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Ask to Join Chūnin Selection Exams

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Zenhu, Aug 1, 2018.

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    It was nearly sunrise when Natsuka walked down the town square, the markets were crowded with people, and young genin were sparring and training for the exams. Natsuka wasn't like most, he preferred silence when training, and people usually see Natsuka as the Hokage's grandson, not as an independent. A new academy student had approached him while he passed the academy, and smiled at him. "Hey Natsuka! Wanna go train?" The boy was much younger than him, so he had to look down at the little genin. "I'm afraid not, I must practice on my own." Natsuka rubbed the back of his head. The boy sighed, then stumbled back to the sparring grounds.

    A while later...

    Natsuka had been determined to win the Chunin Exams, and to do so - he had to train relentlessly. The face of the previous Hokage sat underneath him, as he'd climbed the massive cliff. After a few hours of practicing throwing kunai, Natsuka got quite fatigued. He crumbled down on an patch of grass, his kunai spread out around his body. The clouds floated aimlessly in the sky, without a direction in sight - this often comforted Natsuka for some unknown reason. The grass shifted with the wind, along with trees that loomed over him. The restless shinobi was covered with scratches and bruises. He let out a long yawn, as he hadn't slept much in the past few days, training for the exams.

    Natsuka's eyes slowly closed, and the clouds above faded along with his vision - when suddenly a rustle caught his attention.
    Natuska quickly moved his hand towards one of the kunai beside him, then hurled it in a spiraling fury towards the bush, to which a figure emerged, rolling out of the way, and throwing shurikens of its own. Natsuka easily reflected the blades, then prepared a hand seal. "Water Style: Fish Spit!" Multiple water pellets sped towards his opponent - who'd thrown a cluster of shuriken that dispersed the water bullets.
    My combatant is strong... Natsuka nodded his head, complimenting his enemy, who had its kunai up - racing towards him.
    Natsuka reached behind his back then grasped his staff, then swung down harshly, clashing into the figures kunai, making it leap backwards. Natsuka had made his opponent confused, so he took advantage of it, and took his time to cast a jutsu.
    "Water Release: Water Shuriken Technique..." three strong water shuriken jabbed into the figure, making it implode - smoke rose up from where the person had been. "Shadow clone jutsu, successful." He'd been practicing against his own clones all day, and that one had seemed to be the strongest. I'm improving. Natsuka thought to himself.
    He'd lay back down in the patch of grass, staring up into the sky, where the spoofed clouds stretched across the atmosphere above him.

    When suddenly, he'd heard a rustle.
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  2. jade421

    jade421 Previously Sarah316

    So, this is Konoha? I can see why they call it the Village Hidden in the leaves.

    Fumiko Yuki, better known as "Fumi" to those close to her, had been traveling through the dense forest of Konoha as she aimed to get to the village itself. The reason for this was rather simple....the time for the Chunin Selection Exams had come again and representatives of all nations were invited to take part in it. As among the head family line, though out of direct succession, along with her success as a Genin Fumi had been chosen to take part to represent both the Yuki Clan and Kirigakure as a whole; though she was sure other nin of her home nation were also there to take part in such an event.

    Though naturally, Fumi cared more about becoming a Chunin for her own sake. She wanted to prove to her clan and herself she had value, even if she wasn't the heiress. And becoming a Chunin here would help that cause and she'd show her ninja skill in comparison to her peers would be confirmation of her training and hard work to get to this point. In spite of stereotypes about those in powerful clans having it "easy" and as such don't work hard, a stereotype that Fumi aimed to disprove to...

    Fumi stopped walking when she heard some rumbling and a voice ask for something. Or perhaps someone, not that Fumi could tell that much. Either way it was a curious sound and Fumi desired to know more about it as she began to creep her way over towards where she heard the voice call out from; on guard to be safe, as one could never be too careful in foreign soil.
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  3. Natsuka was weary from all the sparing he did with his clones, so he'd been rather sloppy while descending down the massive cliff-side. Which hadn't been his smartest idea yet. When the exhausted shinobi placed his foot on a little stubble of rock, it crumbled - a jolt of fear shot into Natsuka's body, as he'd gazed below him, the 50 foot drop loomed under him. He managed to grasp a jagged rock, hanging with one hand keeping him from falling to his demise. He kept his calm and looked around for something to help him in his situation.
    Aha.. he abruptly had an epiphany. If he was to swing to the 1st Hokage's face (on the side of the mountain) then he could rest his arms - but the more Natsuka had looked at the steep jump, the more he'd doubted himself.

    The wind howled as Natsuka swung his body with it, swaying from side to side. With a great heap, he threw him self onto the massive face built of rock. I didn't see myself standing upon my Grandfathers face today. The wind was becoming atrocious, especially since he was at such height. "Water Clone Technique." Three clones appeared around Natsuka, they all then grabbed onto each others legs, and then hung off the side of the face statue he stood upon. "Sorry about this guys." He chuckled as he summoned 4 more. Sweat poured in streaks down his face, this many water clones had drawn all of his chakra out, he was hardly able to move. The clones made a sturdy ladder with their own bodies for Natuska to climb down on.
    Natsuka made his descent, carefully grabbing onto each clone, although they only allowed him to reach halfway down. He let go of the last one, and after he did so - they'd sprout into puddles of water.

