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Ask to Join Chilled to the Bone (15+) [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by vaultie, May 1, 2018.

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  1. "They steal Pokémon from people, but unlike previous villainous teams, they do not have a specific goal other than to cause trouble and acquire enough money to support themselves. In a stark contrast to other villainous teams, they do not pose a serious threat to the wellbeing of Alola and its residents, the majority of whom consider them thuggish nuisances at worst."

    It's been almost a year since the revival of the infamous "Team Skull". Once led by Ula'Ula's past kahuna, the team's end was met at the hands of the island's Tapu. One young man, however, took it upon himself to band together the survivors and reclaim Team Skull in his name, appointing himself as their leader. His goal isn't clear- but he'll take in any misfit or anyone that shares his views of opposing the restrictive traditions of Alola.

    Word has spread about the rejuvenated Team Skull. Many people only see them as thugs or annoyances, but few are paranoid enough to actually be wary of them- Or more specifically, their Boss. Skull has holed themselves up in Po Town, taking the walled city as their own base of operations, though not exempt from the wrath of Tapu Bulu and it's constant downpour of rain, either.

    No matter what side you're on, be it Skull, a "hero", or just a bystander, one thing is for certain. Team Skull is on the rise, and they won't be stopped any time soon.



    -Standard Pokecharms Rules.
    -Good writing and grammar is CRUCIAL.
    -I mention this RP is 15+ for a reason. Considering the nature of Skull, there's likely going to be a bit of violence, as well as themes of abuse, swearing, drinking, drugs, etc. If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to pass.
    -With that said, try not to go overboard. I want things to be realistic, not edgy.
    -This RP is PRE-SM/USUM, by about a year, give or take. They've just begun to work with the Aether Foundation, and Gladion has ran away and joined as an enforcer already.
    -I will be RPing out Canon Characters for the most part. Guzma, Plumeria, etc. BUT, if you want try RPing a Canon Character, feel free to ask. I'll just have to test you (Unless I know you) to see if you're a good fit.


    Age: (11-20 if in Skull)
    Affiliations: (Team Skull, Aether Foundation, N/A, etc)
    Position: (Put N/A if not a part of any group)
    Positive Traits:
    Negative Traits:
    Pokemon: (PLEASE try to think realistically. I don't want a Grunt with a full team of 6 or a Lucario or a Charizard or something.)
    RP Example: (Please include this in a spoiler to save space)
  2. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy


    : Alex Lathos
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Alex is 5 feet 7 inches tall, he has poorly kept purple hair with purple eyes, and is of an average build (not being really fit, but not terribly unfit). He is often seen wearing a plain white t-shirt, black jeans, a purple scarf and a black trench coat to top it all off. In addition he carries a brown satchel.
    Affiliations: N/A
    Position: N/A
    Backstory: Alex was born in Kanto, he often had arguments with his parents over the his future. He found comfort with a Haunter he had known since the age of 6, when he was given his first Pokeballs his first Pokemon was this very Haunter. He left his parents and went off to try to defeat all the gym leaders. On this journey he encountered a Weedle that was being harassed by a group of Pokemon, he saved the young Pokemon and it joined his team, eventually it evolved into Beedrill. He wasn't doing too well and decided to head home, on his way there he found a very violent Sandslash, he spent days trying to calm it, he succeeded and Sandslash became a part of his team. Half way back home he heard of a ship heading to the Kalos region, he took the ship hoping to find better luck as a trainer there. Once at Kalos rumors arose of a shiny Phantump, Alex searched for the Pokemon and discovered it had an abusive trainer, he was able to free the Phantump but it decided to stay with Alex. Kalos was a similar story to Kanto, he made no progress with defeating the Gym Leaders and so he left to Alola hoping to train up his Pokemon.
    Positive Traits: Alex often goes out of his way to help a Pokemon or person in need. He is a good sport and isn't one to get whine about a losing a Pokemon battle.
    Negative Traits: Alex is easily annoyed and angered, especially if the situation has something to do with the mistreatment of Pokemon.
    Pokemon: Haunter, Beedrill, Sandslash, Phantump (Shiny, if that's alright)
    Other: None
    RP Example:
    Zack walked down the hall talking to himself "You know Zack, why didn't you join First Aid class? I mean it's an important skill to learn." He became quiet, and thought about the question he asked himself as he dragged his hand across the walls of the school, this made a small part of the wall liquefy and fall to the ground. He stopped walking to examine the damage, "Well look what you've done now Zack, you know you should think before acting.", he placed his hands on the wall and attempted to fix it, leaving a few marks in the process. "You know this has given me the time to think, Zack, you didn't join First Aid class because you hate helping people... With that attitude it's a wonder how I made it to Year 9 in school."

