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Christmas is Crazy

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dinova, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. ((OOC: The continuation of the events that unfolded in chat! If you have not expressed interest in the RP on the discussion forum or to myself directly, please refrain from posting here.))

    Dinova pulled the red sleigh from the snowdrift that Lyni had caught it in. He righted it, making sure that everything inside was also intact. The others who had signed on to deliver Santa's presents were also getting underway as per Santa's instructions. As he melted snow from the sleigh and righted the sack of toys, he had to assure himself he hadn't drunk way too much eggnog. After Thomas blinded Santa right out of the sky, and apparently evil elves would rule the world, Dinova and a few others had volunteered to deliver the presents in Santa's place. Not the first thing on most people's holiday to-do list, admittedly.

    Santa agreed and soon told them everything that they needed to do to deliver the gifts. Luckily enough for them, Santa had upgraded over the years. His list of all the world's children was conveniently stored on a tablet. His bottomless sack of toys had been sized down to about the size of a duffle. His sleigh actually had a propulsion system that let it hover too, the reindeer where only for steering apparently. The sleigh was even outfitted with sensors, read-outs, and GPS for navigation. There was also a little red button labeled "Naughty" that they had been instructed never to press. The sleigh would nearly fly itself if necessary.

    After making sure that everything was to Santa's specifications, Dinova turned to the group around him, "Alright, before we get airborne we better get our plan straight. Who is gong to be flying and who'll be delivering stuff? We better decide that now so we can keep on schedule."

    ((OOC: Rushed post, sorry for bad-ness))
  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    A ridiculous showboating light show, the sudden appearance of Santa Claus, and the mention of some sort of evil elves...Even with a proper explanation, Mr.RMA was having quite a bit of difficulty understanding just what his companions had just roped themselves up in, but, considering how Michael had already assigned him a job, and it was against his programming to refuse such a command unless the most dire circumstances required it, he was going to just have to try and analyze what he could and do his best to properly assess the situation...

    Michael had told him that he was going to be a part of the team delivering gifts, but his human master seemed to leave out what he himself was going to be doing...likely deliberately, knowing how easily RMA got concerned for his master's safety. For both their sakes, he wasn't going to think too much of that. For now, he was just going to worry about this gift giving business...Though he could hardly see how he was going to be of any help in such a routine. Though he was indeed a service droid, he had never been programmed for parcel delivery via sleigh of all things...Then again, he wasn't programmed to fend off supernatural alien species from different universes either, so...who was he to complain about a little mail job?

    As RMA stood beside his fellow...or rather...more voluntary teammates, he noticed two of them were...unfamiliar faces. What's more, he didn't see either of them at the start of the party. Must've been more victims of the rift or something...though they were taking the sudden appearance quite well...and they were taking the entire Santa thing without question too. Perhaps they were old friends of the others...but whatever the case, he'd probably figure more of that out while they were on the job. As Dinova got the rest of the group's attention and asked who was going to fly and who was going to deliver, RMA slowly raised a hand in the air.

    "Uh...I suppose I could do the flying. I've got a longtime experience with motor skills...sorta...so I should be able to learn how to run this thing eventually, I guess..." He said, almost immediately questioning what he was doing. Sure, he had the human equivalent of 44 years of experience driving cars around, but...a magic sleigh? That was a different beast entirely. Then again, it was still a better idea than trying to handle those gifts and potentially frying one of them...
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Jasper watched amusedly as the one called Dinova pulled the sleigh out into the open. He pondered about everything that he had saw happening, still not sure what to make of it all. Good old Santa had somehow gotten blinded by the light shenanigans this Dinova and another called Thomas were putting on while decorating the area, and after a series of very strange events, he and a few others found themselves in the “sending presents off” group while the rest were going to silence some evil elves or something by… what was it? Kicking some butt? He shook his head. Seriously, kids will be kids, especially around this time of the year.

    “I can help drive too, if it helps,” he said as he stepped forward to volunteer. “Perhaps a bit of help with the wind could, well, help, you know?” He gave a small demonstration by making a bit of the snow around them fly up as he created a breeze in the area before the particles settled back down, his own black leather jacket and darker black hair also ruffling in the wind. Smiling, he continued, “It’ll be great to see the kids’ faces light up as their presents arrive, huh?”

    (OOC: Short and crappy but I'm still trying to figure Jasper out. Sorry ^^; )

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