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Chronicles of Shadow: A Bionicle Comic

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Flameboltlord, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. O.k.! Welcome to the first bionicle comic on this website!
    [size=20pt]Chronicles of Shadow![/size]

    This is most awsome comic based on bionicles. The main character is none other than Shadow! so i shall stop wasting your time and will let you get on with it.

    [size=20pt]The comics[/size]
    http://www.maj.com/gallery/nicholas/Comics/comic_intro.pngThe Introduction
    http://www.maj.com/gallery/nicholas/Comics/comic_2.pngThe First Attack Thing
    http://www.maj.com/gallery/nicholas/Comics/comic_3.pngShadow's obsession

    [size=20pt]Guest Staring[/size]

    I will acsept 3 Guest Stars at A time(if it fills up just wait untill it empties). Just PM me the following form:
    Mask Color:

    GS 1.
    GS 2.
    GS 3.

    Permanent Guest Starring is a sacred thing. First four people to send a GS form will be able to become a cast member!

    Credit to Innerayg of BZPower for the sprites.

    Oh and please post.
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Oh... dear... God.....

    It's just.... so.... bad.... o.o.........................
  3. uhhh... why is it so bad? please tell me...
  4. skyler

    skyler Guest

    well its like the way i started out sprite comicing you shouldent custom mae the background with in game sprites it just makes it look so bad
  5. i agree, you should use backgrounds but other than that it's fine.
    It makes me laugh alot ;D
  6. Okay, here's some tips:

    - Use speech bubbles
    - Use good backgrounds. Just look at sites and use backgrounds from a game.
    - Make sence. Really, I don't get what this comic is about.

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