    "Well I think I should get to the roof, there shouldn't be anyone there that can annoy me... and if there is well..." Zack began to chuckle as he thought of what he would do. He made it up to the roof took a deep breath in and out, "Finally, peace and quiet, only me and my-", he took a look around and saw a gloomy looking kid and a girl with reptilian features sunbathing. "Well seems like its time for me to deploy Plan-A. The reptile will become agitated and attack me, then Mr. Gloom over there will come over and try to separate us, it shall be beautiful!", Zack made his way to Melusine and said "Hello there my name is Zack.", he then moved his face uncomfortably close to Melusine's face and said "Who might you be?"
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  3. Name: Ace Prowler
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Other then always wearing the Team Skill unform, he has red eyes thanks to color contacts, otherwise they being brown. He has fair skin, and black hair, but dyed it white in favor of Team Skull's leader.
    Affiliations: Team Skull
    Position: One of Team Skull's admins, beside like Plumeria
    Backstory: After failing his last Trial, Ace was too dissapointed in himself to show himself around Melemele Island. He didn't want to be pitied for failing, and told to practice more, or work harder. He stayed on Poni, where he was eventually mugged for his Pokemon. Sifting through Ace's items, they noticed he had yet to receive a Fairium Z, and mocked him for it. After ranting out everything he hated about the Trials the two grunts took interest to him. They snuck him into Po Town secretly. He won constant battles against other grunts and even Trail Go-ers. Thinking Ace stood out, the leader made him Admin, contratulating him on his skills, still unaware on how he became a grunt in the first place.
    Positive Traits: Patient,
    Negative Traits: Persistant
    • Lucario
    • Alolan Marowak
    • Salandit
    Other: N/A
    RP Example: (Please include this in a spoiler to save space)
    Ace grunted, watching two Skull Grunts battle near the Po Town Poke Center. One member had an Alolan Raticate, the other having a Salandit. They made dance moves as the Pokemon Battled, shouting jibberish to one another. Sitting atop the Team Skull Mansion, it was a but hardbit hard for him to see the battle, but it's not like it interested him anyways. Watching the two grunts duke it out got him to thinking, his Salandit, that had yet to evolve. But why? Perhaps it was Salandit's level that kept it from evolving, or perhaps it was a stone that caused it's evolution. Whatever it was, he was determined to find out how to evolve the Poison-Type Pokémon.
    #3 Peachy Ace, May 1, 2018
    Last edited: May 1, 2018
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  4. @McGlitchy looks good! accepted

    @Galacta Ace just fill in the Backstory section and you're good to go

    as for My character...

    Name: Dahlia Oleski
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: 5'5", about 130lbs. She has very fair skin, and doesn't see much sun. Shoulder-length, black hair with cropped bangs, and the tips are bleach-blonde. On the "busty" side, but otherwise in good to average shape. Her eyes are colored magenta, lined black and with heavy mascara and dark eyeshadow. She wears the standard Grunt uniform, with the only alterations being that she likes to crop it and tie it off to the side, and her bra likes to poke out, both the straps and out of the neckline.
    Affiliations: Team Skull
    Position: Grunt (Though a high-ranking one.)
    Backstory: Originally from Konikoni City. She skipped out on doing her trials, had no "secure" future plans, and her parents were very upset about that. After the constant nagging from each of them, she became fed up with her home life, taking essential belongings, her Pokemon, and leaving in the middle of the night. On her own for a couple days, she eventually came across Team Skull. After expressing her disdain towards the trials and her family, they stopped attempting to mug her, instead showing a kinder side and taking her to Po Town to be accepted into the Skull family.
    Positive Traits: Very caring of her brothers and sisters, often takes leadership when others are too cowardly to do so.
    Negative Traits: Has a manipulative side to her, and will often flirt with others to get them to drop their guard or to get something she wants.
    Pokemon: Salandit (Scarlet, F), Alolan Meowth (Mimi, F), Togedemaru (Cookie, F)
    Other: N/A
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  5. Oops, must've missed that part, my bad!
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  6. no problem! i'll give it a bit longer before I put the RP thread up, since I'm currently busy atm with an exam very soon. after that, though, i'll make a starter.

