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cheats: good or bad?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by cbosma9, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. i have a friend so uses cheats on his pokemon games and im wondering if cheats are good or bad?
  2. Cheats are a tool. You can choose to use an action replay, pokesav, etc. to change your game or completely break it. Lots of people agonize over whether cheating is "wrong", but personally I think that it doesn't matter unless your use of said cheats is affecting someone else's gameplay experience.

    So basically: do what you want, just ruin the game for other people, e.g. don't use your hacked pokemon in tournaments.
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    My thoughts exactly. I know lots of people who hax their games for whatever reason, and that's their personal choice. If it's not hurting anyone else, there's really nothing wrong with it. Although, I must admit, when people tell me that they cheated to get through a game/beat a hard boss/etc. I have little respect for their acomplishment. XD

    Now, if you're using cheats in a public game - ie. an MMO, haxed Pokemon in battles against other human players - then, yeah, I think it's definitely wrong, unless the people you're playing with know you're cheating and are okay with it.
  4. Well, the only reason I use cheats is to

    A. Get Pokeballs of a certain kind, I like to have certain pokemon in certain balls, it just looks neater (example: Arcanine in Great Ball)
    B. All Tms. We all know there are at least 1 of each tm in a Pokemon game, but sometimes I want to teach a certain move to more than one Pokemon (e.g., Earthquake).
    C. I also do it to get a certain pokemon I want, never anything with impossible stats, just a normal hack. I may sometimes use this to get the other starters.
    D. Shinies. Okay, I may in the wrong here, but I just like some of the shinies better that the originals, Like my Umbreon, so I may cheat for that.

    Yeah yeah I know I'm a cheater, I just want to enjoy my game with the critters I like.
  5. Cheats are good because:
    1. They can help you beat the game quicker
    2.They can make your friends jelous
    Cheats are bad because
    1. They can make your system crash/freeeze
    2. They can totally ruin your game

    Now, I would recommend not using cheats because of the bad things that I listed. What I do is cheating by looking up stuff like How to catch Arceus without using cheats in pokemon pearl.
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  6. Cheats are bad because the make the others angry for example your pokemon is good after a hard training and your friend's pokemon is better because of the cheats.He didn't spend hours for training to be proud of it.That's not make a pokemon fan "fan" but cheater who don't respect the other tiredness from several hours of training.If you don't use cheats you feel fill inside of you that you have done something good for yourself and you want to be better with testing pokemon in battles and strategies.That's my opinion.
  7. Rex

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    It is a known fact that I Hack my games through the use of an Action Replay and a Gameshark. Cheats are easy to use, help you complete games faster, and, for some people, makes the game more enjoyable, since you have complete control over events. My team in HeartGold is minorly hacked, just to get the Pokemon themselves and to get the move sets I wanted. The few people I do battle know that the team is hacked, if only just a little. I have never had my data corrupted because of hacking, and my DS is the only thing that freezes, and only when I apply force to the Action Replay itself.

    Pokasus, I don't see how respect factors at all. Hackers work just as hard as a person who does it the old fashioned way, our effort is just focused somewhere else. And, actually, I feel sorry for myself when I am forced to work for hours on end on something I could easily do in five minutes. There is no 'good feeling' when you do it the old fashioned way, likewise, there is no 'bad feeling' when you do cheat. But it all comes down to personal opinion, I cheat and I am proud of it.
  8. :-X i think cheats are OK but if you use them WAY tooo much it makes the game too easy i like a lil chalenge but in pokemon i usaly use the 999 master ball cheat and thats it just sooo if my pokemon are not that strong i can just capture them like that sooo yeah i guess cheats are OK but using them way tooo much can make the game boaring and too easy
  9. If you ask me, they are good AND bad. I only used to use them to get shinys, get all TMs, or get any Pokemon I need. (Used to, I have a DSi now.) I don't like cheating, but I NEED a shiny Jumpluff! If I had to give my opinion, I would say cheats are BAD.
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    I'm with Keleri and Katie on this matter.

    Personally I avoid cheating unless something is far more of a pain in the posterior for what it's worth (like repetitive level-grinding) or if I'm doing a second playthrough of a more linear game for storyline purposes only, in which case I may use cheats to speed things up a little.
  11. Cheats are so bad not good!!!!!
  12. I say beat the game once without it and you're free to do whatever you please. Nobody can say anything either because you have proven capable of beating the game without the cheats. So have at it!
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    I'm afraid this topic is long past dead... as the forum told you when you posted. Please read that big red message next time :)

    Warned, topic locked.
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