

    Murderer and Vigilante: I will roll a 20 sided dice for each of you. Whoever rolls higher kills the other.

    Murderer and Sheriff with Guard on or Guarded Innocent: I will roll a 20 sided dice for each of you. If the murderer rolls five over the one being guarded dies (unless if it's the sheriff that's guarding himself) if the murderer rolls a 20 all in the situation die beside the murderer.

    Murderer with Healing Medic: I will roll a 20 sided dice for each of you. Whoever is being healed will have -5 on their die if the murderer rolls higher then the medic can role. If the medic rolls a 15 or over they can choose whether to sacrifice themselves or run away. If not the patient dies. If the murderer rolls a 20 both die.

    Jester and Haunted Character: The Jester will choose one person to haunt. I will roll for the haunted person. If the number on the di is lower than 15 then that person suicidally kills themselves in guilt.


    Good/Neutral Roles:

    Sheriff/ Officer(Status: Open. Slots currently Available: One)

    Who this character is: This will be played by military personnel who was guarding the plane. They will most likely be very authoritative.

    What this character can do: Investigate(Uses: Once Per Night): Message me questions and a person to have me ask them and I will have the answers.

    Jail(Uses: Once Every Other Night): DM me a person and they will not be able to go anywhere for that night

    Guard(Uses: Two Times): You can guard people at night along with yourself. DM me who you are guarding when using it.

    Medic:(Status: Open. Slots currently Available: One)

    Who this character is: This will be played by a caring person who is a trained medic.

    What this character can do: Heal: If someone survives a murder's attack. You will be called the next night to heal them. You can choose if you'd like to or not.

    Medium:(Status: Open. Slots currently Available: One)

    Who this character is: This is a character who is played by an insane person, deranged, and who thinks they can speak with ghosts and can.

    What this character can do: Can be in their chat with the dead people and talk to them and maybe get some answers.

    Amnesiac:(Status: Open. Slots currently Available: One)

    Who this character is: This character doesn't remember who or what they are. They come from the Insane Asylum.

    What this character can do: Remember: I will roll an 8 sided dice. Whatever number you get tells you your new role. 1 is Sheriff, 2 is Medic, 3 is Medium 4 is Murderer, (Password is Circle of Death) 5 is Vigilante, 6 is Jester, 7 is Stay the same, and 8 is suicide(I have to somehow roll 8 twice to do this).

    Bad/Evil Neutral Roles:

    Murderer:(Status: Closed. Slots currently Available: None)

    Who this character is: This character is a murderer who sets his/her mind on killing everyone and not being suspicious while doing it.

    What this character can do: Murder: You DM me, someone. I will role for both of you if you get higher than them then they are killed. Special interactions are explained earlier.

    Vigilante:(Status: Open. Slots currently Available: One)

    Who this character is: A murderer hunter. This character has the urge to kill people who are even suspicious of being evil.

    What this character can do: Murder: Has more of a motive then Murderer besides to win but is pretty much is still the same.

    Jester:(Status: Open. Slots currently Available: One)

    Who this character is: A suicidal character from the asylum. But also really likes death and fun. And they are generally a funny person.

    What this character can do: Haunt: Will try to get lynched or lynch others for their amusement. Once Lynched they will haunt a person of their choosing if the person rolls higher than a 15 then they talk themselves out of suicide. (explained in concepts.)

    1. Usual Pokecharms Roleplaying Rules.
    2. No controlling the story. (Don't make problems that involve your characters all the time. And don't try to be a part of everything. It gets kind of annoying.)
    3. No OP characters.
    4. Don't skip time at all. This could ruin a perfect spot for a plot point, make the timeline all messed up, and generally annoy some people. (Especially me.) Ask before you time skip in case other people are doing something. (We will ask you to delete the post that may have broken this rule.)
    5. Be Active.
    6. Please be patient with others and don't double post.
    7. Please have decent grammar.
    8. Be patient with the creator he is only really on at night so you may need to find other ways to pass the time when he's out.
    9. Don't go too far with a relationship keep it to kissing but nothing too explicit.
    10. When making a character make it original. (Blatantly copying a character. You can have some things that are based on a character such as personality)
    11. Do not make your own story inside the roleplay. I may permit it if it is exposition and is in one post explaining how you got there.
    12. Have at least three lines in your first paragraph and if you change paragraph, unless if it's a quote, it must be at least two lines.

    If you break any of these rules you will get a warning. (Some rules may cause me to give you two warnings or even zero.) I might give you an extra chance if I'm feeling in a good mood. You will be kicked out at the third warning. If you are kicked your character will be either completely deleted or killed off.

    Character Template:
    Personality Trait That is Not Given to the Character by the Role(Can be shortened to Personality Trait):
    Password:(you read it then you know it)



    Backstory (without any details that would give away your role):

    I hope you guys like it and join. I worked hard on this. If you have any questions dm me the questions.
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  3. I'll bite, but is this a game that will be repeated? and will more roles be added later?

    Name: Vichko
    Age: 23
    Sexuality: straight
    Gender: Male
    Clothing: Dark red suit, white undershirt, dark red tie, dark red fedora
  4. If this does do better more roles will be added the game will become expanded and sequels will be made.
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  5. I'll join, just give me some time to make a suitable character.
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  6. Just make sure you directly message me the first one but post the second one here. I made some changes.
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