    feel free to suggest any bigger plots you might want, too. atm my plan is just for a kinda "slice of life" type thing, but i'm open to other ideas if ppl wanna take this a certain direction.

    also debating if i should add in AU Atty or if I should keep it to Dahlia only...
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  7. I updated his Backstory, and I wouldn't mind seeing Atty
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  8. tbh u right. this is my rp gdi ill include AU atty.

    : Atlas "Atty" Bennett
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: 5'3.", 145lbs. Pale skin with tints of blushy rose. Wide hips and a thin waist, but not the most muscular either. Dark brown hair in a bob, cinnamon brown eyes. Also wears eye makeup, but tends to wear it a bit lighter than Dahlia, for example. Alternate admin uniform to Plumeria's, instead wearing a cropped tank, frayed black shorts, and gartered thigh-highs. Her skull logo necklace is a pendant on a choker instead of a chain. Also bears a light pink skull logo tattoo on her backside, though will deny it if someone calls it a tramp stamp.
    Affiliations: Team Skull
    Position: Admin
    Backstory: Born in Mistralton City, Unova. She began her career as a trainer at age 10, but couldn't get the hang of things at all. Failure after failure, she constantly traveled in search of an opportunity where she could make something of herself, but it never came to be. After ending up in Alola and trying the Island Challenge, she quickly dropped it after hearing of a rebellious group that opposed the old school traditions. She was quick to act, practically begging to be let in, and hitting a soft spot with the Boss. Although she doesn't share all the views of Team Skull, she finds it to be an improvement in her complicated life. This includes the fact she's going steady with the Boss.
    Positive Traits: Very talkative and protective, always willing to chat with younger grunts to make sure they're doing alright. She's a bit more easier to talk things out with, and doesn't go out of her way to beat down or mug others unless they're being bothersome.
    Negative Traits: Very stubborn, and occasionally childish with her whining. Can also be very petty and doesn't forgive or forget wrongdoings easily.
    Pokemon: Weavile (Ruby, F), Scolipede (Pandora, F), Tama (Midnight Lycanroc, F)
    Other: The Boss's girl. Just saying.
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  9. Name: Tella Teller
    : Female
    Age: (11-20 if in Skull) 14
    Appearance: Tella has pitch black hair held back with a skull clip, draped over her shoulder. She has dark green eyes, along with a long scar across the right side of her head. Tella wears a pitch black vest with neon purple marks all over it seeming as random, along with many other colors. She also wears a pair of long, black jeans. Tella wears an obsidian Z-ring.
    Affiliations: Skull
    Position: High Ranking Grunt/may be promoted.
    Backstory: Tella was always a problem child, so to speak. She was always good at sneaking her way around and getting what she wanted through questionable means. When Tella began her journey, she chose to go to Alola. She began the island challenge, yet quiting it a good bit through. After words, being as young as she was, people began looking down on her even though she had some good skills. Pulmaria saw her and invited her to Team Skull, which she accepted.
    Positive Traits: Sneaking, battling, talking her way out of things.
    Negative Traits: Childish, likes to spray paint.
    Pokemon: Zoroark, Rotom, Decidueye
    Other: Has a Z-ring and a few Z-crystals. Rarely used though.
    RP Example: Can I just say Annual Amile Tournament?
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  10. @Mr.Glaceon yup, you're good.

    i'll be putting up the RP thread soon, so stay tuned.
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  12. Ay I've seen your Guzma artworks around so this doesn't surprise me ;D

    By the way, are z-rings and all that allowed?

    Name: Andrew 'Andy' Dorrington
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 Years
    • 5"8
    • 150 Ibs
    • Light skin
    • Distinctive shaved beard
    • Wavy, light brown hair at about neck length
    • Grey/Green eyes
    • He has slightly above average fitness and an average male physique
    • Tight, black, short-sleeved t-shirt with a Staraptor illustration on it
    • Dusty, blue cargo jeans
    • Black, leather boots with laces

    He basically looks like Sam Claflin.

