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Ask to Join Children of Beasts Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Iced_Tae, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. You are the child of either a monster and human or a monster and another monster. Our kind live in a place called the Ecliptic Forest where full humans are not allowed. But even half humans are looked down upon by the pure bloods.

    Here is the link to the official RP:


    All Pokecharm rules apply
    Your character doesnt have to be a monster they can be something like a mythical creature
    Romance is allowed but only up to a kiss
    Cursing is definitely allowed

    >Character Sheet<
    Physical Appearence:
    Beast Appearence:

    →My Character←
    Name: Mizuki Kitsura
    Age: 18 (actually over 1,000's of years old)
    Species: Kyuubi/Kitsune
    Physical Appearence: long white hair, vibrant blue eyes, fair porcelain like skin, has the perfect body, and she always has the scent of cherry blossoms
    Beast Appearence: when she transfroms into her beast form, Mizuki's ears pop out and and nine tails appear on her back and her blue eyes turn into a piercing yellow color, but she can also transform into a full kyuubi and in that form shes a large white fox with nine tails and her blue eyes turn a bright yellow
    Abilities: with every person or thing she kills she consumes their soul and uses the souls shes consumed to make that thing or person rise from the dead and she is able to manipulate people for short period of time but she is able to cause her victims to hallucinate, in kyuubi form wisps of flames appear at each of her tails and shes able to burn evil enteties,
    Backstory: she is the heiress of the Kitsura clan which is one of the most powerful beast families. Shes earned the nicknames "Lady Kitsune" and "Priestess Mizuki".
    Other: known for not only her beauty but also for her power
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  2. Name: Kritanta (Meaning Death)
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Devil Bird
    Physical Appearance: ???
    Outfit: ???
    Beast Appearance: Spot bellied Eagle Owl
    Abilities:The Devil Bird, locally known as Ulama, is a cryptid of Sri Lanka said to emit bloodcurdling human-sounding shrieks in the night from within the jungles. In Sri Lankan folklore, it is believed that the cry of this bird is an omen that portends death. Its precise identity is still a matter of debate although the spot-bellied eagle-owl matches the profile of Devil Bird to a large extent.
    Backstory: N/A
    Other: N/A
  3. Accepted
  4. Name: Atreus Lycan
    Age: 20
    Species: Werewolf
    Physical Appearance: Cream colored skin, long elegant Black hair tied in a ponytail, sharp teeth, Orange wolf like eyes that glow when angered or about to transform (or both), decently muscular (and slightly hairy) body which stands at 5'8".
    Outfit: His attire consists of a Black hoodie with two brown leather straps crossing over the chest, Charcoal baggy pants, Brown fingerless gloves, Brown belt and Black leather boots.
    Beast Appearance: Humanoid wolf like being that stands at almost 8 feet tall, yet slouches which can mistake his true size. His fur is jet Black with a few hints of Grey across the lower arms and legs, his claws are almost the same size as dagger blades and his eyes turn to a full glowing Orange almost as if they were on fire. He stands and walks on two feet but runs on all fours.
    Personality: He is calm, stoic, rude and blunt who prefers to keep to himself, this is mainly because he doesn't have full control over his wolf form. He can get angered very easily although he tries to hold it in as he may end up killing someone in a blind rage. When in battle, he prefers to fight honorably in hopes he would 'redeem' himself from the savage slaughters his blind rage drags him through. When is wolf form, he becomes unimaginably violent and is difficult to calm down.
    Abilities: Greatly enhanced reflexes, sense of smell and sound as well as great adaptability. These abilities increase greatly when he transforms and his presence is told to be extremely terrifying even to other werewolves. He mainly transforms when angered, but if not, his anger may show signs such as growing claws or growling like a starving wolf. He is an expert in hand to and combat and has a very high alcohol tolerance.
    Backstory: Born into a proud clan of werewolves known as the Blood Moon clan, Atreus was trained since birth to become a worthy successor to the chief of the clan. However this was made difficult over how much anger issues Atreus had along with the power coming from said anger. Some time after his eighteenth birthday, his clan was attacked by a rival clan over control of the land. The Blood Moon can was victorious, however not without the consequences of Atreus' blind rage which butchered thousands of the rival clan's members and unintentionally wounding the chief of the Blood Moon clan. This caused Atreus to be exiled from the clan until he was able to control the powerful beast within him.
    Other: Since his exile, he gained a reputation which named him "The Bloodhound"
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  5. Name: Trevor
    Age: 17
    Species: human-dragon (basically a human that can turn into a dragon like "american dragon". This has nothing to do with dragons mating with humans).
    Physical appearance: different colored eyes (one green and one red). 5'9 in height. Black hair. A few scars over his body from numerous fights with monsters.
    Outfit: a purple hoodie and torn jeans. A ring on his right hand.
    Beast appearance: a black and red fairly small dragon. The only human-like left on him in this state is his eyes which keep the original color. He have spikes all lined up on his back. He walks on four legs when he's full dragon-mode. In dragon-mode he's the size of a Nightfury (from how to train your dragon).
    Personality: easily triggered. And will fight you if you piss him off. But it's more likely that his glare will scare you away before you piss him off enough.
    Abilities: can shoot fire out of his mouth, even in human mode for short periods of time. Super human strength. His senses are also enhanced. In dragon-mode he can obviously fly.
    Backstory: was orphaned as a 4 year old. His mom had left him by the brink of the Ecliptic Forest to die when she found out what he could do. He never understood his mother's actions and just felt betrayed, angry, sad and scared. After that he wandered the forest alone and kept away from the bigger monsters while killing the smaller ones for food. He survived that way. Eventually he began questioning himself and ended up hating certain creatures for no reason whatsoever. He knew this was hatred directed towards his mother but she wasn't around so he began hating on other creatures.
    Other: has a reputation in the Forest of being cruel and everyone who knows about him have started to dislike him
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  6. Accepted
  7. Accepted
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  8. Name: Sekho
    Age: Unknown (For his Species, he is a teenager. His Race is one of this long-lived)
    Species: Drider (Monster similar to Centaur. Half-Dark Elf and Half-Spider)
    Physical Appearance: (in the ilusion only) he looks like normal Dark Elf, he looks like well-builed Young man with white short Hair and silver eyes.
    Outfit: He wears Black iron armor and he have white ring on the right hand middle finger.
    Beast Appearance: He Looks like in his ilusion but with one exception, he has a black spider's abdomen instead of legs with his 8 legs, he is 9,2 ft long and 6,8 ft tall
    Personality: He is a Explosive but smart creature who is hiding in his Lair. Sometimes someone come to him for help and he will help them or kill the visitors.
    Abilities: Driders are strong and fast beasts. They can use ilusion to fight and hunt but they can only change by it only the appearance of things. They Main weakness is light of sun, it doesn't killing him but It weakens him very much. He can create False Darkness to surround him and protect but this takes a lot of his energy and he can't use it for a long time. He have (like some spiders) Fangs covered with poison, he using it to paralyze his prey or opponent.
    Backstory: every Drider is a Cursed Dark Elf, who's parents did big crime for their Race in past. Sekho already forget what his parents did. He lived in cave nearby to Elf Forest but one day Humans burned to the ground the Forest and elfs with it, after that Sekho attacked and destroyed the humans Village then he came to Ecliptic Forest and found for him a Cave to be his new home. He sometimes gets a guests with the request to help them and he's helping them or killing them, he never go too far away from his cave becouse he is aware that if someone from stronger monsters than his guests will find him then he won't have peaceful life(becouse he is Treated as half human)
    Other: in the Forest he started to be some kind of legend becouse he never go far away from his Cave and if he left it then only to hunt.
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  9. Accepted
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  10. I don't understand how that could be considered human though
  11. @Red Gallade Trevor isn't dragon-like right now. His in the human form.