    Natsuka pummeled down the bottom of the cliffside, crashing into the rough dirt. His vision blurred for a few seconds, then stumbled to his feet. Natsuka stood beneath the dense trees that surrounded him, he then trotted back to the town, shoulders slumped.
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  4. jade421

    jade421 Previously Sarah316

    Fumi moved through the clearing, but saw nothing that struck her immediate attention. Least for that moment, however as she scanned the area she saw someone who appeared to be around her age walking with his shoulders slumped.

    Fumi had no way to know of what this guy had already been through with his training, nor would she have cared too much given she did not know the guy. But one thing that did cause her to develop some interest is the possibility that this was a local who could show her the right way to the village of Konohagakure. Something that was of great interest to her as the worry of getting lost in a foreign land was there.

    With that, Fumi scaled down the cliffside, careful not stumble over herself as she soon landed on the dirt road around the dense foliage as she was quick to follow the unknown nin before her as she tried to close the gap quickly.

    “Hey, I know this is a bit, sudden to ask of a strange, but do you happen to know the way to the main village?” Fumi asked the guy before her with the slumped shoulders with the hope he was a native and could point her in the right direction.
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  5. The sun was blarring through the dense trees, although there was a soft breeze that cooled Natuska off.
    He hadn't gotten far when the shimmer of a girl stood atop the cliffside. She scaled down it with ease, simply landing in the loose patch of dirt that he'd caused. His un-steady posture had straightened out when she approached him. She'd look puzzled as she had asked him where his village was. Natsuka smiled then nodded. "Yeah just continue north from here, then enter through the front gates." He then reached his hand out to her. "I'm Natsuka Senju," he tilted his head slightly, "What's your name?"
    Before the girl could react, a scream was heard - seemingly from a little girl. Natsuka's head perked upwards, and he'd dash towards the sound that echoed throughout the compact forest. He moved fast trying to locate the girl, his heart pounded with an uncomfortable feeling.
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  6. jade421

    jade421 Previously Sarah316

    Fumi listened as the individual, apparently named Natsuka Senju, introduced himself and also kindly pointed her in the right direction. Fumi smiled at this, and she was about to give her own name before a loud scream filled the air which caught both their attention. Before she knew it Natsuka ran off ahead, likely to go investigate who or what made that noise.

    Fumi considered her options, and while her rational mind told her this was none of her business and she should just go to the village, Fumi could not help herself as she decided to follow about Natsuka to see what the heck made that noise. Mindful of possible danger as she would focus in and keep her eye out for anything out of the ordinary...
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  7. He quickly coursed through the trees, moving through forest; Natsuka leapt from branch to branch. His hair flowed with the wind, and his headband with the leaf symbol upon it had also danced in the intense breeze. He wondered where the girl that he'd spoken had gone, but this was more urgent than that. The trees parted to show an open area of grass - with a large rock in the middle. In front of said rock had been two chunin's, one with red hair and the other brown. A girl stood with her back to the rock and had her hands out in an attempt to fend them off. The two shinobi held real kunai up to her, with stern looks on their faces. "So I heard you've been acting like a brat to my sister," one said with his tongue out. She quivered intensely, she'd shake her head, "Sh-she sta-started it.." she echoed.
    Clearly the two didn't care, as they slowly got closer to the young girl. Natsuka sat perched on a tree away from them, before they could lay a finger on her, he flicked two shurikens at the rocks beside them, startling the two chunin. He dropped off the tree and landed a few meters away from them, hands in his pockets. "Step away from her, " he narrowed his eyes, "Now." They chuckled and then placed their hands on the kunai packs that was attached to the side of their legs.

    "Get lost!" One shouted towards him, Natsuka shook his head. "Fine then. I'll make you." he'd darted towards the one with brown hair, sending a powerful kick towards him, it connected, but only to show a piece of log in his place. Substitution Jutsu... his eyes darted to the red haired chunin, who'd launched at him with his kunai in his hand. Natsuka reacted with his own, their kunai clashed together, making sparks upon impact. Natsuka placed his leg on him, kicking off into a back flip, throwing his kunai at him - which skinned his cheek drawing blood. Before he could turn around, the brown haired one put his arm around his neck, attempting to choke him out. After a few seconds, Natsuka had managed to elbow him in the stomach before he hopped away from them, gasping for air.
    Natsuka clasped his hands together, then murmured "Water Style - Uo Tsuba!" Natsuka spat waves of water pellets at them, being careful to not hit the girl. The red haired kid had been knocked to his feet, although the other one had been able to dodge the pellets. Mist rose from the water he'd shot, Natsuka couldn't see anything through the mist, he'd attempt to squint when suddenly he'd heard the boy call out "Shadow Shuriken Technique!" Although it had seemed like the chunin threw one shuriken, another had been cloaked in shadows beneath the shuriken on top of it. Natsuka easily dodged the first one, but then the other one pierced into his chest. "Nrrgha!" Natsuka dropped to one knee, breathing heavily.
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