    Affiliations: N/A
    Position: N/A
    Backstory: Andy was born in the Aloha region and still remains in the same house as both his parents; Alina and Henry Dorrington. He grew up being taught good values and so therefore was kind to everyone. Andy rarely held a grudge against anyone, except at his father a few times as he was hitting adolescence. Overall, he didn't have much going on in his life. He obtained his first starter, a female Rowlet, at the age of 13 and named her Aries (pronounced, 'Arr-ees'). Over the years, he had been travelling but never really attempted the trials. After exploring as much as he could, he decided to journey through Sinnoh and tried out contests. He ended up winning 4 ribbons but couldn't win his 5th one in order to enter the grand festival. It was this region where he caught a Starly he had grown close to and decided to keep it for a while rather than store it in the PC (he named it Codi, after one of his many cousins :0). Andy then travelled through Kalos when he heard of Mega-evolution. He had never managed to obtain any mega-stone but managed to obtain enough badges to enter the Kalos league. He lost in the 2nd round (<-- if you get that reference I will be SO happy ;D).
    He then returned to Aloha (this was recently).
    Positive Traits: Understanding • Initiative • Caring • Positive • Calm
    Negative Traits: Naive • Somewhat lazy • Prone to giving up • Not very adaptive • Easily persuaded
    Aries ☆ Decidueye ☆ Female
    Often unenthusiastic and harsh with others. She gets irritated at how soft her trainer is but Andy is the only person she actually tries to tolerate.
    Codi ☆ Staraptor ☆ Male
    He's pretty sure of himself but his pride can lead to many problems. Codi is very playful with his trainer.
    Felix ☆ Arcanine ☆ Male
    He's even softer than his own trainer. Felix loves hugs and napping.
    Other: ehh
    Andrew slowly opened his eyes as sunlight bled into his room. He dragged himself up as he wiped his messy hair back and rubbed his face. Looking up at the end of his bed, he could see that his shirt wasn't there. It was usually there so someone obviously took it. Someone...
    A blur of orange and pale fur appeared suddenly from the end of the bed and Andy found himself lying back down, pinned under the weight of his Arcanine - Felix. "Oh darn, that was a funny trick. Now can I please have my shirt? I don't fancy walking around town shirtless, you know?" He laughed as he pulled the black shirt from Felix's jaws. Felix himself gave a low, happy bark and sat back, allowing Andy to sit back up and put his shirt on. He wriggled his legs from underneath Felix and finally got out of bed. "Today's another day, buddy." Andy said as he pulled open his drawer.
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  13. @Senrova accepted!

    and yes, z-rings are allowed, especially if youre a regular trial-goer. There's probably only a slim amount of Team Skull that own and can use a Z-Ring, though, considering their entire thing is being Against the trials.
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  14. Alrighty, I'm not the most knowledgable when it comes to z-crystals though so I won't be using them. Actually, I can say that Andy came back to Alola (not Aloha, I misspelled that in the form dang it), to do the trials or something.
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  15. @Galacta Ace psst, heads up that Plumeria actually has her own room in the mansion. and considering Atty's position... lbr shes probably sharing a bed with Guzma.
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  16. Oh, huh... Alright then, I'll fix my post then, give me a minute or so
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  17. Name: Gershwin "Gers" Adams
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Gers is a 6' tall, Caucasian male with brown hair and blue eyes. Very skinny with crooked teeth, he has a scar down his right cheek from a bicycle accident caused by his sadistic older brother. He wears the typical Skull grunt attire with a black beanie and has three Pokeballs on his belt. He hides his Z-Ring from his trial in his beanie.
    Affiliations: Team Skull
    Position: Mid-level Grunt
    Backstory: Gershwin "Gers" Adams didn't have the best life growing up. Born in a trailer park on the outskirts of Po Town, Gers was the runt of 5 boys. Gers' father showed immense favoritism towards Gers' older brothers while relatively ignoring Gers. Gers' mother, however, showed him nothing but love and support growing up.

    While he nearly matched them in height, his older brothers were much stronger and constantly picked on him, creating an inferiority complex that has stuck with him into adolescence/adulthood and giving him a big scar down his cheek from a prank gone awry. His only advantage over them was that he was smarter. He excelled in school and at the age of 13 was offered a scholarship by Professor Kukui to take the Island Challenge, receiving a Rowlet as his first Pokemon, which he named Robin. Gers finally had a chance to escape his old life!