    Also, i won't be able to post for a while now. I'm sorry :(
  12. My mistake, I'll go ahead and edit.
  13. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Alexander (Alec) Bane
    Age: 17 ( but he is technically 3000ish [depending on the year this roleplay takes place] as warlocks are immortal)
    Species: Warlock
    Physical Appearence: Average build, purple hair in the style of a high fade with fohawk and design (look it up if interested in what it looks like), yellow cat eyes and a tail.
    Outfit: Black loafers, a brown suit with a purple tie and a white shirt, a beige trench coat and a medallion with a depiction of Hades on it that his mother gave him.
    Beast Appearence: N/A
    Abilities: Magic
    Backstory: Alec was born in 1018BC in greece, he was hidden by his mother as he had cat eyes and a tail, his magic abilities manifested at 17, this included his immortality. He moved to the human town near the Ecliptic Forest, where he became a healer in 1867.
    Other: Warlocks are immortal, they are the children of humans and demons, they can not have children and they all have a mark known as a warlock mark, like cat eyes, gills or a tail.
  14. I didn't receive any notifications on this thread, so I'm really far behind.
  15. Oh but you didn't miss much. The situation right now is that Trevor was left alone by the smoke. The other monsters took off towards a castle i think it was. Anyway, Trevor is pretty annoyed by now so if you're gonna interact with him, it'll probably come to a fight
  16. Accepted
  17. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Name: Karakasa
    Age: 19 (Actually 900 around his species time.)
    Species: Karakasa-Obake/Human
    Physical appearance: Short light brown hair, tiny black top hat, Brown eyes, blonde skin, Always holding a straw Umbrella, skinny body, wooden shoes, He smells of chocolate.
    Beast Appearance: Karakasa takes on the appearance of his true form: A Karakasa-Obake. His Umbrella presses down on him, revealing a eye. The stick for holding it turns into a leg with a wooden shoe on. His tongue grows in length, and his fingers fuse to make three finger with claws. The top hat remains on top of his 'head', while his tongue is a deep maroon. His straw umbrella top covers his leg, showing only his foot and shoe. His smell of chocolate is still present, but it's now mixed with vanilla scented candles.
    Abilities: He can jump very highly, and drift through the winds. He can also grab things with his tongue, and read minds with his eye(s). When he sticks up to look like a umbrella, he makes a short ranged barrier in which cannot be broken unless he pops back down.
    Backstory: He drifts through the winds, following wherever they take him. He prefers to be completely isolated from other monsters, as he calls himself a 'freak who should not be seen'. This makes him slow to open up to people.
    Other: Always hanging out in storms and windy areas.
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