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Chasing After Snowstorms (Pokemon Fanfic)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Kalseng, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. This is my pokemon fanfic titled "Chasing After Snowstorms" It is about a young boy, Coy, his sister, Emma, and another character who pops up later in the story. I made this fanfic two chapters at a time, I'll be posting them one chapter at a time though. This is the first chapter, in all its shining glory. (Pfft. Yeah right.)

    Chapter One

    Coy woke up to the morning sun as it trickled through the window and danced gently on his eyelids. As he opened his eyes, Coy stretched and yawned as he sat up in his bed. His sheets were strewn everywhere, as always. Still half-asleep, Coy began to make his bed. As he finished, he took a glance at his room, which had pokemon-oriented paraphernalia scattered about.

    He had posters up in his room of three of the Johto gym leaders. His three favorites, of course. First was Falkner. He was up on a large poster with violet in back, and giant bird
  2. Another chapter. Yay.

    Chapter Two

    Coy was on the route to Violet City, while houndour nipped at his heels. Coy decided to keep him out of his pokeball for a while, so that he could play with him as they traveled. The long, steep path ahead of him diverged into two roads. One went right, and led into the forest. The other led to the left and up on to Violet City. Coy decided the straight shot was the better of the two choices..

    As Coy strolled along the road, he noticed a trainer confidently tossing a pokeball in the air. The trainer turned and faced Coy as Coy approached.
  3. This is Chapter Three. Wheeeee...

    Chapter Three

    After an hour of preparation, Emma and Coy were ready to finally get to Violet City. They both traveled blindly around, fumbling their way through the tree-lined paths. The monotony of walking through the forest seemed endless, and seemed to continue, and drill through their skulls. On and on they walked, until the morning seemed to melt away, and the sun shone down on them as bright as it could.
  4. Wazzup? Great story! Continue soon please!
  5. Are we gonna see more of Emma? She sorta had a.... quick exit, to say the least. Good work with the battles so far though :)
  6. V.V

    I thought that he had put up the rest of it so far. Well, I had read this a while back and I can say that this was a damn good OT. A lot better than some that I had read on that forum. However, I haven't gotten a chance to read the fanfics on this forum, so I'm off to go do that.

    But yes, this story is very good and it's even better now that there are less errors in it.
  7. Chapter Four

    Emma stood outside the Violet City Gym, Patiently waiting to rub Coy

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