    He progressed through the challenge, catching a Rockruff (named Scoobs) and a Vulpix (named Snowball) until horrible news brought his challenge to a screeching halt: his mother had died from a stray Fire Blast in a turf war between Team Skull and another gang. Gers returned home to his grieving family, putting his challenge on a hiatus. His brothers, minus his eldest brother, Sam, finally accepted him in. His father, however, became abusive towards Gers and his brothers and was eventually thrown in prison for armed robbery.

    It was after that Sam became as abusive as his father, cutting Gers down to the point where he gave up on his Island Challenge completely and joined Team Skull at the command of his older brother. Now, four years later, Gers is a mid-level Grunt in the team, trying his best to keep his head down. He longs for the day that he can escape Po Town to get back to his challenge and leave his old life behind forever.
    Positive Traits: Believes in the good of everyone, great battling abilities, very intelligent, loyal, witty
    Negative Traits: Inferiority complex, lack of motivation, addiction to cigarettes, gets angry when people make fun of his Island Challenge attempt.
    Pokemon: Robin (Rowlet), Scoobs (Rockruff), Snowball (Alolan Vulpix)
    RP Example:
    Gers stared down his opponent, his blue eyes downtrodden with the thought of failure. The opposing Rockruff slowly treaded back and forth, snarling, waiting for his opponent to appear. Gers grabbed his first pokeball off of his belt, and threw it into the air, his beanie nearly falling off.

    "Get him, Robin!" he yelled, as the pokeball opened. Robin, a small Rowlet, appeared in a flash of light, turning his head to face his Trainer. Gers pointed at the Rockruff and commanded, "Use Razor Leaf!"

    Robin flapped his wings and unleashed a barrage of razor-sharp leaves, cutting into his opponent and bringing him to his knees.
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  19. Name: Touko "Tou" Poppyfrost
    Gender: Femals
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Touko has pink-brown hair, pale skin and maroon eyes. She has quite a curvy frame, a small nose, and her eyes are strangely absent of any sparkle- except when she is happy. Her hair comes to a few inches below her shoulders. She wears a black tank top, dark grey ripped jeans, and has a Team Skull pendant.
    Affiliations: Team Skull
    Position: Grunt
    Backstory: She is a young member of Team Skull, and has pretty bad morals. Her entire family are Team Skull members, and she descends from Po Town. She has a sort of affinity for stealing because her family was so poor, and as a result moves very quietly. She enjoys venturing out of Po Town to spy and gather information, as well as swiping things.
    Positive Traits: intelligent, stealthy, loyal, creative
    Negative Traits: Kleptomaniac, rude, pessimistic, snappy
    Name: Serpentine
    Species: Snivy
    Gender: Female
    History: Touko stole and egg from a Pokémon Daycare, and inside happened to be this Snivy. Serpentine, as Touko named her, became close trusted friends with Touko and became a thief just like her owner. Overall, Serpentine and Tou are very, very similar.
    Personality: Serpentine is sort of neurotic and will panic if anything goes off track.
    Other: Touko is constantly rather tired, and is very pessimistic. She can be quite snappy and rude sometimes, and is very defensive of those she doesn’t know- though once you get to know her, and if she trusts you, she has the tendency to ramble. She has social anxiety, which makes her very paranoid.
    RP Example:
    Touko was curled up, her maroon eyes shut tight. As she stirred, her body began to convulse, and with a hoarse, wheezing exhalation, she awoke. Instinctively, the girl grabbed at the ground, after having been floating in water, and she coughed, violently- and found she was grappling at sand, scraping between her fingernails, slipping between her outstretched fingers like water. She felt very, very sore- her chest, especially. But before she could even think about her own wellbeing, after having shakily got to her feet, the girl found that her beloved Snivy was nowhere to be found. "No..." she murmured, her voice croakily hitching in her throat as she desperately attempted to speak more. Her words were scratchy, but she let out another violent cough, and clearly spoke, "Serpentine?!"

