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'Choose Your Own Adventure' Stories - Fire in the Dark

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Anchiale, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Hello! As mentioned above, this is a choose your own adventure-styled thread, in this thread based around aspiring story developers creating a universe where the players are in control of their actions, with the host/hostess pulling the strings. Up to twenty people can play per round, which can be set as shorter via the host, and the rounds will always end within a month, regardless of the situation.

    1. Players

    All the players will be privately assigned a role with the format as follows.

    Main Goal:

    This is the minimum required of all roles. Other identifiers may be added if necessary, such as specimen or weapon. Title should be something such as Detective or Necromancer, while name is to give the game more of a roleplaying style with something such as Gumshoe or Tara. The goal, of course, is the requirement that must be met to 'win' the game. There can be more than one. This can be something such as this: You must escape the crime scene safely. If the goal is met, the player is alive, and the game has not ended, they should be given a new role as soon as possible.

    Roles should be intended towards a teenage and up environment, and should not be something that would be found in a R rated movie. Names should also be realistic. If the player requests a certain name, the only reason you may decline it is if it is unrealistic or inappropriate.

    The player should be constantly updated on all possible missions.

    2. Goals and Missions

    Goals can consist of but are not limited to the following:
    • Find and eliminate a certain role or player
    • Make sure a certain role or player does not die throughout gameplay
    • Find a certain object
    • Be publicly executed
    • Commit a crime and get away unharmed
    • Convert other players into your role
    • Create a conflict between all players
    • Make sure the defendant gets a guilty verdict
    • Blow up everything
    • Make sure you see a certain player die
    Goals CANNOT:
    • Involve sexual harassment or porn of any kind.
    • Involve a specifically violent death
    • Involve having a baby or pregnancy
    • Be anything similar to the above
    Even if it's not on this list, be reasonable. Not every character can want mass murder. And there shouldn't be a player trying to blow up the bank when the main event is at the library.

    All goals award 6 to 10 points to the player upon completion, depending on difficulty. Mass murder without being found should be ten points, not five. Six points should be something such as theft without being caught.

    Missions are optional goals that will award 1 to 4 points to the player. They can consist of but are not limited to:

    • Shoplifting without being caught
    • Riding a dragon
    • Assist a certain player in crossing the road
    • Stealing candy from a baby
    • Burning down Bob's corpse as stated in his will
    • Get a steel katana
    Missions do not need to be completed to win, and sometimes only appear for a while. Some will be announced to everyone, and some missions will be through private conversation. The same rules for missions are for goals. Be logical when choosing point amount, and do not choose inappropriate missions.

    Always tell the player(s) how many points the mission or goal will take.

    2.5: Points

    At the end of the round, points should be summed up and put on a leaderboard. If a player does not want their name to be on the leaderboard, they should request to do so beforehand. If this is the case, be sure to message them their points. Make sure I am in the conversation, so no cheating is afoot. Or is it ahand?

    What else do points do? As of right now, bragging rights. But there is a possibility that someday they might be useful, so keep track of them! If another player's point count seems unreasonable or suspicious, I should be alerted so that I can check the leaderboards to ensure they are correct.

    3. Hosting a Game

    In this thread, players can both request to host a game and request to join a hosted game. First, hosting will be covered.

    The hosting request form should look like this:

    Round Title: Ex- Salem Witch Trials 2
    Round Summary: Ex- The trial of a supposed witch.
    Minimum to Maximum Players Allowed:
    Estimated Time:
    Other Details:

    If the host does not adhere to their own form during the round, and it is not due to the actions of the player, they will at first be warned and asked to redo the form. If this happens two times in their history, the next round they make where this happens will instantly be ended, without a point count. If this happens a ridiculous amount of times, such as fifty, they will be stopped from hosting.

    The player get to decide their actions throughout gameplay, such as shooting a man or shooting a window down. However, when they say things such as 'Henry aimed his gun towards the window and fired', you have to complete the action with something like 'The glass shattered, revealing a shiny gem', or 'When you fired, you didn't notice that you were slightly above your target and hit a brick instead, making a resonating sound that could be heard for ten miles.' You, in essence, control everything BUT the players themselves. Whether the weapon hits its mark, whether the player is going the right direction, when fog covers everything in sight. That is where YOU come in. If you can't afford the time to do this, you shouldn't host.

    You must also keep track of each player and make sure all information goes to me to ensure nothing fishy went on during the round. If a player does something that obviously is either against the rules or out of their league, I should be alerted so as to...talk with them. If it is serious enough for moderation to be contacted, contact them first. I shouldn't be more important than them in any way if it's that serious.

    Only one round can go on at a time.

    4. Players

    Once a host has been approved of their round, their form will be at the bottom of this post along with a word such as SALMON. For a player to join, they must state that word in a comment noticeably. While 'I choose you, SALMON!' would be acceptable, 'You know, fishing for salmon is one of my favorite hobbies' is not. If you type the latter, the word most be bolded and differentiated from the rest of the text.

    When you are in a round, the host will give you a role. You can roleplay around a little, but do NOT do something completely irrelevant to the round. If you are a doctor in New England, don't go shooting everybody and claiming you're the sheriff. You can do regular people things, however, such as say you're going to sleep or getting groceries.

    Do not complete your actions. Say you are attempting them. If it is physical, the host may decide that you will fail to do so. If they prevent you from doing anything at all, contact me.

    If I'm forgetting anything, please tell me. As for now, good night!

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