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(Charms?) RP: Eternally Joyous, Eternally Bitter

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Tangrow, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Ethan is angry.
    So angry.
    So lonely.
    So sad.
    Nobody takes him seriously; he’s just some joke character in a cast of excitement and greatness.
    Well, he’ll show them.
    He’ll show them all.
    This time, he’ll play the villain.
    He’ll bring the world to the brink of destruction.
    Maybe then they’ll pay attention to him.
    And he knows just how to do it.
    The heart of the world.
    He’ll crush it, and then they’ll see him.
    All of life will lose its light
    Then they’ll listen
    And he’ll succeed, too.
    Then they’ll remember him.
    And he won’t lose.
    Then he won’t be alone.
    As he approached the seal, he couldn’t help but bitterly think how selfish he is.

    Yeah, it’s a big bad beat up the bad guy RP. It uses the Charms canon persona whatevers, more or less, although I’m still thinking about that. Ethan is tired of being left out, being half baked, being alone. So this time, he’s going to do something that will make people pay attention. He located the very heart of Pokecharms(Some world or the other, not set yet kthx), that which supports its life and beauty, and he plans to sever it entirely. He’s not too sure what will happen, but he’s sure it’ll be exciting. Sort of angsty, but I hope someone wouldn’t mind joining! It might be a bit overpowered in the manner that he’d be drawing on this life for battle, but only so he doesn’t get immediately murdered by the cast.
    So, uh, anyone interested? Wrote the introduction up in my Creative Writing class, so it’s not terribly concrete and I dunno if anyone would want to go through with it with me. I’ll get more details done when I get home.
    Might have to limit numbers, but I don’t think my RP ideas are exciting enough, compared to Zacky’s or the holiday-Charms ones XD
  2. First of all, you do realize that we do still love you for who you are, right? Maybe you were treated a bit poorly before, but that doesn't mean we don't like you in general.

    Back in context, I'm totally in for this. Since I'm pretty sure the Flood got aborted due to temporary lack of enthiousiasm and busy time schedules, a Grand Evil RP sounds very good to me.

    Hope this gets going ^^
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I was thinking the same thing while reading this. :x

    Also... I can't say anything for certain because I haven't been able to write anything creative for months now, but I'm interested in this idea. Sounds like fun. Put me down as tentative participant if this ever gets off the ground. :)
  4. Efan, there's nothing to be upset about, we love you anyway...
    Though for this RP, we can pretend we don't (:<

    So yeah, I need to give my persona a stretch of the legs, get some life flowing through him. What sinister twists could await from damaging the Charm Core? Whatever it is, Brendan will have to be fast on his feet to avoid being crushed under the weight of it.

    I have a few ideas of my own that could work with this, though I'll hold them in until you post those details you said you were going to post. I want to see what you have in mind first.
  5. Right, well, just got home, so I'm still writing it, up, but I DO want to make this clear.

    None of that opening post reacts to my own actual feelings. I love all of you, and I certainly don't feel left out!

    If you look into Charms RP canon whatever past, though, Ethan was sort of put on the side, and in general, feels that way. He wants people to take him seriously, even if he has to do something drastic and surprising, because he feels left out. Maybe if he does something, then people will see him?

    Something like that. I'll get to the main pre-battle premise plot later today, I'm really cold right now and the house is freezing ;_;
  6. Well, in class right now, so I can't really get into specifics. Just put me down as being interested in joining.
  7. I'm totally interested in joining. As I said in the chatroom, I would like to play a villian role with you. (Mine is just because it would be cool to be a villian then a hero for once, plus we need some /FIRE/power.)

    Anyways, can you elaborate on the idea some more? You said that your taking out the Heart right? So do you have minions and such?
  8. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Will join in, my particular thread of Dissidia apepars to be stagnant and I took leave of Mafia after all :D Would make a good opportunity to test my new character if I finish him in time.
  9. this is me indicating interest fsgdfgdfsghfh ♥
  10. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    If the limit of people hasn't passed, I'd like to join. Been wanting to bring my RMA/Arma persona out of just the chatroom for a while now.
  11. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    I'd love to join if I could, this seems supremely interesting.
  12. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Right now my schedule is shitty at best because it's midterm time and all, but I should be able to get into this once it's up. If I don't have as much free time as I think I will I'll let you know. This RP is just too good to miss! >:D
  13. Right, so, the general setting before the battle would be something like this!

    It’s the day of the annual festival in Pokecharms. It’s a festival because it is, it needs no reason. It has no set date, no time, but it happens every year. You just feel it’s that day! It’s a festival to celebrate celebrating, what fun! Or atleast, it would be, if in the middle of it, everything went out. Out being an understatement.
    All the festivities stopped, the lights stopped working, and any rides stopped moving. It’s as if the world shut down for a moment there. As quickly as it happened, it left just as fast, as if nothing had happened. Our group of heroes, not to play the fool, however, knew this meant something was up. That something, however, was about to show itself rather quickly as Tangrow and Tangrelle, seemingly from nowhere, along with their good friend Zachary, suddenly raze the festivities to the ground and begin threatening the lives of their fellow Charmsians. Little do they know it is simply a distraction, as whilst the three do their work, the phenomenon of everything stopping continues, with ever growing frequency as Ethan weakens the seal on the heart of Charms. Will our heroes stop him in time? Will there be kittens? The answer to the latter is yes. There will be kittens.
    Um, whatcha think? I’m still working on it, but I think it plays out nicely as a simple plot, and nothing too overly complicated. Gonna have to check with Zacky if he’s okay with the bit I pulled there, too >>
    As for space, uh...I'll think of something >>;;;
  14. We could just call it halloween, because it probably will be halloween sometime into the story, and we somehow have festivities gone wrong for halloween every year. So that would work.
  15. I'm fine with anything you want to do, Ethan. I'm game for your explanation. :p
  16. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Frankly, I'm sure we can treat this as the official 'Charms Hallowe'en RP.

