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DPPt/HGSS ChimeraFiend's Trade Topic!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by ChimeraFiend, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. this is my trade topic, here are the pokemon that I am looking for, any level, nature, gender, etc.

    Bulbasour (fail to spell it correctly) :p
    Magby (with magamariser)
    Snorunt (preferably shiny, if possible)
    or any shiny pokemon!

    Now, I am ready to offer you, mostly anything that you would like, let's not be too extremist in your demands, and happy trading!
  2. i have a bulbasaur if
    your still interested
    in a trade for a pokemon?
  3. I can get you a treeko, cyndaquil, lotad, and a normal snorunt.
    Do you have anything with some cool egg moves? Otherwise I really need an Explosion TM (TM 64)
  4. xatu I appreciate all of your offers, and I accept them all! I can give you a Larvitar that knows Dragon Dance.
    A Bagon that knows Hydro Pump, Rain Dance and Dragon Dance
    Elekid with Ice Punch?
    a Gible with Iron Head, Rock Tomb and Substitute

    and, I can have any of these pokemon hold TM Explosion.

    Are you satisfied with this?
  5. Absolutely, That's actually more than I anticipated. Are there any particular natures or moves you want. (Natures are easy, Moves might be)
  6. well, if natures arn't that much a problem for you, I would really like a Jolly Treeko, a modest Cyndaequil, and a timid Snorunt.

    That would be best if they had these natures, if not it's no problem!
  7. It's perfectly fine. I have dittos for every single nature. In fact if you need a particular nature ditto, I have like 80 random ones sitting in boxes in emerald.
  8. Omg that would be great! if it's possible, could I have an adamant Ditto, jolly, timid, and Modest plz! In return, I can give you pokemon holding ANY tm's of your choice!
  9. Yea I have extras of each of those. I have a lot of stuff to get done right now so how about Thursday sometime?
    How about Thuder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, Earthquake, and Grass Knot?
  10. you got yourself a deal my friend! i too, am busy, so Thursday will be perfect. how about, 3:30 Central Time??
  11. Sounds like a plan.
  12. hey xatu, if your up for it, would you be intrested in a pokemon battle? like, we could do it right after our trade, if your interested of course.
  13. I don't have a real team, but it might be fun to try out.
  14. Why not, exactly! I have to warn you though, I have a wide range of Well Ev Trained Pokemon... so it won't exactly be a walk in the park if you know what I mean! :p
  15. By my response I actually meant that I expect to lose. I'm in the process of creating a real team since a friend of mine challenged me. Unfortunately he used to compete in tournaments and do fairly well, and I've never battled competitively before. If I actually sit down and work on it, I may have it finished by next week.
  16. alright then we'll push it to whenever you team is ready! lol

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