    As if on cue, her sight befell a green pile, not too far from where she was stood. She attempted to run but her dizziness eventualy got the best of her and she fell to her knees, just beside Serpentine. To her delight, the Snivy too began to stir, and she picked up her partner-in-crime, giving her a hug. Serpentine nuzzled into her Trainer and friend, smiling.

    The next thing that Tou was missing was not quite as important as her Pokemon parter, but she realised just as quickly- the very thing she got on that stupid boat to collect. There was sure to be rich snobs on it, and there were- Tou had taken delight in relieving them of their most expensive possessions, but the bag she had carried- disguised as a regular Pokeball bag- was missing- sorely, so. And this time, it was nowhere to be found.

    "No, my loot!" cried the girl, her eyes widening. She looked, and looked, and looked, but to no avail. Somehow she had suspected that the search would be fruitless, but she held on to some hope. Alas, as for now that hope was gone. Curiously, the girl looked around, her strangely-coloured eyes narrowing at the sight of the island- quite beautiful, yet... something amiss. Serpentine knew so- the Snivy was running around her legs, quaking furiously in panic. Gently, she picked up her friend, giving her a hug.

    "Ah, great. We're surrounded by goodies," growled the Team Skull member to her Snivy. "Now how about we go... relieve them of some weight. If they even have any."

    NOTE: i'm not 15 but i am turning 15 in exactly a month, could you still accept me?
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  20. @tokyomustard accepted! the 15+ rating is just more of a warning if anything given possible themes, so don't worry.
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  21. Name: Kale Lanthorn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Kale has scruffy, light brown hair and green eyes. He has a little above average musculature, and stands at 5'5.5". Kale has multiple scars on his chest and back from being attacked by a group of Beedrill, which is mostly covered by his shirt. Kale wears a blue t-shirt with a Blastoise on it, and cargo shorts. He often carries a backpack with various small camping supplies, and some rope.
    Affiliations: N/A
    Position: N/A
    Backstory: Kale grew up in the Kanto region, specifically Saffron City. His parents were a Black Belt and Crusher Girl, and ran the Fighting Dojo. They taught Kale two main martial arts, Kan-To-Do and Johto Jujitsu. He's pretty skilled at them. When he was 9, Kale got lost in Viridian Forest in the summer. It was a very good summer for Beedrill, and the young Kale found that he had wandered into a hive. Luckily, a trainer managed to save him, but not before Kale had received large slashes on his back, stomach, and arm. The whole fiasco left Kale with huge fear of Bug Pokemon, so much so that he tends to run away from seemingly harmless ones.

    While Kale was recovering from the Beedrill attack, Kale received an Emolga from his aunt that lived in Unova. He named it Shine, and the pair became fast friends. Later, at the age of 12, Kale made friends with a wild Nidoran Female that had gotten hopelessly lost from it's parents, and named it Nina. As for the Onix, Kale managed to befriend it in Rock Tunnel.

    Kale is in Alola now because his Aunt Izzy from Unova was going on vacation there, and invited Kale to come with her.
    Positive Traits: Has skills in martial arts, has a good moral compass, is relatively understanding, adventurous.
    Negative Traits: Is terrified of Bug Pokemon. Gets scared easily. Dissociates when fighting.
    Pokemon: Shine the Emolga, Nina the Nidoran Female, and Slate the Onix.
    Other: About the fighting styles Kale knows. Kan-To-Do revolves around different strikes according to different forms, based on Pokemon. There's Raticate, Fearow, Arbok, Primape, Cloyster, Gengar, and Arcanine. Johto Jujitsu, on the other hand, revolves around grapples and pins, as well as ground combat. As for Kale's fear of bugs, small bugs and bugs with trainers aren't that bad for him, only making him feel very nervous. But large bug Pokemon, even ones that have trainers, are enough to make him turn tail and run. When Kale gets scared, he starts to stammer.