    Also, I'm in. I haven't stretched my persona's legs since the Fallout RP!
  17. Ah, right, I suppose that, yeah, it is near Halloween! Imagine it to be that kind of festival then, ahah.

    I'll get moving on the making and stuff, and get how much space we have done too XD
  18. Tanny, in the most part, even if people don't know you well, we don't hate you. You haven't given (given me, at least) a reason to even dislike you.

    Other than that, the RP sounds cool! Fi and I haven't had much of a chance due to life to go into the epic sounding Dissidia. Darn Mickey D's keeps changing my schedule every week. >l:(
  19. I'm very much interested in this idea Tan. Count me in, bro >:D
  20. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Woohoo, full circle year and I can send forth either the Ice King or Insanity Angel Karu variants ♥ Solid story and we're all purdy hyped for it.

    What is everyone else going as?
  21. I'd love to join this RP! Expect LARGE holes in my posting times, but all the same, I can post.

    Plus I'm on a different team to Zacky for once :'D Not that I wouldn't mind being on the evil team with you guys, seeing as It's slightly difficult with just two characters that are trying to destroy charms.
  22. But of course, who doesn't want to be the bad guys? :p

    All in all, I have an idea that will give us the generic monsters to fight. Considering it's Ethan's time to shine and most of his powers revovle around emotions, why not let him personify them into mutate grotesque forms that repesent his feelings? He could control them and send them to do his bidding with Tangrow, Tangrelle and I as minions.
  23. Count me in! A halloween RP sounds awsome, and I want to get more involved in Charms RPs, as I am certainly enjoying our Dissidia one that's going on at the mo'.
  24. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Not trying to put ideas in Ethan's mind, here, but that could work: we could be split into teams to make the RP moar manageable, one for each boss.
  25. Even though I like the idea, Petey, I think we shouldn't put too much planning into the rp because it always seems to be the downfall of most Charms RP's.
  26. I agree, although organizing it like this would seem like a good idea, and it is. Sometimes, you don't want to do that in an RP. Sometimes, you just want to have an all-out chaotic medley and see what's left of it when you get bored. That's one of the things I liked about the Halloween Charms RPs Although it's not something I'd want to do with most RPs, letting yourself loose once in a while is healthy. At least that's my opinion.

    Storywise, I like the idea of Ethan's emotions taking on mutated physical forms. Since Ethan naturally wouldn't have the power to make an entire army on his own, perhaps we could say that tampering with the Charms Core has leaked some of its powerful energy into him, giving him a mere sample of a power that could transform him into a very destructive figure, and yet he hungers for more. Heck, perhaps Ethan was only curious, and wanted to have a peek, and the sample made him hunger for even more.

    Then again, this is Ethan after all, I'll leave that up to his judgement. Though I have to ask, how should we make the Halloween Festival this year. Last year, it was a masquerade, the year before was a carnival of horrors, and I have no clue what we did the year before that. Charms has a large selection of Halloween Celebrations. So we could easily pick up one of the previous ones, or create an entirely new one.
  27. Boop bop, working on the post this today/morrow!

    What you guys said as ideas about me are pretty much right, I'd say :> Through weakening the seal on the Core of Charms (And turning it into defcon 5 or whatever the term is) he is strengthened by it, amplifying his current emotions and releasing excess into messy monsters ♥

    Halloween stuff, I don't mind what it looks like, because it's all nice really :>

    I think I'll have about 10 spots(+Zacky/Me) for the RP, and once I post all interested can send me their opening post, then I'll scroll through them (To make sure they're not vomitous, although I bet they're all great ♥) and then run them through a randomizer to pick ten, ahem, if that makes sense.

    That way then I don't feel like I'm playing favorites or excluding anyone because I feel like it c:

    I guess.
  28. frrghnhhrrrgnhrrgf ♥

    I'd love to join, if it's not too late or anything, and I'll try to post as regularly as I can C:
    Because this. This is all too lovely :'D
  29. *facepalm* Grr, forgot the costume part again. Well, I think I shall go as a Ravenclaw student, as that is what I will be for Halloween in real life. I will be a prefect, of course. With my grades (Perfects Os, in that universe) I would be a studious pick. Fi could be my ratty friend. (not ratty as in messy or tattered, ratty as it a diminutive form of rat)
  30. Just alerting to anyone i haven't incessantly nagged, such as Secad or Belle or something, the RP is up and I will wait 2-3 more days before we get moving. Meow.

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