    Rp Example: Can I just say Alola World Festival, even though it doesn't have Kale?
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  23. Name: Darcy "Darce" Higgins
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Appearance: She has short black hair with longer side bangs (look at Asuza from Soul Eater if this description isn't helping XD I can't describe it very well). She is 4'08" (1.4 m) and is kind of muscular from her time lifting weights to make herself seem less of a mat to walk on. She is pale white, and doesn't have any other extra clothing on besides what she has on her back at the moment of the RP. She has on black combat boots with black tights and dark grey shorts with a white trainer belt. She also has a black cropped shirt with a dark grey tank top. She is quite the goth, if you hadn't noticed by her clothes. She has brown eyes, and has dark purple and black eye shadow with mascara on, and her nails are painted a dark purple. Oh yea, and black lipstick.
    Affiliations: Team Skull
    Position: Initiate
    Backstory: She used to live with pretty strict parents when she was in Kanto. They weren't healthily strict, either. They were more "if you don't do this, you get into trouble, even if it is the most trivial thing on the planet". When Darcy went through the goth phase, her parents allowed her to buy these clothes and stuff, but when they realized what she had become, they stopped her from ever seeing her friends because they thought they were the cause of this. They kept her hold up in the house, even going as far as taking anything that was metal. They tried to control her life, to make her a better person and not become goth. After awhile, they realized that this was just a phase, but three years have passed, and Darcy is still going down the spiral of the goth stage, becoming dark-spirited and mean from her parents enforcing strict rules, like "have to be in your room by 9 and asleep by 10. Can't listen or watch certain shows or movies, and have to watch stuff that's G rating, and hardly any PG movies. Can't see friends. Can't go on social media. Will confiscate phone if found by the parents and they'll search through it, making sure she isn't doing anything she's not supposed to. Talking out of turn when the adults are talking will get you slapped. Can't go out adventuring and keep Pokemon in the Poke Balls when entering the house." Basically all that. They've even compared her to her cousin, who is a goody-two shoes and she hates him because he is "so much better than her".

    After living a dreary life in Viridian City, her parents decided to do something nice for a change. Go to Alola for a vacation with their daughter. Seeing this as some sort of strange occurrence, Darcy reluctantly agreed to go. When they got there, they had some fun, going through the different areas of Alola. She even cracked a smile. When they made it to Ula'Ula Island though, Darcy saw that her parents were acting funny. They weren't as nice and happy when they had first arrived in Alola and the reason behind it became very apparent when they tore Darcy away from a group of thugs, known as Team Skull. She wondered why they were acting like that and they told her not to go anywhere near them. Not wanting to get oppressed again and seeing the same look in her parents' eyes from back in Kanto, she tore herself from them and fled, not wanting to deal with them. Angered, her father spat some not-so-nice things, which made Darcy want to go even less. She had tried to find a way into Po Town that could get her into the gang, but none as of yet. Mainly because she had no idea how to go up to the people. Maybe she can find some way now. She can't exactly go back now, as her parents have ditched her, seeing that she was apparently "dead" to them.
    Positive Traits: She follows orders pretty well, despite not wanting to follow orders. She can be very sneaky when she has to and her white lies are second to none (either believable by tone, circumstance, or just not giving it away). She can be quite nice, but only if the person is nice to her and if they gain her respect. She is kind towards her Pokemon and loves to play with them, as they were her only friends growing up. She also has a thing for Poison- and Dark-Types (and may look up to Plumeria when she meets her and will see her as her mother in some aspects, but like a nice mother). She is quite intelligent when it came to making plans and using the opponent's strengths against them.
    Negative Traits: She is usually very mean, especially if someone calls her Darce (only Plumeria and sometimes Guzma and Atty can call her that). She doesn't like it when people get bullied and will do anything to stop them, even if it means getting into trouble with local law enforcement. All of her repressed thoughts and actions can bubble up to the surface (raging hormones don't help, either), and she can be quite a handful when she loses it. She has anger management problems, and will only calm down if someone she trusts tries to stop her.
    Pokemon: Ekans (Nathair, F)
    Other: She is planning on capturing a female Salandit, an Alolan Grimer, an Alolan Meowth, a Mareanie, and a Pancham in the RP, if that's alright.
    RP Example: I mean... All those Alola World Festival posts, and Annual Almia Tournament, and Bone'd, and..... Yea XD
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  24. @Pretty Pichu accepted! (and dont worry i saw your stuff on discord and the changes you made look all good)
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  25. Now, a thing to worry about XD initiation and how Team Skull will handle it XD also, how many moves can our Pokemon learn? The usual 4 or more?
  26. wanna take a different and more casual approach than i typically do, so im allowing Pokemon to have 4+ moves, given that theyre within the range of their movepool to begin with. also taking levels/evolutions into account, like a Salandit would probably use Ember instead of Heat Wave, for example.

    and for initiation, i figure what happens is that Guzma makes whoever wants to join battle. usually its against another grunt, but occasionally he'll force them to battle an admin or even himself. him and the admins don't lose easily, but Guz will still accept someone if they put up a good fight.
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  27. Alrighty :3 is it possible to get into Po Town unseen? Also wanting to give her a Poisonium Z, but through one of the admins, like Plumeria. I don't know how, but something like that.
  28. id imagine its possible to get in unseen if the grunts outside end up getting distracted, yeah. orrr if you're willing to climb up those huge walls around the town, but i'm pretty sure option 1 is far easier.

    it might be easy to get inside unseen, but chances are someone might notice when youre actually inside, unless for whatever reason you end up taking the long ways around and avoid the open streets.
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  29. @Pretty Pichu you could have her get inside and encounter Tella. We can have her act like your oc is part without a uniform on, for which Tella would get her one if you want.
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  30. She isn't a part of Team Skull, yet. Which is why she is being sneaky. Nobody has ever seen her face before, either, so I doubt that Tella would accept her with open arms.

    EDIT: oh I get what you're saying XD whoops
  31. Like mistake her for part of skull, as nobody else goes to Po town. Kinda like in HGSS.

    Edit: Newbie. You claim to be new.
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  32. I know thats supposed to be some kind of kiss face, but I always see it as a butt chin.
    Gonna work on the post though.
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  33. XD that's not a kiss face, that's a cat face XD this is a kiss face: o3o
  34. When I get home I’m going to take a serious look at this~

    I can play Gladion or an OC but I’ll have to think about the latter.
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  35. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'll be dropping out of this RP. It's nothing against the RP in general, just the amount of people who have joined. I find that with more people who've joined, the harder it is to respond, either being a whole page of responses of other RPers, or there being too many characters to keep track off, I don't think I'll be able to respond frequently, so I guess I'll inform you few now while I have the chance. I'm terribly sorry for the inconveniences I may have brought.
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  36. @Galacta Ace actually I feel the same way. My character is one of the few who aren't in team skull and I really don't like 'big crowds' in a roleplay :'D

    I'll be keeping track and seeing where I can add my character in though ;D
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  37. I just realized that I haven't played Pokemon Sun/Moon/US/UM, so I know little to nothing about Alola XD
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  38. if you have any questions, feel free to ask and ill do my best to provide an answer, considering the only gen 7 game i dont own out of the 4 is just Sun.
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  39. Name: Gladion
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Untamed blonde hair shaved on one side, but left loose on the other. His resting expression appears annoyed, his green eyes boring into those nearby. He wears a black hoodie and black shirt/pants, both ripped. His shoes are red, as is the pouch resting on his hips. He is also relatively average height for his age, 5'4".
    Affiliations: Team Skull
    Position: Enforcer
    Backstory: Gladion's childhood was relatively normal for the first several years of his life. His mother and father were loving, caring parents, but they were often absent; leaving Gladion and his sister, Lillie, in the care of others.

    His father was the head scientist of the Aether Foundation, an organization dedicated to the preservation of injured Pokémon. However, in the interests of keeping their organization afloat, they heavily invested in their research. Gladion's father, Professor Mohn, was a cutting-edge scientist, diving into the fields of the unknown. A strange portal to another world was discovered, and even more terrifyingly, occasionally dangerous Pokémon would appear from them. The professor sought to uncover the mysteries of the Ultra Wormhole.

    Before his research was completed, Mohn was lost to the very thing he studied. The Aether Foundation began their project in order to combat the extraterrestrial threats. In the process, Gladion's mother, Lusamine, was driven mad.

    Her insanity became increasingly apparent as time passed. It was almost as if something corrupted her being, amplifying her negative traits. The project was soon deemed a failure by the Foundation, however Gladion knew that if his mother planned to force open an Ultra Wormhole, this project was the only chance he had at stopping her.

    Gladion began working for Team Skull in the interest of supporting himself financially.

    Positive Traits: Determined, Intelligent, Kind
    Negative Traits: Stubborn, Warped Morality, Off-putting, Loner
    Pokémon: Umbreon
    RP Example: If you need this I can include it. :U
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